CIA Wants To Make It Easier To Jail Journalists, & Congress Isn't Stopping It

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The presse will always ALWAYS l├╝gen

Yes, but remember, sometimes they tell the truth about the CIA when it suits ((some people)). But it will be gone soon. This is ofcourse to make sure the goyim will stop knowing like 9/11

Just so you guys know Zog legislation is the true litmus of public opinion they only shuffle through issues they believe they have already won.


The wall needs to be expanded.

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You know what I do remember.
Shit was going pretty great and then some jews on tv said airplanes flew into buildings and then the buildings fell down and now I have fucking autism


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In the future free speech will be anything that is not profane. Profane will be defined as anything that goes against the interests of the U.S. corporate elite. By the way is there a good poison pill i can take if i want to die suddenly? What's it called how much and where to obtain? I have had an easy life and if I get a terminal illness or trouble with the law bankrupt etc i just wanna take the easy way out.


A good poison pill?
A bullet.

Checked and based

I remember that too. I also remember a nigger being elected king and the internet becoming more accessible to retards and pigpens named Reddit and Tumblr being made and now I can't speak with anyone on the internet about it without being labelled a rayciss wrongthinker.

Fucking Wew

checked and jej

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That would mean these "journalists" work for the CIA/Government since they would be held to the same standard as government employees.

Journiggers should go to jail.

if you're a journalist, you're either unemployed or a used-up whore.


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CIA is apparently nationalistic?

Thank you for finding and posting the original, user.

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You know that's the kinda shifty thing this'll morph into.

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So what if it is illegal?

(((Journalists))) won't be affected. They already work for the CIA.

Deserved imo

This won't be used against the press. It will be used against people like patrick little, infowars, truthstream media, james corbett, etc..

You cunts deserve it.

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I wish citizens would start shooting these glowing freaks like Terry did.