clownworld Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not


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Human rights were a mistake.

Just wait until the 'human rights' controversy stems around you not taking a POZZED up faggot cock in the ass…the erosion of EVERY HUMAN BEINGS RIGHT TO REFUSE 'SERVICE' is what is really at stake here. When they have eroded your rights to your own actions and your own body, you will be the ultimate slave to the fags, kikes and degenerates.

pedophiles want naked children alone with them while parents are not around.

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Canada was a mistake

Pedofascists throw gays off of buildings because the gay community isn’t helpful to them in finding victims.

When the left swing conservative and started cracking down on sexual expression, you know what star was in assent? Epstein. That’s what conservatives are actually like.

article derailed by talking about the ball waxing instead of the fucking topless party where the parents are not invited.

How bout the claims of this thing sexually assaulting underaged children that just came out?

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Any progressive parents who throw their kids overboard into this rape pond need to be publicly named and shamed.

swung* ascent*

Seriously, this shit’s annoying. Pedophilic conservatives project their shitty broken lusts onto communities that are way more balanced than they are. Every random uncharismatic transsexual is not a representative of the community - or did it escape your notice that OP is a story about someone repeatedly failing at the shit they’re trying to pull? They shouldn’t be waxing their balls anyways, they should be seeking reconstruction. That’s where real trans people go.

I mean, y’all get that, right? OP is a story about a bullshit fake trannie who triggered controversy by being dishonest.

No, of course you didn’t. None of you people defend honesty as such, you’re fucking pedofascists trying to claw society back into a state where privileged people actually succeed at this shit.

You know what kind of person might historically have trued to get their balls waxed?


In other words, a heterosexual narcissist. You really surprised a heterosexual narcissist might try to get exclusive access to a pool of children? Because I’m not.

Honestly I wouldn’t even expect something to go wrong, but as trust exercises go, I admit it’s fucked up.


with luck that thing will be locked up

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let's talk about Jessica Yaniv

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for a bit i thought he might've just been a troll

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I'm seeing this thing (similar to the BUGS mantra) turning up in places:

A message to the lurkers, to the feminists, to the trolls and to the white knights

Your heroes are a failure. You are supporting a lost cause. And believe me, I have seen and read most of the history of people who supported socialism/communism and feminism in the past and all they did was force their hand and prevail nothing but air and dust.

You see, like the majority of men here, I was born into one of the generations raised by single mothers in the western culture shortly after the 2nd wave of feminism and growing up, I have experienced the surrounding of broken women who became miserable and alone. I have witnessed women who came home from a brainwashed agenda filled with hate and guilt, incapable of making life better with positive outlets. Women were misled into a losing ideology, falling into a path of jealousy, pity and misery for many years.

And I can tell you this: these people you idolize spent their lives living in shame and right now, they have died with empty ideas and bitter lives.

You can keep calling us misogynists, tell everybody that "MGTOW are a bunch of sexist men who hate women." But no matter what, the shaming tactics you try to pull, in the end you'll lose because we now know the truth and we're finally free from bondage because the truth matters more than feelings. We will not go back to the plantation and we will not give in for any bullshit you try to feed us.


Holy fuck…. every so often we come across an issue that is so ridiculous that it even effects me but this one right here, shit, this one is a serious danger to society and kids.

Shut the fuck up bigot she's stunning and brave and the government will approve her request to run around with naked children and no parents allowed, also women will be forced to wax his penis and scrotum

He WILL be allowed to prey on children and women sexually, enforced by state government, in the name of feminism, and it's FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

Fuck off spicspammer.

Only in Canada

Since he has the only balls in Canada (Canadian men need not apply) at least some women in Canada will get to see a man with his ball left.

Whenever I see a thread with the words "Peak Weimar" or "Peak Degeneracy" or "Peak clownworld" I roll my eyes because I know it can always get worse. but this? Im having a hard time seeing how it is possible to get more weimar.

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Interesting how most of the 'homosexual transexuals' (low IQ) are bug people.

While all the autogynephilic transexuals are kikes.

In the old days they would hang or set fire to that faggot.

is that blaire? LOL

Wait a month.

i find ricky gervais' statement disturbing at a very deep level, and i don't understand why he doesn't understand that some women have penis and testicles, and you just have to accept that

What a shocker

Lol That was horrible

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Actually Tucker Carlson featured this freak tonight (23 July 2019)

That's for the exact time he talks about it

The best Alex Jones interview ever.
Also check JPW segment around 1:55:00 mark.

download it before it gets taken down

Yes AJ got Yaniv to come on his show and again for the "war room".
Fucking hilarious.

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Too much shit to listen to. First the ads then Paul "it ain't the jews" Watson.

Take it someplace else. And you're talking to a former paid subscriber back in 2006

state approved nude-child parents-not-allowed events everyone

Give it up for Canada

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Go drown yourself in foreskins trannyfag

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"Delegation Request To Appear Before Township Council"

Nothing is approved, and there's nothing to indicate that the council will even permit such shit to be discussed.

I think these people are just IRL trolls, they know that various "human rights" are easily exploitable because they are based on irrationality and lack any logical basis, so they go out of their way to do degenerate shit and get away with it for the lulz.

The whole system was developed by kikes so they can have otherwise lacking social capital to transform into financial capital, people like us fight against it, some people play along with it.

Wax my balls you transphobic conservative!

I guess they're bringing the bots back boys. live shills mustn't've been earning their shekels' worth.

It will be extraordinarily funny if this faggot picks on a bikini waxing studio that's the gift of a Vietnamese gangster to his girlfriend/wife. Fat faggot will disappear from the face of the earth and next April a shoe with a decaying foot will wash up on Spanish Banks to the mystification and surprise of all.

Pedos < corrupt politicians any day

corrupt politicians are a subset of pedophiles

And his name is Dr. Pizza…hmm..

Am I the only one who is skeptical of such ridiculously convenient coincidences? If it were a toy, it would be a gigantic autism trigger button.

This is fine.

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Yeah the idea is as inconceivable as them forcing 15 women to shut down their female-only waxing clinic because they wouldn't touch this child rapists penis
Fucking inconceivable
fucking retard

This is pretty run of the mill for tranny drama but hopefully we can push this idiot into becoming a spokestarget.

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More gold at cuckchan:

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So that's why the filterman likes his tranny porn.


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Autism + jewish privilege is a hell of a drug.

He's a kike, the Hells will be on his ass if he touches the faggot. (Those kikes on bikes need to go too.)

BTW, I see this guy is going to many places, he is actually doing us a favor.

Thankfully we have better killing technology now and can just put a bullet into faggots and move on. There is no need to 'prolong' any suffering because there are too many parasites that need purging from the Earth.

Yeah, but it won't happen because his 'advisors' all know which waxing businesses are owned by the mob and which one he can destroy without 'causing trouble'.

He seems to have a serious fetish with the bodily juices of 10-12 year old girls and staring at their vaginas long enough to determine if they are 'on their period'. Why hasn't a father of one of these girls stood up for his daughter's privacy.

BTW, you know that in the sketch he feeds him the wafer thin mint and then takes cover.

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He probably works for their competition. You know how kikes operate.

Murdering us, driving legitimate people out of business and destroying morality? Yep, I know how they work.


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Its only getting started new fag

Allowing Jews into our countries at any time was a mistake.

It don't make sense, until for left!

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The peak can always go higher.

no they don't
what you find "disturbing at a very deep level" is the notion that ordinary people see through the leftist bullshit and will prevent perverts from trying to rape kids under the insane argument that the rest of the world must call their dick and balls "feminine"

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Chris Chan has some serious competition. A yid pedo tranny with autistic rage. Does (((Jessica))) like Sonic the Hedgehog too?

I've talked to normalfags, they don't give a shit. You mention something like this, they tell you that you're "overreacting". You show them that this is real, their talmund programming kicks in, and they get violent with you, telling you how they "don't give a shit" and they start calling you all the buzzwords they heard on social media, for people who engage in wrongthink

No matter how bad this gets, the reactions will be the same. There is no point in trying to wake normalfags up, it's time to take action

The Horror…

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I've had the opposite reaction. Normies, particularly women, who are all about trans acceptance balk when you have proof of a predator going after children.

it must be the maternal instincts kicking in. I guess if you talk to parents, it's one thing, if you talk to people who don't have children, which among whites is not that uncommon these days, you will get the talmund programming in place of natural, hardwired parenting instincts to protect their young

Jonathan has a Posse

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Maybe at your gay bar, Ari, but women with small children are increasingly refilled. The fags have that hang around in bars don't want kids.

Please remove your cuck fetish from the world

If people don't mass kill degenerate abominations, this will keep going on and escalating in their favor. Ignore everything and kill them all.

There are no such things as "human rights".
Only what is within your physical ability to accomplish on this earth, and those who seek to stop you

Horrey fuck, /cow/ would love the Elmo impressions, reminds them of Shmorky.

Makes me wonder if the dude is effectively a pedo that changed sex just to be able to fondle kids.
Was there any info on his previous life?

It's clear what needs to happen.

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LOL, she has now resorted to using sock puppet accounts

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I hate it when both sides are equally retarded. The only thing you have rights to is what you alone can possess. What you are able to have on a deserted island. You have the right to say what you want, go where you want and own what you homestead and possess, because there is no one there to strip you of any of those things. You do not have a right to food you did not gather yourself, or a house you did not build.

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Reminder: things will get worse
When the majority of men are out of work, do not despair.
When the majority of women are whoring for food, do not despair.
When child prostitution becomes the norm, do not despair.
When all means of making things, doing things, creating things, building things, or even just being a useful man have fled from us, do not despair.
When there is nothing left to live for, the country betrayed, the people dishonored, the lives of man valued at nothing, do not despair.
All this has occurred before:
It was from this that Hitler emerged
That’s his info I believe.

Exactly. People think too highly of themselves and think themselves more important than they are. Burn all faggots.

You are correct. But everything you're doing that isn't burning jews, is a planned reaction. Planned for, patterned for and executed at the behest of ZOG.

Things only get worse. There will never be another one like him again. We lost our last chance. The gods have damned us as we were damned when we didn't unite behind the man who wanted to save us.

Despair is all there is. Show me something other than fading light from the past. Show me who will rise this time.

Nice dubs, but if things like that worked, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Others have tried before. Nothing changed.

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If the kids were armed this would not be happening. Everyone must have guns.

What a scoop!

kys already fucking schlomo kiked glownigger you so cringe

You know who would try shit like suing women for not waxing his nuts and arranging sex parties with children? a filthy yid like the subject of this story