The homosexual scourge

Hey Zig Forums. I'm on a verge of redpilling my friend about the faggot question. I estimate that he just need a little push towards the right direction and the thing is I lost all my infographics and links that prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that homosexuals are not exactly normal people. So, ITT we share all the good stuff about how fags are disease ridden, insanely promiscuous and morally abhorrent creatures and homo and pedo creators. All quality infographics, statistics and links will be highly appriciated and some newfriends might benefit greatly from this thread also.

tl; dr ITT we share info that exposes fags for who they are.

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It was defined as a mental disorder up until recently. They have a higher succide rate, higher depression rate, higher raits of STDs and they are just unhappy emotionally unbalanced people. In fact, sodomites kill each other in record numbers. 1/4 of male homosexuals are convicted pedophiles too. And those are just the ones we caught. In reality those numbers have to be at least double that. That means most sodomites are child rapists, yet we are told to be tolerant and welcome them into society. Further, there is a movement with homosexuality to do away with age of consent. They want to make child rape, incest, and bestiality all legal. Yep these people are sick.

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is this a real thing that keeps happening? anons getting into arguments they're not ready for?

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As I said, I lost the data. Also, those threads are beneficial from time to time, as they serve as reminders for some of us, as well as redpills for all the new arrivals.

Thanks for the pics, especially the first one. This is what I'm talking about. Stats and references. Good stuff.

Faggots are repulsive for a reason.
I am fine with 'live or let live' but accepting their queer ways as normal is not going to happen.
No matter what the jew says…

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you want stats? coming right up user!There is a bit of overlap and variance between the figures but multiple sources

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die of aids baby fucker

"Disease ridden" that's why shotas are best. Gays (man on man) are just sick freaks.

liberal faggot detected.

Glad I got the fuck out of Vancouver. Fuck Turdoo.

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Gays are reported to live happier lives than angry straight white men. Women are also unhappy with their white counterparts and are becoming gay or cheating.

Bye bye hetero white male

By whom? Jews?

O! What are you seeking,
And where are you making?
The faggots are reeking,
The kikels are baking!
O! tril-lil-lil-lolly
the valley is jolly,
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Thanks. The fist one is best. Keep'em coming, lads.

Show him the film on bitchute where the dude goes to a gay bar and talks to numerous gays about their first sexual experience. They all victims of pedophile grooming and/or rape. They in turn repeat the process.
Search for it under born gay hoax.

Just remember something anons, if you want to show the horrors of faggotry, all you have to do is show their own pictures. They wallow in filth, indulge in depravity, yet most people seem to still delude themselves by notions of 'love is love'. Look at any pride parade. Is that love? Or just another case of moral degeneration?

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I thought this was an accelerationist board? WTF?

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A lot of these freaks are demon possessed. Just look at the pictures. They look like demons. If you doubt there is a God, just look around and you will see the Devil.

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Show your friend this website.


Your kike religion isn't real.

The bog is the natural filter of the landscape.

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this one

Work for the future of my race is never wasted.

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Demon possessed fag confirmed

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They said it was just about tolerance……….

heh… so OP is 'friends' with a guy who thinks faggots are normal? Not only that, but he needs the work of others to prove this most obvious of points? I'm thinking, murder, suicide is what needs to go on here.

You got an infographics or links on this
I've lone suspected this, and would like to look into it some more.

I'm curious if she disconnected immediately or if it seemed like she read your post first.

bump for answer

ZOG loves fags! ZOG created the faggot identity!

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