'The European migrant crisis'

'The European migrant crisis'
a reality check dump for the lurking shills, researchers and journalists who think a few sob stories on state-immigration-policy-abiding television and social media is the only side of the story you need to know

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The problem is NOT wymyns rights, the problem is low T

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they are very well behaved. we need more migrants who have this behavior. it's not too late. we can change them. they come from troubled war torn countries. they are channeling their frustration. we have to love them and continue to help them. its okay if they don't speak our language. we can use gestures. if we employ them we will be rewarded by the government because its what they want.its okay if they kill me and rape my dog. i will forgive them

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I'm having a dejavu.

I have seen these images since 2014-2015, the fact they are still posted means we haven't progressed a single thing since 2014-2015.

It makes me sad tbh.

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Stop posting here. We moved.


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For some reason this doesn't seem to be a popular thread

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It's literally shit most people here have seen/read.

It can serve as a reminder

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The "crisis" only exists so long as the economy continues rolling along as is. We'll see how quickly people stop being generous once it affects their lifestyle and their bottom line.
Enjoy the last few years faggots, the sleeping goy has awoken.

Pretty sure he is still sleeping or IDK maybe just balless.

Do not allow them to play on your short term memory. Do this and you will lose the next election. Trump has to go regardless of who the other cand may be.

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This is probably the greatest issue right now and I no longer see it discussed on Zig Forums

Kikes are now settling them in smaller places and distributing them in more controlled manner so they don't arouse too much suspicion before they get an order to attack.

Jul 22 19
Wtf is going on in England?

Also I was just reading the SA news and it's weird how everything that's caused by diversity is blamed on Apartheid. Example, one headline said "apartheid destroyed Johannesberg's cycling culture."

Italy Hungary and Poland are based af. It'll be interesting to see how much pressure they put on them. So much for the non binding migrant pact.

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Does Europe even exist nowadays?

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(((they))) are trying all their trump cards to destroy the only politician that stopped the neverending flood of niggers that the left build in previous years, pic related.
They are framing his fellow party members even for unrelated bullshit (the latest attempt is a local version of Russiagate, kek), they try to ruin his party for past corruption stuff made by people that was there before he took control of it, judges impute him for "kidnapping" because he blocked some illegal niggers on a boat for a few days, catholic press literally depicts him as Satan on their magazines, media bash on him 24/7, and I believe that if he'll get too close to become prime minister (((they)))'ll unleash some crazy antifa on him and have him killed (antifa have been already threatening violence with graffiti, flyers and burning Salvini's effigies on the streets, and they also bombed a party branch injuring a sapper).

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Salvini is a beacon of hope in a mire of excrement. (((They))) are working overtime to discredit anyone in Europe who dares to stand up to the globalist agenda. On a related note, the Vatican should be annexed and its wealth seized for the betterment of Italia.

I hope the pope gets beheaded by muslims in St. Peter.

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The Vatican should be demolished and Pope Spic should be crushed under its stones.

not many people left on the site, and everyone has seen this stuff over the last 5+ years.
just imagine if there was a worldwide cull declared on subsaharans, the problem would be gone within a matter of weeks.

he's a false pope.
vatican being demolished by salvini would urge in the beginning of sanity.
kekd at your description though

Yes. Fuck the church

Jesus…. how have the Germans not taken matters into their own hands by now?

holy shit, this irony

This only shows that whites are weaker race than mudshits, like why in all of these rape cases there isn't a single, FUCKING SINGLE one where white man has beaten the fuck out of the scum?


So you should go with and support whomever can stop immigration.

Why don't you hope he gets beheaded by OUR OWN PEOPLE?

It was us he betrayed.
I also hope that we use the vatican to behead MANY if not all muslims. Fucking soak the ground in their blood. Let rives of it pour off that hill.

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Unfortunately (((Germans))) have taken matters into their own hands and globalism is the product. They are only loyal to one thing. But the blood of your average German is more royal than your average parasite, at this point (see the difference in behavior?), so we will lose nothing by killing them all (actually all parasitic trash needs to die) and then we can start over with ONLY the productive class.

You know that EVIL is protected BY THE FUCKING STATE you piece of shit.

Poetic justice, I guess.
You know the old "vicious snake" tale?

Yeah, well not a fan of either the (((catholic church))) or the (((muslims))) both are semitic, both are trash. I don't want our enemies to do the dirty work we need to do ourselves…besides they would probably fuck it up, since they are both subhuman.

They had a small Tarrant, but it was an iranian kid who removed kebabs. He tricked turks into a Mc Donald and shot them with his Glock. Probably surfed on cuck Zig Forums.
Read more here encyclopediadramatica.rs/Munich_Massacre

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But you are not viewing this from a higher perspective.
When Notre Dame burned every europen felt bad, even if atheist or not catholic. In fact (((MSM))) quickly bured the story as incident and it's never been mentioned again, nor any investigation is currently under the public scrutiny.
Now imagine muzzies chimping out in fuckin Rome, placing their filthy hands on the frail neck of the old man preaching about migrants and open borders.
This would accelerate things at hyperspeed.
Why do you think italians are still moderately quiet? Muzzies didn't dare to do stuff here, but at this point I wish a nigga would.

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because if someone does he gets called sloppy job mossad

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Most of us would laugh and it would certainly provide the cattle with a lesson on 'open borders'.

I'm much more useful outside of suspension, or else I'd kick off the match and score the first goal in a mesmerizing solo effort.

I certainly would.

They never mention the Rohingyas have ties to Al Qaida.. Better keep them in Europe.

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Worthy thread. Good sauce.

Here’s worthy data I’ll contribute.

66% of the refugees were military aged men. Don’t let end Jewish lies of “women and children” fool you. European nations must rise up against the Kalergi plan.

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Sorry to double post, but this was left out.

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bread archive


"Dunja" herself doesnt look very white. I would have thought she was an arab. FYI "Alexandra" who was murdered was lebanese in origin.

fuck off

Then leave so it quits happening.

I know it's a tired clique, but modern Europe really is the Weimer Republic 2. It's so bad right now, the only sliver lining is hopefully there's a response to this even stronger than what happened with the NatSocs, it's the only way Europe can survive at this rate.

Stop advertising your honeypot retard.

This. Mainly hanging around for nostalgia at this point. Actual discussion is all elsewhere.

youre just as dumb as liberals




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Trump has to go. He's trying to bail out some nigger and he's ignoring that guy who's being jailed as a political prisoner for reporting outside of a court house about a Muslim child grooming gang.

when do they think it'll even end? illegals, naturalized, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, mutts, centuries of trying to 'civilize' them, decade after decade, billions and billions of dollars, trying to "close the gap"
in australia, statistics don't even report race or country of origin, it's "country of birth" or "language spoken at home"
how timely, i needed a laugh

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I am fucking filled with hate for niggers and kikes. GAS GAS GAS


The problem with those stats is that various sandniggers claiming to be Syrian so that they're let in are counted as Syrian.

When europeans will be fully exterminated.
I am convinced mass purges, worse then South Africa, will begin in a few generations, when boomers will be gone leaving whites in full blown minority status and the armies will be filled with invaders to use as "legal" repressive force against the unarmed native europeans..

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Any versions of these pics with archive links? Also any English language sites to keep people up to date? Seems like in late 2018 European governments passed laws to shut down discussion on Grande Remplacement, bots patrol Reddit and 4chan looking to sink and slide threads about it and (((Breitbart))) has stopped reporting too

Epic thread!

Harrow: getwestlondon.co.uk/news/local-news/colindale-brothers-mohammad-imran-shabbir-6240834
Bury: manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/three-men-charged-over-sexual-6523744
Stevenage: thecomet.net/news/child_trafficking_trial_set_for_stevenage_trio_1_3589339
Burton: derbytelegraph.co.uk/men-Burton-convicted-child-exploitation/story-21176480-detail/story.html
Chesham: bucksfreepress.co.uk/NEWS/11170623.Four_men_convicted_of_sexually_abusing_schoolgirl/?ref=rss
Leeds: yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/twelve-in-court-over-leeds-child-sex-probe-1-6652432
Blackburn: itv.com/news/2012-05-09/nine-men-jailed-for-grooming-girls-as-young-as-13/
Blackpool: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1374443/Police-hid-abuse-60-girls-Asian-takeaway-workers-linked-Charlene-Downes-murder.html
Preston: lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/uk_national_news/10418592.display/
Nelson: pendletoday.co.uk/news/crime/teen-girls-in-grooming-case-abused-in-nelson-and-colne-by-sex-gang-1-4537508
London: dailybalenews.com/2014/02/28/asian-grooming-gang-held-girl-captive-and-repeatedly-raped-her/
Barking: standard.co.uk/news/crime/child-prostitute-ring-groomed-and-then-raped-vulnerable-girls-8644315.html
Derby: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1333537/Nine-men-Derby-jailed-grooming-100-sex.html
Peterborough: bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-25659042
Bradford: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2749626/Gang-trafficked-13-year-old-runaway-hotels-flats-Bradford-turns-abuse.html
Bristol: bristolpost.co.uk/Eleventh-Bristol-man-accused-child-sexual/story-20445962-detail/story.html
Coventry: express.co.uk/news/uk/419174/10-men-accused-of-exploiting-girls
Bolton: theboltonnews.co.uk/news/12908055.Report_reveals_how_Bolton_taxi_drivers_were_investigated_for_grooming_and_child_sex_offences/
Middlesbrough: thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/11009663.Three_Middlesbrough_men_jailed_for_grooming_underage_girls_for_sex/?ref=var_0
Aylsebury: bbc.com/news/uk-england-33656802
Halifax: halifaxcourier.co.uk/news/crime/child-sexual-abuse-ring-in-halifax-25-men-charged-police-reaction-1-7096362#ixzz42ztRnuvm

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