Original Jordan Peterson manifesto

Before JP's mass-market "12 Rules" there was "Maps of Meaning". And before "Maps of Meaning" there was "Gods of War".

This is the original manifesto before he retooled it for public consumption, made themes more subtle. Bet there are lots of statements no one is looking at.

Trying to get a copy but all seem to have been scrubbed…

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first i'm hearing of this. any evidence?

There's a Usenet post from April 1995.

References long-dead FTP site.

What's strange is that the Wayback Machine has entries for the included web link but they've all been blanked.

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How many kills did he got? I don't read just any manifesto.


Jordan lists 15 books that must be read. #8 is The Painted Turd by Jerkoff Kozinski

On Quora, Jordan Peterson was asked the following question:

What is the most shocking book you have ever read?
His answer:

The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski. Hands down. I’m no fan of trigger warnings. Ever. But this book is shocking enough to produce seizures. I’m not joking. You’ve been warned.

It’s a semi-autobiographical account of Kosinski’s post-war experiences in Eastern Europe as he wandered through the wreckage as a child.


Jesus I can remember when this Kosinsky shit stain was constantly being thrust in our faces. You have no idea what a relief it was when he was finally revealed to be a liar and a gross plagarist and then he committed suicide.

And this is the trash that Jordan idealizes. Fuck him.

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The good news is that this entire thread is just beating a dead horse. Zig Forums/pol/ dealt with Peterson in a very conclusive and comprehensive manner over a year ago. That's why you never hear of him any more. He's done.

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Checked and kekked
You can judge a man and his books by his killcount

Those are the polished version. I want the original one from his 1996 FTP/Gopher.

Maybe it was morally true but not factually true.

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Ted Kaczynski
Ship of Fools


Jerzy Kozinsky really has a neanderthal face, doesn't he? You guys woke me up to this shit but now that I'm aware of it, it sort of jumps out at me.

They really are the worst, most self-absorbed fantasists ever to walk the earth.

In regards to JP, he is the most obvious case of a charlatan I've witnessed in years.

Well he's neutered a few million white kids.
Does that count?

Elaborate, I never saw this.

You have to understand, there is a war going on, these are war by other means. Jp prob knows the book is trash, but thinks it will kill amalek faster if he says its big titties

Many anons have shown in various ways how he is too afraid to acknowledge the conclusions of his own logic, more still have gone to great lengths to discredit him as a gatekeeper and controlled opposition. The latter typically have weaker arguments

bumping for "gods of war". probably based on holohoax narratives

how the hell do you know what a neanderthal face looks like? you don't

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jbp also talks about books like "mans search for meaning" which are very clearly complete bullshit. Unfortunately, he is very influenced by the jews. He still conveys bits of truth but learning from him his like distilling snake venom for hydration.

DNA testing shows that only whites have neanderthal DNA. it's not present in any other race without admixure. Research also shows that neanderthal was stronger, smarter and likely more compassionate than cro magnon.

If that doesn't sound like white people to you, you're probably a fucking jew.

jews have neanderthal DNA. If we are going to be factual about this topic, then we must admit that only a small group of subsaharan africans and australian aboriginals do not have neanderthal dna. This is a a pretty big red pill if you don't fuck up the details, but if you start making up bullshit you just sound like another white trash supremacist creating justifications. Whites are the living descendant of neanderthals, it's true, but human species have not gotten so far that interbreeding is totally impossible, so most humans have at least some neanderthal dna.

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All his buddies are jews, he was heavily promoted, and there's only one entity that can do that, oh and he speaks at Friends of Israel meetings.
So there's that.

I have this book in the room right now.

>muh jewseph campbell for vidya-game attention-spanned freshmen (((heroisms)))
How about you eat shit and then continue eating shit until you die, you spiritual eater-of-shit kike fuck.

Why don't you share the outline of the argument if it's so conclusive?

Your proofing being… jewtube views? haha fucking newb. All the cunts who followed him were like you and already cucked.

Nice case of cognitive dissonance you have there. HIS OWN WORDS and who he associates with is a weak argument? Just fucking neck yourself.