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This thread is for Canadian Nationalists to organize and work together.

Current Nationalist Organizations in Canada:

> , Website explicitly for Canadians of European descent. Organized by Ricardo Duchesne, author of "Canada in Decay". It has great articles and you can look back in the archives for a shortened version of the book.

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First post for dabbing on the RCMPniggers/CSISniggers
Also to any syrupnigger reading this
get a PAL asap

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based yukon
wtf is wrong with pei

How things goin over there?

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Whenever i see anything related to Canada I immediately think of leaf posting and I get disgusted. Poor canada.

Its not good. Maxime Bernier has taken control of the narrative and placed himself as the leader of the "far right" in Canada. Although he has become skeptical of things like mass migration, multiculturalism, and Islam he is completly controlled. He was foreign minister under Harper and spent much of that time in Israel. Hes worked heavily with the Koch brothers and their foundations. Hes created his own party the Peoples Party of Canada which is basically the right wing libertarian party in Canada now.
Many people are falling for this charade.

While this chaos is happening for our side the left in Canada keeps pushing for more and more immigration to get to the point of no return.

The Conservative Party of Canada may win this election but they wont stop the immigration (they were the main force in bringing in the mass of "temporary" foreign workers today). They will just do Austerity measures while selling off more of Canada to foreign interests.

I fear with our hate speech laws the truth has gone untold for so long that it is impossible for the average person to discern.

To expand, Canada has become something like a cold corporate world. The average Canadian is over their head in debt and probably dont own very many real assets. Many people if they want to "buy a house" are putting down mortgages they know they will pay for a lifetime or they will pay rent to a landlord for the rest of their lives. Older Gen X or Boomers have used their houses for their pensions.
Theres lots of jobs but not many good jobs and scarce any with actual benefits. Traffic gets worse and worse every year, the roads can only be built in 4 months of the year.
Agriculturally Canada has become reliant on exporting our goods to big countries like China, who are now leveraging this over us and causing Canadian diplomats and politicians to squeal. Canadian manufacturing plants that have been holding on are finally closing down, giving the last gen x'ers their pensions and leaving nothing but colleges and mcdonalds as the economy of towns and cities.
Half the country already goes on unemployment insurance practically a quarter of the year. Alberta oil, which has always been alienated from the East will continue to be alienated because the Energy East pipeline was shut down and the only important pipeline approved across Canadian land in the past 4 years has been trans mountain which the private sector was going to build, but then the government bought it to make sure it was "safe" and then they are going to sell it to private market when its down. (put down all the cost, get none of the revenue). There are human rights tribunals actively looking for wrong think, making talking with liberals, minorities, and women a potential lawsuit that could end your career and livelihood. Essentially we privatize where we should socialize and socialize where we should privatize.

Bump for None is too Many

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What else can I say, since the employment equity act in every canadian government job and job that has been funded or contracted by the government in any way there is preference for minorities and women over white men. This is to "right the wrongs of history".

This includes places like our state media (CBC) and Universities and Colleges where young european men are basically shut up or kicked out.
Over representation of minorities in positions of influence is seen as diversification and progressive.

Canadas immigration system favors countries with the highest populations. Meaning the vast majority of immigrants come from Asia and African immigrants doubled since the last census. Immigrants from Europe and America were less than 10% last census and can be expected to be near to zero this one coming up. (see graph03)

The European population, although larger than its ever been. Has been decreasing as a percent of Canada ever since we changed from an immigration system based around race and subsequently culture, to one about points in who will increase gdp. (see graph02)
The aboriginal population is actually the fastest growing in Canada, which is sad considering they are by far living in the worst conditions in Canada. Which basically means there is going to be a very large population of poor and very angry natives who will probably continue to see European Canadians as the cause of their destitution.
For example natives in BC recently celebrated the tearing down of a statue of John A MacDonald, even though he campaigned on giving aboriginals the right to vote whilst also allowing them to be sovereign citizens on their own land (retain the reserve system, which was seen as a way to preserve native people and culture back then)

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lol faggots

Here are some other graphs that might make you think

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that is fucking awesome. You guys shoot anything with the guns or were they just for the photo?

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Historical short shrift from world golem; Russia, United Kingdom and United States.

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Trudeau's ruined this country, first with Pierre and immigration. Then his son continuing his fathers work.

"The greatest catastrophe of modern times was the defeat of Germany in 1945, because the Western nations were not struggling like at the moment to counter a massive and anti-Christian immigration, a disorganization of the family and our traditions."

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It was a Zig Forums meetup

I'm tired of wandering around Toronto and seeing so many fucking niggers, poos and chinks. I thought this was Canada and not a 3rd world plantation.

Well… The Ensign Hour escalated quickly.

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Don't forget proto-cuckservative Diefenbaker. National defilement by whammen's vote. Pandering to torturing mesolithic red injuns.

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They are in even the most remote area, its not just you my friend. GTA area is no better either sandniggers finally moved onto my street.

Feels good to see Euro-Canucks united

based Adrien

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Famous goy who cucked the glorious CF105

shoutouts to orange hat man

On housing and economics, anyone else waiting for the housing bubble to pop? My only chance at home ownership in the next 5 years. I am a high earner, I have no idea how most get by. Especially those with a family.

On identity, I may only speak of my personal experience, but our identity has been bound and gagged. One example: The old identity of two solitudes, English and French Canada (and sometimes natives), had a neat and peaceful relationship, yet were at odds on many cultural issues, seemingly never to reconcile, but merely coexist. At present, all you hear is "multicultralism." Isnt our national character partly based on cultures who coexist but never fully integrate? Surely multicultralism wasnt a proposed "solution", just merely jammed down our throats, largely through the cultural marxist takeover of education and the media.

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Technically tragic, yes. Read into that a little deeper and you may find that it wasn't Diefenbaker scuttling the Avro that was the loss. Along with it went a very lucrative commercial plane, the Avro Jetliner; and this is where we got cuckserved.

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i expected more guns from Zig Forums

Im also a fan of Arcand. His book "No to Hate" is a huge redpill.
"Truth, which must be the supreme rule of mankind, since without truth there is no justice possible, demands and will demand ever more firmly an impartial worldwide inquiry into the real instigators of the first two world wars, with trial and punishment for the guilty in a more civilized and Christian manner than at Nuremberg."

"There is no reaction without prior action. In the case of Jewish-Gentile relations, the action is the onslaught of Talmudism which seeks to have the rights to the city amongst the Gentiles; the reaction is the natural, normal, automatic, autopathic defense of the Gentiles against a code that puts them in a state of animality."

Final Canadian Redpill :
"Pierre Trudeau, on the Hate Committee with Maxwell Cohen, has already stipulated this intent in his pro-Soviet review, Cité Libre. See “La Nouvelle Trahison des Clercs” (“New Treason of the Clerics”) (April 1962) in which Trudeau calls for the new population and the new system, while anticipating the end of Canada, the “disappearance” of the French Canadians and the reduction of Britanno Canadians to insignificance on their own soil. Therefore, if according to Milton Klein, criminal charges ought to be laid for planning the physical destruction of a group by deliberately altering the conditions of its life to bring about its destruction, Pierre Trudeau should be the first to be hanged. (AAB)"

nice ancestry

I agree, but he didn't do it alone. The Soviets infiltrated the small Canadian government head to toe.

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I read Celine first, and was later pleased to find his political and intellectual association with Arcand.

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Housing bubble is being inflated by immigrants. The immigrants keep it from popping so governments import them. They also take on debt.
Thinks really only keep going right now because international lenders still lend to Canada and thus we go further into debt and the cycle continues. The only thing that stays true in this scenario is that inflation keeps happening and life gets harder for the average person.

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As for the second part, Quebec was poised to separate from Canada and the FLQ were rampant during Pierre Trudeau's rule.
The government commission on the quebec question recommended a policy of biculturalism. What we got was multiculturalism enshrined in the charter.
Alot of people blame quebec for this but this was the intentional work of a soviet trying to destroy tradition and culture.

huh, didn't know that


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Ah yes.

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There is an image around of an assembly where Arcand is speaking and Celine is identified in the audience. Not sure if any probable letters between them would have survived the kike post-war cultural cleansing.

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New Brunswick is also where maplesnake was.

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what's with the Arabic right above the old flag?

Is this telling me to leave, or the subhumans? Cus if it's the former then no. This is MY country, not these leeches and subhumans.


It's a fucking staged show and the actors are all kike puppets. Why in the fuck is most our time talking about the play? We might as well discuss tabloid drama for how relevant it actually is to national socialism.

I live with a Sikh (cool guy) and 4 niggers straight off the boat for college. And every stereotype for niggers is true: loud, stupid, smelly, and make messes. There's so much fucking garbage here that IDK how they can live in or around it.

Because talking about violent fantasies would get people labelled as feds trying to entrap or retards who are screwing over their chance to actually do something. What else is there to talk about except random news and politics?

Looks like a book with a sandcoon graphic design on the cover.

Yep. You grocked it, user. You best leave now. Definitely ought to remigrate.

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A political solution is more than just "vote more", it's organizing our thoughts and coordinating with each other by thinking our actions through over acting like a fucking retard shooting up x with no fucking plan.

*plan for the long term.

In that case, shit should be crickets. It was all over 25 years ago fren. It's a fucking ZOO out there. Maybe ONE, White face out of a hundred and then it's a really old person.

Here's another one directed at you, written in nadzee. At least we're not speaking German now!

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The police and polise whammen scenes during this shooting predicament sent obvious cowardice tremors miles deep into the earth. How will Freimassonrey ever recover?

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weird how i've been inquiring about grabbing my fun license. then i see this thread. there is something stirring up inside us all.

Get excited to meet all the (((Canadians))) during lesson days. Angry little brown biches, disobedient mentally ill Moslems, snarky suburban canaanite kikes, hung over red injuns and equal whammen qualifying for your Dad's jerb at Customs.

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There is nowhere TO run to, faggot. These hordes are in our glorious lands and defile it with their presence. We have to fight and maybe get our countries or perish to the endless hordes of brown people and chinks if we don't do anything. And I don't know about you, but I'm not a faggy coward.

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The Red Ensign looks better

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Only good pm was the first one it seems

Don't forget tons of pajeets and chinks

Grew up in durham but fled to the maritimes and haven't seen more then 5 niggers in 3 years now and most people can't even pronounce the word muslim (mooslem) or arab (a-rab) and can't even fathom the threat they pose. Would suggest if it gets too bad for some of you in the GTA hellscape.

yes actually found a job, not actually that many people on pogie

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Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

Lemme guess you want a based voodoo guppy nigger twerker to keep you warm and aids riddled during those cold but not really so bad blustery winter days you fucking degenerate.

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nah theres not many around my area tbh..but closer to the cities i cannot say the same.

also looking for a new hobbie.

you are are an absolute moron haha.

let me guess you probably think nationalism is about shooting people?

This is a board wide spammer, just filter

this is a kike shill. take note. they like to crave attention and want to be famous.

nationalism and fascism are not the same.


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That's fine. Talking about actors in the democracy show is a waste of time was my point.

Looks like you're talking about ? I can't find it anywhere online, even a french version would be okay, does anybody know where I could find it?

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everything is on here

Im well aware csis has infiltrated many if not all canadian nationalist movements. But if we let ourselves be driven by fear then our cause is forever lost.

If not here, where? If not you, who?
In certain areas of the major cities, it is literally a different country. Different culture different genetics, different civilization and different rules. The most vociferous advocates of mass migration don't live there.

is this Sheer? youve got to be kidding me.

feathers of the same shit hawk. both are cucked


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been thinking about it, but it just seems pointless unless I'm actually getting a gun too and I feel like my mom would oppose me keeping a gun in the house.

reminder that Bernier posing with a token jew is basically meaningless, as is his lip service to Israel. Bernier is the only one promising to reduce legal immigration total numbers and also to restructure with less refugees/family reunification. To combat the Jews' machinations you must hide your power level.

Scheer, on the other hand, is a dual-citizen mischling son of an American-borne cryptokike who illegally immigrated to infiltrate ontario's catholic church, fuck that guy.

Canadian and nationalism do not go together. I'm Canadian and strongly feel Canada is barely a country, it has zero identity and the people are the absolute worst. I say burn it to the ground and start something fresh and new. I fucking hate this country, I'm a euro and was born here but I feel more of a connection to my native homeland then I ever felt here, I visited about a year ago and felt a strong sense of belonging. Fuck Canada.

Canada is a housing district for international job seekers who couldn't make it into better countries. The economy is mostly public sector and servicing the public sector. People's mortgages and debt pays for it and supports the banking system. The rest is your typical shithole country assets – oil, minerals, timber, agriculture, etc. If you're a higher IQ white and want to be successful you need to get out and move to the US or somewhere else with better opportunities. The country isn't for you anymore.

Here is a bump for you there bud.
Keep up the good fight.
Never be demoralized.

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Shut up faggots.

…..or remain on welfare in your shitty rural town. I did say "higher IQ white".

Dude next to him is holding his pistol directly at the qu'ran, so I assume it's a joke photo

Most of us in the know have been preparing for a while. The only real obstacle I can see will be having some kind of unifying symbol or other means of identifying one another once shtf. It'd suck to succumb to friendly fire. I've no clue what to suggest though, aside from perhaps a uniform piece of clothing, like a strip of cloth around one arm or whatever.

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cool ancestry

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[email protected] if anyone wants stickers from me, I help plaster all of Ontario in pro-white stickers, and give them out free unless you want a large batch of them

if you burn Canada to the ground then all the european people go with it

Bernier is an economic libertarian, he wants to "aggressively pursue free trade deals" thats from his website.
Hes not the only one saying we should have less immigration, hes the only one approved by CBC to say it. Thats the difference.

Winnipeg, manitoba, canada
Tavern united, upper floor, over the bar. (by the MTS center, downtown)
Saturday, July 27, 2019, at 1:00-4:00 PM.
No dress code required, but white shirts and black pants preffered.
Contact [email protected] for details or to say that you are going.
Expect feds but expect nothing from them. This is a meeting of peace, just some internet friends getting together IRL for the first time.
Just show up, if we all just wait to see how it turned out no one will show and nothing will happen.
The site of the meetup is well known and easy to get to, the time is convenient, the announcement is early enough that you know of it, but late enough that the feds wont have much time to coirdinate an infiltration.

Bump for increased visibility

Dumping some images, i used to have a large collection of national unity party
pictures but unfortenately i lost most of them when i reformatted my computer.
Ill post more if i come across them.
Also, i suggest that you guys read Adrien Arcands Bibliography called "Canadian Fuhrer",
it goes into detail all the different fascist groups in canada before the second world war and is also a good read. Fascism was big in canada, espicaily with the working class and agriculture sectors (farmers).

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Canadians want to be replaced, but it has to be so slow they don't notice.

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This is the only other one i can find unfortenately. Ill have to regather them again (had 100+) but oh well, the
book has a complete ass load of pictures that arent on the internet too.

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Managed to find a few more after some duck duck searches, ill post them.
Last image is of him and his followers release after WWII.

Attached: arcand-and-some-of-his-followers-after-release.png (800x495 37.7 KB, 104.39K)

Attached: download (1)

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First image is just his signature, thought it was cool. Next one from tumblr is apparently his funeral, i never actualy saw that image before.

Attached: truth91ao2-thumb.jpg (450x106 246.53 KB, 14.64K)

This is a Pamphlet his party handed out close to WWII. Its all in french unfortunately.

Attached: la-cle-du-mystere-pamphlet-antisemite-adrien-arcand-page21-1324x1711.jpg (1360x1711 1.03 MB, 399.93K)

Last page for the pamphlet.

Attached: la-cle-du-mystere-pamphlet-antisemite-adrien-arcand-page31.jpg (1353x1900, 971.87K)

Thats all i could gather for now

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