Why gypsies such subhuman retards?

These people came to Europe hundreds of years ago and yet they still live like if they were in india, this is even worse than no go zones in western Europe. This is what will happen to Europe with all those migrants, they will never assimilate and will always be subhuman retards, what makes the libtards and politicians think that blacks and muslims will assimilate? Pic related is Lunik IX in Slovakia, absolutely disgusting

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Daily reminder you cant beat the inventors of Christianity and if you see a Jew you should pack your bags and run for your fucking life.

I wonder why that bottom-less toddler is kowtowing to that wall?

they are an underrated trouble, they breed like rats and unlike in the past when they at least had high mortality rates now they are multiplying like there's no tomorrow
the other day I heard of some gypsy subhuman vermin woman who has been caught stealing multiple times but keeps avoiding jail because she is always pregnant with new kids and has already 7
makes my blood boil

They seem to be a combo of Jews and Spics.

and jews called the poo streetshitter lifestyle "bohemian"
the fucking niggers
like this nigger >13527183

they are littarly semites, who behave like animals. //thread

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They are a subclass of Jewish niggers.

Remember there are 2 billion niggers on the planet and we need to adopt them all.

Rule 4. Kill yourself.

Because they're poos mixed with Hungarians

Most beautiful girl I ever set my eyes on was a gypsy girl. Her mom was a fucking fortune teller with the table, crystal ball, the works. This girl comes walking down the stairs and I literally stopped dead inmy tracks and just stared at her before catching myself.
I'd never seen anything like that before or since.
I got out of that house as fast as I could and never looked back.

I'd take a gypsy over a jew any day of the week.

Gypsies are just dumber less successful versions of jews, the evolutionary strategy of leaching off the pathological altruism of whites is so rewarding multiple groups have convergently emerged to exploit it.

Well to be honest seeing as how Western Europe is at this point i would much rather live near gypos than any where in the west.

Eastern European here. You are wrong when comparing to the kikes. Gyppos are the worst scourge of this earth, because they can be cunning like the Saracens (not regular clever, but that cheating, dishonest "street wits" type of clever - they are extremely skilled in tricking and cheating people) and as brutal and violent and primitive as niggers - especially in great numbers and when you show fear.

Gyppos are the worst scum and deserve only gas. Even commies understand what a subhuman scourge they are and tried secretly and quietly sterilizing them. They fucked up and now we have to live with them.

she was abducted from a nearby country

And I always thought gypsies lived in camper trailers towed by caddilacs

She wasn't a child, Shlomo.

Even in hueland, gypsies have a bad fame, nobody likes them and they don't make any kind of effort to improve their bad reputation, they're very similar to kikes in this regard.
The difference is that gyppos are very dumb people, though they're pretty good in tricking others, they lack any other valuable skills so they're unable to live in society.
In my opinion, even niggers are above them.

Because gypsies are closer to animals than humans. Just think about it for a second. How awful you have to.be to get kicked out as a people from India? A place where eating corpses for religious purposes is okay, and where people bathe in a river where they dump their shit, piss and corpses.

If there is some people that have managed to reach peak subhumanness, it's the fucking gypsies.

Also when I was in europe, gypsies were fucking everywhere.
When I was in a little town in north of Italy, I saw dozens of gangs of gyppos looking for a dumb old white or asian tourist to mug.
Go to Spain, see dozens of them in Barcelona and Madrid.
Finally go to Portugal and saw many gypsy prostitutes right at my hotel door.

No, you'd rather conver to islam and become a professional beheader than suffer from gypsies. Gypsies are 100 times worse than muslims.

Gypsies actually have a society inside societies with many Kings. Hierarchies and the whole works. It's all based around outlawish things.

They had. In (ex)communist countries, they mostly lost that and with that even the slightest semblance of order.

They are not. They just have easy prey. They sell fake gold at road rest stops to clueless elderly swedes. That is nigger tier scamming. Gypsies and jews both belong to the same kind of parasite class, your society gets infected with them when you have too many gullible idiots with too much money. You can warn an average NPC swede as much as you want and he will say "yeah yeah" then when the gypsy or jew shows him some great offer he will bite anyway, get scammed and then whine about how pitiful he is because he is a victim. This christian custom of worshipping victims makes us weak because it lead to idiot whites behaving utterly recklessy because if something bad happens its not their fault and that makes them a victim which is great. I recall a case where one idiot swede transferred 2000 euro to a gypsy who sold discounted travel tickets at bargain prices, when he found out he had been scammed he reported the gypsy to the police who informed him that the gypsy had scammed a hundred people before him and that it was unlikely he would get his money back.

Just a stone's throw away, user



Imagine being so disgusting that you get kicked out from fucking India lel. And then spend centuries mixing with kikes in ghettos and adopting their customs and behavior, but without infiltrating white governments. Gypsies are what kikes would be if they ran out of white people to jew. They could essentially be two different subspecies of the same invasive virus.

never implied she was
an unknown part of child disappearances is due to gyps abducting babies to have large families (for gibs) as well as non-kin cannon fodder in various criminal enterprises
a girl will typically be educated to become a whore and/or cumdumpster for older male gyps
a boy will be trained as a thief ( and/or cumdumpster for older male gyps too )
their life expectancy is quite short, with all the profits that can be made with elite pedos custommers n shit

They started the trend of dressing their pre-teen daughters like sluts. Our whole society is turning into a gypsy camp.

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do we have more than personal anecdotes? some cases, headlines, statistics, would be great

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This is true.

She once was, and they have been practicing the theft of young children since *WELL* before she was born. They do, indeed, kidnap (mostly, but not always) female children, and for a number of reasons. Sometimes they even just straight out *buy* young white baby girls, if they can’t get away with kidnapping - this is usually when the mother is extremely poor and desperate, or addicted to drugs, this kind of thing. The children grow up and are either married off young to a high-ranking male gypsy, or, if the gypsies were concerned with financial reward when they kidnapped her and not for sexual desire (along with the injection of superior European genes into their inbred and frankly disgusting gene pool), she is made to prostitute herself and/or steal, con, cheat, etc., while providing the profits to her kidnappers (whom she will be made to truly believe are her benefactors and/or her genuine family). The gypsies are not intelligent but they are shrewd and cunning - they know that a beautiful and young white girl will be a massively profitable asset, whether as a “wife” to a gypsy (usually an arranged marriage, with the gypsy who kidnaps her in her childhood bargaining with another gypsy for money, privileges, or anything else, really, in exchange for the girl’s transfer to the “husband” at a predefined age; until that age they train and brainwash her while using her for chores and other activities they’d rather not do themselves - so, basically, a slave) or as a permanent asset used for her appearance and ability to attract European “clients”, “customer”, and marks. They know that very few Europeans will pay to fuck a gypsy, but there will be many who will pay to fuck a beautiful young (stolen) flower of a girl. They also realize that having young European girls trained to aid their conniving schemes is quite profitable - the girls are disarming and make the marks feel safe and unthreatened; so once their guard is down they are much easier stolen from or conned. When the girl “hits the wall” and is too old for the effect to work anymore, she is sold off to other gypsies as, again, basically a slave, whether sexually or domestically. When she becomes pregnant, they welcome the influx of genes, and raise the children as true gypsies, unlike their fully European kidnapping victims.

This user understands the methods of the gypsies.

You are 100% correct, this is what they do, these disgusting subhumans. They are a scourge laid upon society and they absolutely love to corrupt our children. The LowIQ-Jew+HighIQ-Nog metaphor is absolutely correct, if you include their own specific “cultural” (group-behavioural) deception tactics, conning/scamming strategies, cheating techniques, as well as their pimping, robbing, thieving, child molesting and *kidnapping*, etc., ways.

Though unintelligent it is a mistake to underestimate them. They are smart enough to successfully fuck over many or even most lower-IQ Euros/Whites, and in many cases even higher-IQ targets, due to the targets’ personality traits and trained gullibility and social guilt.

It has absolutely nothing to do with IQ
Stop purporting that bullshit.
It has everything to do with taking advantage of a high-trust society that was built on the blood of slain jews and gypsies.
The cycle will repeat again. Good men will rise up and kill all the degenerate filth that takes advantage of kind people, then those people will remember not to trust just anyone for a couple centuries while they rebuild something nice, just for degenerate filth to funnel out of the caves and foothills and take advantage of the hgih-strust society that was formed all over again.
IQ has nothing to do with it. Smart people get taken advantage of just as dumb people do. The difference is smart people learn from either their mistake or the mistakes of others but when you don't know what to look for, you often can't see what you should be avoiding.

There is a Spanish play called "la guitanilla" that is about that very theme.

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/b2/ loves Gypsies.

And think about it. Gypsies were so fucking disgusting that they were thrown out of there.


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Because they are foreign filth. And pretty much proof that the kike-spun "indo-european" theory is bullshit. What makes us great is what was here always, it did not come from outside our ancestral homelands.

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This. The only reason you ever see "gypsies" that are not inbred or ugly non-whites, is because they literally abduct our children. They are kikes, if kikes existed solely in the double digits on the IQ scale.

Also, what do you call a dead baby in a dumpster?
A gypsy abortion

Are Gypsies the Mexicans of the Europe?

That looks like my daughter. :(

No, they are not mutts. They are simply a foreign people, and extremely inbred. They have no roots in Europe, unlike the mexicans who have their oogabooga roots and european parts. It's not a smart comparison to make what with the autistic implications of it.
A better comparison would be that they are the bantus of south africa.

*A better comparison would be to compare them to the bantus of south africa

If a bus driver shows up in your neighborhood and drops off a load of niggers who are you going to blame? The bus driver or the people who sent them there? That's right, now you get it.

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brentan terrant was real to me bro

They own really nice houses and have lots of cash back in Romania. In fact their king has suggested they tone it down a bit to avoid exciting envy. The beggar thing is their metier, their life's calling, a tradition among them. They're richer than you.


Of those, more than 300 - most with gleaming BMWs and brand new Volkswagens parked on the expertly-paved driveways outside - are feared to have been paid for by the British taxpayer through money earned illegally or through benefits scams in the UK.

Some, with balconies protruding from every bedroom, are thought to belong to Gypsy gangsters who flout Europe's free movement rules to fleece Britons out of tens of thousands of pounds.

Many of the cars parked outside the houses have British number plates. Critics have held this up as evidence that Romanian gypsies travelled to the UK to claim benefits and sent the money to their relatives back home, where the average annual salary is around £4,100.

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Maybe you should learn how to spell his fucking name then.

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However misguided he was, he deserves some respect for taking action. Muslim sand niggers are just the symptom of Jews attempting to dilute white countries.

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Nigger, jews are the same sandnigger as arabs.

tantan berrent, he kinda looks like his surname should be packer, nothing jewish bout that or this LARP

genetic testing and communication between euro polices should be able to identify from which countries and families those kids were abducted
then someone should build some camps where treatment agaist parasites could be applied to the trash

Gypsies are a blight on Europe and should be removed wherever and whenever possible.

Sand niggers were in their sand box minding their own business until Israel provoked their neighbors only with the protection of their most valuable ally to the point they had to retaliate.

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And that's the only reason you exist today you fucking kike. You enjoy the protection of others because of your financial subterfuge and other grafts.That's subject to change.

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fucking hell man I need shades you are glowing so bright

The jew and arabs are both semites. Even the most agile mental gymnast couldn't make the case that the latter were worse than the former. The jew has no rival when it comes to pure evil unleashed on the world and it'll continue until we extinguish their presence for good.

You don't belong here.

You're right. I'm a voice of sanity in the kosher sea of semitic eels and bottom feeders.

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Gypsies look like Jews.

Bad jewdar man, needs some work. Very different people, both parasitic though and swarthy

came to Europe 1,500 years ago…
Gypsy Ghetto Slums in;
1,500 years
one pic not related, but similarity is uncanny…

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They live just like Jews.

Your surroundings are the shape of your soul.

those are the prostitute genes in her lineage. Most gypsie whore were breed by romanians to be prostitutes to turks they have a certain look in their which lets u essily recognize the prostitute genes. Sadly these genes seem to be all the more prevalent as society is moving towards genderless identites aka whores everwhere

They're a group of ancient poo tribes that ran away from India in order to escape the Muslims.

Gypsy village


Gypsies are a Jew variant. Now you know.

You'd take a Jew over a pahjeet flavored Jew any day? I mean, I guess if you prefer your Jews spicy it makes sense…

Read up on where gypsies come from… They ARE Jews. Mixed with pahjeet.

I saw that movie too. Imagine living in a time when Hollywood would make something like that.

lol good god that looks like the village from Resident Evil 4

This seems like the most likely explanation. White altruism is a nearly bottomless pit of free resources; in an evolutionary sense you'd be a retard not to exploit it. Though I do wonder what'll happen to those fucking parasites when we hit rock bottom. If whites ever get wiped out, gypsies will be gone soon after because none of the lesser races will tolerate those parasites. Like what the fuck would gypsies steal if there were only niggers around? Crackpipes?

Nope, they still do exist. Used to hang around in questionable company. Gypsies would talk about prison like it was a casual part of their life. But if they see a royal ring they bend over.

why can't they afford doors and paint and gutters? probably not enough free market :^)

They sound just like Mexicans.

They must live in the same type of neighborhoods as niggers?

Abso-fucking-lutely not

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People need to stop using the "animals" comparison.

Animals live in harmony with nature and many of them are intelligent.

Objectively speaking they are worse than sandniggers.

adult gypsies are worse at completing tasks than 6 year olds

whatever instructions you give them goes into one ear and out through the other

you can't trust them with any tools either,they will steal an $80 drill and happily sell the non-ferrous metal in it for $3

the commies relocated hoards of them into the ith district of budapest and it is only strating to recover

some (if not all) of them don't even have a basic understanding of electricity

there was a case of a gypsy kid dying because he touched the exposed wire running across the living room they were using to steal electricity; the parents were excused because they didn't know how electricity works

these subhuman filth have a the right to vote.

Consider suicide, kike shill

This is what kikes want to turn everyone into

Literally fucking impossible, they are genetically deformed, disgusting poo in loos, they were the lowest cast in pooland and they never changed, the girls you are seeing are probably turkish or other arabs (most likely of the converted and then mixed whites)


at the very least, gypsies keep to themselves

a great majority of them are actually against race mixing

i would like them if they only made up a minute percentage of the population, because the play some banger folk music for cheap

They're some of the most annoying thieves on earth, idiot.

How is this even possible in developed nations? I thought compulsory public primary schooling was everywhere in Europe now.

"Gypsie" is homophone for "pickpocket"

They are exempt from the law, simple is that.

Gypsies are awesome.

OP is doing a D&C

Gypsies were the shock to the system that put me on the path to the redpill.
A few anecdotes.
"Hur durr, we're all immigrants. There's only one race, the human race. We owe the world foreign aid because of colonialism." Etc. So ashamed of it all now.
Total shithole town full of hill tribesmen - think Deliverance with North Eastern English accents. Almost a different country from where I grew up, despite being less than 30 miles away. Made me start to wonder how different people on different continents could be.
I became a full-on anti-Zygonist within months. I would not literally vote for a politician who promised a final solution to the Gypsy problem.
And once the first chink appears in the progressive world view, it doesn't take long to notice (((other))) groups of subversives that we'd be better off without.

"Not literally" should be "now literally".

they're fucking cancer. it's cooled down a bit but back in the day it was a lot worse. when gypsies came to town you had to close all your doors and windows or they'd come in and nick your stuff. they'd steal dogs, chickens, horses. whenever they leave the site it looks like a fucking warzone, rubbish and debris everywhere. constantly stealing metal from churches and othjer places. they scam old folk and act like subhumans, along with pakis and wogs

A common thread among non-whites, be they niggers or semites or poos or chinks, seems to be that they all love to dwell in their own filth. Even pigs know not to shit in the same corner they eat in, yet these "people" fail to grasp the fundamentals of hygiene and cleanliness.

Story time frens

Because of a..uh..some shit I was caught doing..I was sent to do unpaid labor at a center where children come when their parents can't either legally take care of them (the parents are either in jail, thieves, prostitutes etc) or none of the parents wants to take care of them in that period.
80% of the kids there are gypsies. Most of these kids are between 10 and 16, almost all of them smoke cigs and weed and some of them are on harder drugs. The girls have started pimping out but the boys are a mixed bag, most of them being much more immature then the girls and being more into the whole athlete and bling trend instead of the gypsy and violence trend Being away from their shitty families seems to make some of them more civilized, as when some come back after being a couple of days with their parents they seem to be fucked up in a way. The thing is, they come from the shittiest families you can imagine…an example: there are 3 brothers there aged 9-12, their mother got a house from a rich guy named Gigi Becali, a christian demagogue who owns Steaua Bucharest who used to give gibs to gypsies and peasants for popularity/votes (or christian kindness whatever), She divorced her husband, got a new husband, starting whoring again, lost the house and the new husband decides to tell her to get rid off all of the kids. She off course says yes and now those kids are just stuck there. Another case: a 12 year old was left there because her mother decided to go to England and start whoring, she just packed her bags and left while her daughter was on vacation at her grandmother's house. Her grandmother then decided to accept becoming her new guardian, but…the daughter said in court that she hates her and that she beats her, and so the court, being fucking retarded, decided that, hey, let's believe a 12 year old girl, it's better if we just sent her to an orphan center.
I will also mention that this place is located in one of the worst quarters of the city, literally next place to a brothel and drug den. Which happens coincidentally to be right next to the a police station. In Romania,people don't give a fuck about appearances. Yeah just sell your drugs next to the Orphan Center next door and your whores to the police station 2 doors down. It's just like in medieval times when the whorehouse and bars was just next to the church.

I believe the gypsy kids have an innate ability to detect if you are acting fake or authentic which comes from their mostly brutal (a lot of beatings, like, daily) upbringings which (like with niggers) forces them to become more aware of other people's emotional state.

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Try such 'easy scams' yourself if you think this easy.

In a functioning state, the gypsy would be found and publicly hanged. Same for a kike and his tricks.

Don't forget about golden tooths

Shut your fucking mouth Pedro

These are Irish Traveller or English gypsy kids
Very different to Roma scum, just a different level of scumbag with some peculiarly honourable practices but only amongst themselves