Is the collapse of civilization inevitable? It seems it all comes down to entropy and can't be solved

Is the collapse of civilization inevitable? It seems it all comes down to entropy and can't be solved.

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Ahh, the big collapse, always right around corner so you can click baits and buy books telling about it! kys OP you dumb fucking turd, look at that graph, in those doomsday graphs we are always living on top, doesn't matter which decade it was drawn

no u

Read the Voluspa and don't come back until you understand it, for until then, you will remain a spiritual kike.

What is going to collapse?
Western Civilization
How will it collapse?
It will be a Societal Collapse.
Why is it going to be a Societal Collapse?
Same as how the Greeks and the Romans went. Literally Jews.



we can only pray, this "humanity" is abhorrent and would better serve as worms' food

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You choose (((graphs))) and (((sociology))) over the Natural Law? How fucking new are you? Here is babby's first dharma teaching. Now go.

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In a sense each new echelon of agency and society is a collapse of the preceding way. So yes the collapse of the world as you currently know it is just as inevitable as comparing the 90s to the 60s or even the 60s to the 30s.

What civilization?

Word… +1 for you!

Shill your shit elsewhere moshe.

If mighty Rome collapsed, we never stood a chance.

"Kiro Mare!"
It was an oath, the name of God, a warrior stood naked crying and even staring in the sky.
The plane moved into battle, and his horse died with arrows and their shields were crushed by enemy axes.
Two great soldiers fought for the fear of this storm.

Shady black monsters flew in the sky.
Enkhelyaja got a hill in Akhilsos, because the monsters eclipsed the sky without seeing warriors.
He knelt down and licked his sword as he looked at the protected monsters that were dropped from the sky without seeing any warriors.

As he saw, shaded monsters like bats fell into battle as eagles fell in the blood field, they fell and killed.
The attack of the flooded monsters threw the king's army into panic, and abandoned the battle.
The general, dressed in bronze armor and a rich blue overcoat, shouted to the people who left. "Fight, Dogs! Stand and fight!"

The brave king briefly drew the sword to his own men and demanded a great enemy of the soldiers fall back before his man and he pursued him.
Then he became the devil. He became so cloudy and is most often presented in the bank of his horse in the wilderness.
The war became a failure when soldiers saw that fate moves from the fault of their commandment.
The war escaped a vital military tour of craven serfs.

Before soldiers went to avoid some Epic-Ragnar mural in their action dismay.
Enkhelyaja used the hill as coverage through said; "Page, you are not a husband, or by Kiro Mare I will answer my stomach article in bronze! If the coverage should get us victory!"
And charged the soldiers of Atlantis, his body and sword wet with the blood of animals.
He reviewed of his men; "If the value of your life is met, again and your pets are sterile! If the coverage should get us victory!"

It was black when that fighter wing was naked in Atlantis.
When the soldiers ran around him, Atlantean power was fought with another demon of darkness.
He had a powerful demon sword, and it broke in half.

And he was good at his swordplay as well, but when his sword began to move away from the fog he was the devil to change.
Blood-soaked Atlanteans swam and bent over his god.
Winter grows with its sword and steered with a cold finger.

If he encountered his fall or forgiveness fears, her floating stamp, which slowly swings her wings.
The naked Atlanteans reached Carl and instinctively approached the bag he was carrying, and spoke openly.
He wanted to wager on the amulet in a zip bag, and he was set when it didn't change until the battle ended.
Frightened, the wreath ran on him.

Bloody and weary, the Atlanteans fell down on their knees and their vision was blurred.
"The world is insane?"
They killed the flighting soldiers carried out by the host of General Aranare on the field, despite the host of Nashuja Wanaxi.

When the soldier escaped Nashuja Wanaxi for fear of the illusion of Satan the demon.
Strong was Atlantean army. Naked and exhausted, they fell on the battlefield.

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Who is we? Just because a small group of people is advancing, doesn't mean that everyone is at that level. In fact, that small group of people is simply abandoning the concept of nations to form their own things, like corporations and think tanks.

The Europeans were well past the times of scalping the children of their enemies by the time they showed up to see the shit in the following link - maybe there was a reason they thought these people needed Jesus?

Alfred Rosenberg's The Myth of the Twentieth Century and learn just how Western Civilization will collapse - Again.

History only repeats itself

But true x has never been tried before, user!

It's not going to end, we are going to remake it.


That's retarded, there's enough resources on earth for thousands of years at current rate. and known extraction techniques

better extraction techniques? make that hundreds of thousands of years

space resources? we could support 100.000 times the current population with a standard of living of a trillionaire


Cute projection sweetheart, but mine literally just as good.

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No, faggot.
Kikes worship entropy and want to believe it rules all.
In reality when one cycle ends another begins, an inverse of the one before.
The only thing coming to an end is their nation. They can live with their god death from now on.

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pretty much have the same problem with this projection that the other anons have. You can use this data to justify any projection, because the filled in data just follows previous trends.

It does an even better job "confirming" the mainstream infinite growth scenario than it does confirming any sort of "all these trends are going to reverse" scenario.

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Decline is inevitable, the question is how it happens and who is going to pick up the slack. If Whites die out, the planet will be doomed. Simple as that.

all civilizations collapse. If whites and asians die out, civilization cannot continue and the planet is saved.

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If whites die out the planet will be fine. Third world shit-for-brains will revert back to subsistence living, and probably live happier, healthier lives than we've ever known. Technology is the domain of whites, but it fell into the hands of those who did not evolve to use it, thus it is misused.

Don't feed niggers

Does genetics play a role in it too?

Collapse is best case scenario for many reasons

exactly, precisely what I am saying. White supremecy is a problem, but it's only a problem because it's the dominant ideology of shitskins. We need to force them back into a 4th world method of living. The "white man's burden" was the highest form of cruelty.

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The solution is to kill ALL the shitskins.

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Yes, be ready for war. Out of the ashes of the West shall arise the Aryan empire.

Yes, now fuck the hell off, dipshit.

Even if that were true, there isn’t the social and IQ human resources to keep civilization together that long. A Civilization collapses when the multi culti and retards breeding outpaces the ways to suppress the disorder they create.

Empires last about 250 years or 10 generations for this reason. It’s a slow generational decay of the founding stock that shared the traits that allowed the society to form in the first place. A civilization collapses when it gets invaded by subhumans to the point it can’t sustain the damage of their nogging anymore. Usually several 250 year empire cycles.

I ain't Germanic. North Sea, Atlantic, Med, mutt. No African, though. Would I waste my time reading your link?

lol, itll take us centuries to get through all the coal and we're still making massive improvements in coal fired efficiencies.

How many of them had Jews Disease?

The collapse never comes if you deport spics and leave the niggers unemployed and force segregation on the population all the while putting all lgbt people in a firing line to be executed. The country grows and avoids collapse.

Surprisingly elaborate shitpost.

The problem is human resources, user.

Just like the end of the Soviet Union, WW2, the fall of Napoleon, the end of Rome and the million other Great Happenings in history eh? Oh wait, you mean "because my specific part of the burgerland isn't currently being torched by chimpouts, it's absolutely impossible, now and forever".

The libtards are unironically correct about agw, and ecological collapse more generally.

You can fully expect the global race war to start by 2030 because of it. Shit food is already getting more expensive than what it was even five years ago.


You're on the right track but think more extreme and more blood.

No they're 'unironically' not, spare us the reddit words, nigger.


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Entropy doesn't real. Corruption is what has made man's days numbered. Corruption is what brings down every civilisation. Man was made a steward of Creation; were are supposed to maintain what is good, which means annihilating the corrupt.

Without corruption you would live forever. Without corruption your civilisation would never fall.

Life itself is a successful resistance to entropy. We have evolved increasingly complex minds to solve increasingly complex problems, we are anti-entropy machines. Our problem is parasites, creatures that feed off of increasing our entropy. If we removed the parasite there is every possibility that we would be able to return to our trajectory of increasing order and complexity.

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your logic is flawed.

the problem is leaving it to simple minds to solve complex problems

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That graph is ridiculous. That assumes that many people can be supported by the planet without crashing the entire life support system. This can't happen in any scenario.

Earth can easily support 40 billion people with just today’s technology, assuming the technology is available worldwide. You know nothing. The problem is not too many people. It’s too many nonwhites.

No it can't. I used to think the exact same thing. But without it being a European/White only world this would actually kill the planet. And we would never even WANT to have a planet populated by 40 billion people even if it was Ethnoglobe in the best circumstances.

space is already at a premium with 7 billion people. You get 40 billion fags on this planet it's gonna be a hellscape

This. The subhumans only breed like rats because they have a 'rats disposition'.

well, we are in kali yuga, so in a sense it will

Has it ever not been?
The only reason it keeps happening is because the "it" and "solved" doesn't account for the "you" solving it. Thanks for another apocalypse asshole.

Collapse happens with demographics. You need (white) people doing stuff to keep a civilization going, and you'd be sure niggers aren't doing it.

Yeah, this is why I have my doubts even about a pure ethnic state. I'm white, living with my fellow ethnic sub group. It's quite nice but there's just enough motherfuckers among my group where I can see if any single element goes wrong, if the electricity is blown out by a solar storm for 6 months, brother will murder brother. It'll be madness.

It always has been this way, and always will be. You've gone past the normal red pill thresholds in realizing this. You should be careful. Most racially familiar people are just normies anyway, some will be resistant to out-group preference propaganda from Jews, but this does not make them good nor your friends. Ultimately, "blood and soil" cannot succeed in place of the Spirit which transcends and informs them with the transcendental value from the Higher Realm. it is better than absolute stupidity, but it is not utopia either. Utopia is the realm of the Wise, ruled by the Philosopher/Warrior/Priest/King.

I forgot to summarize it thus: Class is the ultimate Race.

The technology we gave them won't simply cease to function. The pollution they produce with our technology won't just go away, if anything it'll become worse. Throw around a few nukes because there's no US or Russia to keep the niggers and poos in line and Earth will be fucked.


You are wrong. The minds running the show are exceedingly complex, they are just parasitic minds of parasitic foreign people who feed off of our destruction.
Warm-climate humans haven't evolved the cognitive characteristics required to support high population densities, if we had any control over our nations we would classify food as a strategic resource and restrict its trade to racial enemies. Non-Europeans would experience a 90% population reduction in all parts of the world within a decade of the establishment of white sovereignty over our nations.

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We’re literally on the brink of immortality. We can print flesh. When we can operate cellular restoration efforts there’ll be little excuse for dying to entropy beyond the bigotry of rich people who get bored of the insides of their own skulls.

I’ve found that despite the efforts by corrupt and primitive people to crush trust through the rape of privacy and their own exorbitant submissions, the perfect voice of influence is still just… trusting people and being honest. A lot of people try to punish the fully reciprocal pattern, and it makes them miserable; they live with their pattern, and no other world. No Gateway can be opened for them, even in the mistiest mountain, for the fault lies in their will towards submission. Against that backdrop someone who is just willing to speak truth in the open trusting in all listeners can turn the course of history.

You’re a nigger deep down. Racially homogenous communities have been tried. That’s called Africa. They eat shit and die of plague; they fight genocidal wars; they’re die of famines because they’re too stupid to pick vegetables in the field. Racism does all of that. Back when Europe tolerated racial enemy rhetoric in prior centuries it had all the same problems. Racial biases even contributed to the infamous famines under communist governments.

Our society has lost the strength to call out niggers of every color.

Jesus fuck you are stupid.

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The achievement of clinical immortality is contingent on the continued global accumulation and concentration of human capital. We are on the opposite trajectory, the only human subspecies which has proven itself capable of the creativity, intelligence and transcendent Faustian drive required to sustain progress towards novel biological engineering is in rapid global decline. There is a strong likelihood that the average lifespan will be lower in a century, it is absurd to construct your worldview around a millenarian pseudo-religious hope of technological salvation when we are clearly on the brink of a new dark age.

Are you trolling or are you just new here? The general consensus among dissidents is that profound biological differences exist between human subspecies. The primary impediment to development in the tropical world is the abysmally low average genetic IQ potential of their indigenous populations.

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The pop graph is showing what you said in

retards like the guy you quoted probably thought the exact same as the romans and greeks

It ended the minute whites gave up on fighting against forced integration. It really ended when they parroted the commands of their oppressors. When it stops, maybe it'll re-emerge. Rationality is kinda a big deal in civilization.

I call bullshit.

No, there'll be a golden age that will be to us as we are to Rome.

But for the next 500 years, yeah, it won't exactly be rockwell.