Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM

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Comments from the representative of New Africa:

Globalism really kind of fucked up by covering for corruption. Almost nothing matters more than integrity - I say that as a globalist. A current globalist, do you understand? Not a globalist in dissent, not a pissed off skeptic, but a globalist who is presently satisfied that globalism has recovered its integrity.

Brexit was a bad idea and it shouldn’t have happened. Europe is ducking beautiful. But when things go wrong in darkness, the lightside frays, too.

Boris is the jew's man in Britain.

But not if we are at war with Iran over the swedish ship, with our ally the eu armed forces. And in our glorious combined victory we will see the sheer folly of leaving our loyal partners.


Yeah, Turkey's really suffering without the massive gibs immigrants would have sent home. Those poor people.

This is a fucking two year old article. Sage this nonsense.

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Wait I thought muslim good? Now muslim bad again?

muslims are only good for one thing: killing jews… and most of the time they can't even be trusted to do that, preferring instead to rape their goats

So muslims are not good after all?

The only muslims that kill jews are HAMAS.


Bris Joohnson

"united kingston" is fucking perfect though

Almost feels like win

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Boris is a descendant of muslims and jews, what could go wrong?

He looks white to me.

you misspelled Hezbollah. hamas are just 9yr olds with rocks and their 13yr old brothers with bottle rockets. CWC could kick their asses

Will he be the first jew PM?

Yet HAMAS is the one killing jews while Hezbollah chills when jew F-16 bombs Syria.


Hezbollah killed so many jews so very well for so long that the kikes had to pull out of lebanon and trick the US into attacking Syria, all so those munitions keep getting to Hamas 13 yr olds who usually just blow off their own fingers anyway

They killed so many that they have been crickets since 2006.

Meanwhile, HAMAS keeps killing jews at a steady rate with literal bottle rockets.

The absolute state of cucks.

no, that was Benjamin Disraeli

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well, they're busy defending their border and helping syrians get iranian munitions to the incompetent faggot teenagers that man hamas. as far as killing jews, seems to me these days both hamas and hezbollah do the same shit: incompetently lobbing munitions into israel and maybe hitting a swingset

how many jews do you actually imagine your buddies are killing? please. fucking arabs are nigger-tier

As said, HAMAS kills jews via fucking bottle rockets and actually strikes fear into the jewish population.

Hezbollah does nothing but pay for internet propaganda to prop up their victory in 2006. Meanwhile, jew F-16 flies UNCHALLENGED in Lebanon airspace.

Hezbollah is an attention whore while draining international funds, while HAMAS gets shit done with nothing.

i don't think they kill jews, tho. where are all these dead jews? did nazis teach hamas secret cremation trick

If you use that logic, all the jews in Israel are immortal because there's never proof they are ever dead.

where the dead ones killed by hamas, tho? where? is conspiracy to hide it?

There's a list here that you can check.

Another kike puppet elected! Congrats Israel.

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so, they've killed like 3 jews since 2006? am i to be impressed?

forgot link,_by_year

Yeah, because they did it with nothing while Hezbollah has killed ZERO kikes since 2006.

Subhumans. We must do what OUR Knight Commander ordered us, and join forces with our Zionist brothers. Those that hate Israel should know the strength of our bond. Even PUR Saints never badmouthed Israel or its Jewish people.


Except Breivik did it to pin the blame on Zionist, and he succeed.

that's correct but the rest of your post is… quite flamboyant

But, there were quite a few bombings where no one died but the Palestinian. just face it, arab dogs are worthless for killing jews, long term. that's why the white man will have to do it for you. or, if we don't, probably the chinks will


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Never said otherwise, my only point is that HAMAS still does more than Hezbollah ever did.

LAWL, nice shop fag.

But yes, he pretended to be a zionist in order for the press to blame zionists. Surprise, you caught his bait.

Mad kike will now seethe.


the six pointed star as a magical symbol far predates its use by kikes, just like the 5 point star long before (((satanists)))

there are 6 point stars on medieval cathedrals – i'm pretty sure that I saw one on the same building that had statues of little jews suckling on a pig

well, if we both can agree not much termite riddenation and parasite elimination going on, then I suppose at least hamas still tries. i guess that's fair

Russia. You're better than this. Hire me so this doesn't happen again.

This is a non-white.

This is a kike.

its so obvious you're not white, muhammed. i'm guessing edgy turkroach. how close am i?

And it is obvious you are a kike as well.

Sure thing Mohammad.

Sure, Moishe.

don't lie. there is not one white man on earth who would argue for hamas like that, amir. and, h8/pol/ is well-known for having non-white lurkers and posters, here I think for the "antisemitism," esp a huge contingent of arabs of some type, many confirmed to be turkroaches

what's wrong? are you afraid to be honest with us?

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Lawl, saying Hamas has better killcount than Hezbollah is not praising Hamas, Moishe.

Why do you hate Hamas so much?

sandnigger iq

This is a kike.

Ruh roh

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Justify globalism.

Literal "melting pot" mutt.

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c'mon, emir. you were sucking hamas dick so hard… other user was arguing for hezbollah as a joke, just to see how hard you'd argue, because we all wondered if you weren't nonwhite. idk why other user pointed it out

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Sure, Moishe, I have said my piece.


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This falacy of "giant waking up" is being used in many countries by the jewish puppets. Always confront anyone spewing this.

Why deny something I'm not, Moishe?

The UK is absolutely cucked under May, it MIGHT be getting a little better with Boris.


The eternal boomer strikes again. Day of the pillow now.

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alright, turkroach. you're boring me. have a RAID-free evening

OK Moishe, know that I have a lie-repellent coat.

ur exoskeleton?

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Absolutely disgusting.

No, a coat.

But an exoskeleton would be nice to have tho.

3 jews? what about the 7000 jews? those Hamas rockets killed 440,000 jews last week, and what about the 6,000,000 the week before?

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They are only hiring people interested in working to help Chelsea Clinton become POTUS.

that's actually hair (or fur). its what animals have. you have it bc ur basically a nigger

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Nah, I want a fucking exoskeleton, like pic related.

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but only white societies can create such things, turk

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Are jews just gonna hop around indefinitely ruining nations and moving on to the next one?

Depends on your actions. Are (((they))) going to, user?

Lineage is Circassian and Swedish stock.

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What is the relevance of the picture to this thread?

He's a khazarian turk with grandparents that are rabbis. And he was born in USA.
Stop lying.

The EU is the neo liberal mafia. Open borders fanatics.

Quite a few panjeets in his cabinet also - so it looks as if Britain is falling, since we know that once a company begins to employ panjeets into middle management, then that signals the beginning of the end for said company.

typical ignorant shill
this whole thread is one big shillfest, man, how this site has sunk

Ive watched my country severly decline over my lifetime (of course its been on a decline for centuries) and I feel powerless to do anything thanks to the combination of nanny and surveilance state we have here. You feel threatened to speak your actual politics in public but at home everyone is very open about how shit the world and our country is.
Any advice for what to do? All our politicans are scummy career politicians working for kikes in the interest of israel and you cant fight back or protest because you can be arrested for naughty words on twitter or misgendering someone accidently.

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You didn't know his love for pajeets. Good thing he never had kids with his ex sihk mutt wife

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As vile and treasonous as these two might be; the fact that his grandaddy was a mudshit, and she's a sikh, and that they are both whiter-than-your-average-American (and in fact whiter than a good amount of genuine Europeans…) just goes to show that white people always rise to the top (without 'affirmative action' anyway).

It's just a shame that they are demented white people with no sense of morality or dignity.

posted 4 hours before (((You)))

We have a mayor.

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That's really sad.

She's probably been fixated on the 00Nigger news.

Put me in Number 10.

Cuckistan is still a shit hole.

Be even more of a cuck than you already are, I'm sure it will improve things.

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hi moshe, still peddling your D&C I see

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There will always be an England
and England shall be free
if England means as much to you
as England means to me


Congratulations, you're today's lucky winner of a culturally enriched classic for modern Britain.

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She knows way more about London than she is letting on.

Yeah with that retard gobblydegook I can see why you are a "globalist" or as we who are not brain dead boomers rightfully see you - an imperialist and a zionist.


You Brits got rid of Theresa May and replaced her with Boris Johnson?