Burning Books of Drag and Liberal Childrens Books

I understand no one is interested in doing action or capturing public eye on this board, however I've been thinking on this ever since I started researching these drag readings and thought I'd share it.

If a group of particular individuals were able to get large amounts of degenerate children's books and set them alight, it could perhaps gain positive attention with some of the religous and conservative types (speaking of "normies", not politicans or celebs). The hitler youth book burnings was to not only destroy corrupting literature (ie fag sex pedo stuff) but to send a message to the German pepole, and of course, the jews/faggots. Something like this could be used to our advantage.

A good portion of the public is disgusted by the idea of drag and monsters teaching or indoctrinating minors into their evil degenerate ways. These kind of books are easy to identify and pose a obvious threat that even the Christian boomer can understand.

No clue. Stealing? An inside could help?

This is simply an idea. It would be cool to see and I believe it would benefit the cause.

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Based. We need to go 1488 once again. America is Weimar at this point but Hitler still managed to get votes in the Weimar somehow.

True. Not only in America, but all over the world, the burning of books showing degeneracy and abominations as being good must be enacted. But it would do good to also burn the degenerates while at it.

is there any resistance in the education front? or is it filled with childless women who believe whatever pseudoscience (self-esteem/multiple intelligence/growth mindset/diversity/etc.) program for children comes their way?

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This would only play to their propaganda. They need to be exposed and ridiculed instead. No one sane would read that garbage anyway, that's why they are forcing it on clueless children. There should be an initiative to mark this as child abuse.

Boomers already beat you to it. One of the books he burned was teaching young kids how to have homo-sexual intercourse. He was arrested for his too, clown world continues apace.


Mistake, he was charged with criminal micheif, but not arrested. Image is cover of the book, there were five others…

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spoiler that shit nigger

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Books burning generally bad (and useless with digital media today).
However, our children's minds are our most precious asset.

Agreed. Burning the authors and publishing houses makes more sense.

One of the greatest successes of our enemy was convincing us that evil exists in a vacuum, and that it is something wholly separate from 'goodness'. Evil does not and cannot exist by itself; creation was an inherently good thing, with creation being necessitated by purpose. Evil without exception is CORRUPTION. It is taking what was good and taking away its purpose. When sex becomes about pleasure instead of reproduction, it is evil. When eating becomes about enjoyment instead of nourishment, it is evil. When sleeping becomes about avoiding work as opposed to resting so that you can work in the future; it is evil.

This was an aspect of evil fully understood by our ancestors that has been completely lost on modern generations, even going to the point that some people do not even believe in a concept of evil and instead view everything as 'shades of grey'. This is a gross misunderstanding of reality and an absolute insult to nature.

All things were made with a purpose. All things can be corrupted. Even National Socialism can be corrupted. Even love for family can be corrupted, for instance incest. All things can be twisted out of their natural position and into something wrong. As such we must always be vigilant against corruption threats; because such threats will often mask themselves in a veneer of 'fairness' or 'goodness' like the civil rights movement or women's suffrage.

Without the understanding that it is the corruption of something good that is evil; people will never agree with book burning. However, if we can introduce into their conscious that books and other sources of knowledge are supposed to enlighten people, arm them with skills and make their lives happier, easier, more productive; then it becomes VERY easy to oppose degenerate books like this.

Once that shift in the social conscious is made, we can easily show via the detrimental effects of degeneracy that such things are bad. Even before addressing the obvious purpose of specific things and acts; we have a wealth of information regarding how their deviant lifestyles cause depression and suicide at rates unfathomable to our predecessors. We can easily prove (with very few exceptions, and with those few we can say "know them by their fruits" and point to such things as depression/suicide/malnourishment/etc) what the intended purpose of a specific act or thing is; and with that knowledge we can portray it as 'good'. We can then portray any deviation from that as 'evil'. It's a whole new way to frame the 'slippery slope' debate that fully shuts down any deviant seeking to undo our righteous foundations.

We can then also start pushing the intended purposes of various things and actions as 'good' and 'right'. With this framework, it is easy to show that 'birds of a feather flock together'; allowing us an easy way in to pushing national homogeneity, opposing immigration; as well as gluttony, faggotry, usury, and every imaginable sort of hedonism and degeneracy.

I really do think this is the most important alteration to the social conscious that we can push. Evil is corruption; and EVERYTHING can be corrupted. Even such nice things as love and mercy can be corrupted into being faggotry/pedophilia and the toleration of evil.

Nature = Good.
Changing the natural purpose of something = Corruption.
Corruption = Evil.

And corruption is evil because it damages our chances at survival and prosperity. This also reinforces a logical and rational understanding of reality, further dumping on the evil of subjectivity.

Burn down the servers hosting this corruption

i like this idea
but to truly work pedo books and pro pedo books must be the main focus. the trans and fag children's books should just be the icing on the cake, still mentioned and confronted, but if the main focus in videos of the act and in interviews was overtly about burning pedo books, the better chances of overwhelmingly positive reception and support become.
organization should go like
lone wolf scouting locations for bookstores with tons of pro fag/trans children books and pro trans/fag literature
once found the lonewolf should start collecting pedo books and such by any means possible including asking for pedo book donations from the red pilled community (using dead drops or something, all these details can be fine tuned and ironed out)
then amassing a group of like minded individuals from the local community, i feel like that would be less risky than organizing online and having the plan foiled/ruined.
the day of the event local news should be alerted with just enough time to catch the event in progress but not stop it.
in any case the event must be recorded
and your goals and the fact that "these are pedo books" you are burning.

and your goals and the fact that "these are pedo books" you are burning are clearly stated and obvious.

I think book burnings are a bad idea. It's important for us and for future generations to understand how (((they))) think and function. If books and propaganda are burned it will just make it that much easier for kikes to memoryhole it and start over. This knowledge shouldn't be hidden, but put out in the open as a glaring, festering example of what happens when we fully embrace modernity. Destroy it and future generations will eventually forget and regress back to degeneracy.

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Bump. Trannies are a jewish invention and they are all pedos.

This. Where's the Spanish inquisition when you need them. Deus Vult.
We're going to need a lot of kindling.

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Burn all of their books, but save a copy of the Talmud, Zohar, and Shulchan Aruch. Make adherence to those books punished by death. It’s that simple.

One of the things you have to know about the left, is that they are working to have the subject matter of www.fchan.us/ah on public television, in children's shows, and in public places forcing people to participate in it lest they lose their employment for being a bigot. We're talking snuff sex on live tv, mutilations and every kind of waste kink publicly shown. It will make the garbage shown now look wholesome by comparison.
Personally, I think we should speed it up and ruin TV for the masses.

Hadn't heard of this…think you could expound some more on this?

Wew laddy

Normies will demonize you. The same types of books were burned during ww2, and normies can't say they were against it enough.

By demonize I mean make you lose employment prospects.

Actually organising a burning would just drive up book sales on trash no one reads to begin with. You'd be inflating the already artificial demand for this garbage.

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It's corrupted symbolism and will be directly used against you under the WWII angle. Instead talk to children, tell them the truth about this world. They want not just us dead, they want them dead as well. Don't make the same mistakes then the last generations…speak truth to the young, they deserve that much.


Astounding, isn't it?

KYS nigger.

Only if you buy the books you plan on burning

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You will run headlong into their traps like millions of times before, and for what? Awareness that degeneracy is not accepted by some? How easy is it for those fuckers to label you a Nazi and give their degeneracy more relevancy? You are trying to play by their rules, which you can never win. All the tools of protest you are using was given to you by them.

How is it my fault your ideas are retarded and useless, look where they are coming from.

What's the solution, faggots? You NEVER have an actual argument. You're scared. Period.
That's why you glow, niggers.
You can't stop this.

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Forget burning books. Burn a data center. (In minecraft)

Look at these no-brain nigger monkeys. He's saying that the news with bitch about it and tons of cucks and faggots will buy the books out of curiosity. When did Zig Forums become so fucking stupid?

The solution is get out there and start knocking heads together you fucking nancy boy

Well that's a double edged sword. For many already bought into this shit, it'll solidify their beliefs.
However, people who aren't really interested in this, hell maybe even are disgusted by transgenders but leave their kids to their own minds on the matter, may start shoving away any ideas of transgender bullshit to come near their child.
I can't really speak on what would happen to the fence sitters.

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Burning the ( ( (authors) ) ) inside of the ( ( (publishing houses) ) ) in Minecraft

They're called Librarians. Hit them hard with a Diamond Sword then use a TNT cannon on their Library.

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They didn't have millions of shitskins invaders though. Different time and demographics.

Pedophile board to raid that supports this shit


Because Germany as almost entirely white, still very nationalist and conservative and suffering from immense bankruptcy. Outside of Berlin the moral degeneration was almost non-existent, but people read and heard stories and certainly suffered from the economy. Today our demographics are worse, the economy is admittedly better but bad enough to impact us and the morality of the West has been slowly corrupted with each passing year. Weimar had a very fast decline, whereas we are experiencing a very slow one today.