Is Doucheland really this retarded

So I was bright and early preparing to do some stuff, and then I had to see this from Napalm records:

This is from the German group known as 8kids. The song known as Dein Zuhause (Your Home) is a song criticizing countries (like the U.S) who are instigating border protocols, and preaches about Open Borders. English lyrics will be posted alongside the like /dislike ratio (at the making of this post)

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This will end when there are no more jews.

Yes, but actually no. For what I have known, the likes have shown down significantly

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Just dislike the video. It'll send the kikes at Napalm a clear message

What the fuck is this thread trying to do, blackpill us?
Yes, you German fucks gave them Israel; you are managing the EU for them, and now you weep?
Fuck off.

so we're supposed to ignore the micro penis video or it was added in as a joke, like having 5 tabs open in a screenshot that say shit like "gay nigger porn" and "how to kill myself with helium"

I'm not German, dipshit. Also refer to if you want to send a fuck you to these pro open border cunts

further, why would a micro penis gay video be the next logical video following on from muh let them in ?
OP is an obvious gay fuck.

If they were capable of receiving messages, or anything else connected to reality, they would not be such an obnoxious people.

Which is exactly the whole point of this thing. The more disliked the clearer the message that says we aren't ok with Open Borders at all

Guess Napalm records is full of these gay ducks (that or Jewtube is doing anal sex for mama Merkel)

Update: Dislikes went from 391 to 388

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Germany was murdered in 1945. Funny that these marionettes are so thoroughly misled they criticize All-Judaan's enforcer for even pretending to have borders.

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lets rape the video

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At 393 likes; 213 disliked as of now

I am dazzled by your stupidity, but not into thinking that a system even more rigged and ephemeral than democracy would help me.

Your right democracy isn't perfect on par; but the douchelanders preaching the open borders fiasco need to be baffled with the idea that their shit is beyond immoral. Out of their sincerity, drop redpills out open borders, and endless refugees of you wish. We might as well just use some of that arsenal of knowledge about the state of these baboons to our advantage

Not your blog faggot.
yes, obviously

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Update. Doing good so far

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Cope harder, kraut

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Is this what nu/pol/ is now? Threads about a fucking band making retarded lefty music?

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Nah matey. This isn't cuckchan. Fun's allowed here

This does not belong here and never has.

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