The Internet war is on

Israel is freaking out over BDS and posting tons and tons of propaganda.

Have you called Bull Shit on any of their Bull Shit today?

Have you told the dipshit who posts the bible verse "Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.” that the kingdom this refers to has been dust for centuries and that covenant was broken.

Have you spammed an Israeli tourist site with pictures of crippled palestinian children?

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Well my based Jewish Troll user, I haven't, because you've been send cucks and faggots after me for two years.

nuke israel

Oh.. you disagreed with the Zionists on facebook and got a thumbs down.

Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Don't post that here.

Post it somewhere someone will see it.

Oh look gay Jews want to play number games.

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Look this user wants to lose to the fucking kykes by doing nothing.

Get out there. .drop a single tiny red pill
For example, the entire world is crawling up Omar's ass because she said this: " I Shouldn’t Have To Pledge Allegiance To A Foreign Country To Serve My Own"

Maybe you could try to get people thinking about what that means..

Fuck you.

Just fuck you.

Stay in your hug box and pray for HItler to come back from the dead….

fuck you.

OP here.. It's fucking on. The internet war for the Israel is fucking on.

If you ever wanted Israel is curl up and die,now is your chance.

Get out of your car and actually do something you dumb wannabe.

Kikes are pushing these types of threads because the world knows Trump is a pedophile with the Epstein arrest.

Murder all Jews.

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Bring the Luftwaffle

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khazar milkers , cant forget about them.

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post some farrakhan quotes on facebook…

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no thanx


Are you afraid of three day ban?

Larping Templars


uh ok

Stupid meme, but understandable for anyone who isn't close enough to jews to realize how often they get fake tits. They're pretty obsessed with other cosmetic surgery too, that's why they look so scary when they get older.

let them know we exist. Drop a red pill to the masses.

You literally make shitty low quality threads
you drag the quality of this board below 4chan/pol levels due to your pathetic thread creation designed to get (Yous) so you can get your little dopamine hit
fucking kill yourself
go back to facebook to get likes
twitter to get little hearts
and whatever else they have on reddit

Death to every semite

You do nothing to fight against Israel.

You make Hitler sad.

get out there and post one thing against israel.

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I live in a disgusting Leftist city and I've been redpilling all of my Leftist acquaintances on the JQ without exposing my power level by talking predominantly in terms of:

-Palestinian genocide;

-Trump being surrounded with dual citizens;

- the fake antisemitism row in the Labour Party.

Always being careful to use correct semantics of course.

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Israel is trying to subvert /b2/ now.

It's not going well.

Yes.. This is the way. If you say Kike or Yid they get money because they own the copyright on those words.

But the Issue of Israel exposes them.

OP here. I made that thread as satire. The pictures of IDF arresting children described as terror threats was too subtle for you?

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More than usual? How do?
This thread is shit. Your OP is lazy nd lacks any detailed information. And Israeli tourist sites are more heavily censored than twitter. Even if they had a comment section that allowed photo posting, which is not the norm at all, your time would be better spent on twitter posting such images.

You are a disgrace who should have lurked for two years before posting.

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Smarter than your average shitposter.

Termites kill themselves?

This; the Left understands that Zionism is a huge problem and the Right also understands that Jewish elites have been taking advantage of all of us. Just look at the comments section on the Ted Cruz Anti-Semitism video, ha ha…

Orkin men larp as Masons

I find this extremely offensive to innocent termites everywhere who have no desire to murder pregnant Palestinian women or force Ukrainian girls into sex slavery.

Then make those yid bastards censor their comment sections over and over and over again. Force them to hire extra people to keep the Spam of truth at bay.

My pot is 100% grown in Canada. Legal with a tax stamp and everything. I don't know why you insist on call it jewish. Anyway, come to Canada instead of Israel, especially Toronto. Or you can go to the holey land, Northern BC on the BEAUtiful Alaska Highway.

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Let's give this guy a heart attack.


if can lie effectively enough and make them think you run a church,, you can get a free vacation to Israel.

Just like I have to supress myself whenever Herb Albert comes on the muzak at Wal-Mart, here we call them kikes. They are my fellow judeo-christians in public. Be like Shillary with a private position and a public position.

Jews invented Muzak? Dear god, does their evil know no bounds?

already a thread for this