How would society respond to a Christian rapture?

All the Christians disappear over night. How would society respond? How would Pol respond? (blame the jews…)

Would society fall apart like in Avengers endgame? Would liberals take over? What would happen people?

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I think the Confucians would take their place as the group too civilized to fight niggerization by the jew.

godless communists

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Who cares? It's not gonna happen.


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it's a start


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Even if liberals did take over, look at all leftist run places. They're total shitholes. That would truly be hell on Earth.

It's not.

Those rapture devoted presbyterian christian zionists are going to vanish from the earth but if they're going anywhere, it's not to heaven.

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How would all you heathens respond?

The rapture precedes the Tribulation (well sort of)

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Fucking hang yourself with barbed wire

What is heaven?
From what I gathered from a lifetime of being a Catholic with the old style education, and being surrounded by Christians of varying stripes my understanding of heaven is that it's a place where you are immortal, existing only as a pure spiritual soul. It's ruled over by Christ. Christ can see everything you do, and knows everything your thinking all the time for ever.

So basically Heaven is a panopticon prison ruled over by a bearded jewish tyrant who has complete and total dominion over you.

This to me would be intolerable. I don't care how good the music is, or how comfortable and carefree it is, you can keep it.

The Jews would lose a lot of power.

Varg would be going to Hell

no such thing as rapture. be catholic.

you're ignorant otherwise you wouldn't say that.
I've been there and it was awesome.
t. dead for over 7 minutes.

The Rapture isn't biblical, it's a made up fairy tale created by baby boomer protestant zionists who think Jesus magic will save them from the hard times foretold in the book of Revelations and the consequences of their total disregard for the economy and the enviroment. In reality, a legion of righteous men will be martyred and their corpses hung outside the walls of the city that will rule the world in the name of Satan, and the holy men of the world will wish for death but it will not find them (this may have actually already happened, the ZOG globohomo built their foundation on the corpses of Axis and Allied martyrs, and most of us certainly want to fucking die).

It's not going to happen. This question is asanine and doesn't deserve it's own thread. This is 4chan tier garbage.

It would be OK if there was an analysis of the Scofield bible and the zionism of the early puritains. But the way the thread was framed by OP was admittedly inadequate.

Puritans, Prophecy and Palestine
Accounts of the role of European and North American Christians in the creation of the state of Israel often begin with the Balfour Declaration of 1917, but the efforts of certain Christian groups in England and the United States to create a Jewish state in Palestine actually date back centuries earlier and significantly predate Zionism’s official founding by Theodore Herzl.

Among the first advocates for the physical immigration of European Jews to Palestine were the Puritans, an offshoot of Christian Protestantism that emerged in the late 16th century and became influential in England and, later, in the American colonies. Influential Puritans devoted considerable interest to the role of Jews in eschatology, or end-times theology, with many — such as John Owen, a 17th-century theologian, member of parliament, and administrator at Oxford — believing that the physical return of Jews to Palestine was necessary for the fulfillment of end-time prophecy.

While the Puritan roots of what would later become known as Christian Zionism are often overlooked in modern accounts of where and why American evangelical support for Israel began, its adherents still clearly acknowledge its legacy. For instance, on Monday at the CUFI conference, Pompeo, himself a Christian Zionist known for his obsession with the end times, told the group the following:

Christian support in America for Zion — for a Jewish homeland — runs back to the early Puritan settlers, and it has endured for centuries. Indeed, our second president [John Adams], a couple years back, said… ‘I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation.’

These Puritan beliefs, which persist today and have only grown in popularity, became more entrenched in England and colonial America with time, especially among the monied political class, and led to a variety of interpretations regarding exactly what the Bible says about the end times. Among the most influential was the development of Christian “dispensationalism,” an interpretive framework that uses the Bible to divide history into different periods of “dispensations” and sees the Bible’s prophetic references to “Israel” as signifying an ethnically Jewish nation established in Palestine.

I think I hit a nerve. A lot of your guys seem to be afraid of this topic. If you guys suddenly find yourself in a world where your worldview is instantly disprove you would wet your pants. And frankly I wouldn't blame you. Its not to late to accept Christ. Going to hell is not necessary. Neither is being left behind if the rapture happens. Because when it does the world will literally be hell on earth.

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There is no salvation, you kooky fucks. Life is meaningless.

Almost the entire world would disagree with you. Almost no one holds that life is meanless. Just about everyone believes in an afterlife or a soul or God. I know these are hard questions, but please consider them for your sake.

The belief in an afterlife is a childish vanity. Apparently you had a pre life as a cherubim or something like that. Do you remember that blessed state? No? didnt' think so. Your belief in an afterlife is a timid reaction to your natural fear of death. Get over that.

Christ was a BAMF but there's too many jews around the story to put my faith into. He literally was so anti-semitic (as we know it today) he was willing to get nailed to a cross and tortured by the little demons to show the world how disgusting they were. He was one of us but instead of having the internet, he had to do whatever the fuck he could to make people realize the kikes were taking overand that was a really bad thing.
I want to be the next Christ. I want the kikes to martyr me so I can prove to the world just how disgusting they are.

If I’m not mistaken, that sort of rapture is more of a myth made by the Left Behind series. I don’t think the Bible actually talks about it like that.

If you're alive to turn the page you're as godless as the kikes

Also the pretrib rapture is Scofield no sense

I need financial help anons

are you female and a runaway?
if so, jews will make you into a star.

We live in a Society?

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Rapture mythology is not Christian. It has no biblical basis, it is just shit made up by a few crazy nut jobs.

When it does happen no doubt many at pol will look at the archives and see this. Let this stand as a testament that you were given a chance. Once it happens you can probably still accept Christ, you will just have to live through the horror that is the end of the world. Jesus is knocking at the door. Will you answer.

Can you please cite your sources? Thanks

The bible dumbass.

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The concept of the rapture is an 19th century invention, popularized by the Scofield Bible, and largely invented by John Darby.