Sick of the "everything's a flase flag" shills

It would seem that every single goddamned time a White man snaps in Kike-run Clown World, it is labeled a false flag by some retarded fucking boomers, who don't want things to heat up before they die. Boomers should get the fuck off this board, or, at the very fucking least, stop being pacifist faggots who think everything will work itself out eventually.

It does not work that way, cuck.

If we were anything like our ancestors a mere century ago, cities like LA, New York, and DC would've been razed to the ground by now.

You retards literally believe that being a meek, pacifist cucked male is being a smart White man. "The meek will inherit the Earth" is a kike meme made to keep Whites docile. If White terrorism was as bad as the media said, the Jews would've been dragged out of their ivory towers, each Jew chained to two cars by the arms and legs, and ripped in half for all the public to see. Gassing is too good for these creatures at this point.

I'm sick of seeing you retards in every Tarrant thread. Whenever I see you, I'm like: "The Boomers are coming! The Boomers are coming! My board! My board!

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Martyr denial shills and plan trusting Qtard zogbots.. they do it out of their cowardly optics cuckery and vote with niggers for zionists electoral change strategy.

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I'm tired of you niggers coming here and shitting up hate/pol/.

No one gives a shit what you're sick of, you don't fucking matter to anyone here. That's entirely your problem to deal with.

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The funny thing is, a lot of the Qcumber boomers who call everything a false flag won't call out the actual false flags, like 9/11.

glad to see the day of the pillow meme being used

unfortunately the tinfoil crowd will forever be around. this is proof of the passing of the once high trust society America once was. you used to be able to get people to fight wars over what they saw on their TV's. now, there is no trust. every one, even boomers, know the TV is psy op propaganda and no one believes it. also, most attacks are false flags. OKC, Sandy Hook, 9/11, las vegas, the sinking of the lucitania etc. it is rare to have genuine action anymore, especially anything to do with guns. the whole shoot a school, take the guns routine has been on repeat for over 20 years now.

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OP I am with you 100%
I never saw it from the boomer angle though.
Now that I think about it, the glowniggers and the "entities" running the smear campaign are probably led by some disgusting kike boomer.
I also hate how they twisted the "Zig Forums is a board of peace" meme, fucking idiots and newfags.

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I just ignore false flaggers cause they're either retarded or government agents trying to slide everything

Boomers? Really? That's who you think is doing it? Why, what a wonderful BOOMER thought you have there OP. It's fucking KIKES you dumb asshole.

Hello fellow Whites. It's the WhiteBoomers…

Do you think it maybe has to do with nobody going after the real source of the problem with a clear manifesto detailing who prints the money, controls the media, pushes faggotry and makes endless laws about libel and supporting a certain country. And this is compounded by that very same entity endlessly pushing its narrative on these obviously orchestrated, never clear cut attacks.
Just maybe. Tarrant, Breivik, Robinson, all jewish deceivers.
The goyim know.

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How'd they do that? It's not even that hard of a meme to understand if you're at all familiar with RELIGION OF PEACE(tm).

Tarrant was a muslim, lol. The people here are obedient to him because natalists recognize their own. People who want to reproduce don’t know the joy that seeks to live forever, and they work to make the world into joyless violent shitholes of people who hate each other so they never stop getting their cummies.


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Or they didn't know he was a muslim convert and just assumed he was one on account of muzzies being inbred retards. The latter is more realistic.

lol Tarrant mentions the capitalists.

First Tarrant is a jew, now Tarrant is a muslim.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tarrant is a christian next.

Kikes gone out of insult.

I never said he was a Jew. Other people said that shit. I was writing about deathbounce dynamics for like two solid weeks before he popped off and did something drawn right out of my shitposts.

Keep killing jews. Keep killing those who work for jews. Keep killing those who support the jews. Keep killing those who benefit from the jews' actions. Ignore the shills. Killing the enemies is the solution that will end the problems that they create. The shills only show how desperate the jews and their paypigs are, in the face of violence against them rising all over the world, without any possibility of diminishing or ceasing.
At the end of the day, no matter how many shills claim "muh false flga", keep killing jews and their allies.

1st kike calling him a jew, other kike calling him a muslim.

Who cares? Both are kikes.

Only thing that would have made that better is a plane doing a barrel role at the end.

I do, because I'm sad at the state of this board.

Jews are good people; antisemites are niggers. A lot of niggers are antisemites, too, but I mean white skin doesn’t make you stop being a nigger if you’re an antisemite.

I’ve never met a saintly Jew, but I haven’t met any that justified hatred either.

Jews are not good people, but muslims are using this fact to prop up support for themselves by saying they are jew-haters, despite being their allies in pretty much EVERY conflicts ever (the muslim conquest of Spain).

This one goes out generic, a whole lotta different people could use this message: Don’t scapegoat people who did you no harm. There are still people in this world who have real problems.

Nobody likes muslims more because they hate Jews, dumbass. That just makes them sandniggers. Israel is the second greatest country in the world.

Yeah, they do, this board has a shitton of muslim shills in it.

if I was a mod I would do my job and delete this thread

if a real mod asks "why ?", they should have their moderating priviledges revoked immediately because they are too stupid to be a moderator


Why faggot? It's not against the rules of Zig Forums. Hell, there's countless Brenton Tarrant threads here. So why don't you make like a tree and fuck off, kike?

Aw, is IDF mad their super hero isn't being accepted by Zig Forums? Don't worry, we'll get him out of prison to watch Iran nuke the Rothschild puppet state, then we'll put a bullet in his head :) Then we'll do the same to his greatest idol (((Breivik))).

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Fuck you! Knight Commander Breivik will shoot you in your sleep

The descendants of the Germans that went to Latin America know full well of the Jew. I hope that as they come to our land of United States, these Pilgrims can give rise to the Fourth Reich.


Hi, nigger.

The reason the Left has been able to dominate culture and the public narrative for so long is because the Right basically allows them to. The Right doesn't challenge the Left in any meaningful way because the Right have a suicidal passive mentality. The Right tends to mind their own business and live in their own little bubbles isolated from the culture war, which allows the the Left to conquer "territory" unchallenged. The Left has basically achieved "air superiority" many years ago. The Left controls all the social infrastructures that influence public perception and opinion like Hollywood, mainstream media, schools, etc. The Right still thinks the Left deserves to be treated with respect because of the "my fellow American" mentality. This is extremely naive thinking. Respect is earned and the Left is completely undeserving of respect. It would be immoral to respect those so undeserving of it. The Right still clings to old rules of conduct like the golden rule of "do not do onto others that which you would not want done to you" and "turn the other cheek" etc. The reason the obedience to the old rules of conduct is so dangerous is because they critically handicap fighting ability and you need everything in order to win because this is a fight to the death. It's a fight for the future of western civilization. You must be willing to do necessary evil. Common courtesy and decency must be abandoned because it can't be afforded, the stakes are far too high. Fighting clean is suicidal in a real fight. Never fight fair. Always seek to gain an advantage and/or force the enemy into a disadvantage before fighting. Leave fair play to sports. An extremely dangerous expectation that seems to be prevelant among the Right is the expectation that this is all going to blow over and everything will return to normal. This is as insane as expecting cancer to just magically disappear. The only solution is extremely aggressive and unrelenting counteraction until the target is destroyed. Another dangerous expectation prevalent among the Right is the expectation of an actual civil war. If you're waiting for a literal civil war before you begin fighting then you've already lost. Too many among the Right think their political abilities are limited to simply voting. But voting is just the bare minimum. The vast mojority of citizens political power is social activism. The Right's social activism capabilities are very weak compared to the left's. The Right lacks the cohesion that enable the Left to fight like a professional army while the Right are more like Native American warriors that fight individually instead of soldiers that fight as a unit. Individualism is a very serious weakness. Collective action is greater than the sum of its parts. Collectivism is a force multiplier. It was only after the creation of the Continental Army that the colonists were actually able to seriously challenge the British. Another problem with the Right is that they seem to only react defensively to the Left's initiative and almost never counter attack in any substantial way. You can't win a war by only reacting defensively to the enemy. You must seize the initiative by attacking the enemy and force them to react defensively to you. Another problem of the Right is their over-reliance on "champions." These "champions" are the few outspoken right-wingers that have gained notoriety. But they are too few and vulnerable to censorship. So everyone among the Right needs to consider themselves a soldier in order to decentralize. Do not expect others to fight for you while you sit on the sidelines.

Why are jews so bad that they put quotation marks in fake quotes?

that's a fake news site that doesn't even exist anymore


jew thread. sage. Jews are the enemy; boomerism, just like niggers, gays, feminism, and everything else, is what results from Jews.

newfags are easy preys to this kind of deception.

we already spotted you dumping your crap both here and on cuckchan, kraut.
stop embarrassing yourself along with whatever agency you work for.

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There's been a lot of bullshit going around here that feminism is merely a Jewish ploy. But the truth is that Hitler was also a hardcore and passionate feminist who wanted the equality of women based on nature. Feminism is also a liberal ploy, a nazi ploy, a cuckservative ploy and a wiccan ploy. Beware of evil feminazi men who put you down when women are around. Women are not just evil, they encourage men to be evil. Alpha male, loser, nice guy/bad boy, grow a pair etc. And THIS.. is the cause of most, if not all the evil in nightlife, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools & families. Now let's look at Hitler's feminism:

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK

Women voting? CHECK

Women's property rights? CHECK

Did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? CHECK

Women can divorce? CHECK

Wife beating illegal? CHECK

Said he wanted true equality? CHECK

Women exposing their bodies? CHECK

Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK

Women receive alimony? CHECK

Women believed in court? CHECK

More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK

WAKE UP!! Hitler was not in on some big secret and neither are you. Jews were always heavily criticized, killed and expelled from European states. When Jews were allowed to live, they were often supposed to wear separate dresses so that they would be recognized. Sometimes, interacting with jews was frowned upon. Jews were regarded as the worst of MEN because of their religious teachings, but women were recognized as INHERENTLY EVIL. Hitler was a feminist and woman-worshiper. No wonder he was so abusive.

Women should be sold, married off, burned, traded and even captured like always. A man should have nothing to do with his wife except when he needs food or sex. Men have always been ill advised to keep the company of women, and rightfully so! Women of all ethnicities belong to the SAME EVIL RACE and this has ALWAYS BEEN known

nice try, yid.

The term Divide & Rule only refers to divisions among men.

Only a FEMINAZI like you uses it to apply to the eternal segregation of women sanctioned by just about EVERY CULTURE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF HISTORY

By this logic, Muslims should be the biggest victims of dnc too. Europeans have always been victims of dnc. Everyone has been a victim. Hahahaha get your pathetic feminist arguments out of here you women's rights activist

Still better than a feminazi. I really want to murder you faster than any Jew or nigger. You are one of the most dangerous people alive (like all other feminists).

day of pillow soon for you qtard

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OP, they aren't shills. They're telling you the truth. The reason you're "sick" of them is because the reptilian portion of your brain wants everything to fall in line and you're rejecting a redpill. If someone shoots up a synagogue of random Jews or sandniggers, the (White) public at large isn't going to jump in and say, "HEY ITS TIME TO KILL EM ALL". Their first response is to be scared because they don't understand or trust that you wouldn't use an arbitrary mental gymnastic leap to slaughter them next. So then the government can disarm you by appealing to the base urge to survive amongst its people.

So you ARE a filthy kike.
Good, at least you admit it.

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based post
good post

Tarrant works in a gym, earns shit wages.
Tarrant makes fortune in Bitconnect. Not Bitcoin…BITCONNECT.
Tarrant, a 5'6" looser but quite the ladies man now no longer has to work. Does he go to ClubMed to wet his wick? No he goes to AssPakistan. He loves teh people of AssPakistan, really he does. Then he goes to Turdkey and Pissrael.
Then he goes to NZ to massacre a mosque.

Conclusion; he's a Mossad asset of some kind.

Learn english, muzzie.

Yeah that didn't address the main point. Nice morals. And lol your attempt at twisting things is useless. Even if I were a patriarchal non-white, jewish or whatever, it would be better than being a feminist. Look at how immoral you are! Society needs to be cleansed of you feminists.

All non-white patriarchal men are better than you. I would be happy to see them kill you. You represent the oppression of men and are in league with the worst evil.


We don't have time for these games. It's time to slaughter all feminists

wtf i love Mossad now.

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s-shill..fucken kike….sh-shill.

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probably the same faggot shill who started the recently deleted dnc bring back patriarchy thread some minutes ago…

All divide and conquer, it's so crystal clear.

Stop responding to yourself you IP hopping cunt. Your feminazi censorship is no better than communist censorship in North Korea/China or Islamic censorship in Arabia.

The term Divide & Rule FACTUALLY ONLY refers to divisions among men

Only a FEMINAZI like you uses it to apply to the eternal division of women sanctioned by just about EVERY RELIGION & CULTURE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF HISTORY

By this logic, Muslims should be the biggest victims of dnc too. Europeans have always been victims of dnc. Everyone has been a victim. Hahahaha get your pathetic feminist arguments out of here you women's rights activist

still better than a feminist. FUCKING DIE!!

at least the kikes are actually doing something instead of sperging memes at the landfill of the interwebz

go pic some kekcotton goyboy

Kill yourself feminist or we will in the coming future

Nazis are just another breed of feminists and thus the enemy

A strict, religious, wife-beating patriarchy with STRICT RESTRICTIONS on women is what we have always needed, need now, and will always need. Women are the worst evil the world has ever seen, and those protecting their rights are the #1 enemy among men. JEWS BEING #2

WAKE UP!! The Jewish problem was ALWAYS known because of their religious commandments, but women were ALWAYS recognized as the worst evil by far because of their inherent nature

The nature of women is known all over the world to be irreligious, fickle, prone to falsehood and to cause enmity between people

Even women know that there is nothing more sinning and sinful than them - That woman is at the root of all troubles

Lol these feminists think they're clever. I'm with you brother. I can see their evil clearly

Both JIDF verified ( i got proofs)

Filter them.

What the fuck are you on about now feminist? Just fuck off and kys before someone else does

Yes I remember the paragraph where he names the jewish owner of the private central banks, and laments how most of his peoples taxation goes on the interest of the loans, agreed between the rothschild jews and the other jews they place in our countries as premiers, primeministers and chancellors.
And who can forget how he noticed that the people running commissions for monopolies and mergers are all jews and the heads of all the new monopolies are also jews. He had them sweating with that as he killed the muslims they had let in to NZ.
Remember it well.

oh ok, so getting angry and doing nothing (like you) is better?

get a load of this nigger

Daily reminder this is an actual shill, who also shills same exact crap over and over on cuckchan and all Tarrant threads here.

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This thread is a false flag. Q predicted it.

Brendan looks like an Anglo Jew. We know for a fact he spent time in Pakistan and loved the people there. So why does he go on a rampage killing rug riders then? He was an asset of Mossad. Please die in a burning car wreck.

Many are false flags, but some aren't, but if you are retarded enough to try to fuck up society by writing cringey ass manifestos and then kill a bunch of random people, you should be gassed.

You are the dumbest sack of shit on this site.

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Your atrocious post paints you as boomer yourself. Nigger.
The false flag shills aren't so much boomers as they are feds, kikes, shill groups, and genuine cowards who claim to be Zig Forums, but when push comes to shove and it comes down to doing more than just posting memes and complaining online, shrivel away into a corner and cry.

read siege boomer

Read his manifesto you drooling cretinous faggot. And if you wouldn't be a shill and actually knew the most elementary things about ethnonationalism, you wouldn't even asked such retarded question. Let me put it plainly for you:

Kill youself, kikel!

Get off this website.

Thanks, browser.
is the retard.
has valid points.

He's a retarded MIGApedo, but those Breivik quotes are real, and the jews are very supportive of him.

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but it's true
critical actions are needed to change the course of history
which are not visible and not foreseen
everything else is empty fuss for worthless results

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I mean, they don't even know how to shitpost

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You're not being abused, kike. You're not even getting what you deserve: a short rope and a long drop.

Reminds me of that whole clusterfuck. You remember when being alt-right was popular and in fashion, and all these ecelebs and podcasts drew zoomers to it and made and kept it popular? I do remember. You know what happened?
It always leads you back to cuckservative christians. They hide behind lingo that they use to larp as national socialists, but in the end, they're as much of a willful slave to the kikes as any commie is.

You're right. But ironically seeing again and again the scummy attacks on white militants and martyrs, the truly exceptional individuals who sacrifice their freedom or their lives for the sake of their people and race, only strengthened my resolve and led me to put increased effort into spreading support for and veneration of them, because it pisses me off to see them slandered this way. And thank you as well to those others that defend heroes against disgusting slander. Anti-whites should know that the saints will be remembered and honored for eternity, while the liars, cowards and shills will be end up utterly forgotten. I will make sure of it…

The character assassination campaigns are probably lead by kikes (you can see with your own eyes the ongoing and frankly ridicolous campaign they are currently trying to smear Brenton Tarrant), but yes the ones falling for it are probably cuckservatives, too afraid to do something factual and too scared to disrupt the status quo.
Keeping the right divided is a major concern of the kikes and their leftist lackeys.
Do you remember the autistic screeching that Charlottesville caused?
There's nothing (((they))) fear most than having the white people collectively rising against their slavery.
The smear campaigns are one of their main activities to keep us divided, we have seen it happening for basically every figure that was or might have become a threat to their dominance of the narrative, so they target everyone, from Bannon to ecelebs to Alex Jones, and our warriors like Tarrant and Breivik too,

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Fuck off, jew.

We all know about you homosexual masons here.

t. homosexual

Boomers have grown up with a bunch of shit happening like JFK and other events that just don't add up with logic and reason, but they were too busy getting high and enjoying the empires wealth to really look into who was behind it all and what they had to gain. By the time they grew up and it just became plainly obvious something was wrong they were too far removed from the events to be able to accurately place the blame where it goes.

If they were aware of the jews on some level as it was happening the events unfolding wouldn't be a surprise any longer, but a verification of what you already knew from before the event. So for them everything is the cianiggers (in many ways they're not wrong just misinformed) and nameless illuminati, globalist, reptilians, and other stupid generic placeholder names to identify to the world, "Hey! Something is wrong here!" as if everyone doesn't already fucking know.

It's too hard for them to realize the jews and shabbos goys, yes, traitors of their own people who would gladly work to destroy them exist and run the show. It's too sci-fi incomprehensible for them to accept such evil exists and is acting under the guise of doing it for the good of humanity. Insert holocaust propaganda. Immediately nullifies anyone pointing out the enemy by putting a psychological brick wall up in their mind. Sad thing is they are the most desperate for answers and don't realize they've been fucked the hardest by inadvertently defending the criminals people are trying to point out. In that sense holohoax propaganda has done exactly what it was intended for its generation and generation x. It was always known that it wasn't a permanent solution for the jews. Too many people even who are woke on the JQ underestimate our enemies by thinking they're just that dumb they can't see what they're doing. Always start with the assumption they know exactly what they're doing and if you see their ignorant innocence start to show then change your assumptions, gradually.

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OP's gay ass picture is so cringe, I think it's a false flag.

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He changed his name to the Norwegian variant of Adolf Hitler in prioson. He was genuinely duped but saw the light of day. He's a National Socialist now.

Your checklist is great but the rest of your post is garbage.

Actually wait. Your checklist is retarded. Democracy was how he got into power, but once he was in power, it was ended. There was no voting. So this "women voting? check" thing is disingenuous.

ok mossad

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

really? is that the reason for the change of name?

As shitty as your repetitive failed propaganda technique is I give you credit for determination. Whats it been, 2 years now repeating this same retarded shit?

Still attacking Whites for the Jews stormfaggot?

Until somebody will pay a salary to these blokes they'll keep repeating the same shit no matter what.

Seems like OP was right all along

This thread is a flase flag