What can one man do?

How does one person raid and reset American servers in Minecraft? And where does he go that causes the most drama? I am curious. All you faggots talk about fucking up Minecraft servers but you never do shit. I ask you, what could one person do, objectively speaking? Where could it be done and why aren't you doing it?

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Well this anons bound to a wheelchair. So unless I suddenly gain warg powers like Bran Stark I won't be doing much of anything.

Why make a huge fuss about the main servers when you can make your own invitation-only private server?

If you even have to ask this question, the question isn't for you and you're probably a fucking Fed. Fuck off glownigger.


Western society is strong enough to be pacifistic, not like the spineless retards who shatter into violence across the third world. Warriors are too stupid to pick vegetables.

Why the fuck would a warrior need to pick vegetables? His entire position within a social caste system is as the masters fed dog, he doesn't need to pick vegetables that's what your dumb ass is for lol.

Garrysmod is much better than Minecraft.

Also how does your stupid ass reckon the fact that the majority of soldiers throughout history were also farmers?

I am beyond disgusted by your lack of manners.

Shut up you absolute faggot.

With the love in my heart for everybody, and to save us all money and to help out the enviroment, the best thing any of us could ever try to do is to turn off the lights.

EMP (especially that one), Poisoning the food or even using chemicals to kill the villagers is pretty effective in Minecraft.

Hey hotwheels , hows it feel to be a cuck?

It's an American thing I think. Their soldiers were militia men and thus also farmers. They didn't have a warrior caste system in the same aspect as the rest of the world

Because when everyone the king requires slaughtering is slaughtered, the warrior better pick the kings veggies or he becomes a liability that needs to dealt with.

Nothing. Fuck off.

Not a Federal Building

One man can not do that alone.

I trained a herd of cows finally in Minecraft. Got those DANK enchantments from that leather and books. Fortune III, rich bitches

First of all, this.

Second, the redstone networks are all pretty weak and easily-exploited OP. It isn't hard to figure out if you're chaotic enough for it.

I am one person. I may destroy some redstone blocks but I will not be able to hit several. Minecraft needs cars that one can learn to drive. Or, I need help in Multiplayer to get more done. I need more players to help me or a fast travel mod

i know 2 minecraft servers you can play called ADL and SPLC , playing other servers will be stupid and worthles

Go move up into the snownigger permafrost with your fudge-packing faggot friend.

Go suck a (((dick))), glownigger

You'll hurt yourself with a firearm. Invest in rakes; they'll be in high demand soon.

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So why aren't YOU doing it?

I won't not do it because I know if I do anything, you all will let me get killed by ender dragons and do nothing and I'll be alone. I also can not be in the redstone factories all at once. So I'll wait for someone else to do it.

I'd rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

Propaganda must be like a rumor. One person tells another something in confidence and he/she tells another, and this information spreads as a "rumor." One person can use good and truthful propaganda to wake up many others.

Don't worry user your not alone. All we need is a catalyst and multiplayer will be booming. red stone network excellent idea.

Which is why we choose to turn out everyone's lights for them. To save the environment.


Creative fed posting there. Your superiors will be impressed.

They treat us like terrorists now but if the white nationalist fascists took over the country tomorrow (magically), those feds would switch sides in no time and just resume work to persecute jews.
My point is: how does it feel being a scumbag nigger that prostitutes himself to the stronger, even if he tends to anihilate your people in the long run?
Have to make ends meet? Oh, I see. You're doing it! And what ends…

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"we're losing people to the internet"

No orange man, you never even made an effort to get or keep us to begin with.

What this orange nigger has to do with my post?

We (we) are terrorist now

The terrorist definition doesn't match with what we are. Maybe they can fit us in their (((watchlists))) and what not, but we definitely AREN'T terrorists.


Can you feds please leave? We are talking about a block related video game called Minecraft. Idk wtf you're talking about. We aren't doing anything.

No ammount of this minecraft larp will protect you from the letter soup guys peling off your skin while you still alive and screaming.
They're wicked, they're deformed kikes!

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I don't go in for -isms, if anything I'd just be a plain ole terror.

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All because no one expects heroism from him.
People are like sheeps.

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Kill jews.

just secretly hunt niggers on the weekend