Fuck Quebec

>>they suck Trudeau's cock like he's a black man

I say we genocide them like the Turks and Kurds did to the Armenians in 1915

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they don't hate english speakers. just stop.

What a shitty thread

In 2012, 64% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides.

In 2010, 64% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides.

Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher.
And aligns with the lack of homogeneity.


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The eternal Anglo folks.

Reminder op looks like pic related

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Honestly, english language is shit and english people are retarded.
t. french

(((Anglos))) hate the French since they stole Canada from them. They murdered 3000 Acadians. We've retreated to our last redoubt.
(((Anglos))) are all Christian Zionists and hated Hitler and Germany and the Boers. They're proud of 55000 Boer women and children dying of cholera in their death camps. They love Bomber Harris and openly gloat over the barbaric destruction of Dresden by fire storm.
(((Anglos))) are so patriotic and creative that all they could do to make money was sell their own country out from under them to the dog eating chinks. Now there's nothing left for them to do but grovel to their chicom masters for a few miserable scraps from their table.
(((Anglos))) are all cocaine addicted drunken degenerates.
(((Anglos))) adore their Hanoverian Kikenvermin Royal Family of child fuckers.
Quebecers were pro Boer and pro NAZI. As Christopher Hitchens claimed quite correctly, Fascism and National Socialism are the political and military wings of the old style pre bolshevik child fucking jew infiltrated Catholic Church. Quebec is Catholic/NAZI like Croatia is Catholic/NAZI and the Croats hate the (((greenteeth))) even more than the Quebeckers do.

Hey, (((Anglos))), get raptured. Do it.

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Beer all over my screen now.

My great grandparents were all from Quebec. They Came to the US because anglo candians are utter assholes, they said.
Well, surely that can't be true now… So, I visit Canada for Canada day!
I'm paying with my credit card in Canada and a couple of Anglo Canadians see my last name and get on my ass. I'm an American.
What a bunch of fucking morons. The Quebec folk have every right to denounce the anglos.

OP is a Kike-loveing faggot that just learned what spending two long thinking about the Other European Nation in North America does to "American" identity.

*too long

Yet another WN anti White thread for the Jews.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites


Unfortunately, a lot of Quebecois people, including the government hate white people who speak English. That is why French-speaking Arabs, Africans and Asians keep pouring into this province. The government is even shutting down English schools in Montreal and turning them into French ones to accommodate all of these immigrants. Most of these students in the French schools are non-white, meanwhile the white people who make up the majority of English schools are more restricted in terms of education. We are being displaced.
You may ask why does Quebec does this if they're so based. The answer is that this is White Genocide under the guise of "protecting Quebec's language and culture." At best it's civcuck bullshit

french catholics drive like retards and the cities of their containment province are ratsnests of corruption and decay, bridges literally collapsing after 20 years
in person they behave just like shitskins, rude and condescending and in groups they are especially loud and belligerent, speaking only in their obsolete faux-latin
they also have a tendency to form cliques in business and government just to screw over english speakers
genetic mongrels, linguistic luddites, just say no to francos

Hello fellow Whites, Quebec..


J'écris en Francais juste pour me faire ban…

Of course the Québécois nation is a force for good, and they want it destroyed because it's a special kind of société distincte. Québec's political elite is rotten and useless, however, so the shitskin problem is grave (Montréal is ruined and experiencing white flight). Proud and capable nationalists are denied political access (ex. Jean-Jacques Nantel youtube.com/channel/UCpmnbvqwLntSFQSbIAEPlGA).
Generic Zig Forums advice would be to move to a 98% Québécois town/village, which are abundant everywhere outside of Montréal, nurture family and community bonds, and proudly assert the truth that our forebears built this nation from nothing over almost half a millenia for their children and no one else.
Entraînement physique et mental pour quand viendra le vrai ménage du printemps.

hes from quebec though

every canada thread
meanwhile europeans are going to be less than 50% of the country in a couple decades.
its all so tiresome

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Like OP

A man needs to distinguish Anglos from (((anglos)))

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It's their fault they don't have their own Nation. Both votes would have succeeded, if it weren't for English-speakers (both "Left" and 'Right') voting against them.

Canada seems worse than Australia, and in Australia they make a big show of elections being fair but honestly I think they do whatever it takes to get whatever they want if all the media management doesn't work

you sound pretty butthurt man, what have you lived in quebec for only 2 years?

Ferme ton clapet tantouze d'Anglais.


Hate to break it to you. BUt I know many Quebecois and they have no problem with english speakers. IN fact many english people can speak french, becasue its taught as a second language in public school.

Last summer I had a tenant living in my house, FRENCH CANADIAN, his entire family tree is french Canadian, he spoke proudly of his heritage, extremely friendly and polite. They want to be separate form the rest of Canada, they are separatists, but they don't hate english speakers. A lot of them actually want to move out of Quebec to learn ENglish.


anglos are just jealous that we were the only ones in North America to have fascist leaders in our Government, clergy and as cultural icons. In fact, the only ones still vigorously fighting for the French-Canadian volk up to the 1990s.

We're the only ones with a sense of race on this continent. We still to this day call ourselves purlaine, or of pure French wool and stock.

We also do not hate anglophones, just the cretins who impose their politics on our peuple. Come to Québec, and we will show you the true value of our national heritage and pride.

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On DOTR, weed smokers will be hung high also.

Sage for faggot op.

The "American" government actually has overthrown the Australian government before. Search Gough Whitlam and read about it.

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This shouldn't of taken 7 posts to be said. Sage because op gets the rope.

As an Australian with majority Anglo heritage, other quarter is German. I also hate Anglos and the French.

You're probably of Irish descent, be honest.

Reminder that OP is a (1) and probably one of the worst faggot on this site.

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Nice try nigger.

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With good reason. Anglos have a history of stabbing other Europeans in the back. Look what they did to the French in Maine after the Seven Years War. Stay mad, Eternal Anglo.


Trudeau is French. Proof that the French aren't white.

Reminder, russians hate everyone

There's nothing wrong about a white people keeping their culture since they settled there and have a strong national identity. Unlike the French, Italians, Germans and Spaniards to willingly moved to the United States, the Quebecois people are a conquered people and they know it and remember it. It's the same thing with Mexico but imagine if Mexico weren't a bunch of violent, ravenous mutts and didn't have a nation state full of them on the border to exasperate the problem.

I thought he was the child of a Cuban and a slut
saged for low effort d&c thread

Shill thread. The Anglos and the french are both white and good people. Stop trying to divide the white race kike

Fuck all French people. All of them smell like BO and have the attitudes of spoiled children. Go eat cheese and surrender something, bunch of French faggots.

You know the British were recoiling from the German assault so they asked the French Army to fight a rear guard action for them while they regrouped at Dunkerque. Instead of regrouping, the Brits fucked off and abandoned all their gear on the beach. Really you shouldn't be throwing rocks, Mr. Living-in-a-Glass-House.

fuck off anglo kike