Hitler was a good man

I have spent last few hours explaining to two friends the difference between the Rothschild Zionism and the Zionism of Adolf Hitler.

I told them that the plan of Adolf Hitler was to hold all the jews in camps where they would be used as slave labor until the end of the war where they would ultimately be forced to live in Israel. I was going to get into the doctrines behind this (rooting them to a land, trying to make them into a folk, etc.) but I'll get into the more later when I meet up with them again I only got into it briefly with them and I also mentioned the previous plans to put them in Madagascar and the 150,000 jews that served under Hitler (why would jews be in the military, even in high positions, and participate in a supposed genocide of their own people? No. Jews that were killed were communists, saboteurs, etc. a jew that behaved and did his work would not be killed no innocent jews were killed the jews were killed always for a good reason when they were, most just die of starvation (like the Germans themselves) near the end of the war.

Anyways, technically, one who wants all the jews to go to Israel instead of living amongst the gentiles being comfortable with their wealth and exploitation, is a zionist. I just want to make clear to my friends though that Hitler is a good nationalist man (every people their own nation working to their own good, NATIONAL SOCIALISM, not INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM). I also mentioned how Hitler respected the other nations and did not have a plan to "take over the whole world" or any such thing like that and also that the second world war began in the first place because of the mistreatment of ethnic Germans in Poland causing Germany to intervene and then the treaty of Versailles as well as tensions caused by Germany going against the Rothschilds banks causing the war to explode into what it became.

Hitler resisted the Rothschilds and is not part of the plan (Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion). I want that to be clear. He is not take over the world but respect every people, their sovereignty, and self-determination.

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What is the problem?

Hello fellow White Nationalists…

Will you actually address what I'm talking about instead of calling me a jew for no reason?

Was a single thing I said wrong?

The "Zionism" of Napoleon was also a mistake which came to Hitler's tenure. Both were unable to see the problem for what it was, as Goebbel's Journal reports there were still jews walking around Berlin in 1943.

Both couldn't find a solution, the next Leader will have to learn from the past and act accordingly.

You don't need to make a new thread for this.

The perfect Zionist homeland is Hell, of course.

It deserves its own thread, it is not easily answered.

EXACTLY. I do agree. As we say "the holocaust didn't happen BUT IT SHOULD HAVE". I'm trying to convince my friends first though the holocaust didn't happen (well, that is hyperbole, just not the official narrative of it). Later on I will get them to the final phase (it should have!).

Ever heard of Solar Zionism?

A homeland for the jews on the sun. We will send the jews into the sun. Heh.

Not surprised by this based on my research but haven't heard this before. Do you have a link to Goebbel's report?

Yes. This time they can't escape. They've been kicked out of hundreds of countries and always start the cycle over again every time.

The irony of them creating a globalized world is the next time they will have nowhere to run. They will be destroyed by their own lust to corrupt and destroy the peoples of the world.

Not according to Zig Forums

I can assure you they do not consider you a friend. You're the type of person to always speak and never listen.
I'm sure they often find you to be insufferable.
Who would consider anyone who lies to them a friend?

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I'm fucking Czech myself. I have my own stories about how they treated my great grandparents (from Opava). They were very kind to us and the German soldiers slept in the barn. The Soviets on the other hand killed one of my cousins and had forced my great grandparents out of the house and into the barn and had treated them like shit. You jew, talking shit like this! Czechoslovakia was spared from much of the bombing because Hitler loved Prague! Fuck, my mother even remembers my great grandparents loving the song Edelweiss. Hitler loved the Czech people.

WHAT LIES HAVE I SUPPOSEDLY MADE HUH SHLOMO? I tell the truth. Hitler's only sin was his heart was too big, too kind, too moral. That was his only fault.

One day the whole world will know Adolf Hitler was right and then they will take things a step further.

The fully reciprocal ethic doesn’t reproduce.

Also, Hitler ate shit. Literally. Going to prison broke him, but he discovered a way to make boredom-prone VIPs believe he was a perfect tool… or at least a perfectly amusing tool… and that was to eat their shit. He was totally broken and submissive in private, so the broken people in charge felt safe treating him as their superior in public.

The wikijew definition:


Zionism is the national movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel. Modern Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in Central and Eastern Europe as a national revival movement, both in reaction to newer waves of antisemitism and as an imitative response to other exclusionary nationalist movements.


The Jewish Virtual Library definition:

The term “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum.Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

This is the kind of Zionism I am talking about in reference to Hitler.

It goes on however:

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Zionism has come to include the movement for the development of the State of Israel and the protection of the Jewish nation in Israel through support for the Israel Defense Forces. From inception, Zionism advocated tangible as well as spiritual aims. Jews of all persuasions - left, right, religious and secular - formed the Zionist movement and worked together toward its goals. Disagreements in philosophy led to rifts in the Zionist movement over the years, and a number of separate forms emerged. Notably: Political Zionism; Religious Zionism; Socialist Zionism and Territorial Zionism.


From the above definition, Hitler is not anything other than a territorial Zionist. He wanted to put the Jews in their own land. He would not have supported the spread of Jewish influence/power, the spread of Judaism the religion, and I highly doubt he'd support the political goals of Zionists today. I am not sure about what socialist Zionism means but I doubt he'd support that either. I think he'd have just put them in Israel and then let them develop their own nation state but I doubt he'd lend as much support to that nation building as the Americans do today where they have become slaves to Israel.

Another source in case anyone has problems with the wikijew or the jewish virtual library sources.

From: merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Zionism


Fuck off with this jewish bullshit. Eat a fucking bullet already.

Btw your assessment of my character is completely opposite of reality. I'm the quiet person who reads and listens to everything, who always listens to both sides of an argument, who checks his sources and does his research, and who comes to as objective a view of history and truth and reality as one possibly can while admitting his own fallibility and biases. I read The Communist Manifesto and The Doctrine of Fascism and literally hundreds of other books which can be found in the Zig Forums libraries and done my research over a decade. I am careful about how far I reveal my power level and just tell people what they are ready to hear. I do not like to lie to anyone, if I ever pass on misinformation, that is not intentional. If you can rebuke me or correct me on anything I am saying I welcome it. People find me easy to get along with as well and speak well of me, even my enemies speak well of me, because I get along with everyone and am very diplomatic.

My friends are at a stage where they are really doubting the official narrative and I want to give them the redpills, the truths that is, as much as I am able to do so. I'm sorry if I've made you a little sad about Hitler or you think the holocaust narrative was actually real or the other lies about Hitler were real. That is your duty however to learn from his mistakes. He did the best he could for his time and he had the right values and a great heart. You should read The Enigma of Hitler by Léon Degrelle it speaks well to his character.

Not an argument.

Make an actual argument and change my mind. I want my mind changed on this anyways.

Fuck off. There' no fucking usernames here, faggot.

Read all the definitions of Zionism, research the history of Zionism, research what Hitler intended for the jews, and tell me I'm not correct according to the definition. I welcome correction on this issue.

Do you have links concerning Napoleon and Zionism that I should read btw?

Hey faggot, did you notice there's no usernames here? Maybe you should stop attacking my character and instead offer an actual argument of substance?

Jews control language and thought and you can't think or operate freely without jewish influence.

Give me a definition of Zionism that you approve of. I've given three different definitions from three different sources and I've made my case. I understand how jews manipulate and control language. So go ahead. Cite your own definition from a source you approve of.

I'm waiting…

the truth is goyim don't get a say in how zionism is defined, and its meaning can change as jews want it to. A bit like anti-semitism. Or racism. Or gender.

Hitler didn't care where they went as long as they were out of his Country.
He stated how if jews got their own country they'd just use it as a hub or a head quarters.

Look at the various ways it has been defined. Look at what it meant back then (not what it means today).

If you want, and you can find it, tell me a National Socialist German approved definition of Zionism.

If you mean to make the point that I should not use the word "zionist" or "zionism" in connection with describing Adolf Hitler, despite the fact he was trying to create a homeland for the jews, so that they'd stop being a rootless cosmpolitan parasite…. well you may have a case in terms of optics. However how do I address the topic then? Right now I have already made that blunder so I better elaborate that Zionists of today aren't the Zionists of 1890.

Now tell me this. According to the definition of Zionism given by Nathan Birnbaum, the very jew who coined the term, does Adolf Hitler count as a zionist or not? I am not read up on Nathan's writings (if he has any) so I don't know.

None of them. Fuck this Zionism bullshit. End it all.
You fucking asswipe. Sitting here trying to argue over the definition of zionism.
Who gives a fuck what they call it.
We crush the jew and their muslim pets for the injustices thay have committed against our people!

There is no other definition for Zionism because it is a jewish invention.
When a jew tries to explain something to another jew he uses jewish terms, words, etc. to effectively communicate so the other damn jew can understand.
There is no "Zionism of Hitler" because Hitler was an anti-zionist.

I'd suck Hitler's dick.

Technically, no. However, until you convince me otherwise, this is my assessment of the truth for the time being. You are being a pain in the ass by refusing to help facilitate my own search for truth and clarity though.

A point which I made by mentioning Madagascar. Still he was (((influenced))) towards sending them to Israel.

Now that you mention it I think he might have. Do you have a quote on that?

Is that his exact words?

…but wasn't that his plan or do you think his real plan was to disperse them all over the world or do you think his real real plan was to genocide them? I don't believe he actually intended to holocaust them which seems to be what you're suggesting to me.


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If you refuse to define your words for the sake of clarity then you're being very jewish. I do not personally support any kind of Zionism as I don't believe the Jews should, after all their endless crimes against humanity, continue to plague this world. However if you look at the definitions of Zionism, especially the definitions that were more common to the time period Adolf Hitler lived in, and you look at what Hitler's solution to the Jewish problem was… that solution could be called Zionism (giving the jews their own homeland).

BTW if I asked you to define gender, could you do it for me? Would you, after I give a sane definition of gender based on chromosomes, refuse to go by that definition and leave your terms undefined?

This isn't even an argument. This is you attacking me with ad hominem. Ad hominem isn't merely insulting someone btw, it's literally substituting insults in place of an actual argument, which is what you do.

The exact word doesn't matter. The definition DOES. If you don't want to go by the definition jews have of zionism, then lets go by the definition YOU or a source that you approve of gives for it. DEFINITIONS MATTER AND REFUSING TO DEFINE YOUR TERMS IS TYPICAL JEWISH TRICKS.

Yes but the fact is that the holocaust didn't happen. It should have; but it didn't. There was no systematic plan of extermination of the jews.

Define Zionism in your own words. Was Hitler "anti the jews having their own homeland"? Wasn't the very definition of Zionism, before the Jewish homeland was created, "those who wish to establish a homeland for the jews"? Yeah, now it has changed to mean people who support Jewish interests. However in the time before Israel was created, Zionist had I believe one definition. "The establishment of a homeland for the Jews".

Nope, Zionism definition is the creation of a jewish state in Palestine/Israel.

It has nothing to do with a jewish homeland.

Stuck in a never ending cycle of jewish minded trash. Society is enveloped in a jewish ethos.

You fight for your own people, your own country, and your own culture.
It doesn't matter who it is that opposes you, jew or not, you annihilate them.

After WW2 it has been nothing but jew this, jew that. A jew here a jew there.
I grew up being taught about jews. I'm not even fucking jewish!
Fuck this jewish bullshit. You oppose all who unjustifiably oppose you. The ones who are doing it right now just so happen to be jeish.

The red pill that Hitler was Zionist is too big for most anons to swallow

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What in the fuck happened to this board? Jesus fucking Christ dude.

And this nigger is allowed to post freely.

I swear to fucking Gods dude, this board is actively being sabotaged by the people who run it.

Which is exactly what Hitler did.

Aren't you saying the exact same thing twice? What is the difference?



Well what do you know. Is there more information about this btw? That article is very sparse on info.

The other article you link is Russian and I can't read it…

May you die in a fire.

Die in a fire modnigger.

There is no information, he's a faggot shill.
Hitler was a Zionist in as much as I am, in that I fucking hate jews and would rather they be just about anywhere but in my country.

Mein Kampf, V1, Ch11

Slowly fear of the Marxist weapon of Jewry descends like anightmare on the mind and soul of decent people.
They begin to tremble before the terrible enemy and thus havebecome his final victim.

The Jew's domination in the state seems so assured that now notonly can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his raceopenly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie.

For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim.
It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the German, Frenchman,or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race.

Once, as I was strolling through the Inner City, I suddenly encountered an apparition in a black caftan and black hair locks. Is this a Jew? was my first thought.
For, to be sure, they had not looked like that in Linz. I observed the man furtively and cautiously, but the longer I stared at this foreign face, scrutinizing feature for feature, the more my first question assumed a new form: Is this a German?

As always in such cases, I now began to try to relieve my doubts by books.
For a few hellers I bought the first antiSemitic pamphlets of my life.

Unfortunately, they all proceeded from the supposition that in principle the reader knew or even understood the Jewish question to a certain degree. Besides, the tone for the most part was such that doubts again arose in me, due in part to the dull and amazingly unscientific arguments favoring the thesis.

I relapsed for weeks at a time, once even for months. The whole thing seemed to me so monstrous, the accusations so boundless, that, tormented by the fear of doing injustice, I again became anxious and uncertain.

Yet I could no longer very well doubt that the objects of my study were not Germans of a special religion, but a people in themselves; for since I had begun to concern myself with this question and to take cognizance of the Jews, Vienna appeared to me in a different light than before.

Wherever I went, I began to see Jews, and the more I saw, the more sharply they became distinguished in my eyes from the rest of humanity. Particularly the Inner City and the districts north of the Danube Canal swarmed with a people which even outwardly had lost all resemblance to Germans.

And whatever doubts I may still have nourished were finally dispelled by the attitude of a portion of the Jews themselves.

Among them there was a great movement, quite extensive in Vienna, which came out sharply in confirmation of the national character of the Jews: this was the Zionists.

It looked to be sure, as though only a part of the Jews approved this viewpoint, while the great majority condemned and inwardly rejected such a formulation.
But when examined more closely, this appearance dissolved itself into an unsavory vapor of pretexts advanced for mere reasons of expedience, not to say lies.

For the so­called liberal Jews did not reject the Zionists as non­Jews, but only as Jews with an impractical, perhaps even dangerous, way of publicly avowing their Jewishness.
Intrinsically they remained unalterably of one piece.

In a short time this apparent struggle between Zionistic and liberal Jews disgusted me; for it was false through and through,founded on lies and scarcely in keeping with the moral elevationand purity always claimed by this people.

The cleanliness of this people, moral and otherwise, I must say,is a point in itself. By their very exterior you could tell that these were no lovers of water, and, to your distress, you often knew it with your eyes closed.
Later I often grew sick to my stomach from the smell of these caftan­wearers. Added to this, there was their unclean dress and their generally unheroic appearance.

All this could scarcely be called very attractive; but it became positively repulsive when, in addition to their physical uncleanliness, you discovered the moral stains on this 'chosen people.'

In a short time I was made more thoughtful than ever by my slowly rising insight into the type of activity carried on by the Jews in certain fields.

Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it?
If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like amaggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light­ - a kike!

The moderation staff are enemies and these kinds of threads are demonstration of as much.


Obviously he's not a Zionist in the 2019 sense but he was, technically, the old school kind of Zionist. You're going to have to prove otherwise (probably by proving the holocaust was a real thing).


That site claims the Holohoax happened. Do you need to know more?

If you do, allow me to summarize: The Germans didn't want Jews around and were willing to let them GTFO and go to Palestine because its better than having them In Germany.
Therefore, by this retarded Ivan's perspective, these were 'Zionists'… But the base and unquestionable disingenuousness with which one calls Adolf Hitler a 'Zionist' and uses that same term to describe one such as, say, John Bolton? Ludicrous.

It is a falsehood, an attempt to muddy history further than it ha already been muddied by Jewish intentions.
Hitler was no more a Zionist than any number of modern National Socialists – and others beyond – who say "I can't fucking stand these jews, and so long as they remain in my lands, my people remain jewed - may they get the fuck out as soon as possible, and if that means to Palestine, then so be it". To compare this to the shabbos goyim and hostile jewish factors wishing to carrying out, as Hitler describes, the creation of a base from whence to carry out their swindles is the utmost in underhandedness and scoundrelry.

That the moderation staff allows this nonsense, hiding behind the shield of 'free speech', is demonstration that this board is corrupt beyond recovery. Many, arguably most, already know this to be the case, which is why the board's user base has been shrinking rapidly, but some of us remain to point it out and remind those who've not yet seen the filth in a clear light: These scoundrels have taken control of this once-lovely board, and like the cowardly filth they are themselves, they seek to hide behind claims of 'freedom of speech' – a laughable notion, given their other improprieties in moderation activity – to avoid criticism of their dastardly efforts.

He was not a Zionist of any sort you knave, anymore than I am in desiring to get jews the fuck out of my lands.
I already did.

A perfect example of your underhandedness can be seen here:

That is not what Hitler did, by any measure.
That is what BRITAIN did.

Hitler was only involved in so much as he was willing to do works to see jews removed from his lands. It was the British who truly created Israel, and who were ardently 'Zionist' in the only meaningful sense of the word.

Yet you try to lay this upon Hitler? Laughable.

And then we have this bit:

How fucking ironically semitic of you, to simultaneously chastise a man for using poorly-defined terminology, yet you sling the word 'Zionist' around without any hesitation.

And it gets better:

Show me such a jew. Oh, you can't. They don't exist.
Thats the point.

Be gone, kike, and may the moderation staff who allows your subversive faggotry be stricken with Ebola and AIDS concurrently from their rampant sucking of nigger dicks.

What does V1 stand for?

That's exactly what Israel has become and he saw this all before it even began. Hitler is a prophet.

Why then, if he knew this, did he facilitate their removal from Germany to Palestine? Why did he not just kill them all? Why did he build camps?

I can relate to that.

Well this is very good for me to keep in mind. I linked myself various "jews against zionism" but, really, it basically comes down to the fact some jews realize such chutzpah is going to get them all killed.

So what was Hitler's solution to the Jewish problem then?

I welcome criticism. Also I'm not a mod.

Also, if you refuse to debate (this is an imageboard, it's for discussion, why even come here if you don't want to discuss anything) then everyone in the movement will get more and more stupid. It's when free speech is working that anons get more and more sharp and see shitty arguments rebuked regularly.

Okay. So I'm going to try to explain it like this to my friends.

"Hitler was not a Zionist. He just wanted the Jews gone from Germany. He built the camps to facilitate this. He did not care where they go, and he was not fervent supporter of Jewish interests or goals, but there were some Zionist Jews that wanted Palestine so the Germans agreed to send them there as a matter of expediency. This is not to say that Hitler or the National Socialists were Zionists; it's just the Jews are not German and they wanted them gone so Germany can be for the Germans."


Why do you ask this question when the answer has already been stated?

You remain a scoundrel and a shill, and your presence here belies that this board has fallen into the hands of similar figures.

Because he was not a fucking genocidal monster you faggot jew.

I bet you can.

No, and you seem to have failed to grasp it.
>In a short time this apparent struggle between Zionistic and liberal Jews disgusted me; for it was false through and through, founded on lies and scarcely in keeping with the moral elevationand purity always claimed by this people.

Deportation. He was a good man, and no good man turns to easily to genocide.
The sort of man who would outlaw vivisection of lesser animals – a noble act, to say the least – is not the sort to support a program of genocide upon a people who he finds detestable when other alternatives exist.
Deportation was the appropriate response. When deportation was made infeasible, at the very least in an immediate sense, the camps were created to concentrate the jewish numbers for care and maintenance, without concern of sabotage and the like. That nowhere seemed keen to take the jews, except where other jews had gathered, does not in the least suggest Hitler was a 'Zionist' – he was an anti-Semite, and if Palestine is where those jews had to go to get them the fuck out of Germany, then so be it.
I share that sentiment. Would you call me a 'Zionist'?

Clearly you would, for though you decry others for vagueness in verbiage, you yourself simultaneously use the same word to describe Hitler/myself in our desire to get Jews the fuck out of our lands and somewhere else, even if it means Palestine, as you also use it to describe people like John Bolton, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, those who support Zionism in the meaning of that word, the only meaning which has any meaning.
That you try to couch your scoundrelry with things like "old school" and the like, to give some semlance of justification for your wretched attempts to defame this great man, makes you the lowest of the low, and I wish the worst fate for you. One day, perhaps I will get to carry it out.

The camps were to bring them all to Palestine though right? What exactly were all those camps built for besides slave labor?

I defined it you fucking faggot. Look up further in the thread.

That's not my own words. That's the words of Brenton Tarrant. It's taken right out of his manifesto "The Great Replacement".

You realize if this thread gets nuked it'll just be a cover up of your own refutations to the shit I was thinking and you're effectively going to prevent other anons from waking up right? The "lets not ever debate anything, all dissenting viewpoints are just nuked" strategy is a good way for this board to turn stupid.


Liar again.
No surprise, given your expressions thus far.

Called it. You are a moderator and you're hiding behind the false shield of freedom of speech to spread your ichor, which holds no water in the face of moderation BRUTALLY censoring speech on a nigh-daily, nay, HOURLY basis.

The notion that 'freedom of speech' is something TRULY held to on this board is pure nonsense, and you know it. That your speech is allowed – this subversive attack upon the greatest opponent of jewry in the last century – is demonstrable of the fact that this place has collapsed. (As are the user figures.)

You are the sort of modnigger faggot who thinks threads wherein you LARP as a jew to attack Whites is 'beneficial'. You are a scoundrel and a fraud.

"Hitler was not a Zionist. He just wanted the Jews gone from Germany. He built the camps to facilitate this. He did not care where they go, and he was not fervent supporter of Jewish interests or goals."

FTFY and its just that simple.

Why the fuck do you keep asking questions which have already been answered you sniveling kike modnigger faggot?

And you did so in an incredibly vague manner you underhanded scoundrel. You employed vaguery to justify your shilling, just as you attempted to decry another for doing above, even though he was far less guilty of it than you.

And I'm asking you, nigger, SHOW ME SUCH A JEW.
You can't. Because they don't exist. That's the point.
I'm sure you think the "I'm an eco fascist who supports china" or the Navy SEAL copy-pasta were bereft of humor as well, eh?
YOu truly are a scoundrel. The commentary in that statement is profound: A jew in israel who is not attempting to harm Whites is no enemy… BUT NO SUCH JEW EXISTS. That's the point, the joke if you will.

A drastic improvement to this board, yes. Likewise if you were permanently banned.

But you won't be. And it won't be. Because you are a moderator.
I knew it the minute you held up the shield of 'muh free speech'.
And your presence here is unwelcome.

For you are a scoundrel.

No shit but still what were all the camps for?

Well I don't like to make big mistakes you know? I'm not a low-iq high-impulsivity nignog that can just make the most life-changing decisions without a second thought.

No I get it. I'm surprised also to see Hitler knew all this back then. I read through Mein Kampf before, but like the Bible, it's such a huge book that I can't remember it all from just one quick reading.

To Palestine, right? Actually now that I think about it, there were a lot of jews getting deported, who were searching for another country to live in and getting turned away by Canada and other countries that didn't want them.

Why couldn't they just build all the camps though in Palestine and send them all on a railroad straight to there?

Well me personally I'd rather just kill all the jews this time but if that turns out to be impractical then deporting them all to Israel works too (and then we can nuke Israel).

You'd be a fucking idiot to attack me unless your goal is to stop the eradication of the jew.

Why the fuck do you keep asking questions which have already been answered you sniveling kike modnigger faggot?

You are a big mistake you kike faggot.

No you don't.
You keep trying to shill that some jews oppose it, but the point is that they never TRULY opposed it – they were always still a monolith with regards to opposition to us.

To anywhere! Nobody wanted to take them. They had to go someplace, but where?
Madagascar was considered, as I'm sure you know. Several options were laid out. None were viable. Even the deportation to Palestine proved a failure in the long run.

Nobdy wanted these jews, so what to do with them?
Because Hitler was not a monster, even if he – like I and many others – despised the jews.

I didn't ask you. I asked you: Am I a Zionist? Do you dare call me such in the same breath as you use the term to describe Balfour or Bolton or Trump?
I doubt it, because to do so would make you seem all the more a scoundrel, and you know it.

You can't employ your vague verbiage now that you've called out another for it and been called on that in turn.

You are a jew, and you'd be a fucking idiot to think I'd believe any claims from some faggot trying to shill Hitler as a 'Zionist' as any kind of ally, you scoundrel modnigger faggot.

What the fuck is wrong with you? I’m sincerely trying to understand how you came to this disgusting and ridiculous conclusion. Where does this come from?

It reflects very poorly on you if you came up with such degeneracy yourself, but I am genuinely inquiring honestly why you would assert such a thing. It sounds almost like a goddamned parody of other lies made up (almost invariably by jews) post-war about Hitler. Does any source at all corroborate your laughable, though hideously gross, “ideas” as stated in the post I am replying to?

Does anyone question that the moderation staff is behind and supportive of this scoundrel's words?

I think not.

Stop attributing the words of Brenton Tarrant to me. Brenton Tarrant wrote that shit. So instead of saying "you dare to say" put "Brenton Tarrant dares to say".

I'd say it's carefully crafted optics as to signal his stance on the jews while not also causing the cuckservatives all over the world to freak out over his manifesto and not giving the jew very much ammo to go on in creating a narrative.

Why do you think I even reply to or read your posts if I supposedly am lying about not wanting criticism/feedback? The whole fucking point of my thread here is for that.

Well, I'm a mod on a different board of Zig Forums, but not on Zig Forums.

I am 100% against the retarded censorship and deletions the mods on here do. You are the one who wants more censorship and deletions. I wish that Zig Forums basically had no mods or that the mods would only delete pure spam like blacked.com posters, discord spam, porn spam and such.

I have not anywhere said that free speech is actually practiced on this board. I say what free speech is; and I wish the mods would actually uphold free speech. You are part of the problem though when you call on mods to censor things more. The way to deal with subversives and other filth on this board is to refute them not to censor them.

I believe in having multiple personalities and playing devil's advocate so that nobody can tell what my real views are so I can't be thrown in prison because I can always point to this or that to make whatever case suits me. I also believe in the purpose of the board as a place to refine rhetoric, discuss strategies, spread redpills, refute lies, and motivate one another to fight for the 14 words.

Ok then.

Understood. Well thanks for the new direction then, I may have to backtrack on some things I said, but hopefully when I explain they will get it.

I respond to stuff slowly so probably you are answering things before I finish writing my post.

Okay but seriously why couldn't they just send them all straight to Palestine and build everything needed right to house them there instead of having camps all over Europe? I'm just wondering.

I gave three definitions that I found from a DDG search. Wikijew, kike virtual library, and merriam webster. I couldn't find anything better. I thought the definitions seemed correct enough.

I'm not obligated to do so as to me there are no good jews and they should all be killed. Go visit Brenton Tarrant in the prison he's being housed in and ask him to show you such a jew, not me.


No shit. However the brilliance of the way it is written in the manifesto is such that it leaves (((certain people))) in doubt and yet is clearly understandable to true Zig Forumsacks.

Lmao you think I can be banned? I've been banned tens of thousands of times from various imageboards I've browsed since 2007. I just keep posting as if nothing happened. It only takes a moment to switch IPs. You are like an impotent mod cuck that thinks his banhammer means anything.

Not on Zig Forums I am not.

The mods of Zig Forums are compromised and against free speech and have been ever since the MAGA Trump shit started.

Hurf durf.

You brought them into discussion, I demand you engage them: Show me such a Jew.
You can't. Hence you squirm and writhe like a struck serpent.

That's how the game is played nigger, and I've been here long enough to know as much.
Do you think you are novel? No, surely not. Just more disingenuous commentary.

Liar again.

I don't believe a fucking word you say, scoundrel. I'd be a fool to trust you.

And you'd be a fool to hold this position, which I know you don't. Just more hiding behind the shield.

I don't.

Yep, you're the same fool I've argued with before alright. The way to deal with subversives is to refute them? HAH! Nigger, you do nothing but cede ground with that rhetoric, and you know it.
We've been over this before, and every time I raise this point, you scowl and squirm, like a serpent once more.

When you cede ground to the enemy on the basis of freedom of expression, and the enemy grants you no such repreive, specifically in our context, where there are but few places we get ANY reprieve while our enemies rule all around us, then you are doing exactly that: Ceding ground, allowing your opposition to use your principles against you. You know it to be true, which is why you promote it.
You want to cede ground. This very thread is pure subversion, an attempt to TAKE ground on behalf of foes – and you are the form of that foe, made manifest.

Translation: I believe in espousing falsehoods to promote 'discussion'… And, if I can hold up the shield of free speech to justify my expression of falsehoods, as per the claim that it is beneficial to generation this 'discussion', then I am a hero!

But no. You are nothing but a scoundrel.

There is no one to get it. You don't have friends, this isn't about generating a narrative to oppose criticism of Hitler, its about generating such criticisms and creating a context of justification of their presence, the presence of this subversive drivel, on this board.

I don't like you, but I can't stand to argue with someone who is so grossly underhanded any longer. Let it be known though, scoundrel: You are not welcome.


Already answered in another post.

That's uncalled for.

I'm not shilling that. I posted it once and I am corrected now and have dropped that idea.

Why did deporting them to Palestine prove a failure in the long run?

That's very strong language you're using there. If Hitler did kill all the Jews I wouldn't call him a monster. Unfortunately he did not. When you see that meme about the guy who was asked what it's like to take human life and he responds he never did because he only killed communists, do you think that guy is a monster? I don't. I think he's BASED.

You're definitely not a 2019 Zionist. How much are you willing to facilitate the jews though in going back to Israel? Would you have it that they get to leave and take their wealth with them or would you cease all their assets first, their property, etc. and send them to Israel with nothing? Would you pay for their deportation or force them to self-deport? Would you, if Israel didn't already have enough housing/infrastructure in place, support the building of apartments or similar in order to house them? Would you simply round them all up and dump them somewhere and not worry after that? Also how would you prevent the jews sneaking back in like so many illegals keep doing?

I have this ethnic cleansing manual in my library. It suggests just using artillery and other means to push the enemy all in one big group out of the country. Kind of herd them and make them self-deport while also killing some of them at same time. Very efficient.

Don't really care as this thread will eventually 404 and be gone and at this point it has already served my purpose, though I do hope other anons learn from this thread and its conversation.

I'm not vague. I define my terms and cite the sources.

I am not a jew and if you ever met me in person it would be fucking obvious at a glance but if needed I'd also have dna tests and family ancestry book that you could look in and see the first and last names and photos and portraits where they do exist.

Do you want every single anti-white post deleted so that Zig Forums can be declared not a free speech board but a white nationalist board which then gives more cause for us all to be vanned for being on here? I like to at least be able to hide behind plausible deniability but if you were a mod on here, you'd probably censor all the dissidents as hard as Zig Forums and other modcucked boards do.

This thread was fucking doomed from the start. OP, content in his position to enforce the stereotype of eternal faggotry started off the initial shitstorm by typing
In the first sentence of what was to be his blogpost. Hitler, through his deeds, was heavily anti-zionist, but the definition of zionist can be changed by (((dictionaries))) but lets just call a spade a spade, and avoid confusion; from hence forward:
Anyone who aids and abets zion, is, undoubtedly and by fucking definition of the word, a fucking zionist.
He could've done more but didn't. Agreed.
Also why is everyone using fucking reddit formatting in their responses? Posts taking up half a goddamn page just because of shit formatting alone.. The rest of the OP is a blogpost, and I find it hard to resist the thought process that OP just came here to post this because he wanted a pointless debate online. Again, great thread, great use of Zig Forumss catalog right now. This really deserved to be in QTDDTOT.

I do not endorse Zionism.

I embrace the idea of describing history as accurately as possible and using the correct labels.

You've already made your case as to why the Germans were not Zionists. I was thinking they were but basically it comes down to "anywhere but here, gtfo jews"

Are you saying that Brenton Tarrant's manifesto is anything but 100% perfect? It was very well received by so many people and I even made Brenton Tarrant stickers and talked openly about it with people and only one person got severely butthurt (a conservacuck btw).

What is "Zion" btw?

lmao doublespace hurt

When you're talking to people IRL you don't have time to think everything through and edit your thoughts so you sometimes get cornered and blurt out retarded shit. I made this thread to figure out how I'd explain the difference between what Hitler was doing and Zionism. Now I know what to say. The thread is still going on and on though because user wants to imply I'm a jew or a mod over and over.

Yes, it is far from perfect.
A couple of the major issues in his manifesto that I can remember are: 1) his admiration for the subhuman chinks, which is ridiculous and pathetic, and 2) his belief that the jew in pissrael is not his enemy, which is naive.

I am a good Northern European, who cares about the other crap?


By other crap you mean what exactly?

"He is not take over the world but respect every people"

Hello, non-White.

Oh look another jew rat obsessed with feces

Just as I said when I called him out on it earlier - it’s absolutely retarded garbage-posting! Not a single source in the world even comes close to suggesting such a disgusting behaviour is evidenced by Hitler.

crap is a colloquial term referring to refuse, or nonsensical information that has no bearing on the situation or discussion.

Shitler was a Zionist stooge. The whole fucking war, the holohoax and the rest were done to create Israel and exterminate Whites

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

Well we know he means it, look at the font he's using.

Glad to hear you are a supporter of Israel

So did the other races what point are you trying to make?

First off hitler ain't a zionist the dude called out zionism way to many times, those zionists also killed one of the ss
Then there were free palestine speeches and then there was mufti endless boycotting and backstabbing.
Him deporting kikes to madagascar and calling him a zionist would make less sense.

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Go die in a fire kike.
Try not to make it so obvious.

More like a lie

Same board that called adolf a freemason remember that thread got btfo and debunked?
Is no different here is simply the usual now unfortunately.

No, this is Zig Forums. Nobody talks about everything here. Good thread but you unfortunately wasted it by posting it here. Have fun being called a jew and a shill by brainless morons until the thread 404's.

Very good post user. Also there was Churchil's Zionism, which was to give Jews a free state.

Hey comrade, no one reads russian but you


This. Zionism is the kike's goal. They don't get their own homeland, they get jail cells or the gas. There is no mercy this time around.

Haavara Agreement. Your argument is invalid.

lol get a load of this kike shill

Loved it so much that he threatened to flatten it if the Czechs didn't surrender.
I am extremely suspicious of anyone of any nationality who claims to be a nationalist whilst also welcoming foreign occupation. To me, national sovereignity is of the usmost importance.

I see you Czech's haven't changed. Maybe that's why you lost your country? Thought you could toughen it out with Germany on your own? Well, you reap what you sow. See you on the Jew side.

I heard that Hitler died in Argentina and that Bariloche was the capital of the Fourth Reich.

The Fourth Reich according to Michael Salla book survived in Antartic.

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