France, Italy and Denmark gave initial support for a British plan for a European-led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, three senior EU diplomats said on Tuesday.

>British foreign ministry and defense officials have also discussed a possible mission, which would likely involve not just ships but aircraft too, directly with their Italian, Spanish, French and German counterparts. A senior German diplomat in Berlin said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was in close contact with his British and French counterparts, Hunt and Jean-Yves Le Drian, to “contribute to the security” of the Gulf including on maritime security. The Netherlands is also assessing the British proposal, while a Spanish official said Madrid has held talks with London and was studying the idea.

>The mission could be run by a joint (((Franco-British command))), one of the envoys said. Britain has a naval base in Oman, while France has one in the United Arab Emirates. Any mission would still need parliamentary approval in some EU countries, diplomats said.


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Great, now will Iran invite Russia rustbuckets to help them?


Let's not have another world war with Italy on our side, yes?
It didn't work out the first two times, so let the Italians just LARP as Iranians this time.

Before dying in China, go into a little more debt, good goyim.

The Italian people are really apathetic to ME politics, public support for war is at an all time low, it will kill the current govt (you know, the one which is actually doing something for once) and (((they))) know it.

I'm starting to wonder if the kikes plan on moving ZOG's home base to Europe since Burgerland is clearly going to shit and we have a decent possibility of some sort of civil conflict in the future where as , from an outsider looking in's perspective, Europe seems to be more stable. After all there has been more calls for muh United States of Europe.

It never left.

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It left since WW2, kike.

The countries with the most jews in the world is Israel, USA and Russia, in that order.

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The only thing making it worse is backing down from the shitskins. They ONLY understand force and any time you back down from them you embolden them. The jews use this to make shit even worse. Smack them on the nose take the "stop kicking the poor dog beratement" and move along.

If you are moving your own fucking supplies peacefully and these fuckers leave their waters to harass, sink them immediately. Let the fuckers come out and play if they think they can. Oh, they'll hit the jews? So fucking what. Stop the shitskins from being niggers and just taking what they feel like it because whites are too pacified by liberal shits and lefty shills screaming "besed iran dindu nuffin."
They fuck they didn't. Don't touch our shit and we'll let you continue to breathe niggers.

What an abhorrent post

You understand Britain hijacked a tanker first, right? Of course you do, you're just pretending you don't.

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Always destroy the jews' system for income.

This is how you know whos still trying to writhe even while bound by the chains of kikery.
Only subhumans contribute to (((NATO))).

This is true amerimuttposting.

tfw Israel is less Jewish than America was white in 1980.

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What about Sweden since it was a Swedish ship?

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You aren't supposed to ask basic questions goyim just pay the man.

We also don't really have a functioning navy

sorry guys, the ones who backstabbed were traitors to the fatherland too.

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>The Italian people are really apathetic to ME politics, public support for war is at an all time low, it will kill the current govt (you know, the one which is actually doing something for once) and (((they))) know it.
The defence minister currently in charge is from the 5kikes side of the gov.

Let's see if it works, EUkikes. Hail Iran.

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