Reject the Blackpill


I know this board and others like it have been filled to the brink with shills and glowniggers, all trying to demoralize you. Maybe they want you to kill yourself. Maybe they want you to take some others with you before you go, so that they have more justification to take out the movement as a whole. But they DO want you to lose hope. To accomplish that they will take every loss they can find and throw it at your face, hoping that you believe it. They'll compare you to an incel. They'll say you've already lost. They'll say that even the zoomers won't be on your side. I'm here to tell you that they are wrong.

People are waking up. More and more cuckservatives are being pushed further right. Heads like John Stossel and Steven Crowder have talked about Intelligence and Genetics, specifically referencing the Bell Curve. You may have noticed your Libertarian friends start to talk about morality after seeing child drag shows. Gender Equality, Race, and Transgenderism is being pushed too fast, and normal people are noticing. They're not happy and they're starting to push back. They got cocky after Obama and gay marriage. Throwing subversion out the window they went full force. Once the average person has their world view shattered, they start to question everything, and soon enough they'll find a lot of science about things they were always told was "unscientific".

Do not lose hope. People are starting to see the truth. Despite what many say, we are winning. And in order to keep winning, you're going to have to work hard, better yourself, make some money, make some babies, and drop redpills like you've never dropped before. You have to help finish the fight.

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Honestly, Zig Forums is full of blackpills (muh false flag, muh Trumpkike, muh jews, muh base muslims), but that blackpill is gone as soon as you start walking on the road and see white people.

As long as white people exist, hopes live on, there's no point in getting mad over it.

childless unmarried men are both ideal and unfortunate in waging war

at the risk of being called a demoralizing shill..
sorry user, rome is burning and i wont stop training just because i still see people my skin color

I've been pretty whitepilled since a mob of blonde blue eyes whites chanted "send them back" while referring to black and browns born on US soil and have every (((legal))) right to remain.

Avert your eyes, user.

See the good thing, not the bad things. Don't let your mind be clouded by depression.

Seriously. Trump maybe manipulated by kikes, but his presence as a symbol for White Americans had probably helped push the overton window in our favor, at least for conservatives. It's even better that he's probably going to win the next election as well.


I've been black pilled so long that I've found there's a stage that comes after it, a mix of peace, self-improvement, self-reflection, wisdom/understanding, new perspectives, true freedom, and contentment. It's leveling up to a level no one knew existed. The black pill is like the evolutionary equivalent of hell difficulty. Most people can't get past it because the black pill kills the weak.

Yep. This world is for those who are willing to fight for it. Never - ever be blackpilled. Strength is life, and weakness is death.

Anons here need to just get on /sig/ if they feel down, then get off the internet/computer immediately and go do some productive activities. Also, go out there and make something of yourself. Go help people. Go amass wealth and fortune for yourself. When you're powerful then fight (((them))) and break their system apart.

We need alternatives to (((silicon valley))) platforms that will celebrate free speech, better alternatives to jewtube, we need a media that isn't controlled by jews, we need a congress that is loyal to United States, not Israel. So there is a lot of work to be done - And all you redpilled anons here are very much needed here. For that you have to get out there and participate.

Shitposting on Zig Forums all the time will achieve practically nothing for this world or your own life..unless you are actively creating redpills and OC and spreading them in normiesphere which is also good work.

Point remains - Seek self improvement and never - ever stop fighting for a better world.

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i can agree with this, i was semi suicidal and instead channeled that nihilism into reading books about the history of jewry and /sig/, now i live to be the best version of me to fight in the minecraft war

ya ya theres still moments (like a white family with a golden retriever walking in a park etc) but the lows are more common than the highs
this is in the city btw

Honkpilled here.

Live for Nothing, or Honk for Something.
Your call Lads.

user in pic is a faggot, tho. i can't stand ppl like that

"Jews" are not a "black pill". That is the name of humanity's dire predicament. It's a childs game to assume your soft edge for others. And a womans game to demand it. Some are injured only by witness to the willingness of meek servitude, to see the depth of gods creation in its most vulnerable abuse. True slavery is to convince slaves they are not. While there is here, no world of truth and honor, they exist, those two things, unheld as token, remain everlasting. They cannot be granted, attempts at forgery render the most capable into thin air. Although seemingly abstractions, truth and honor are as solid and recognizable as steel. They are bridges which cannot be erected over safe ground but must be built across the lustful lure of the abyss of deceit, betrayal, cowardice and malingering-failure. Once they are spanned, they provide the path for the weak. If your hand cannot lift to meet the blow of the hammer then let it fall upon your head. Let there be no witness but that enemy and the creator when your children are dashed against the rocks.

That's called Stoicism, fren

you're on the way to be a godman, user. don't listen to this faggot – you are becoming ubermensch

Even my girlfriend who was an art major and feminist is a TERF and last night I even got her to earnestly say "I fucking hate jews."

The reason the Left has been able to dominate culture and the public narrative for so long is because the Right basically allows them to. The Right doesn't challenge the Left in any meaningful way because the Right have a suicidal passive mentality. The Right tends to mind their own business and live in their own little bubbles isolated from the culture war, which allows the the Left to conquer "territory" unchallenged. The Left has basically achieved "air superiority" many years ago. The Left controls all the social infrastructures that influence public perception and opinion like Hollywood, mainstream media, schools, etc. The Right still thinks the Left deserves to be treated with respect because of the "my fellow American" mentality. This is extremely naive thinking. Respect is earned and the Left is completely undeserving of respect. It would be immoral to respect those so undeserving of it. The Right still clings to old rules of conduct like the golden rule of "do not do onto others that which you would not want done to you" and "turn the other cheek" etc. The reason the obedience to the old rules of conduct is so dangerous is because they critically handicap fighting ability and you need everything in order to win because this is a fight to the death. It's a fight for the future of western civilization. You must be willing to do necessary evil. Common courtesy and decency must be abandoned because it can't be afforded, the stakes are far too high. Fighting clean is suicidal in a real fight. Never fight fair. Always seek to gain an advantage and/or force the enemy into a disadvantage before fighting. Leave fair play to sports. An extremely dangerous expectation that seems to be prevelant among the Right is the expectation that this is all going to blow over and everything will return to normal. This is as insane as expecting cancer to just magically disappear. The only solution is extremely aggressive and unrelenting counteraction until the target is destroyed. Another dangerous expectation prevalent among the Right is the expectation of an actual civil war. If you're waiting for a literal civil war before you begin fighting then you've already lost. Too many among the Right think their political abilities are limited to simply voting. But voting is just the bare minimum. The vast mojority of citizens political power is social activism. The Right's social activism capabilities are very weak compared to the left's. The Right lacks the cohesion that enable the Left to fight like a professional army while the Right are more like Native American warriors that fight individually instead of soldiers that fight as a unit. Individualism is a very serious weakness. Collective action is greater than the sum of its parts. Collectivism is a force multiplier. It was only after the creation of the Continental Army that the colonists were actually able to seriously challenge the British. Another problem with the Right is that they seem to only react defensively to the Left's initiative and almost never counter attack in any substantial way. You can't win a war by only reacting defensively to the enemy. You must seize the initiative by attacking the enemy and force them to react defensively to you. Another problem of the Right is their over-reliance on "champions." These "champions" are the few outspoken right-wingers that have gained notoriety. But they are too few and vulnerable to censorship. So everyone among the Right needs to consider themselves a soldier in order to decentralize. Do not expect others to fight for you while you sit on the sidelines.

tfw ive been trying to larp THIS EXACT MEME for a couple years now. its tough man, i absolutely have my vices but that doesn't mean that i have to be ok with you fucking chlidren so

have you developed a TERF→NAZI pipeline, user?

i am not a woman

Strangely kind of. She was showing me the article this old lesbian friend of hers sent her about how the Pritzker family (which includes the Illinois Gov) and how rich people were making money off trans stuff. I thought it was quaint that the old lesbian lady had this conspiracy theory about "old rich white men pushing trans shit on people to make money off selling hormones." Apparently, J.B. Pritzker's brother is a transwoman who along with Soros invests all this money into trans shit. I had to point out that although the article was full of facts it was half baked because it was trying to make a dig at "white men" and that they were actually all Jews, and she was like "but jews are white?" and I, of course, was like "but ARE they?" and she was kind of stumped. The connection was interesting enough I've been considering doing some more digging and making a post on the chans.

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HER: I am woman. rar
ME: fuck off n gb2kitchen
ME: Jews did trans
HER: Heil Hitler

The most active blackpill faggot was confirmed to be a goon. People can easily track him and expose his personal info.

at the end of the day, the issue is that western governments are orchestrating the cohabitation of non-whites with whites, which inevitably results in miscegenation and the eventual extinction of pure whites. if you don't address this issue in particular, there is no solution

Trump is on the jews side that is not a black pill, it’s just reality. You really need to move on. Otherwise go back to the_zognald

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There are valid criticisms of Trumps connections to Israel, that is true. The issue though is that it is also the #1 D&C tactic shills have to derail threads. Never once have one of you contributed anything of substance to a thread other "trump touching wall meme."

Maybe anons come here to hear the hard truths? Everywhere else you go it's fake positivity, shilling, astroturfing, politically correct lunacy and rulecuckery.
First off, there is nothing wrong with criticizing our failing medias and those who still support them. BULLY THE BUYFAGS OF THESE MEDIAS In fact, people should be questioning, scrutinizing and criticizing more than ever.
Beware anyone telling you things are fine.
Things are only fine if you have taken notice and are acting. Learning new skills, exercising, reading literature and abandoning current medias in all forms for they are nothing more than pollution.
Those you call blackpillniggers aren't wrong. It's a black truth that destroys too many sheltered milk-drinkers illusion of reality. A high dose is required to balance things out. Pitch black nothingness. Everything is shit. We need to start from the ground up. A restart. So lets pick ourselves up out of the shit once more and do things right this time.
It is a fucking mistake to think things will be fine if we change only a few things. Another repeat of history if we allow the current talking heads any say in course correction. Those you mentioned as good examples of who not to listen to. Make no mistake, our course correction will require getting our hands dirty.
The blackpilling is helpful. Beware those that mislabel him, mythologize him as a boogeyman and cry wolf. not the first time some (((people))) have done that now, is it?
tl;dr blogpost

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I agree. There is hope Kim will nuke whatever is left of our greatest non-ally that Iran doesn't blow up and China will nuke Jewtin and Turkey while American and European nigger forces shoot each others' drones and ships by accident.

Revelations 16:13,14
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
For they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty.



I've always liked that card art. One of the things about the blackpill that is powerful is that Dark Truths are still Truths. The left hand path isn't necessarily evil, but you can't have a clear picture of the whole when you can only perceive sunshine and roses. It's ironic that staring down into the abyss can be enlightening.

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Right on, user!

It's time to have faith in ourselves, and to put our happiness first.

What is resolve.

This is a point that has to be made more strongly, more frequently, and in a way digestible to normies. Jews, on the whole, are VERY aware of their perceived dual nature, and can often and easily switch between roles depending on which is most beneficial at the time. We know this, but most normal people don't think of it that way.

Step 1 isn't trying to convince a blue-pilled person to hate jews. Step 1 is trying to convince a blue-pilled person to perceive jews AS jews in all circumstances, and to automatically become skeptical of any instances of "hello fellow white people." Again, it doesn't have to be negative, and usually works better if it doesn't start out as negative. Just tune up the individual's jewdar, so that they, like you, can recognize someone as a likely jew by their name and phenotype. Once they can differentiate an ashkenazi from other European peoples, and once they do so automatically without having to think about it, their own lived experiences will do most of the rest of the work.

this is the difference between father and motherland

Thanks user. Needed that tonight.

springtime for hitler

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Stephen Crowder - please fuck off and die.

In western the countries, when you walk down the street and meet other people on the street youre gonna meet trash. The majority of people are driving in their cars from work to home, to their wife and kids, they get home and do some studying and some exercise, and reflect on the day and become better, every day. All of the people in cars are white, their all married and have kids with other white people. people you see walking about are trash.

Unless they are using the train



I rather trump win than any other option

I rather trump win than any other option

Included your post at the bottom of an image that exposes the depression shills as satanists.


Trump is a temporary measure to hold off the happening long enough for our guys to prep for war. War comes, user. Let the vote be counted as they pour in from the rooftops.

You must embrace the blackpill completely in order to overcome it. There is no other way. If you can't overcome it, then you were a cuck to begin with.

Allowed to post here.

No, you braindead fucking piece of shit. Trump is a ZOGbot pressure release valve to KEEP whites from fighting back while we still have the ability to do it.

You are paid to post here.

Truth is NEVER a blackpill. Ever.

This here.

Just dont hyper focus on the blackpill all the time, do other shit too. It's easy to get depressed on Zig Forums because we talk about a lot of heavy shit. Just dont read Zig Forums everyday, go out and do IRL shit with normies and dont always have Zig Forums tier shit front and center in your mind, there's a time and place

No one is staring at you user. Look up and you will see that they are indeed minding their own business.

The whistle blew and they salivated. Two days later they were made to look fools as Drumph apologized.
But do not worry, the whistle will sound again.

Das rite. here be the pressure valve; here be the powerful typists and autists venting their knowledge on all mankind.

Nice ideas but you just don't know how bad things are. You are right also, blackpills does not help anyone and if you have power to shine like a star in a hell, you good.

what did user mean by this?

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Blackpill is the realpill.
Hardest pill to swallow.

There is no right or left. If cnn and vice and msnbc and nyt, amazon, fb, tw, ig all started to hammer 100% "right" wing messaging, it would take about 6 months for the entire nation to philosophically harmonize.

Perceptions like these are the reason your nation money and land will be stolen, your women sexed by foreigners and your legacy erased from history and replaced by even more docile alleles.