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Repost from faggotchan but I think y'all need to see this

6 days ago:

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Check out Rusty Shackleford (@RScrypto):

do a little digging and obvious samefag is obvious

I know he's an oil drilling MDPV addict but this is interesting netheless

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Videos of island

What a madman!!


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when the alphabet squad comes i hope he goes out on live stream taking as many with him as possible along with his haram of amazonian warriors.

Nice find. There's Q LARP stuff in the description, and I couldn't believe that some Qcumber retard could do that. McAfee is the only person who makes sense.

That's "harem", user. Not "haram".

Checks out

Also I'm mobile posting, requesting a kind user to webm the videos

Mr. McAfee better fund or make a virus to fuck up the government kikes.

Literal retards. Oildrilling cuckold McAfee was already captured by the feds Literally look at the fucking source twitter account you actual brainlets.

Golden statues removed from roof, air conditioning in disrepair, scaffolding inside…. looks like Epstein decommissioned the place before McAfee showed up.

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No shit, look at the first post

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The dome was off after some storm, could still be repairs from that.

I should scuba on the downwind side of the island and see what I can see
See if I can find a dome and shit

Yeah, possibly.

Mad Man

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what a waste

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Holy shit this is a cheap ass larp.
Billionaire uses cheap laminate flooring and instead of having his temple built from blocks it's cement render badly painted. You literally couldn't do it any cheaper. That would be fucking embarrassing to take anyone to, and would be immediately obvious that you were fake and full of shit. A literal nigger with a cubic zirconium grill.

Getting played again. Theater.

What's your take?

It's a game, a distraction, a time sink, like Q.

It's probably why the dome blew away in a storm. Literally just fell apart from a gust of wind.

I think that's some kind of construction materials.

The real shit has got to be underground. (((They))) worship a volcano demon after all.

Moar close ups…
Bed or building supplies, anons?

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Hmmm explains the cheap building materials. Reminds me of anons trying to figure out who built it but almost seems home depot tier now

not a bed. zoom in on the 2nd pic

good theory though the island itself will serve nothing but a distraction from the air as all evil lairs do, you will get more with thermal imaging. And it does not matter who operates the drone, what matters is the plan for the images collected and perhaps I am wondering if that is part of getting ahead of the narrative.

You can see the rust stains on the wall from the nails holding the outside cladding together

I see two mattresses on top. Like a king size bed

Or a hollywood set, looks ok from a distance or panned shot, but up close, oh dear one wonders if they teach them how to color inside the lines at jewish schools.


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I know if I was running a kidde dungeon with lots of little beds to bang kids on, I would definitely want to get the things to the incinerator before they got confiscated as evidence. Lotso semens on them there beds.

Looks like six mattresses in two piles of three. They must go through a lot of those

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I first thought it was 2 single mattresses on a queen base, but I think it could be a stack of 6 singles.

I'm just saying if I were the type of nigger to be inclined to build a neo-babylonian rape temple on a private island, I wouldn't skimp on the construction costs. All things considered It really seems like the kind of thing you would splurge on to make nice as possible.

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lmfao based as fuck and antimalwarepilled
and of course there's a nigress with him


Good catch

Doesn't look like there's anything underground. The famous shack on the downslope of the temple's hill appears to be empty and stands alone (doesn't cut into the hill)

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Moar shed pics

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You can even see the concrete pad it’s built on

wires coming out of side of hill and directly out of the ground. something using a lot of power underground. shack probably houses fusebox or something similar

That looks like a generator shed.

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Lotta fucking cables for an empty shed… hmm….

Now that was unexpected. How much money did this asshole put into construction again? I'm shocked at how shitty this place actually looks close up.

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I don't think for one second McCaffee is the good guy in all this.
I think he flew the drone and the footage to show certain people what was on that footage.
You'd have a hard time convincing me that a drugged out billionaire didn't partake in some of the sweet teen virgin puss that was floating around that island.

No fucking way!

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The "temple" looks like a jacuzzi.


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The temple on top is the distraction. Seems obvious due to it's shitty construction. The sex slave temple is underground, where it's naturally soundproofed and can't be spied on through open windows. Get footage of his underground temple and we start getting the good shit.

the "temple" is probably just the entrance

The temple was the literal reason that most of us imagined it was a marble clad sex dungeon. It seems as though its sole purpose was to look good from satellite imagery.

Its clear it was never meant to host or be of use.
Was this meant to mislead us and distract us? Or was he trying to give off an air of prestige and enhance his own clout?

Friendly reminder anons save everything in case feds start trying to scrub evidence.

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perhaps it was to be an illusion from far away

And for gods sake update your archives more than once every six hours. you never know when them mods might "accidentally" delete the thread.

If you were a rich jew involved in sex slavery and you got caught, wouldn't you want your underlings to start getting rid of evidence?

No no user,
it's because Q said something at some point i time that resembles something that was said by one of the anons cousins who posted in a thread related to the topic.

If you are a billionaire you don't do faux, you spend as much as possible and write it off in taxes. Whether its a place to fuck kids or get a massage. And if you were fucking kids or getting a massage you wouldn't have seethrough glass.
This is thrown together. Fake as fuck, like the Kappy shit. A trail of breadcrumbs leading to nothing.

It looks like some shitty flooring laid. I’m not seeing elevator infrastructure

Yes I would, but the building itself is embarrassing, like the idea of some themed budget hotel in Hollywood.

I would be embarrassed to host someone at this location, especially high end clientele .

Exactly, do you think it was meant to distract plebs or give himself an air of mystery among the elite class.

Alternatively, this may tie in to the whole "lying about being a billionaire" thing. It's possible that the island is legit and the penny pinching kike simply cut every corner possible to keep within whatever LARP stipend granted to him by his masters.

Also, on a tangentially related note, Courtney Love was on Epstein's flight roster. Which is surprising, considering the woman actually found a way to become even more disgusting in my eyes.

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Truly. I expected anything nicer than this
This is shit tier tbh

Maybe it was just a movie set.

Mad Mc is going to make stuxnet look like a fucking joke. Watch out, kikes.

It honestly looks like an abandoned kebab restaurant up close.

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that she-beast absolutely killed Kurt
fucking cow

wtf makes you think this shit is biult to code? You can clearly see a spiral stair case.

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It's masonic deception on the masses, MTV for the new millenium.

>It turns out it really was a lumpy ass tennis court because he hired contractors from the parking lot of a home depot.
Probably not, but I'd laugh.

Ahh yes , I do see the staircase
I don’t see the physical hardware for a massive hoist and counterweights and big cables and all that
Staircase yes , elevator not yet.

It's possible that there's some sort of nigger rigged dumb waiter instead of an elevator proper.
Honestly it's hard for me to make out much past the scaffolding thanks to the window glare.

This place looks like shit. Some billionaire.
Not that you need a fancy place to fuck children though.

Sloppy fucking everything mossad
You disappoint me
Just some tacky jew extortionist helped by DoD and cia niggers

Reminder that this total net worth at the time of arrest wasn't even half a billion. I think what we are seeing with this island is the "poor nigger buying fancy rims for his shitty car" phenomena extrapolated to a globalist supervillain scale.

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Did she? See his body did you? Promoted bands are all part of the same system. The documentaries, the mystery ensuring the never ending sales of an artist that went out in their prime, never losing favor by making a shit album. Yeah he probably is dead. But for sure it was planned by people far smarter than Courtney Cunt.

You can clearly see

Ahh yes

See this is the problem. No you fucking can't clearly see. It's just as likely a piece of cardboard tube with gold paint around it to resemble an ornate column, given the rest of it I'd say that's far more likely, but you can't clearly see fuck all, you fuckwits.


Well look at Mr fancy here

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It looks like stairs to me , maybe not but it’s what that shit pic looks like

Both theories are plausible to me.

Not sure what you guys are expecting to see, he had world leaders over all the time. The victims told their story, there ya go.

It's not easy to get quality building contractors to make your pedo sex dungeon on an island in the middle of nowhere. Especially ones that won't snitch.

Likely it was just meant to outwardly look like a jewish place of worship as a "muh six million" excuse for the building.

the stairs are just next to the pole on the left.

whats with the obsession with elevators? Did you forget that stairs and ladders exist?

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Jesus, the doors look like they're spray painted on.

I made a single hypothetical statement. Calm down.

They are.

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Almost everything bought with stolen loot. The real issue is the Jewish judge and Jewish prosecutor @ rigged.

Also Barry Krischer needs to resign or whatever his name is

yeah it's weird to kind of wonder where the LARP begins and ends with all this. Like how much the religious stuff has ever been taken seriously vS just being a practiced LARP to rope in dopes that have something they want.

And initially this shitshack looked like an opulent babylonian temple. It isn't though. It's a shitshack.
Fake. How they portray what goes on in NK. Carboard cities for the cameras.
Microwave Point to point facing 2 different places and a transmit/receive antenna for a 2 way radio repeater system.

forgot pic

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Post your better pic then.

i thought this guy was a rizon pedo, self-declared homosexual and supporter/caller of the killstream

t. McAfee himself

Considering the fuck is a coalburner and is clearly promoting the racemixing agenda, I'm not surprised in the least. Why would a jungle fever faggot ever go against the jew?

t. you using a vpn to larp


doesn't take much thought to put together this puzzle.

This is absolutely awesome. If journalism still existed, this would have been done years ago.

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Maxwell's dad robbed investors
Epstein robbed investors, taking their pensions. The amount of wealth robbed by Jews has to be
beyond comprehension.

Trippy vid