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What part of
do you have problem with you nigger fucker?

Committed suicide on a crowded dance floor???
Are you sure about that?????

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This thread is A LITTLE BIT better because there is just a little bit more information in the OP
All threads are shit btw
there is no quality control anymore
just shitposting

This sounds like a level from Hitman: Blood Money. Suicide lol

< suicide

Today is the first day of the 8th Int'l Conference on Cyber Security, co-hosted by the FBI & Fordham University. All week, experts from govt, law enforcement, private sector, & academia will be meeting for discussion & coordination on global cyber security. #ICCS2019

Blood rituals from ( ( (babylon) ) )

how did he commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice with his service weapon

Whilst doing the caterpillar on the dancefloor.
Dude had siiick moves yo.

Some guns have 2 and 3 round burst fire, nigger.

The nads on some of the agents
You know damn well you're going to get murdered if you investigate these fucks yet he did it anyway
Not a fan of the feds but I can't ignore a man risking certain death for potential justice

If this guy had balls and brains he would have known his corrupt as fuck bureau wouldn't do shit to the people he investigated so he should have released the information publically. What would the FBI do, kill him? They apparently planned to do that already.


This is a kike

It's so easy to murder a zogbot and get away with it.

Why are FBI agents always at night clubs?

First there was that dumbfuck that dropped his gun while dancing now this.

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Yeah right! These lack of integrity zogbots did nuffin during waco. You might as well try to make one cry over pedophiles.

I think he killed himself to avoid being murdered or because they threatened his family if he didn't do it or he figured it was his highest impact exit or he was simply MK Ultra'd into drinking the koolaid.

Confirmed, the use of the word sick for something good is pure kikery.

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The FBI is for good goy only.

He was a Michael Jackson fan. Maybe he's trying to say he got lured into the pedo thing and is an heroing now that SHTF with Epstein.

Suicide right in the middle of a crowded dance floor…

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There are good men in the FBI. Too bad the same can't be said of government.


But it will be legit as soon as the yids at kikebush push it right?

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Looks gay.

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some of my best work

Perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable. Case closed.

No there's not.

Yeah, because we no longer live in America.

Why that pic?

Witness intimidation is legal if law enforcement do it.

where to find police reports of his death? Most of the websites that are reporting on this incident look a little unreliable.

Delet this now goy

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When I was 13 and my older brother was 15 we fucked and I've been hitting that dick every since!

When Q tells you to kill yourself to stop the deep state, don't hesitate.

Well fuck
maybe if they just kill a couple hundred more a few of the feds will figure out who the real bad guys are and who the good guys are.
Or not.

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affirmative action and the fact the whites they hire are psychologically profiled as the "go along to get along" types.

What service sidearm used by the feds has burst fire or even a pew pew double tap switch, nigger?

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my guess is "unholy chemicals in his drink" + "hypno soundtrack made to sound like trendy dance crap"
murder is an science

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wtf? sooooo many…
FBI seems to be Hiring…
"FBI Special Agent David Raynor murdered with his own gun,,,"

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seems the fbi was (((close by))), in order for this to happen
we need to find all video and pictures taken by witnesses.
should check all austin police connected social media accounts for any hints or whistle blowing.
find any news published witness reports and then check their social media accounts as well.

No signaling here on anything trafficked out of Haiti and elsewhere

destroy evidence? hmm…

Proprietor was former FBI with an axe to grin; his insider sources leaing up to 2016 shot called much of the McCabe/Strozk/Page & Comey shitshow.

But is Israel ok???

Shipping containers for a building/bar. This is what the American people have been deduced to. What next? Over-sized toilets for public swimming pools? ACCEPTED!!!!

I'm not sure that works here.
Hold on…
1 : to determine by reasoning or deduction
2 : to trace the course of

Meh. I don't like it.
Subjected works better.

End your life at the nearest convenience.


You actually think that’s the case here?

Is this the inspiration for the gentrification episode on South Park?

Only if you're another Zogbot. If I was them, I'd be more terrified of my "colleagues" than anything else. They're expendable assets after all, as shit gets crazier they need to reconsider whether "muh pension" is worth it or even likely to be money, and not say a suicide job.

Forgot about that. Yes, IDK. The only question is is Israel ok???

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this fbi agent could have mass shooted the nightclub, this was a stark warning.
we need to ban fbi agents from having guns immediately
think of the children

Biggest news to me that the glowniggs are dancing partying and drunk like some silly college kids. Who knew. Guess the word glowniggs fit them well. Nigging.

Another case of Arkansas Suicide for the list.

obviously a suicide. forget about it goyim, you need to spend time preparing to die for Israel in the upcoming Iran war that you support.

-Shipping containers make for stronger buildings
U can turn one 40ft container into an insulated and fully functioning house for under $10k. Its a box

-earthquake proof
-hurricane proof

Constructions costs in america are too much for too little. Frankly normie status quo housing architecture in general is antiquaited as hell and boring too . this shit is pretty nice inside for some hipsters and obvi packed with vaginas dont be a hater alligator

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It's so surreal that it sounds like fake news.

Is any kind of established media company reporting on this? I've found an obituary of someone with this name, but nothing else that would corroborate the claims made by truepundit.

holy shit this is an old one. haven't seen that in awhile. the ol' jew in the cupboard trick; you gotta watch those rascals

it's all pretty magical, i'd wager almost everywhere around the world that if you went around murdering cops they'd be almost sure to respond by murdering you

Trust the plan goys!

This has gotta be b8.

Hard to believe there was still one good fbi agent left after all this time. Guess there WAS one and the other agents helped suicide him. Now there are none. Be ready for the rest of the federal bureau of israel to come shill here instead of going after their bosses. I only hope that one fbianon is safe.

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At least our programmers have a sense of literary flair

Only if you are a midget.

There's something fishy about this…

big if true!

Implying he wasn't shot by an assassin in the crowd.

BTW, (((Leftypol))) approves of this corruption.

I'm liking the Cldntons more and more. Anyone anti-Zogbot is good.

I wonder what his wife will do now. Screw niggers who know how to work the welfare system I guess. He should have joined the mafia.

Does anyone here have an updated Clinton Arkancide list?

And filtered.


I have information from a first-hand FBI source, involved in the matter, that he was suicided by his "coworkers." He also isn't the only FBI agent to have been killed in past months. Unfortunately some of them are foolish enough to go partying when there are powerful people who want NEED them dead.

Who gives a fuck? Shit needs to be leaked anyway. Fuck these motherfuckers. I would like to see them try to get rid of everyone. Information militias now.

Purely cohencidence, fellow G0ys!

The FBI still hasn't figured out that they are in a war with their own government. Hahaha…I wonder how many of them are going to 'drop dead of suicide' before they clue up and fuck off from trolling Zig Forums and start acting like they should.
I suspect it will take a long time to never.

user, give me a break. The man didn't kill himself on a dancefloor. This couldn't scream 'hit' in revenge for what happened with that pedo epstein any louder.

tfw your job is to work for the corrupt federal government and hunt down ordinary Americans but then your federal pimps kill you


I heard he was carrying a 2 round burst handgun on the dance floor too, you absolute nigger.

Donut shop was full.

remember when they made a movie showing how they suicide people? thats not all this movie admitted


That's a funny way of spelling destroy evidence.

Cincinelli was murdered by crooked FBIfags and the drunken party environment with """""multiple credible witnesses""""" (crooked FBIfags) was cover. If Cincinelli actually killed himself, such as at home, there'd be a crime scene to sift through and a lot of attention. In a bar evidence was destroyed immediately.

Who owns Container Bar? Dirty agents would need a friendly venue to whack a high rank FBIfag.

They're guido greaseball italian (half nigger half kike) trash. They're Jersey Shore homos with another 10 years on them.

That's a weird way to spell italian (half nigger half kike) guido faggot, user.

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