Spanish intelligence CNI facilitated 2017 Barcelona terrorist attacks that killed 21 and wounded 130

NATO incl the US knew…..
Here's a quote but you have to read it all to get full effect.

"This account underscores the links between NATO agencies and Islamist terrorists, developed over the now eight-year war in Syria, underlying all the IS attacks in Europe. The Charlie Hebdo and November 13 attacks in 2015 in Paris, the March 22, 2016 bombings in Brussels, the Christmas 2016 attack in Berlin and the 2017 bombing in Manchester all were carried out by networks closely monitored by intelligence agencies.

These attacks were then used to justify far-reaching police-state measures. These ranged from the crackdown on the G20 protests in Hamburg and the lockdown of Brussels, to the intensification of police powers around the French state of emergency, which culminated in the deployment of the army against “yellow vests” protesting social inequality. The Spanish events underscore how these unpopular attacks on basic democratic and social rights proceeded based on state criminality."

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Sounds about right

How fucking new are you exactly?
Very tiresome, try making a OP where you have a stated goal, you’re just preaching to the choir


This is a first, confirmation of govt complicity not muh building 7… pull it…

Yay! We got an actual adult.
Are you an oldfag or were you tricked into coming to 8/pol/ because it was advertised as "redpilled"?

Holy shit, another adult!

I'll give you something to think about. Building 7 fell from fires and if you think it was controlled demo then you're retarded.

I'll give you something to think about: I'm the guy who came up with #MAGAwithDACA

Fires can't bring down a steel structure blah blah blah. Look what happened to thisd over pass after some crackheads lit a couch on fire under it.

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NATO and the EU are jewish terrorist organizations, committing genocides, terrorist attacks, slavery, tax fraud, money laundering, human trafficking etc. under the disguise of human rights NGO's. If you don't fight the jews to death, you will be murdered by them. They will never stop exterminating humanity for their own twisted benefits.

That's not true either, there's no need to fight to the death, that's dumb. We're in a political war, a media war. An occasional shit post and red pill is my contribution.

You're a literal GIMP. Those pics aren't for trolling, you're a freak.

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That war is been going on for thousands of years and the so called jews have killed billions so far. They are systematically exterminating humanity, using talmudic indoctrination to teach each other how to kill by indirect means, and have full control over the infrastructure of the entire planet.

The only reason why you're not afraid of them is because they are hiding in the shadows, while using every trick in the book to hide the magnitudes of their crimes from the populace, while they methodically destroy nation after nation. The worst thing you could do is to ignore a destructive parasite that's been eating you from the inside.

I'm deeply aware of that and here's the conclusion I've reached. Where's the lie?

That vid is pure talmudic propaganda. Why? Because it deliberately mixes truth will lies, so that they can discredit the whole thing by pointing out the lies. Also…converting to judaism? My ass. First of all judaism is just another front to conceal their crimes and mass control the populace, secondly the reason why the so called jews are mass murdering children for millennia is called the blood libel, which is based on cleaning your own blood but consuming fresh blood, which means blood is the only thing that matters to them, and so once all the gentiles are dead, they will start to purge the lesser "jews" with just as much zeal as before. It parasitical behavior based on bloodline corruption and it's pathological. On natural terms their race is already marked for death, since they started with all the inbreeding and race-mixing. The problem is that meanwhile they are destroying everything around them. They have to be exterminated, it's math. It's either humans or jews. 8 billion against 20 million (according to their fake as fuck numbers).

Boasting. Bragging for recognition is actually quite demeaning and suspect.

The question is, why is this coming out now at via the mainstream.

Why will it end soon; or, will it go on for another thousand years?
I mean they have been exposed and exiled over a thousand time throughout history, yet, here we are.

Are you suggesting a tag team between Europeans, Niggers, and, Panjeets/Chinks etc?
Fuck off nigger.

Now exchange the term "war" with the opposite…survival. That is humanity surviving the rapidly growing onslaught of jewish crimes, while getting weaker and weaker in the process. There is only one way for both sides. Full extermination of the other. They are not compatible with anything else on this earth, and they are even polluting and destroying this ecosystem with no regards to anything.

It's a natural parasite that inflicts all of humanity. They are holding 3-5 billion human beings under the poverty line by design, they enslaved Russia and China under communism, they've destabilized South America with drugs and poverty, they breed Africans for migration warfare, they are in the process of flushing the Africans across the world to destroy the entire western civilization, so that China can colonize Africa, they've prepped up Islam into a religious war against Christianity (both based on jewish lies), they are spreading degeneracy, moral decay, and racial hatred all across the earth, they turned the justice system into a crime syndicate, healthcare into drug pushers, education into slave indoctrination, entertainment into despair, procreation into sterile lust, beauty into ugliness, women into men and men into women. They are attacking civilizations, nationalities, races, family units and bloodlines. Every human being on earth has the duty to fight them to death or perish by their wickedness. And guess what? It's inner city blacks that are openly attacking jews, and getting severely punished by zionist cops for it. How about you back them up instead of hiding behind the nigger term?

Fight back and topple the abrahamic religion slavery as well as their usury racket. Tell them to fuck off, user.

"Whosoever undergoes the fight against Judah initiates a struggle for life and death." They don't care if it's a bullet or a bottle that does you in, but make no mistake - they want you dead and your progeny enslaved in perpetuity. You can unshackle your nation and rise to unimagined heights, but one need only glance at Germany to realize that won't stop them. Their media will prepare the peoples of the world for their crusade while their vice-governments unite to destroy all you dared to dream. Less than a century later your grandchildren will be in the same situation we're in now, fighting the same enemy for the same reasons, but with fewer and lesser men. The day must come when the world enemy will have finally played out its role. We're too close to the edge to risk letting them survive the coming war.

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Frendo, i agree wholeheartedly at what you have written, and, i have thought about the successful ploy with the divide and control tactic- which the Jews utilize with extreme prejudice.
In the end, scientific facts prevail.
Which race is currently the only race that push back the encroaching line of Jews?
Why are the Jews not interested in Nigger DNA to merge with theirs - why do they go to such lengths as to use our feature as camouflage?
The Africans are aware of their low IQ, for which they have no control over - as with the Jews and their evil traits.
Whites cannot control the African - when Whites are/were in control of them, we tried to educate them, and treat them humanely ( as we do with Gorillas and other animal specie). This never, nor will it ever work, as they are biologically programmed to distroy what it is they do not understand.
On the other hand, the Jew know this, and, because they do not care for, or cannot be what it is to be human, they satisfy all the needs of the African by allowing him to be the ape he is, thus gaining his trust.
Without the Jews propping up the Niggerman, he will perish. Deep down the niggerman know this, and will do everything it can to protect their master.
Those inner city blacks you speak of, are doing this because they feel disowned by the Jew - they want what the other niggers have. They do not attack the Jew out of honor and justice.
The fight back has to do with the full understanding of what freedom really means by no less than 50,000 white Americans. Freedom for us is family and nature; for the Jew it is power and wealth.
If all white business, and employees were to permanently leave their jobs and businesses today en mass and demand their freedom, then we may have a chance at regrouping.
We do not have the stomach to murder women and children, but we can organize.

The system has no problem killing you.

We would be as them to think we had the power to exterminate nations,

Murder in the murderer is no such ruinous thought as poets and romancers will have it; it does not unsettle him, or fright him from his ordinary notice of trifles: it is an act quite easy to be contemplated, but in its sequel, it turns out to be a horrible jangle and confounding of all relations. Especially the crimes that spring from love, seem right and fair from the actor’s point of view, but, when acted, are found destructive of society.

Since it just hit the wires lets get an update on our enslavement. Trump and dems raise debt ceiling and pass $320 billion spending package. The only thing it specifically mentioned is it raise the cap on defense spending. Trump mentioned some crap about taking care of the US soldiers but that money is def going towards global Jewish Hegemony .

So every man woman and child owes an extra thousand plus interest. We're only a country of 300 million people and we're 20 plus trillion in debt and probably half the nation is in poverty. Lets face the horror of how bad things have gotten

It's a suicide path they were corrupted into. Without whites, nobody would pay the blacks any welfare, and the only race on earth that would stand up when the jews demand that all blacks go back into hard slavery (or getting exterminated) are whites. Fact is; without whites, blacks have no reason to exist on this jew corrupted earth, because black and white are terms designed to destroy nationality and replace it with hatred for each other.

It's not. The already have both. It's pathological. It's about taking away from others. They don't create, all their plans are suicidal, they don't care for nature whatsoever, their only motivation in life is fear and hate towards everyone who tries to escape their crimes. They are agents of chaos, and must be fought with establishing order by any means.

There is no such thing as murder in nature. It's a man made definition based on hedonistic judgement of feelings. Nature is designed around death, where all life has to struggle to survive a death they cannot escape. Nature does not judge a kill by feelings, it judges only the outcome of the kill. So as long as the kill is in accordance with the laws of nature and for the benefit of all, it will not have negative consequences.

It was a fuel tax protest.
Sounds like the article you are quoting is ideological rather than factual.


This contradicts your claim earlier, where you stated that the Jews were systemically deploying Africans into Western countries in order for the Chinese to colonize Africa. This proves that the African has no need for the WHite man, as his masters will provide, as long as they obey.
They have enslaved the white minority in South Africa because they care not for order and stability, they only care about muh dick, and muh pussy, which the Jews have handed them on a plate in the form of muh fatherless white women.

look, I might even be fine with exterminating some people on this overpopulated rock spinning in the universe: my only problem is that it's the whites (((they)))'re exterminating.

The natural law behind this is "all actions have consequences". It has nothing at all to do with justifications, it just is the unshakable, fundamental law. All negative actions will have negative consequences and vice versa.

The judgement about it being a murder is based on you, on your feelings. For predator and prey it's only about survival. Now if he killed a productive member of flock, he disrupted the natural order, which will have negative consequences.

Money is materialism, which is based on hedonism, which is by natural law always self destructive. Food is a necessity of life and part of the food chain, which is based around survival.

What? user, they are dumping Africans across the world simply to destroy the west, and to clean out Africa. Africans are just a demographic to shuffle around for jews. There is no providing whatsoever going here, it's just ruthless exploitation of livestock for means of warfare.

They were designed for a purpose. Destroying the world. Once this is achieved, they don't have a purpose and will be culled. The jews didn't hand them shit, they just threw treats at them to make them move at their will. The reason why jews forced condoms on Africa wasn't about birth control, it was about increasing lust, by making the act of procreation seem sterile. With controlled shortages of condom handouts, they created low IQ, lust driven beasts, who fuck any hole in reach. This was all to breed them into absurd numbers so that they can dumb them into the world.

There is no such thing as whites or blacks. It's Europeans and Africans. You're identifying as a color because the jews want you to. Just ask the yellows and the browns how stupid this looks from the outside. As for extermination…it's all about reestablishing and balancing order by any means. ANY means. You cannot stop chaos, and you cannot stop order. They are defined by each other. Natural law: "opposites must coexist". It's all about the struggle for balance.

well, I was just pointing to the fact that the main target for the extermination byt the hands of the kikes are the already shrinking caucasians, while the thirld worlders grow in numbers by the second.

Because they are not a threat to the jews. They are slaves without free will, easily controlled by religious lies or hedonistic capitalism. This will become interesting once whites are stopping to maintain any form of order, and all the infrastructure of "white" civilization will collapse and decay, which is what the jews want…an excuse for never ending warfare between low IQ savages.

forgot to add pic for context.

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Sensei, how do we leave when each other of us is incapable of seeing we need to be educated as to what is life, nobility, money, race, nation, etc.

The Yellow Vest was hijacked and sold as a fuel protest, the reality many disenfranchised young men want war to protect their racial heritage, and the signs read "Macron, bitch of the Jews".

Nope, it's definitely the mohamedans, they do the exact same murdering in every country for exact same reason. Oh please, they kill coptic christians in Egypt despite having their guys from Moslem Brotherhood as leading party and president, so I fail to see why Egyptian islamists would use islamists as falseflag for anything. OP is a dumb fucking faggot.

On the basis of this statement, what is the negative action derived from pic ?
Which of the two in that story is a 'productive member of the flock?'
Which has higher standing according to natural laws?
Your counterclaim to me on the issue of where the nigger alliance lies was that it lies with white people, since no one else would provide welfare and gibs etc. This implies that the nigger is oblivious to the destruction that they are causing, and soon there will be no more gibs if current course is maintained. Or, they know this, and have already made their choice on which side they will be on if war happens between the Jews and Whites, which brings me back to my point, that it is not all races together against the Jew, as you had hinted.
Hand them in a throwing fashion is still handing them.

The point of the (((debt))) is not for it to be ever repaid in full, but for it to perpetuate itself so that the (((creditor))) will always own the debtor cattle.

"Intelligence agency" means Jew's bodyguards.

If you know the Jew, imagine them?

All of them know they work for Jews and what Jews have done and they're fine with it.

Is that real?

by the looks of it it's just a low effort trolling

The negative consequences are a home invasion making the neighborhood unsafe, mental trauma for child and mother, physical trauma to mother, another black violence statistic for the crime scene, abuse creates abuser, which could turn mother against child etc. These are negative consequences to the environment, based on his negative action.

Mother/child relationship based on maternal instinct, middle class housing, which means job and income. That's productive.

Nature only judges the outcome of actions. It designed an ecosystem in which it's "participants" have to struggle to uphold the balance between order and chaos, positivity and negativity, life and death, the beginning and the end. "the sum of all things", as in all parts inside this ecosystem are different from each other and have different roles to play, but they are all equally judge only for their actions.

When we as humans make judgements beforehand then this is a tool to navigate this world (a positive), but also a temptation to abuse it for hedonism (a negative). The time frame in between these fundamental barriers (existence) also sets the rules of morality, which is why everything we do is judged between life and death. Every positive action we do can keep us alive, while every negative action will put us closer to death.

You are describing the rules of the war the jews are staging, but them being parasites to humanity affects everyone. Look at Britain right now…the biggest ally to the jews there ever was, and they lost everything because of it. British Empire destroyed, British wealth stolen, British monarchy corrupted into sock-puppets, British people sold into genocide by their own leaders. There is no jewish side to choose, only death. Also, don't forget that jews absolutely loath each other too. The amount of domestic abuse, child abuse, theft, adultery, backstabbing etc. in the jewish culture is mind blowing. The only thing that combines them is fear of persecution and hatred towards the persecutor, which are both based on the crimes they committed. "no honor among thieves"

Giving away fiat currency is not a handout, it's a slave contract based on debt.

Why is this a negative action, since he is a predator, and from what you have mentioned earlier, it is nature's way in that he must survive - if being predator is part and parcel of nature in that his biology mimics the natural order of things, then the positive impact ( in accordance to your natural survival theory), is that he survives, has children, and nature will look after the rest. This is contrary to what you said earlier; "The natural law behind this is "all actions have consequences". It has nothing at all to do with justifications, it just is the unshakable, fundamental law. All negative actions will have negative consequences and vice versa." In that our definition of what is negative and what is not is defunct on the basis of prejudiced and feelings.
But you said in
"Money is materialism, which is based on hedonism, which is by natural law always self destructive. Food is a necessity of life and part of the food chain, which is based around survival"
Therefore the predator is hunting for food from those that are living a hedonistic lifestyle.

Because a predator who runs headlong into the collective of his prey creates chaos, which will hurt everyone. He also put's his on survival on the line when he hunts in between his own collective (in this case human society), because that society has it's own rules of morality, which he just broke, and which comes with it's own consequences. He fell for the temptation of greed, and took from that which sustains his life.

He puts himself into a dangerous situation by creating chaos, instead of just stealing food from a store or a street vendor. Also, her hedonistic lifestyle is what attracted him, which is the negative consequence of her hedonistic action, but it's also negative for him because it's a temptation to fall for materialism. We all die with nothing, therefore materialism is totally pointless. It's based on claiming ownership on something that is free for everyone, which creates a superiority complex as well as greed in the self proclaimed owner and envy in others. Both will always lead to chaos.

no shit. I could tell from these posts

fucking autist using bold or redtext for attention

There was no fire in building 7.

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Kill yourself.

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