Mods are kikes

Why was this deleted? Too much reality for MIGAfags? Even fucking fox news is reporting on this shit.


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I find it hard to believe that anyone still likes Zognald Trump.

Because it's cherry picking you cunt.

There is no wall, unless we always had a wall.

Check out the /ptg/ threads on cuckchan, thats where most of the losers shilling for him come from these days. Its basically redditors who go on 4chan now coming here.


There is no wall, unless we always had a 'wall'.
(We didn't, we had a shitty fence, and adding 8 ft to a fence doesn't make it a wall.)

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They are hired shills and automated bot posts. A combination of cybercom, israeli part-time college students, and RenTech server farms.

Yeah. I was a cheerleader for that kike faggot during election season, but I should have known better. Oh well, lesson learned. Shame a bunch of my friends are bluepilled faggots about him and think he's done wonders for the economy
any ammo against that is appreciated but i generally give them his pro-israeli shit as counter points

After seeing the /ptg/niggers in action, I believe it.
From what I've seen, they'll try to combat you with shitty arguments and bullshit fake news headlines, see , but once you BTFO them they resort to cheap bantz and birgade shitposting.

Because Drudge is a Likud-linked kike.

Anyone who thinks the economy doing anything is the product of the president is a laughable tool.
Anyone who thinks the economy matters when demographics are unaddressed it an absolute idiot.

Economics are not destiny.
Demographics are destiny.

I pretty much called him a retard and told him to enjoy turning into Brazil because demographics is all that matters

The saddest part? they're actually delusional enough to believe that the "wall" is getting build.

some of it HAS to be genuine, those that support trump are either morons or batshit insane, at this point, or know absolutely nothing about politics in the first place, take your pic, I don't know which one is the worst

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I don't think most of them believe it, I think they want others to believe it and the /ptg/ threads are such a botted-up circle-jerk that any attempt to combat their narratives gets dogpiled with false data and snarky bantz.

I don't think most of them are delusional at all. They are simply paid/assigned/compensated to post this stuff.

My friend is definitely a moron, i love him, but he's a retarded pole. He couldn't read this to save his life when I told him area 51 doesn't have aliens

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I went on a little expedition the other day and made some graphics to offset one of the more ardent shills attempts to use fake headlines and contextless data.

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Trust me, they're actually delusional enough to believe it. Anyone who still posts there is a retard who doesn't know anything about politics, or they support israel and (((diversity))) and have to somehow hide it

even tho they are not even hiding it that well these days. here is /ptg/ admitting that 38 billion to israel is "not a big deal", and that giving that money to them was a good thing. nowdays, they don't even admit that 38 billion ever happened, call you a "conspiracy theorist" if you even bring it up. I bet there are a few paid interns, and then there is a whole bunch of redditors/boomers who just use that general as a place where they socialize, watch cartoons/anime, talk about their day ect.

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There is too much ammunition to even use against him

thanks, saving those

fun fact: /ptg/ is such a barren wasteland, you can tell the remaining few "regulars" if you visit long enough. the person who spams all those pics, and there is only one, admitted to take "medication" and that he usually posts under the influence of alcohol. that means he's either a paid shill who REALLY hates his job, or a a really pathetic autist who is doing it for free, and still fails at it, again, not sure which is worse

Don't forget "e verify is too hard", and his pardons of the nigger boxer who was pimping White women, and the corrupt Cali republicuck who Kushner liked, and the Gross Jew who was employing and helping hundreds of illegals get fake papers.

got a link or an image that links those?

You talking the 'awoo'nigger or the desperate headline damage control nigger?

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they're both the same person. they are also well known for using proxies and even making up their own "boogeyman" so they can namecall and act like the "underdogs" rather than to argue their points

Yet these maganiggers will cry "Trump Derangement Syndrome" as a coping mechanism similar to the whole "4D Chess" forced meme. What they really have is delusions of grandeur.


First they call you a 'leftist' and then the TDS shit comes out.

At some point in the future every single non-shill on this board will see that I'm completely serious when I say we should get her elected at any cost!
Better to die fighting.

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Oh right I forgot about that.

Who would win:

I say we skip the middleman and get right to it, to be honest

anything is better than sitting with thumbs up our asses and waiting for a "savior" like trump to do something

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That one on the jew doesn't get the whole story.

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The white way is to exhaust every possible non-violent alternative.
We had to give Trump a chance.
Well, I think we're coming to the point of no alternative very quick.

"Take the guns first, then due process." - Donald J Trump

pretty much sums it up. I'm never dealing with politics again, I'm getting as much guns and ammo, and making sure I'm prepared

The storm is coming, I'm hearing some really strong opinions from people who were never political to begin with, the pushback will come very soon. Question is, what will it be: The migration, the push for accepting pedophilia, or some real world crisis(Petroleum, EMP that knocks out the power grid, some sort of attack in a civilized country that sparks a conflict, economic collapse and/or food shortages ect)?

1. Mods are kikes yes. Welcome to 8ch nothing new. Take it or leave it.

2. MIGAnigs are even more messed up in mind than you can ever imagine. Worse than leftists no joke. Talked serious with MIGANigs but they are truly worse than leftists. No brain left. Leave them.

Kike mods remove threads all the time. Anything that doesn't fit their honey pot narrative. Three letter agencies was on their ass which could explain it. This place is honey pot atm.

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there is absolutely no border wall, there is no fence, and even if there was, the spics are getting bussed in as we speak

trump is going to lose big time, only actual retards still support him

Eat a dick faggot. Complaint will continue unabated until conditions improve, and anyone decrying such complaint can eat an entire rucksack of cocks.

This much is true however.

Found the /ptg/ nigger.

Trump has my vote


even by that logic, they are 100% fine with just leaving the front doors wide open

trump and his supporters take the border issue as some sort of joke, it's no wonder the country has gone to shit

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Its just pathetic though dude, the very notion of trying to say "well replacing old fence is the new wall", at which point they're saying we always HAD a wall.

They also do the proxy (1) and done hopping like crazy, these people are cancer.

The wall was an esoteric metaphor that only Aryans could understand (hence, I don't expect shitskins to). It symbolized the strength we Americans get whenever we help a neighbor in need, and Mexico is our greatest neighbor.