It is now apparent to me that (((the powers that be))) are intent on both promoting and preventing the microdosing of LSD and other nootropics in order to keep the population in subservience to their inane prison matrix. What I have recently discovered, however, is that this (((Hegelian))) maneuver is a ruse in order to keep people away from valproate.

Valporic acid, injected directly into the vein, is nothing less than the soma of the dharmic ancients. I am not talking about
>muh (((Joe Rogan)))
I am talking about a compound that allows the neural pathways to generate thinking that both transcends and expands the goals of The White Ethnostate. Simply put, if you are not using Monero to purchase valporate off of the dark web, you are a race traitor and a spiritual abuser of white children.

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Nice product placement

Nootropics work. Try actually using them.

What's your stack look like, user?

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Hegel was german, and kys kthnx

OP sounds like an Alex Jones listener "muh Hegelian Dialectic" and all that nonsense

Hegelian dialectic is legit. Read his shit, was based on idealism, (((marx))) stole it. They always steal everything we do and use it against us.

What kind of nootropics did Hegel use?

Hegel wrote Das Capital for Marx. That's why his name is on it. Hegel was a traitor.

Hegelian dialectic is fucking bullshit. This is my antithesis to your thesis. Now make a synthesis of "Hegelian dialectic is legit" and "Hegelian dialectic is fucking bullshit", to prove to us all the superiority and correctness of Hegel.

Only pussball manlets microdose. Macrodose.

If you have real big testes you’ll overdose. It can only kill you if you’re a pussy.

It all already synthesized. Theticallity and antitheticallity are yin and yang, the sytheticallity is the spin. Keep talking.

Check the catalog


Does Jonestein even talk about the bagelian dialectic anymore? It's all jew-party faggotry now.

The full circle is coming khaz, and that thousand years is ours as you well know

"in this special case, Hegelian dialectic can not be applied"
cool argument bro.

Created LSD.
Created psychedelic bands.
Created disco biscuits and the cocaine epidemic.
Created disco's and gay clubs.
Created the heroine epidemic.
Created punk and pop charts.
Created the crack epidemic.
Created gangsta rap.
Created stronger disco biscuits and called them e's.
Created Rave, EDM.
Created black metal.
Created the freemasonic initiation of the disillusioned.
Created the shamanic cult of microdosing and speaking to spirits using the death vine.
You are here.

What will jews think of next?


Oh wait, I just realized.
It's Jenkem.
Next is Jenkem, but jewish jenkem will be best jenkem.

Oh shit nigger you don't realize that basic reverse psychology works on big percentages of people?
You aren't allowed to do it, big brother who never lies said so.

Why not just think?


reverse psychology works on a known percentage of a known demographic.

LSD is fucking great. Actually, most 5HT2a agonists are. And they should be the only psychoactives you take, sparingly. If that's your thing

Take your meds. You're going to dispute the color of a blade of grass, with how far gone you are.

Also piracetam and oxiracetam aren't too bad.
Stay away from stimulants, unless its total war then speed might be ok

Kill yourself nigger.

/jenk/ has been a thing for over a decade

Sage negated, pharmakike.

Name one person to die from psy/thc overdose

At 13 & 15 I fucked my brother. I've been hitting that cock every since!

LSD turned me natsoc and helped two handfuls of friends sort out their bullshit and drive them further in their passions. And honestly you won't wanna indulge more than a handful of times a year.

Cock a gun and fellate that lead

What ?

You're replying to a schizo boomer. Everything they don't like is "muh satanic muh devil" because it doesn't go along with their kike worship religion.

Valproate returns the brain to a critical childhood development state which allows adults to learn perfect pitch.


anyone take magic mushrooms? how do i get the maximum out of them in regards to college work?

Monero is the right thing to use for that. It's better to use some shitcoin for drugs rather than BTC/BCH/BCHSV.

I looked on all the onions I knew. Can't find the stuff anywhere.

Will it make my peepee bigger?

You missed it, there was an user who was extremely gifted in chemistry who posted here a long while back about the powers of LSD and DMT. Never heard of Valproate myself, but I'll have to look it up

Uh, user,
This stuff is meant for those suffering from Epilepsy and some other things, and can wreak havoc on your body

Yes, well, if you want to trust (((doctors))), that is your prerogative.

I wish I lived where you did my state just legalized weed and you can't go in to any urban area without seeing a potshop

Fucking spot on

Every CNS (central nerve system) stimulant is a """""nootopic"""". This is why the inbred pro-smoking retards say nicotine "boosts iq". In other words just drink coffee like every other normal human being you fucking retard.

It isn't some plot by the elite to mind control you, its just caffeine. It is also in tea and has been used for thousands of years. Although I'm sure that it was (((da joos))) who were forcing ancient (((farmers))) to brew and drink (((tea))) kek.

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I take two a day (not particularly strong), as well as Lion's Mane and Niacin, i.e., the "Stamets Stack."

My description of the effects are that it improves a lot of things a little bit, which in totality gives you solid quality of life gains. It helps you more easily engage in the now, and makes your day more enjoyable and novel… anihillating the mundane. I find myself better able to manage enormous stress better, even notice myself stress yawning (physical mechanism for coping with stress) more when people really start coming at me. Amusement gives way to laughter easier, and I am more willing to "play" with a thought (becomes more difficult as you age fam). It increases neuroplasticity and makes abstract problem solving enjoyable again, to such an extent I work more and am more productive (salaried position, 100k+) instead of just leaving work as fast as possible to go home and stew over bullshit. Not sure how to describe it other than to say I am less exhausted by my job, and I am more willing to "go after" the satisfsction of crossing a milestone. My depression is alleviated completely, though my cynicism remains intact. My sleep is amazing now. I also take Koi CBD at bed time and the two chemicals activate the same pathways. Something else I noticed recently is that I am more capable of connecting with and enjoying newer music where as in the past I was pretty set in the, "all of this new music is shit" rut.

Feel free to AMA.

Coffee has tannins - an antinutrient which will prevent you from absorbing other nutrients.

I still drink it personally, I'm addicted. 3 shots a day at least.

Perfect use of drugs. Well done

israel did 911

Thanks, this video also does a pretty good job of explaining it. It's different for everyone though, according to the many accounts I've read.


It does not fully prevent you from absorbing nutrients, it is a partial effect mostly focused on iron absorption. If your eating healthy(green vegetables and actual meat are your friend here), the overall effect is very minor or non-existent. Although you could just take an iron pill daily, and never think about it again.

A Israeli jew advocating drug use, what a shock

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It's called "poisoning the well" user. You'll find kikes speaking about all kinds of beneficial things. Reminder: Isreal is a homogeneous ethnostate, and kikes are always praising the merits of racial purity (for Isreal).

Name three

Ninja'd me

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1) I mentioned ethnonationalism already.

2) Zig Forums has forever had problems with an understanding of economics because of kikes like Rothbard and Rand, even though their work was based on previous european thinkers like Bastiat. Every econ thread is thoroughly polluted with anons who knee-jerk-react to anyone conceptualizing of economics in any mechanistic manner that resembled Austrian economics as a kike shill capitalist.

3) Trump is possibly one if the most ingenious well-poisoners ever devised, who has erased any ambiguity that previously existed that the popular right wing part in the United States is just the Likud pary 2.0.

4) Take a company like Disney, whose mission of entertainment began as mainly pure I would argue. This could be extrapolated wider to hollywood as a whole turning "popular culure" from something more like measuring the temperature of the tastes and preferences of the pupulace into a swear word because it signifies someone swallowed by mass brainwash. Disney specifically though, (someone else will link the memes if you disagree) transitioned from story telling with animstion based around traditional myths and stories into basically niggering everything and churning out Mileys.

There literally isn't enough space to write about all if the ways in which kikes poison the well. There is even a meme, which I'm sure someone will post, that Jews always try to lead the opposition specifically so they can drive it away from directions that damage or harm kikes.



Okay you win keep doing acid

I've never done LSD. Your attempt to marginalize me as a post-hock ad hominem after demonstrating your inability to make an argument while continuing to reply is noted and obvious.

Forgive me that 20 minute video you posted of the yenta talking about it had me believing otherwise

The reason I posted it was for the descriptive quality of the effect. LSD and psylocybin function in a similar manner chemically, but I don't prefer to take non-natural substances. Most people describe LSD as more "severe" and less instructive than psylocybin.

Capitalism is 100% European, have you even looked into the history of places like England or the Netherlands? Somehow I feel like you are going to argue ebin shit like "not actually free market", as if such a thing even exists. Maybe you will pick the ol "east india trading company were all jews lmao" instead.

I am happy as fuck to see so many of my brothers actually educating themselves on psychedelics, nootropics, and their neurological well-being as a whole.

That said, how in fuck is an anti epilepsy medication supposed to help me git dat dere enlightenment?

I read the article and while the ability to ID notes in music at the drop of a hat is cool, it doesn't seem to be super useful unless it's used as a form of encoded communication, which would be easy to crack.

I microdose as well, and I have also noticed the benefits of increased neuroplasticity. Both in regard to my taste in music as well as my adaptability to new situations/environments. Shit is awesome man.

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Wait a fucking second I have taken this shit before, under the name of Depakote. I was on a high dose of it after making the mistake of blacking out on benzos (first time, last time, flourophenibut) and waking up in the looney bin.

I straight up COULD NOT think on that medication. Some anons who legitimately suffer from schizophrenia, BPD, etc., may benefit from this medication, but why the FUCK would you suggest normal, fit anons take an antipsychotic?

But you're not supposed to be "going there" just yet. There's a reason why our brains are a literal FILTER for our souls. Filter; to prevent certain things from coming through. Anyway, enjoy your new multi-dimensional territories of which you are inept to fully understand and not to mention ill-equipped to handle.

I know it doesn't mean shit as a random post on the internet from an user, but if I had a single criticism of it I would share it. For psylocybin, I can't think of a downside aside from the legal exposure of consuming a schedule 1 substance.

Agreed. It makes every day feel just a little bit better, even if negative things happen. It lets you appreciate the greater picture of your life rather than letting some roodypoo with lips that won't stop flapping ruin your day.

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The reason is that most "data" that we could potentially percieve isn't actionable in terms of our immediate short term survival and thus would need to be filtered necessarily because prior to the evolution of the massive frontal lobe, the ability to focus on only the most important shit all the time was a life and death proposition.

pick one retarded nigger monkey

Yea, but the important point for other anons is that this isn't a "feeling" that you're actively aware of. The actual chemical reaction is sub-perceptual, but the end result is a "good day" or a "better day." People look at your statement and think there is some kind of "high" entailed that gives way to all of these effects and that isn't the way it works.

The irony of that is that most people who are stupid enough to just take a drug off of a stranger's word without even looking it up aren't intelligent enough to into crypto.

Take the stoicpill and release yourself from your emotional crutches, which only serve to weaken you through dependence and the subconscious knowledge that you are not strong enough to bear yourself or others.

When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful,
arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil.
But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own—not of the same blood or birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me.
No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him.
We were born to work together like feet, hands, and eyes, like the two rows of teeth, upper and lower.
To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are obstructions.

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Actually makes me kind of okay with these substances being schedule 1 and highly illegal. People that lack agency (lower quality people) won't look at the potential with any objectivity and will be dissuaded from even considering it. Not to be confused with making the statement, "lol druggies are just better" what I mean is that an act of legitimate purposeful defiance is the mark of a person with genuine agency.

We are on the same page broham.

I microdose so my impulses and emotions don't get the best of me and cause me to act against by best interest. It allows me to more effectively use the tools of logic and reason that I'm lucky enough to have. It has made me value time with my family more, and respect my parents more deeply. I have also grown far less consumeristic. I could go on. My apologies if my initial post made it sound like I take psychs purely for pleasure, as that is not the case. If anything they allow me to see things with a higher degree of clarity rather than any rose-colored glasses.

My issue with that is such illegality prevents a shitload of useful medical research to be done. If you were to compare the amount of drug trials that have been done with amphetamines of various formulations over the past few decades and compare it with psychedelic research, the psychs would be absolutely dwarfed. Now restricting them in the sense that they're classified as research chemicals I can get on board with. Not sold in smoke shops or anything like that, but sold as other research chemicals like AL-LAD, 1P-LSD, 4-ACO-DMT, etc. are over the internet. That way there is a decent barrier for entry for the otherwise uninformed, and proper research can be conducted without sucking DEA cock.

As opposed to, say, a negro defying the law out of instinct? I can agree with that, friend.

Why'd you link that? It supports what I said, it has anti-nutrients.

Green veggies have anti-nutrients too!

I'd rather not take pills if I didn't have to, they have other bad stuff in them.

Nice, always good to see another on the path to reach for that which is untouchable.

Personally I am of the belief that microdosing is either wittingly or unwittingly placebo (thus a lie to sate oneself, which is against keeping your thoughts objective), or a submission to the idea that we can not be strong enough to bear reality through wisdom and thought alone. Although I do try to somewhat entertain the idea that microdosing is acceptable, since it is possibly taking advantage of things people normally abuse. Marcus admired this trait in both his father and Socrates, although I think he was referring mostly to the ability to refuse temptation, rather than limiting dosage to an almost imperceptible effect.

"You could have said of him (as they say of Socrates) that he knew how to enjoy and abstain from things that most people find it hard to abstain from and all too easy to enjoy.
Strength, perseverance, self-control in both areas: the mark of a soul in readiness—indomitable."

Agreed, but these barriers are temporary. Pharmakikes aren't interested in medicine you can easily grow at home obviously. We had a surge of interest in the 40's and 50's, but as I pointed out earlier kikes "poisoned the well" of psychadelic drug research with the cultural revolution and marxism (woodstock, etc…) which honestly prompted us to stop when we were on the cusp of what I'll call "legitimate psychiatry" or even more boldly "scientific shamanism."

Of course, a nigger is driven at all times by his basest emotive drivers and is bound by them. His defiance of "the law" in these circumstances is as natural as breathing where as a white man such as myself (completely sober until I was 27) goes through a process of learning and questioning, both academic and spiritual, where he places authority in question in such a way that the outcome is not initially known and proceeds as an act of assertion of will based on his own mental locomotion.

Why is Zig Forums mostly pro-nootropic, but against other forms of biohacking like gene doping or transcranial electrical stimulation?

I'll shoot any goddamned thing into any goddamned part of my body if it will help me learn languages. Hit me, user.

If you are this autistic about keeping your nutrients up with no pills, and at the same time fearing that vegetables are inhibiting your intake of nutrients(top kek), I suggest that instead of drinking coffee you take pure caffeine, nicotine, or literally any other CNS drug to limit your "anti-nutrients" intake. Honestly though your thoughts are beyond ridiculous, not only can your body easily take having a lack of nutrients but your fear of "anti-nutrients" is unfounded and not in accord with reality.

Try tDCS.

Give me a Q&D. Can I buy it right now and have it going by next week?

The problem here is that this effectively seperates a child's ancestry from it's parents. It becomes not "of" them and becomes a manufactured good to be tweaked and maximized by whatever warmonger or worker-farmer that happens along. Once this is accepted, humans become much like horses… bred by owners… to perform better… as slaves who work most efficiently. It is at it's core dehumanization.

The counter-party risk for abuse once the "channel" is established is too great for mind control or other forms of external manipulation. Again… when you have the ability to "drive" another person, it is dehumanizing, and they become a bio-drone.

user just move to the country of where the language is spoken and force yourself to speak to locals. This is 100% the fastest and most guaranteed method of learning a language. There is no reason to do drugs in order to learn a language unless you are severely retarded.

If you have no desire to move to said country or no access to individuals who speak it, then I seriously question why you would bother learning it. Besides learning dead languages to read the bible as it was intended or something.

Don't give me a sermon you stupid nigger-fucking cunt. I've been to 39 countries and have lived in nine for more than a year. I have shit to do.

It's like you love wasting money.

Like posting on Zig Forums? If imageboard surfing if in one of your very important "shit to do" lists, you could even go to /int/ and practice with them.

Holy fucking shit you're dense.
lol kids

You can buy a device for $50-200. Just find a montage for learning a language and you are good to go.

Fag, if you're going to move to a place learn the fucking language before you move there. Youe host nation isn't responsible for teaching you their language.