Police just kidnapped the mother of my children because she yelled at them

A few days ago, the police entered my home after my woman and mother of my 3 children when she called the police because I bought a new kitchen table without telling her. She's having hysterical bipolar episodes as is ordinary in women. They denied my declaration to stay out of my home and forced their way in. And after my hysterical wife cursed them out to leave, they arrested her for disorderly conduct. Brought her to a psychiatric evaluation where they declared her to be insane, which is instinctual in women… she is a soft flower mentally and physically which is why I love her so, I don't desire to fuck a woman with a man's logical personality… And so I say that she is a perfect woman, not insane, if only the police would ignore her when she calls in one of her hysterical woman moments.

The last time my woman was in a hospital she was there for a year. My children need their mother. This is treason against humanity. These police are diabolically naive to the point of maybe not even being worthy of forgiveness even in consideration of their naivety.
I got arrested once because I broke her cell phone in the middle of one of her episodes, and she called the police on and put me in jail for 2 days solitary, booked me and took my finger prints and retina scans for my first time ever, and then charged me $200 restitution when she dropped the charges to a misdemeanor plea deal (New York City laws).
This is just one of many examples of how law enforcement has destroyed my family heirarchal dynamic. How the fuck do they justify this shit, fucking normies.
They have empowered this woman into a demonic tyranny over my life
They deny me the power to forcefully detain the mother of my own children, and then they detain her for themselves and then hand her over to a psychiatric system who forcefully detains her, takes her blood by force, drugs her by force, and forces their normy religion on her 1984 style.

Any help any advice on how to pass the time while I hold back my rage in pursuit of a greater long term victory would be appreciated.
This world seriously sucks pol bros.

we didn't have cops before mechanized production. The US had county gov that looked more like baliffs or sheriffs. The police model came from the Cromwell jews of england. The first police were privately paid.

Since then, we've gone to a state of national ids, get searched anytime for anything, record all internet and phone traffic, automatic plate readers, soin to be facial recognition. The police think the body cams are from citizen demand to keep them accountable. they're actually just to make cops always do what theyre told. The laws change, cops have no say. If they want a job, they must enforce. The police pay now comes through the federal reserve via the municipality, not taxes. In the USSR, who pulled all those triggers and executed all those people? You think it was all jews? They paid their police to do it. Thats why in the US, the citizens are supposed to be providing law salary, that way they can pull it. The way we're going has only one possible outcome. Using police as domestic zaterror on citizens.

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Not your blog.

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You have a loony schizo for a wife and live in JYC, the epitome of modern degeneracy and freedomlessness. There’s no advice that can help you.

Serves her right for calling the (((police))). If there's any natural justice in this whole thing your wife will end up dying as a result of these miscalculations and a higher-order naturalsocial selection will occur leaving people who are intelligent enough to not call men with weapons and a mission contrary to your liberty, to do your laundry.

Although I will tip you for quoting my pasta because it is the truth

Women do not act crazy when a man is properly executing his dominant role and keeping her in check. You have to be aware and notice things before they blow up into emotional outbursts. And sometimes on rare occassions you might need to use physical force to keep your woman in check – smacking the face, bending her over your knee and spanking her. Basically putting her into submission.

mfw user doesn't realize that all she needed was a good dicking and all that other stuff is just foreplay.

She calls the police because I got a new kitchen table, you think Im gonna chance hitting the bitch and going to prison and court trials for domestic violence? You don't know what its like living in a feminist police state if this is your advice.

Idiot fails to vet future wife, wins stupid prizes.

Next post.

This is the shit that makes me glad im single w/ no kids. Any action you take will
risk your children being put into (((foster care))), and not doing anything makes you feel like a cuck. See if you can find a victims advocacy group, i dont think the cops need your consent to enter if they believe someone is in danger, so you may be SOL on that front. Plus youre most likely white so most victim advocacy groups wont care. Thats just the reality. Just try and take care of your kids the best you can until your wife is released, thats all you can do.

Use this experience to educate your children (in the future when they are mature enough not to throw their lives away b/c teh goverment maan) about how things really work in this world. Police are not here to protect us, merely to enforce (((laws))). Hopefully your wife will be released soon and she will learn her lesson. You have my sympathy user, that shit is rough.

user probably selected a mate from a broken home without a father. Not all women are like this…also, wtf do you care if a woman gets emotional, that is their nature, it is different than yours; this is why they are your companion and not your bro.

They didn't kidnap her, they legally detained her.
If she was held for a year last time that speaks to her being mentally unstable. It takes a lot to hold someone.
Your permission is not required to enter your home if they believe someone is at imminent risk. The fact they showed up means you and your wife were so loud and scary sounding that your neighbours called them in.
Your story makes it clear you probably also have mental health issues.

Advice is cheap
anyone can give it.
Sounds like you live in NYC
Leave NYC as soon as you get hher back
If your job is in the city, commute
Move over the river into NJ
I know how this sounds, but endgame is moving out into the countryside somewhere where you know the cops by their first name.
NYC is a foreign country.
there is no hope there
only desperation
I know
I'm from there
But I moved far away
almost 1,000 miles away
And now I'm a "Damn Yankee," and I'm okay with that.
Cops are brainless automatons
and it's worse in the city
more cops = more automatons
this is what "modern" society produced
Even where I am
I want to move further out and away
there are too many niggers everywhere
I heard that whiners in Wyoming were complaining because they didn't have enough niggers
I was thinking about moving there next
t'would be nice
either there or North Dakota
bottom line
Get out of NYC

You can't even have access to the body cams as evidence if you can't afford representation, so there is not much point to them being there.

>risk your children being put into (((foster care)))
Bullshit. Do you know how much it takes for a child to be taken away from both parents? I know a girl who was on pills for the entire duration of her pregnancy and they even gave her pills in the hospital when she went into labor. They only took the kids away after the baby was over a year old and she was caught selling pills for the 1000th time. I've seen a lot of cases like this. Child services do basically fuck all because the foster care system is fucked up and employs so many pedophiles, it's basically safer to keep the kids around crackheads or at the very least, just as safe.

What? That's not ordinary, it's a modern sickness likely derived from malnutrition, and poisoning, as is ordinary in present day industrial diets.

Either cut your loses and raise your children right or strap the fuck up and avenge her. Next time keep this shit on tumblr where it belongs.


This kind of distant sounding advice tends to come from people who are not married or in any relationship.

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Yeah that is some pretty retarded advice lol. There are other ways to assert dominance besides physical violence. If you routinely need to resort to violence to get compliance you are doing something wrong.

That's not normal unless you're talking about her periods.
Even so, calming down a mentally sound woman who is hysterical isn't all that difficult and given the rest of your post, it sounds like your wife has serious mental problems. My mother was like that, actually. Freaked out at nearly anything. I thank the gods every day that I'm not insane as well.

Also, I agree with a lot of the anons here; your dumbass wife called the police ON YOU. That's a vile and treacherous act of aggression against YOU. She betrayed you and tried to get YOU arrested (as she has done before) because she doesn't trust you. She doesn't respect you. She doesn't love you.

Keep that in your mind as you move forward in life.

Next time, think of your children and what lesson they are learning. They need to learn early that police are the enemy, and what happens to enemies.

It takes women a lot longer to 'love' if they ever achieve it than it does for men.

Sage, report.

"I feel your pain"
Bill Clinton

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The "master race" everyone

Certainly. Men will fall in love with just about anything. Just look at Mexico or Mozambique. But for a woman, 'falling in love' with a man is a much riskier commitment (historically speaking) as she might end up saddled with a child she cannot take care of if her choice turns out to be incorrect.

You're right that OP has picked up a broken woman who is dependent on him and mistook this dependence for devotion. That's how (I think) my father chose his wife. Bad mistake. Avoid crazies at all costs.

No they aren't you fucking retard.

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can you refuse retina scans?
like nigguh just close your eyes?

op is in fact jewish
im surprised you couldn't sense one of your own.