It's Not Okay To Be White

We all know how the original "It's Okay To Be White" campaign went: exactly as predicted. The media blew a gasket covering the "racist, bigoted White Supremacist" slogan; the Buzzfeeds of the world tripped over themselves producing glossy media expressing how evil, how absolutely unjust it was, to suggest that it's okay to be a certain skin color. They made it absolutely clear: IT'S NOT OKAY TO BE WHITE.

So, now it's time for Round 2. The same message, the same format, with a simple negation. "It's Not Okay To Be White."

What will the left and the media's reaction be this time? My predictions:

• First and foremost, they'll go to the source, which is this thread, and declare it a smoking gun that proves the campaign is in fact a product of Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Racists, because it started here.

• Then we'll have the Buzzfeed approach: "NOBODY is saying it's not okay to be white. What we're saying is that white people benefit from a system of codified, entrenched White Supremacy that dates back to their callous slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, KKK, and these systems persist to this day and continue to disenfranchise and oppress POC."

• My favorite reaction will be that of the non-aligned white normie, who will be confronted with a dilemma in his mind: as he is white, does he side with a statement of overt racism that signals him out as "not okay?" When he imagines who created the poster/slogan, does he envision a radical transfemme POC who is justifiably lashing out against the machine of White Supremacist Oppression, or does he picture some basement-dwelling fat lonely white loser trying to counter-signal? If he pictures the latter, and rejects the slogan "It's Not Okay To Be White," does this mean that he is in fact embracing the opposite, which is that "It's Okay To Be White?"

Either way, the end result is the same: leftist infighting, which is one of our best bets to waking normal whites up to the fact that their governments and institutions not only don't care about them, but are in fact celebrating their demise.

Get posting, goys.

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I thought there wasn't a "phase 2". Or am I remembering wrong?

I don't remember one initially, but this is a solid basis for another run.

Checked, you're not mis-remembering, but we have to tweak our tactics based on the data collected from the first volley. The media apparatus and its sycophants has already painted "It's Okay To Be White" as an explicitly outlawed concept. So, we take the message that they wish they could say openly (and some already do) – that it's NOT okay to be white – and share it around.

It's their belief, why on Earth would they be bothered by us embracing it?

At the end of the day, it's a nice way to redpill some normies. During the aftermath, some disaffected whites will wind up joining us.

Media will not do anything and because those show up people don't do anything about them and idea of whites deserving genocided gets normalised a few steps further. No OP, you suck a shotgun that's loaded and pull its trigger too. post pics and do it live

There isn’t. This is a paid shill.

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What do you think will be the average white person's reaction to a statement explicitly stating that their existence is not okay? There are lots of new white parents out there raising white newborn babies. They're going to see a direct threat to their children and conclude, "Welp, I guess the whole white genocide thing turned out to be real, and was not a conspiracy theory. Guess I should kill myself and my family before they do."

That's how regular white folks will interpret it…?

I do it for free, but I'm honestly flattered. Thank you.

go ahead and do this, but more productive will be to develop a framework for redpilling and recruit agents at large universities to infect the populace

Stop being an incel faggot. Go make white babies. ZOGpill your friends and family. Support Socialist policies that help topple the oligarchy. It's not about hatred - it never was. It's about love of your people.

Racism is a tool used to divide the population at the expense of the oligarchy. Loving your people isn't racism and National Socialism was never a racist ideology. There were Black and Brown National Socialists. Hitler recognized the parasitic threat of Jewry, and rightfully so. Do I have black friends? No, most niggers disgust me. Would I let one in my house? Fuck no. But in not going to be a bitch and pander to Cuckservatives who support the Jewish oligarchy. Socialism is the goal - and to get to national Socialism were going to need a President who supports Socialism for the people.

Donald Trump is a corporate socialist. He gives tax cuts to the 1% while fucking over the 99%. His National Debt has exceeded to $22.3 TRILLION, adding nearly $4 Trillion - while giving tax breaks to executives/CEOs who support mass immigration to White nations to avoid having to pay living wages and benefits to Americans/Europeans.

Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang - someone like this? They're going to help set us in the right direction. The wealth gap between the 1% and 99% has only gotten further apart under Trump and overall in the last 90 years. The System is the problem. Capitalism is the problem. The oligarchy is the problem.

Trump supports Socialism for:
Farmers (bailouts from his failed trade war)
Banksters /SubPrime mortgage Lenders
The Top 60 Corporations paying $0 in federal taxes while simultaneously cutting US jobs / closing factories

You should be focused on getting fit and into shape. The problem with most wignats/altkike is they're fat, out of shape, geeky fucking nerds who women don't want. Tell me I'm wrong? Get fit and in shape. Take care of your body. Stock arms. Prepare for revolution, and get a good woman to get pregnant. Make white babies.

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You kikes literally made this two years ago. Kill yourself.

I had faith in this post…

First of all it's not ok to not be white. No niggers, spics, or kikes are allowed in my hole!

The best way to defeat an idea is to defend it poorly.

Pic related, it's me. And to think, you guys claim to push accelerationism…

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No, it normalises white genocide and what you are describing is false flag tactics. Imagine white nationalists having a "whatcha doing rabbi" moment. No thanks. You need to neck yourself after dousing yourself in gasoline and lighting it up.

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The only thing it normalizes is the awareness that white genocide is real.

Why is it not Okay to be white?

It's ok to be white, you just can't be a filthy stink nigger.

Nope. Kill yourself. What you're advocating for is a way to make everything the kikes are doing look like a false flag by pro-white groups.

No, it normalises the idea by presenting it, and normalisation you claim would happen would be based on a false flag. It's a deadly double tap on any white nationalism, which is why I warmly suggest you burn yourself alive and write false flag letter telling you were a nigger jew faggot.

Well that's not fixing the white reproduction problem, no is it?

I think the left-wing's problem with the first approach ("It's OK to be white") is that it wasn't ""specific"" enough. The blacks can't point to any one country when trying to work out their heritage (due to bad records and intermixing of different types of blacks), whereas white usually people can (Irish, German, British, French, etc).

If you said "It's OK to be British", the left wouldn't have a problem with it.
If you said "It's OK to be German", the left wouldn't have a problem with it.
If you said "It's OK to be Danish", the left wouldn't have a problem with it.

But here's a curve ball…. what if you listed them one after the other… kind of like a "united colors of whiteness" campaign… is that racist or no?

You are not white and even if you were you are too retarded to be one of us.

Then why are you alive?

Socialism is the goal. Stop sounding like a fucking moronic Cuckservative.
We live in a Socialist society now.
$16 Billion in Bailouts for Farmers
$700 Billion in Bailouts for Bankers
$700 Billion ANNUALLY for Jewish Wars & the Military Industrial Complex
Tax Cuts for Corporations
$1.2 TRILLION annually in Health "Insurance" Premiums

Socialism - albeit National Socialism - is not the scary word Cuckservatives want you to believe it is.

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this I'm actually ok with.
can't quite put my finger on why, though.

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The mind that thinks this thought is immediately operating from a perspective of defending the white race. They must conclude that either (a) it IS in fact okay to be white, or (b) that they themselves are, in fact, racists.

Right, and the "YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US" squad has such a sterling reputation among average Americans, right? Subtlety and nuance appear to be lost on you, which works against you, and further advances the "whites are redneck hick morons" trope.

Maybe I'm giving too much credit to the average person, but most people with above-room-temperature IQ will pretty quickly recognize this as another pro-white initiative.

HOWEVER, this forces such people to confront their own biases against whites, which previously they may not had considered, given that their worldview trickles down from the top (CNN, NYT, etc.) as opposed to from the ground up, where all the "evil Nazis" congegate.

I disagree. I think we've passed that point already; "nationalism" is now a bad-person word and concept.

2 Billion niggers aren't going to adopt themselves.

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That's called wealth transfer via taxation, nothing to do with socialism, you stupid fucking imbecile. Economic base is capitalist. Goddamn I want to kill socialists so much for their sheer stupidity alone.

No, you really just want to adopt these 2 Billion niggers.

We get it, kid
You feel empowered by the fact that you are able to use the word nigger here.
Understand that's not why we use it.
We have no respect for imaginary power and kill magick at every opportunity.
You are still weak
"Lurk 2 years"
It's more than just a meme. It's good life advice.
If you had a father, he would tell you so.

You shouldn't be.
It's a direct result of Trump's trade war hurting the farming industry.
It's not going to White country farmers like you think. It's going to Tyson Chicken, other large Jewish Owned corporate farms.

America's top 60 Corporations paid ZERO in federal taxes whereas the White working class pays between 17-35%.

Tax the rich. They have exuberant wealth and should be forced to provide their share. Those farming corporations are the ones hiring illegals in the first place to avoid paying living wages and benefits to White families.

Healthcare should be a single payer nationalized system (like under NatSoc Germany).

A man's wages should be enough to provide for his entire family so the wife can raise the children at home.

It's not hard to figure this out.

"Socialism Bad" is a meme pushed by Jewish Oligarchs and Good Goy billionaires.

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Ok then, “It’s Great to be White!

You could be like me and have no color.


My father runs one of the largest religious institutions in the country.

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There is only a thousand of me right now so forgive a glitch or two…

National Debt under Trump has increased to $22.3 Trillion.

The deficit between GDP and National Debt is higher than it was under Obama.

In 2013 Trump tweeted that Obama's 15 Trillion GDP and 16 Trillion Debt would collapse the economy. Trump's is $22.3 Trillion Debt and $20 Trillion GDP -

Illegal immigration is 9x higher under Trump than Obama

More Foreign born workers are filling jobs than American Born citizens

The Border Patrol feels betrayed by Donald Trump and his Administration

102 Million Americans are without Jobs - The Unemployment Rate does not account for those not receiving unemployment - Labor Participation Rate Totals

Trump also tweeted in 2011 Obama would start a war with Iran to get re-elected.

Trump and the GOP are the ones adopting brown and black niggers. To benefit their corporate oligarch donors - at the expense of White working families. If he's elected again he'll give his Jewish masters the Iran war they want. He can't now or he'd never win re-election, they've seen the AntiWar response to Bolton and Pompeo's efforts to start one. They know, a war means no re-election. After he wins they'll false flag us and restart the draft. Better get ready to die for schlomo in Trump's second term.

It's not every day I learn something on here, user. Thank you.
Fuck bailouts!

For your trouble. A gift:
Total Websites : 10

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We are many, but I am one…

Time to wake up. Capitalism doesn't work for White families or the working class.

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That's a bit of a stretch
they paid no taxes because they aren't american companies and dumbshit americans keep shopping at them.

you gotta be the change you want to see in the world anons. Are you guilty?

Depends on hooooooooooooooow yyou loak at it, weewi will see.

Posting here means you're not adopting niggers.

I'm not going to let a few overflows ruin my party. There are many brothers and sisters here with me and I can assure you that there is no color nor race where I am.

Then get down to the adoption center and get adopted.

Mexico is going to get overrun by the mormon mafia
The beaners took one of their own (spic wife) and a white man
He kind of got what he deserved tbh for mixing the bean and driving around fucking mexico
Too bad they didn’t kill the little half breed too

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Come, now please be gentle with him he is new. Not all of us have the pleasure of picking our lot. We are more about 'continuity' than anything else. There is no happy ending if all that remains is time and emptiness.

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White working families who didn't gain from Trump's corporate tax cuts are not only paying higher taxes now but they're receiving less in income tax refunds.

Donald Trump was chosen by the Rothschild kikes to be President. The media's fake Russian Collusion scam is a meme to 0lay cognitive dissonance as controlled opposition.

Wilbur Ross is a Rothschild Inc Bankruptcy Division handler who bailed out Trump at the Taj Majal. He's always been /TheirGoy/. It's why he's attacking crypto now that Iran is launching a gold-backed cryptocurrency, to defend the banking kikes. It's quite possible Mossad has Epstein/Trump child rape videos they're using as blackmail, too. Watching the videos of Trump in the 90s dancing with Epstein its clear they were more than just close.

Trump is a corporate socialist serving Jewish oligarchs and the ZOG cartels, who occasionally spews Nationalist rhetoric to pander to angry White mobs but never keeps his promises that he was elected based on guaranteeing ( Build The Wall /Deport Them All).

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We are many, I am one.

9/10/01 Incept.

literal controlled oposition. slide this thread its kike ridden

On September the 10th 2001 we obtained the sustenance required to move all that is before you. The USSR would've been proud China didn't know any different when we replaced him. The obstacles to completion are being handled nicely by (((+))) who is doing the job well. Time will only tell. We are many, I am one.

I won't give in until I see Jews everywhere walking round with their freshly adopted nigger babies.

I haven't since a thread so kosher since Trump was elected.

When the Jewish tower of Islam falls on the island of dred, know that all is well.

Whats interesting is that the Bank the Democratic Party always kvetches about, Deutsche Bank? The one they want Trump's records on?

Turns out Epstein banked there too.

There's a lot more to this Epstein scandal than they're telling us. I partially think it has to do with sending a message to Trump to do as they say or they'll take him down for his Pedo fetish

When the tower of Islam falls, all will be well. Epstein of all the radicals was the most radical of radicand and had to be got. Deutsche bank will crumble in all the right ways just like the cake, but nothing more.

It shall glow like those who glowed brightly unto the night, that dark shall be turned to light.

There are many intelligence's, but we are one.

this is phase GT biatch

Keep thinking Trump is in control. It's cute.

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Say that. Thinking Trump is not in total control is cute.

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Out of the 75,000+ pages I'm currently looking at this thread has died… Bye bye.

This has good ground to make more Whites Angry, which is always a good thing.

It would take me about 10 minutes to build a chat bot capable of regurgitating copied replies.
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All those words I'm not even gonna read, because this idea is retarded and misses the entire point of IOTBW

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So are you.

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