Russian LGBT Activist Killed After Being Listed on ‘Saw’-Inspired Gay Hunting Site

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The faggot-identity should be outlawed, and the promoters of it killed.

run the bitch over next time!

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Russians are not paying attention are they?
If the Bongs and Americans can catch Putin hacking into their systems, then how easy can it be to catch a gay basher.
Again, the dumb ruskies being influenced by the Jew wet dream (((saw)))

That is Masonic.

One of the ways that the homosexual identity transplants itself is through the unsophisticated mind of the young male. Lesbianism is more of an adult phenomenon, and almost entirely political in nature, so it need not be discussed.
The young boy who fantasies about female sexuality is always in danger of being led to believe they could be a faggot. This is because the development of male homosexuality is through the imagination of the young boy about female sexuality. He can be lead (tricked) into thinking things like "If I imagine a woman liking hyper-masculine men, the women is actually me, and I like hyper-masculine men." It is fundamentally a confusion of the self with an erotic fantasy object, and homosexual identity transplants itself into the mind of male children via this mechanism.
It should be illegal to depict homosexuals in any media at all, as a form of protection of male children. To do otherwise, such as "Western" society does today, is to seek out the creation of individuals who possess the homosexual identity. It should be seen as one of the worst forms of child abuse imaginable, all to further the completely bogus agenda of "Western" ruling elites.

Say that to my face, bad guy!

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Sky Islamic channel Peace TV faces ban in Britain for saying gay people are worse than pigs and magicians should be executed

Base American Nog

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newfag here, whats the link to this "blocked website"?

They really should have figured out the best camera angle before they started filming.

The whole image is a pisstake of genuine christianity.
Monster truck (monster beast)
Craven images
Jew hex
Satan sucks (well show me an adult human that doesn't like to be sucked every now and then)

Confused as with the rest of everything.

Does the site they talk about even exist or is it a complete fiction?

Also isn't Russia supposed to be anti-faggot by default? Why are they trying to protect the faggots from being killed?


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proud to be a russian
but after the pidors they will hunt for the animefags/gamefags/polfags/antikristfags/wychcraftfags and will find me
fuck the fucking wychhunters

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doesn't work, fuck.

>The faggot-identity should be outlawed, and the promoters of it killed.
This time for real.

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Kill the corruptors of the youth.

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Finally, some good fucking food.

Worth reading.

nigger in a monkey costume with a dyed red pube beard

Where does it mention 777 in the Bible?

I heard of him,absolute mental case.
Neo-Nazi nowadays

he calls himself racist, not ns

>(((Activist))) dead
That's worth the death of 1,000 homosexuals.


It was the KGB and Dinar Idrisov is next.

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Neo-Nazi? Where do you think you are Saul?

This. Globohomo is parasitic in heterosexual society and they need to be exterminated as disease vectors and destroyers of children; since this is how they peddle their homosexual 'lifestyle' (raping children). They are a disgusting blight on humanity.

Article is misleading slightly, she was not hunted for being gay but physically removed for misleading young people with homosexual propaganda.

I would prefer not to be sucked. I am an adult human as well.

Isn't that the same thing? They are all degenerate filth that should be killed.

Dubs never lie.

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No for example a preacher isn't the same as a person simply practicing a religion.

Yes, all that stabbing and throttling is wrong. It should be fast and efficient. Bullet to the head is what is appropriate. Struggle and fighting just provides the state evidence against you by leaving DNA and other signs of your identity. Besides it is not 'revenge' unless you were molested as a child, it is simply disposing of something that is unhealthy in society, like throwing out a dirty diaper into a trash can instead of leaving it face up open in a children's park.

You suck the devil's dick, you should be hunted down. You're not russian, just a jew.

They ALL advocate vociferously for their child molesting, disease spreading 'lifestyle'. They all need to be killed.

meant for this pidor

Not all gays advocate homosexuality, it's only because of gay pride that has influenced that trait.
Criminalizing gayness is a mistake, removing those who try to promote to vulnerable young people is good government.

Arresting people for simply making off hand comments is stupid also, it's only necessary to deal with ring leaders. If you try to arrest an entire mob you only incite them further.

I disagree, but only with the statement that lesbianism is only political in nature. Lesbianism is as dangerous as homosexuality, just because it has a political component does not mean it should be overlooked when it comes time to killing globohomo. Many of the political matricians who are homosexual are also 'into' female child torture and murder as a sport (due to their anger at heterosexuals). It is just as evil and unnatural as the male version of globohomo and it needs to be completely eradicated. For a woman to deviate from her natural role in society brings all the complications and betrayals of her race and people into play as well. If we do not murder and then eugenically purge BOTH deviant ideologies from humanity, we have wasted our time.

Nope. They all must be hunted down and eugenically purged from society. I take 14/88 seriously and I KNOW that all homosexual males and females are predatory to European/White children. We need to purge them and then destroy their genetic tendencies from humanity.

That will only back people into a corner, and create sympathy for them. It's much better to tolerate them on the surface and only extinguish the ones who try to spread the ideology.

I'm guessing saw is a movie? tv? game?

Have archive of website?

Gays do not reproduce naturally, simply stopping them from promoting their ideology is enough. They will naturally die off.

My god, he does look exactly like a chimpanzee.

No they won't we need to hunt them and continue hunting down their tendencies until they are eradicated from the planet. There should be no mercy in removing parasitic traits and breeding them out of our people.

There is no such thing as a gay gene. Homosexuality is naturally present at a baseline around 3%. You'd be wasting resources on a wild goose chase when the real solution is to take out the promiscuous individuals that openly extol their hyperpromiscuity in reading clubs to little children.

In fact, promiscuity is graver than Homosexuality to the point where it should become priority number one, and must be eliminated from all corners of society. Cleansing a gay club and an organized orgy event would both be far more productive than gathering a town to play "Spot the Homo" while they're in plainclothes

Thanks for the sensible post, explained it better than I could.

There are genetic tendencies, such as the tendency to hedonism. We need to find them and eugenically purge them from the population.

But we also need to find all the homos and kill them.

There is no such thing as a gay gene. If there was, the media would be celebrating every day and we would never hear the end of it - because they want the "gay gene" to be real so they can say to opponents: "HAHA #BORNTHISWAY IT'S NOT A CHOICE OR A FAD OR A HORMONAL IMBALANCE!"

I never said 'gay gene' I said that the tendencies need to be exterminated from society. Also, there are very real tendencies that make people gay as they are prevalent in ALL SEMITES.


Russian LGBT Activist Killed After Being Listed on ‘Saw’-Inspired Gay Hunting Site (and that's a good thing)

Mother Russia never fails.

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Shame about all that makeup. She looks like she would be an attractive woman without it.


this; wtf is with this changing of camera angles every 2 seconds.


Makeup should have its own thread. It is one of the biggest and most visible aspects of jewry in our day-to-day lives.

The evil yid has convinced women that it is unacceptable to be seen outside without a thick layer of poison-pigment on their damn faces at all times.

The stuff is expensive and usually toxic as hell, and some of it even effects their brains. I'm talking about lead an mercury, among other, less scary sounding toxins.

A pretty girl looks better without it anyway.

This is my homeforum.
Im more redpilled than you, because I think that homosexuality is something that will always happen in nature, as nature itself.

The Kikes push both love and hate on the faggot subject. If you either fall for the faggotlove or faggothate youre wrong, because all you should be deciding through is the racial aspect. Once weve solved the racial issue, we can solve other subhappenings such as faggotry & Christianity. For now we need all whites to come together to fight for 1488.

You are a kike then? Thanks for outing yourself.
There is no allegiance with globohomo - EVER. They would betray anyone at the drop of a hat because their world is focused only on hedonism and pleasure as well as child molestation.
There is no allegiance with people who reproduce by destroying children sexually. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF 14/88 it is encouraging the destruction of our offspring for your sexual pleasure.

that's probably exactly it. they have no attention span so changing camera angles rapidly keeps their brain in gear long enough to accept the programming.

I doubt it bro, I doubt the fucking thing because if faggots would be welcomed by us they would be loyal. Not all, just like heteros, but most.
Fuck off man, all we should care about is race.

Not if I ban you to the shadow realm where you belong, darkie!

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You’re objectively wrong. Don’t post again.

All animals do it.

'good' work fsb

fuck you fsb red guard
we will punish you all fucking shmule servitors

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OK interesting hypothesis. Now we should be able to prove and reproduce that.

Animal do not engage in a 'homosexual lifestyle' where they specialize in raping the young and parasticially destroying society. If they did; animals would be extinct.

We either kill you faggots or we go extinct.
We should kill you faggots instead.
You are disease vectors, parasites and child molesters.

Oh fucking fantastic, they are already being called minorities now. Jesus this shit needs to end.

No. They don’t. Fucking kill yourself, jew. Holy fucking shit.

Yeah, but it won’t. No one’s going to fight it.

No. And the opposite is not true either.

A slim minority of many different species engage in long-term homosexual activity, and that's a fact.

Faggots are an organized arm of Anglo-zionism and trotskyist revanchism. They should be treated as active terrorist cells.

This is the user saying he believes faggots are born that way.
There is no "eugenic" solution to the faggot problem, you fucking liberal retard. There is no faggot DNA for their to be a "eugenic" solution.

?pederast propaganda?
you must be killed, a degenerate.

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Here is something animals also do. Doesn't make it "natural."

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If it's not caused by humans, it's natural by definition.

Dogs don't have duck-fucking DNA, just like faggots don't have faggot DNA.

genes are natural, but not everything natural is genetic.

You guys and your fake outrage over gays is retarded. Gays are here to stay so get over it.

And I am saying that certain genetic groups have a propensity to homosexuality. For example ALL SEMITES are homosexual but not all Europeans are homosexual; most are heterosexual. That means that there is some genetic propensity for homosexuality that can be eugenically weeded out from the human genome.

It is not 'FAKE' and you would do well to learn the difference.

Ya know I see a lot of peeps in here who talk a lot of shit but never do anything about it. If you're not gonna go out and kill a faggot today, shut up about your "Oh we should kill the gays" cause you sound like a nigger, always talking shit but never doing shit.

Shit or get off the pot, cucks.

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You just outed yourself as "in the closet."


You're a crypto-liberal faggot lover spewing bullshit.
You must really think your audience is braindead retarded.
This is a lie. Homosexuals are created. The faggot identity is a product of modern capitalism, not DNA.

The word you're looking for is graven. Also good post, I agree.

Nope. You can WISH that I was a faggot but I have never felt any attraction at all, zero, for the same sex.

Any links?

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I think you are uninformed if you don't understand that all semites are homosexuals.

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what kind?

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you are a faggot kike, stop trying to act like theres any scenario in which you dont die a horrible death


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