Gab is Giving User Data to Feds

Hello anons.
For a long time I was a regular Gab user, long prior to the switch to Mastadon.
I'm here to tell you that if you're on Gab, delete your accounts.
This week the FBI contacted my family. Not even direct family, but the sisters/brothers of my wife- to "ask if I was a danger or threat" to anyone. They asked to the see badge multiple times. It's unfortunate that they didn't talk to me or I'd of filmed the entire event and posted it online for you all to see. Maybe they still will idk. I have no intention of committing any criminal actions etc I just meme kikes and angrily screech about my perceived belief that Whites in America are under assault.
Anyways. I want you all to know that the FBI is actively monitoring Gab now and clearly taking it to the real world.
You've been warned.
The catalogue is filled with a lot of fucking trash anyway, take this as a public service announcement. It happened to me, it can happen to you.
Stay the fuck off Gab.
From me to you:
You have been warned.
If you have any accounts either log out or delete them.

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Other urls found in this thread: Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG)

Are you

We warned you faggots years ago.

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Why would anyone care anymore what the feds think?
They obviously don't give a fuck about the well-being of the countries they represent.
They obviously think the people who are born into money deserve more protections than those not.
It's obvious they will do anything to maintain their fantasy that they are purveyors of justice, even if that means allowing injustice.
There are MILLIONS of us.
Who cares if they know who we are?

Yeah I was one of those guys here screeching.
There are some based anons using Gab and it became kind of fun/addictive in some sense. I knew better.
Anyways this literally just happened to me. I'm a verified account on Gab (blue check) etc.
I'm only here to save someone else from the hassle.
The questions they were asking were if they were trying to paint me as a terrorist:
I wouldn't doubt if I'm on some watch list now.
Just avoid Gab. I know a lot of people who post here go there, that's a fact.
Stop if you do guys. That's all I'm saying.

I don't care. But someone else might.

Oh look another proofless LARP. Ah, you have the "hurr the old domain name looked like a misspelling of a jewish word so it's a fed honeypot" schizopost as well.


Think what you want user. It just happened to me. Sounds to me like you're either braindead or a fed.

this site does the same thing, user.
maybe don't fed post like a tard and you won't get gotten.

If their modus operandi is to call relatives and ask if you're a threat, that's so fucking stupid. Relatives are very unlikely to incriminate and whoever they called will now be way more careful and less likely to be incriminated by their pursuits.

I doubt that Gab is the CIA honeypot claimed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they harvested data. That’s what social network sites are for.
That all said,

But Russia and Iran need democracy, right?

That's what I said, but that's exactly wtf they did fam.

Bitch they do this all the time
Video related are the feds coming to an anons door

thanks for wasting my time shit head.

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The other FUD larpnigger that claimed the feds came after him and filmed a couple boomers pretending to be agents at least didn't claim a named and verifiable website account was affected while failing to show any proof. You're lying, and so was he. Not even the low IQ nu/pol/ crowd that bought that larp is buying this one. Be ashamed.

Nice try.

Yeah, remember 8ch is far from immune to this (especially after mosque shooting, half the posters here are feds). There was a Zig Forumslack a while back who recorded his interview with FBI people based on his 8ch threads. Free speech is a lie, never say anything you wouldn't say publicly.

oldfag here, mastodon is an FBI honeypot and Gab wasn't but no oldfag would ever use Gab after they banned Weev for hate speech

the OP is just shilling for mastodon, it's not like the FBI isn't inciting violence and trying to entrap Zig Forums users (they are) but don't use either site there's literally no reason anyone here should want to

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Chad thundercock here, OP is a ZOG bot who is discouraging us in redpilling the user base. Do the opposite, start a bombardment of redpills.

How do you know it was due to having a Gab account?

as a general rule, anything that requires an account is most definitely a possible honeypot and is absolutely 100% collecting your data. This is common sense. You can bypass this by using fake email accounts and hiding behind vpns/tor (or both) but I wouldn't advise on it unless you're very careful about basic opsec. Hell, even here you're being monitored, if you use an account you're just making it easier for them.

Actually that's not true. Relatives will often tell the police the truth if they think their relatives are nuts. Often they have been plagued by years with these fears and when confronted their fears are realized and they come clean.

Kill yourself.

The FBI case files PROVED that the FBIniggers are DIScouraging violence and blaming it on Russia, you dumb do-nothing niggerfaggot.

get a load of this newbie

This. The feds from any country are included in the groups that must be killed, when the time (soon) comes. They are all working for the jews and leftists.

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Good old white families. I doubt nigs do that.
Im guessing fbi figured based on op's social media he was seeming like a threat and they were fishing for statements from family they could use for some sort of warrant for surveillance, to search op's house/computer or info to justify putting him under surveillance.
He did something to get their attention and they think he's a bad goy.
OP I hope you always follow jew-made laws and all of your posts are satire, like mine.

Shut up nigger. None of this happened. It's a larp.


They are here too you absolute faggot. I have a DM chat group on Gab and 2 →women← were visited by feds from the group in a matter of about 1 month, then there were other people unrelated to me like some boomer who only bitched about the UN, even he got visit. One of these people was in Straya, not just the US sort of thing. People get visited all the time now, Im sort of waiting for it to happen but it hasnt, Im probably one of the most overtly extreme posters on Gab. Another guy got red flagged and they took his guns, thats a thing too but he made remarks about his governor.

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I had the cops go around and warn my place of worship and neighbors when I got a red flag for talking about pic related, so i'm not sure it's fake.
If FBI went to my family and interviewed them, they'd probably tell me, but maybe not. They are white and law-abiding, despite the fact that all they have to show for it is a slow motion genocide.

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No shit moshe.

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No it isn't you schizo kike.

Prove it. Protip: you can't.

Gab is the same as Zig Forums re feds - they surveil and disrupt. Yet Antifa doxxing an user is much harder than a gab user, so here we are, fren.
I wonder what op did to trigger the response. I'm a law-abiding dissident, guilty only of wrongthink. And by FBI's own standards im not to be surveilled - because I've only done first amendment protected activities. I haven't gotten a visit at home or work, nor have they visited family (I figure) - not that I'd care much either way. Why does one guy get investigated and not another?
Here is their manual: Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG)
Lots of grand talk about being minimally intrusive, respecting people's rights n shit.
Unless you are a white boy mma club that loves your country and that jews fear - then you get put in federal prison for defending yourself.

I have legal documents to prove I got redflagged. I can prove it. But that's like me proving I trusted a jew and got stabbed in the back - around here it's embarrassing, and antifa would use the info to make my life less nice.

Yea I just read Trumps justice department are pushing for harsher sentences on RAM

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No way us weeb losers actually scare them. Half of us are anxious just leaving the house, which is why we shitpost and take the piss out of everything from home. If anybody here is considering becoming a threat to anyone, check yourself in man. They're just memes, don't take anything on this site seriously.

Gee, it's almost as if you're being targeted directly for your views or something.

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Doxxing myself would be irrational. Just see who gets red flags -
Warning potential victims is a thing because cops are liable if they don't .
Yes it happened to me.

I believe you.

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Go-to larp line from a lying nigger.

Oh look, you posted the LARP with the actors. Good job, niggerfaggot. Who the fuck is actually retarded to fall for this?

So? What’s the end goal here? Oh they saw you post the truth? Are you fucking organizing the next Oklahoma City bombing in Gab? What’s the worst thing you do on gab? None of you autists will ever do anything. So what do you have to loose? You claim that the only way to win this war is to red pill people. Through memes. Bidding your time. Yet you call every outlet that will allow you to do that….a honey pot. So which is it? Are you going to use platforms to meme and redpill about (((the big evil scary Jew controlling the world))) or are you going to hide away on pol and have a circle jerk with all of us who already share your same opinions? Do you actually know what a honey pot is? Joining a radical military group who’s mission is some turner diaries/siege shit only for it to actually be a sting operating is a honey pot. Having internet discussions isn’t a honey pot. If you’re not going to use the platforms that the normies ans the masses use because they’re “honeypots” how are you going to win anything? Who are you going to red pill? Because you certainly won’t go out and start subtracting bankers and global elites. Here’s your cake. Eat it and have it.

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I'd cut him slack. When the cops are talking to neighbors or family it freaks you out. Blame gab all you want but we've known for a while cops is exparte procedures to get your data and then they go to work. Im more curious to find out what the guy did, what the timing was.
Eg it took the cops weeks to get around to warning some people about me. They weren't that fast about it. If I was really the supervillain they made me out to be to take my guns that seems lazy of them. Buy I get it if op doesn't want to share - details are doxxy, glowniggers are reading this and often the stuff are personally embarrassing.

I get it. But my message is more directed at that attitude that is shared and espoused here frequently. Everything is a honey pot. Everyone is a glowing kike. Everything is a mossad operation. Pol is a board of peace you won’t catch us CIANigger. Red pill and meme. But don’t red pill and meme because that’s a honey pot! And when you point that out. When you point out everyone here is afraid of their own shadow, unwilling to do literally anything because some Jew is always behind it, you’re called a kike. It’s getting tiring.

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I agree with your sentiments. The schizos are the worst for that.
I think that's interesting though - Zig Forumsacks seem from their humor to be morally ok with violence. I'd guess it is only their fear of consequences that's keeping them in line. If they weren't paralyzed by fear they might do something irl

I'm not disputing this but the same thing can be said about twitter, 8ch, 4ch, fb, gmail, discord, bitchute, telegram…and any other online service. I am of the firm belief that at this point, if you have ever said "kike" on the internet, you are on a watchlist.

I would almost argue that if you post user and with a VPN, gab can still be useful to red-pill some normie conservatives, but to be honest, the people on there are either nazis, or completely iredeemable MIGA boomer retards.

So is Zig Forums

remember, if you're capable of pattern recognition then you're a "lunatic"

t. gab

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Boy are you stupid.

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Shlomo (op) doesn't want White people getting together and discussing anything. Empty blackpill bullshit.

Use instead

I hate fucking defending gab here but weev was fucking fedposting and nearly got the site thrown off their registrar.

When they know someone hasn't broken the law they harass their relative and extended networks to create problems for them and "expose" their beliefs to family/coworkers. This shit is literally mafia level intimidation tactics.

Nice try niggerfaggot.

I don't give a shit about that twatter clone and all you frog fuckers on there can fuck right off, but do you have any proof of your claim? sounds like you are a nigger shilling to get off there because they went federated now

Use TOR if you are planning to kill jewish financiers.


Lying, ratfuck shill shits

God fucking damn you son of a cock sucking motherfucking niggerfuck kike faggot

Fuck off

take your meds

Forcing me to defend weev. They never banned him for fedposting on Gab they banned him for something he said off gab. He never posted the Samizdat there, ever.

People call us shills.
People call us kikes.
People call us feds.

We tell only the truth. We were right about Clinton, Q, Pizzagate, Mueller, the Deep State, Little, Yang, AOC, Trump, the Moon, Salvini, etc.
Your brainwashed, bluepilled minds latch onto the first escape you see, forgetting that hundreds of thousands of high social IQ Jews are working tirelessly every day to predict your movements, to control you, to trap you.
Think before you follow someone.

I think he cares, but anything you do online is monitored. And whatever you were posting on a public forum (at least it should be considered such) should be something you're fine with people knowing anyway.


fuck gab, fuck andrew torba

Torba is a mossad agent

just join , the only true free speech site on mastodon

So what? Every site is a honeypot, this doesn't matter at all.

Sauce nigger?

yea but GAB is literally a Mossad honeypot, a direct honeypot

Torba is Unit 8200

Schizo spam with no proof.

hey, not everyone chooses to ignore you, the advice you give is the best! E-celebs especially, the kike alt right too. When there are those jews who have more experience, who have learned more of the world, and who have their own networks of sorts…one can get easily deceived. It is natural I guess. The kike, global hive mind, vs whatever remains of the white hive mind.

But molly especially is viscous, the prolonged warnings I was given about him were very on point. And right now, these days I can see him clearly, how he tries to position himself into our mids. So that he may subvert in favor of jewry worldwide. Such an education on human behavior, and subversion is priceless. And we extremely appreciate it, for we must. Otherwise there would be no white race. Its hard to tell though at times, who is who, and if AI will finally join the fray.

a great way to see who is a jew and who is not a jew is to see what kind of class of words they use, the class of words that this word belongs to. Schizo for example. The word is used when you may encounter a point of view that is so absurdly wrong, and so hugely incorrect that basically the whole line of thought you consider to be false. That is how far this kind of word is.

Now to use this word in a community that mostly has seen the jews kvetching, and we already have a suspicion that something is wrong…well schizo basically says "lets redraw the whole map of what we know" instead of "lets make small adjustments and inquire further to add things to this map"

and uneducated jew coming from the outside therefore will use such a word, and we know. This large selection of words, sentences and meanings in these tiny little black symbols are so vast. Its quite a joy to figure them ALL out. But its also joyful to see actual JIDF recruits sometimes posting stupid and inna shit here.

post video of insane torba codemonkey banning freespeechextremist

iirc, gab required js, did not allow tor, and iirc originally banned vpns as well. even twitter doesn't ban vpns. then they b& reactionary hippie for posting a h8/pol/ dox thread and it was all over

Go away turkroach

Why is this zero-proof LARP still up?

because its true and i just bumped it!

bumpetty bump gabbai=jews4trump


Have your family send some info back to the feds.
Strong Cities is Pakistan
Avaaz/SumOfUs is ISIS
CVE is a psyop to distract from Somali al-Shabaab in Minnesota
ADL was hijacked by British Islamists, assume the same of other partners

did you know gab, owned by a kike, has direct access to gab for the ADL?

If you faggots want to post on honeypots, only do so through a virtual machine connected through VPN with accounts tied to burner emails. Failure to do results in jew-slaves hunting you.

I've been suspicious of Gab ever since it popped up, but posts like this suggest my suspicions might have been wrong. Or maybe this is masterful reverse psychology:
>user thinks since (((they))) are attacking Gab it must not be a honeypot

A thread attacking Voat and now one on Gab. Fuck, you jews must be shitting your pants at the moment. The tipping point has already been reached and you dumbfucks still don't get it. Even my 85 year old Granny now believes those in power are a corrupt bunch of satanic pedos and that's only taken 2 years. She still won't admit to herself that that they're also jews, but those decades of mass-media manipulation will crumble too. Your kike desperation makes me hard. Tiick, Tock, Tick, Tock

So, you shitposted things that you knew the feds would disapprove of, to a website under US jurisdiction, and you did so w/o using Tor or even a VPN, and now you're kvetching that the US based company complied with US law.

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nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

The entire internet is a honeypot dipshits.

But in other news … pic related is a honey pot. Jim gets harassed and the Feds ask for data on Zig Forums… then suddenly /b/ 2.0 pops up and you take a look at it (don't) and its all jail bait garbage. Basically a mirror image of 4cuck /b/. And we all know 4cuck /b/ was run by the feds.

You would think they would at least update their database of bot posts.

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"gabai" is a kike reference, you dumb goy.

it comes down to this. are you going to speak the truth and condemn those that should be condemned, or are you going to stay quiet out of fear of them. one thing i know is that they come after anyone right of Marx so it's best to stand strong. honestly, the federal government has declared White Americans the enemy long ago. fuck em all and their kike pimps. im not gonns stop exposing them for what they are: slavers and terrorists, that are the main anti-White force in this nation.


Fuck gab mastodon

Go to instead

Gab was sabotaged, like Voat, 4chan, Jew Watch and many more sites were sabotaged.

Gab's design is very bad now and no one can have a conversation, just slide posts after slide posts with no direction.


The problem of the world is as clear as it can get so they have to resort to destroy every conversation and put as many negro dicks as possible into every imagery.

It's pathetic, but all the alleged "under attack" and "errors" in the most simple sites are all from the same vile sources.

Soon the reeducation camps will start for those deemed inappropriate to admire the Jew's shit show.

Russia is simply R-I-G-H-T!

Are you talking about the same justice department as in my picture?

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well said

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FSE is my favorite porn site!

Why do we hate Gab so much

Daily reminder that Joshua Connor Moon has been warning everyone about gab forever because Andrew Torba is a fucking retard