How a fed thinks about threat assessment

A glownigger wrote a thesis about assessing threats. This guy seems really smart and like he gets what goes in a guy's mind.
The thesis is about people making threats (e.g. telling a goverment agent, "maybe I'd get better service if I had a bomb" but i'm guessing if the model works, it works for people who don't make threats. Indeed if you read the thing, most attackers (94%?) didnt threaten the target, although most (63%?) did make threatening statements to people.
Think about Marv Hiemeyer (killdozer) - he didn't threaten his victims and say, "I will huff and puff and blow your house down." But he did tell friends things like "I should bulldoze the whole fucking town."
A threat assessment of Marv would have seen - grievance, ideation, research, preparation (building the dozer, giving away his house and snowmobile). Look at Tarrant - he threatened an anti-white with death, but didn't threaten muslims in advance of his book launch party.
The author, Aaron Godbey, works for FPS, which defends federal sites from the mcveighs of the world, so figure when he wrote this he was trying to break ground.
Looking at the diagram, you can see why glowniggers would want to subpoena the ips and identify anons - Zig Forums has the propaganda (which excuses/encourages violence) and /k has all the info you need to make an effort post - there's threads critiquing the technique of saints ffs. Basically, the legal parts of the ladder (pic) are here - Zig Forums is a one stop shop as far as FBI is concerned.
The article does a review of some Zig Forums heroes like mcveigh.

Here is a link to the article

This post is satire. Always follow all jew-made laws and be a good shabbos-goy

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And here's an example of FBI using this sort of stuff to identify a threat and take down someone with the Martha Stewart lying-to-a-fed law. This guy didn't say "I have nothing to say," so now he is fucked:

More on Fein, " After additional investigation, agents learned Fein had bought metalworking tools. They arrested him at his residence, and found unassembled parts for multiple AR-15 rifles, as well as radio transmitters and electrical components for an improvised explosive device. Fein has a college degree in engineering."
From this article:

Guy was smart enough to be dangerous. It has me wondering what Miselis (RAM) will get up to when he gets out of federal prison after doing nothing wrong. He is a smart guy with a mechanical engineering degree - if he ever wants to (not that there's any reason for him to have a grievance, right?), i'm pretty sure he'll be able to get a high score. Thank goodness he a good boy.

Here's a case involving a guy who doesn't seem like the super villain sort. He just seems impulsive. He went online and made threats against Portland's mayor:

Imagine if, on the other hand, the guy wasn't crazy, was a Proud Boy, had a friend who'd been beaten by antifa and then arrested by portland cops and put through the system. And this guy had been seen sitting in his car outside city hall for hours at a time over the last few months, and his girlfriend claimed he was always ranting about Portland's mayor …. - you get the point. Not all threats are the same.

So, basically, you can never have too much opsec, compartmentalization and plausible deniability.

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I guess. I think you also see how-why FBI does the lame arrests of reckless and nutty people.

Imagine having an IQ barely over 110 and being paid to write this meandering drivel riddled with spelling errors, as a thesis no less. All social scientists need to be dragged from their globo-homo hives, forced to dig enormous pits, and then be machine gunned into them. It's the first and last time they'll ever do something approaching real work in their lives.

The glowniggers will never get into our minecraft servers.

He clearly hasn't seen behind the veil yet*, and if hes not smart enough to see the lies, how smart could he be?


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Threat assessments on lone wolf is a losing game. In reality all you can do is criminalize free speech and tag anyone who steps out of line as a terrorist threat.

Haven't read the .pdf yet, but I wonder if we applied the standards laid out therein to the federal government how big of a threat to the american people they would labeled as.

((('government'))) is the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity.

why should any real user worry

lets face it, any ip they mine will see cointelpros hunting glowniggers who are going after JIDFs and of course, that's going to go nowhere. I know these guys all have a vested interested in continuing the LARPER industrial complex, it's a young kids game I guess

It provides a model for thinking about things.
Eg jews running Ukraine in 1922 had a grievance against whites. They did the research planning prep and then killed millions. The breach was when they went and took away the farm equipment and sent the kulaks away.
Once you've got an organization doing stuff like that, it is ready to go. Eg kaganovich got sent around the country to do similar shit to various goyim.

OP… you dumb fucking nigger, that's the exact OPPOSITE of thinking. These monkeys (your people) follow a fucking guide book. It's literally, arrest the man who falls into these boxes. Instead of paint by numbers, it's arrest by checkbox.

As opposed to Mad Max anarchy, right?

I got a red flag when you mentioned but… well, How did McVeigh got the SECOND and THIRD explosive inside the building? Also, if McVeigh is a Zig Forums hero, what about John Doe #2 (surely he's the greatest Aryan hero)?

Read the paper. Imagine you've been redflagged by your ex gf. Cops come, serve the warrant, search for guns, find none. They might conclude - oh, this guy is harmless.
But maybe when they serve the warrant, in plain view you've got a framed picture of mcveigh, a copy of siege, and some 80% lowers that you just ordered in. And he rereads the warrant and sees that your name is Fields (you happen to be dodge charger of peace's cousin). Well that changes everything. The fact that you have no legal firearms doesn't mean shit.

This site bans Arabic because that keeps out stupid muslims (mostly). Tarrant wasn’t an “effortposter”; he was a smart muslim who knew that the counterparty should be blamed and attacks should be statistically anomalous.

Wetback Jose Padilla

Purpose of the Project

To provide the Federal Protective Service (FPS) with a list of behaviors that when in a specific chronological order indicates an increased likelihood that the suspect will commit an act of violence.

I'm starting to feel bad for these people, even if such a model were possible and it wasn't total shit, the results of a shit model aren't sufficient justification for a search warrant because the poor fit would yield significantly high false positives, and therefore doesn't meet the definition of being reasonable, which would be irrelevant anyway with good op security. And then there's the cases where people practicing good op security would never have sufficient data collected on them to even run through a model to begin with, so they simply go under the radar.

Look at those retarded ass recommendations. The glowniggers are just moving deck chairs around on the Titanic.

And you have to admire the Freudian slip here:

Hopefully the time, energy and resources vested in this project will be used to better protect the government

Embarrassing really.

Ok. But now you get how they are catching dummies, whether it's whites or non whites. And hasson's case makes sense. They have very limited options.
I expect they'll get blindsided by the youth. When kids have high trust networks they can do things. Eg in Chimpcongo the blacks form gangs with people they know and are related to. They can be quite resilient and hard to penetrate. The irish in ulster are another example. And there's a pattern - both of those cultures have a snitches get stitches policy. If I see that I'll know there's an inflection point.

"dummies" get themselves caught through their own stupidity, so it's really just a modern spin on natural selection applied to criminals.

TL;DR: Smart people don't write the when and where of their attack on Facebook the day before

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I thought that said "protect the government's citizens" or something, on first read.

they'll put together ten things graphs like this so that they can always find a "legal" excuse to fuck with anyone they "get a bad feeling" about

That's copy and paste, their first priority -> protect the government. They did include other shit, but that was the first.

Fucking based!! #MAGAconDACA

C'mon guys - FPS, federal protection service, is legally charged with protecting federal installations.
If you read the thing, they talk about a theoretical would-be saint who is seen surveilling federal government workers at their job and at home. And the question for FPS is, if he's a well-rounded terrorist who doesn't just deal with us 9-to-5 and will definately come at us at our federal workplace, may we investigate, or is this a job for a different federal agency.
The focus on where the lines are and staying within them is hilarious, but what you expect from bureaucrat gang.

Just look st the Hasson case, for example. If only he'd never bought illegal tramadol, they would not have been able to charge him with: 1) having tramadol illegally & 2) being an opiate addict and having a few guns and having corresponded with HAC about killing millions in order to save the white race.
The glowniggers would have had nothing.

fucking glownigger retard who made the graphic spelled preparation wrong.

This is a good point. Tarrant did a very good job of shutting the fuck up, though he wasn't perfect. Going forwards those planning a party in Minecraft are going to need to be perfect, and each will need to be more perfect than the last. White men are uniquely equipped to be able to stfu, we are actually better at doing so than any other race or group. Blacks and kikes cannot help but brag, but white men can have a perfect poker face and keep their plans hidden from everyone until it's too late, if they're trying. The most dangerous time is the period before a plan crystalizes and actually starts being worked on, as we can see with
This is the point where things can screw up, he was thinking about it at that point but hadn't actually committed, and so he hadn't gone into white man military-style stfu OPSEC yet. I suspect this window is where the feds will be focusing their efforts from here on out.

Great thread Vlad! (You) really have a keen insight about how glowniggers post.

How many rubles did you get for that?

Hey Yuri. Since you are back on, can you post that one sweet video with those odessan joos dancing??



Went through it a bit. Author has poor grammar and spelling for someone having done "his masters"….lol
Who are these modern retards that are filling up the government? These "boomerkin" are really worrying in that they do a lot of research into matters of dire importance, and get themselves into a position to seem quite "official" and interact with and advice and work with agencies such as the USSS, but seem to lack something between the ears that seems essential to maintaining a truly respectable and professional protection endeavor for anyone, to include the USG. To tell the truth, I would expect something like this as a sort of upper division bachelor's degree paper in a criminology-related course or something, not a full-blown "important document for da gubmint".

Not that it had nothing important to say that could be considered relevant to a mature understanding of threat assessment endeavors. What strikes me as most important is how everything contained therein can make a great "cover story" for committing crimes on behalf of the government and corruption within it and about it, since all of the processes involved in "directed violence" can be and are actively performed by the government in "national security" and "public safety matters", but are couched in terms of legal proceedings. Not that those are never exactly what they are supposed to be, but they act as a structural cover for "lawfare" which can be actively engaged against anyone who offers someone with access to governmental authority and power some "grievance" (whether or not just or legal in kind), and then all the processes which proceed from that can be engaged in under cover and color of law and authority. FISA courts/warrants/surveillance, Fusion Center, the coming 5G rollout, cell-phone networked pervasive stalking assets and microassets in the entire social and urban theater, and typical abuses of power can all be intermingled into a deadly cocktail of criminal power disguised as the response to criminal threats.

I was shocked he talked about trying to get guys off the stairway by apologizing or otherwise fixing a grievance. The one thing our goverment has a hard time doing.
Eg take miselis. Imagine if the government said, "oops. We arrested you based on jewish reports about RAM, put you in jail. Took away your security clearance. Cost you your job, shamed your family. Destroyed your reputation.
Were going to fix that by doing …..(what?)
I don't see how Miselis doesn't come out of this with 1) a personal grievance 2) a certainty that the system is jew-run and it to get him. 3) a sense that most whites are disloyal. Etc.
I don't see how the government could fix miselis's grievance, other than to set aside Maine for whites and name Miselis provisional governor.

y u tryna predictive program mikey he a good boy he dindu nuffin

takeaway from that image:
be dangerous enough that people take you seriously but not so dangerous they lock you up for life or kill you.

Now people like Epstein make more sense to me

Imagine being such a fag that you'll accept an apology.

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That's why European countries are so fucked. Voting won't solve anything.

That's how stupid they think you are, Jew.

It's as though you forget that the only reason this narrative exists is because you fell for our piss dossier.

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It's double speak for trying to sound compassionate while still being a front for corrupt activities, that's why such contradictions are so rampant when thinking of people like Miselis or anyone else betrayed by (((them))). The black pill is that THERE IS NO RESTITUTION, and unless all of this is destroyed, NO RETRIBUTION. Total Annihilation 2020!

Glownigger confirmed , more proof the feds are pushing White genocide, and why against Russia?
Well Russia has the largest White Christian population next to the USA. Who would benefit from White Christians dieing? jews

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funny how the international jew was in love with russia when it served him (before stalin > trotsky)
before that it was muh russians!
now it's muh russians!
but for two different reasons

I wonder how Gilroy's guy fits into this model.

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What do I do? Every time I walk my dog I notice at the same spot the same parked vehicle switched on, drives off as I walk past. Windows blacked out. Same licence plate.

Doesn’t matter what time I go out, it happens every time regardless be it 9 am or 8 pm.

I’m just a bloke trying to get by, I’m not going to throw my life away like an idiot so why can’t they just go monitor the actual terrorists? Pricks

Yea I know right. It's ridiculous that they go after people with wrongthink. At least I am deaf so they can't bother me because I don't fit the narrow rule. It really make me think.

My only crime is making nigger jokes, but I guess that’s higher priority than the hordes of shitskins abducting and raping little girls all across my country. Also swear to god I saw some faggot in black watching me with binoculars one time from the window of another building.

ya know
this is a public site.
If I were to make an MKUltra themed site, this is how I would do it.

I could be wrong though
and this could be reality

That is funny. They are really trying hard to catch any petty crimes. Hahahaha

Check her webpage out. She's Tim Wise with (bigger) tits.

report all coward posting

You might want to check out the /pol3/ thread about the snigs in britain who tried to make explosives to blow up planes. They were under surveillance. The documentary linked in the thread shows a bunch about how the cops do it.

fuck off coward nigger

I know, might start waving and smiling just for grins. See what happens.

Hm. Good advice actually I’m going to go do that, thanks.

I never said everyone is, just me. I never said anything about fighting or not. Since you clearly have the reading skills of a nigger, you fuck off.

You don't understand his posts.

Do. Not. Talk. To. The. FEDS.

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You mean we should gas the kikes, in minecraft?

Amazon has a log of tons of shit I've bought going back 20 years. While it's pain in the ass to set up prepaid gift credit cards, package delivery addresses and new vendors in minecraft, it's just part of opsec.

Use masonic code. They use metaphors about minecraft and often speak where the first inital of what looks like word salad translates to stations and places or working tools.

The FBI catches more flies with honey than vinegar. Also, you Americans, "lying" to the FBI? I mean really. Truth is subjective and it's hard to see how there can be a CRIMINAL offense with strict liability like that. Then again you have the feds poking into everything by using the interstate commerce excuse. It's really like the feds and the states are at war. I can see why the (((union))) didn't like the South.

Dead man's switches (in minecraft) are wonderful things user. You need to start with a firm bed of police wrongdoing (in minecraft) and then some politicians on top. Add in a few Minecraft's Angels blackmail tapes you bought with bitcoin and voila, you're toxic to prosecution in whatever jurisdiction you chose to collect minecraft blackmail in.

I like ye style fren, can't wait till Minecraft comes out with the DLC we all have been drooling for ;)

Well, if any of you had actually studied the kikes, you would be experts in all of that. Anyone too stupid to do that and stupid enough to self-incriminate is a lost cause. There is a totalitarian government that drives ordinary people insane and covers up their bullshit with layers upon layers of self-justification. The most violent assholes on Earth calling anyone else violent is a rich irony.

All they're really doing with bullshit like this is guaranteeing that increasing numbers of randoms have nothing left to lose–pretty stupid.

The "government" gathers information and plans attacks. I guess they are criminals too. Who knew!?

Traitor thots are a problem that needs dealing with.

Ssh–that was the plan the whole time.

Good–then make sure you get every cuck and normalnigger on that list.

Fuck jesusniggers.