Company bans all trump supporters, calling them "white supremacists"

This company is peak TDS. They unironically think that anyone who supports trump is a white supremacist, they're not even trying to hide it. They had to close registration after they did this because people (well, mostly me) were spamming gore on their site. Now they're back open for business so I'm back to posting gore.

To get started posting, go here:
Create an account with a throwaway email
They make you go through a bunch of steps first (just put in whatever, they have no filters), but at the end of the process you get to post any picture you want, even gifs.
Here are my contributions so far:

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there was a thread on this weeks ago.

This is a moderator thread as well.

Mods just deleted a thread about Trump not building the wall, then banned the OP and deleted all their posts from that IP. Now suddenly two pro-Trump threads have appeared on the catalog.

Coincidence? More like cohencidence.

the board is garbage and has been for a long time. for the unadventurous, the most logical migration would simply be >>>/fascist/

probably doesn't go far enough because it is still the same parent site.

They closed registration after that thread was made. What do you mean by moderator thread?

That's pretty gay. I'm just here to fuck with liberals.

Yeah, go away.

Black unemployment - Down 14%
Spic unemployment - Down 8.7%

White employment - Down 8%

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I mean this was made by a moderator to try to shill for trump after he deleted a trump criticism thread, banned the OP for a week, and deleted all posts from their IP.

Its starting to feel a lot like 2015 around here in terms of moderation…

Why are you bumping it?

I want people to see this trash. Why would I not bump it? Its here, and it was made by a mod so its not going away.
Why would I want to conceal that?

This place should organize information about anti-white companies and create a wiki for this.
I want to know what to boycott.
Trump is a kike puppet but this company is anti-white.

You finally got first post, Chaim.

don't embarrass yourself.

Report them for being noninclusive and intolerant.

This is just a marketing and publicity scheme.

literal retards

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Good way to get a bump in their stock, if they are public. Wait, what even kind of company are they?

I'm not a mod.

They're a knitting site.

Why are you spamming the board with a news article from a month ago that was covered a month ago?

If you don't like it YOU CAN GO BACK HOME!

Because they just re-opened registration. It was closed for the past month.

I have an unusual need for yarn now.

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Sly's kaballah bracelet is pretty gay

And now they've created white supremacists, the dumb fucks.

Not sure if you're being ironic or don't understand the reference.

As in Ravelry bought an ad? That's okay, I don't knit and the two fuckable knitters I know won't talk to me.

Shhhh, don't advertise it, it's still so comfy.

And that's worth spamming the board with a new thread about irrelevant bullshit?

Kill yourself.

>Company bans all trump supporters, calling them "white supremacists"

If their owners and those funding them aren't killed, nothing will be solved.

Some people just cannot into logic.

I wish Trump were a White Supremacist.

Someone doesn’t know what “all” really means

Eh. If cracking down on white niggers makes black niggers integrate better I’m all for it. Racists suck, down with niggers of every color!

Btw, Saint Tarrant was a muslim. He converted in Pakistan, maybe in exchange for kiddy-diddling opportunities. Islam generally hasn’t been able to come up with an effective (read: cultural) strategy for eliminating pedophilia, Islamic governments just tardrage and crack down forever. Permanent crackdowns are eventually lead by their “enemies”, sooo…

Anyways, he went to New Zealand and paid his debt by purging a group of westernized pacifist muslims in the name of Islam’s enemies. He then lied about it so that Allah’s plan would be better served.

Religious fanatics like Islam promotes are like that, since after all, if the faith of the purged was true, Allah will reward them. The inquisitor is taking the only true soul risk and knows that they have a place in God’s plan.

Does anyone know what this means?
Something about all their payment information being easily hackable?

Also, they block registration with certain passwords after an account with them gets banned (in some cases), which could technically be done with a hashed database but I'm willing to bet they're stored in plaintext somewhere.

I have no idea but were I a betting man I would say the owner of the store is mighty kosher.
boy those jews sure do hate trumpleshitskins-before-natives! I think we better vote for him again!

You have to go back
>>>Zig Forums

I'm not really going to dig through that disgusting site but I will assume I was right by the disfigured looking beasts I saw.

Looks like that 10 million dollars a day is going to a good cause.
Dirty fucking yids.

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oh boy better ban half the USA to be more inclusive


So, if I want to cut cost by getting around useless Affirmative Action hires, I can say I don't hire Democrats. That eliminates 90% of the blacks and jews right there.


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lol nice try spaz

Ron hates you

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Fucking eh. I saw the original thread this morning and was OP of second thread, took a nap then saw mine was deleted


Failure: Accomplished.
>>>Zig Forums

You do realize that what you just told is a lie because you switched the sequence of events to suit your hollow point.

t. still triggered by a 2013 meme

hahahahaha they let their security certificate expire

I don't think a single person here said anything about free speech.
I don't think a single person here commented on anything other than this thing happening.
Your post is about as intelligent as a nigger.

You could be like this guy

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who is bothering to post politics on a fucking yarn BBS in the first place

Didn't you know? We are everywhere. Your postman is a nazi. Your police are nazis. Your librarian is a nazi. That homeless bum is a nazi. Even your fucking grandmother is a nazi.

We are just waiting for the opportune moment to strike. We are everywhere. Fear us.

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I think they either locked registration again, or they're blocking my VPN

You killed a thread for this retarded Drumpenstein steaming shit you double niggernigger?? Like pol/acks give a fuck about some bitches with TDS

The mods here are kiked or kikes themselves. They keep deleting any threads talking about Arab national socialism, for example. Only what throws the goyim against the Arab is allowed.
Yesterday's thread on Buddhism is gone, wherein eastern religion and jewianity were both getting curbstomped. Cant be promoting any "pagan" ideas that is not kosher either. We need bible waving, israel loving MAGATARDS
This subversive crap right here on hatepol has convinced me BT was a Mossad operative. As cool as it was to see the memes in action and the iron guard symbol doing work, etc. it really was too much, a "fellow memers" display to be a true user.
Way to go kikes blowing your own guy's cover with your unfettered kikery

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