the revised Ethnostate location. Banks Island.

70,000km^2 of open land with musk oxen whose fur is worth 200$ per ounce.

we can literally terraform the island, if we release geostationary reflective balloons it will cause a radiative forcing effect 10,000 times greater than atmospheric co2, at 0.5% sky coverage stationed at 35 km like weather balloons we will raise the island average yearly temperature 15-20 Celsius, giving it a average yearly temp of 2-7 Celsius meaning like 25 Celsius in summer and -5- -10 Celsius in winter, thats Scotland temps. at 0.5% coverage of 70000 km^2 and every square meter costs 1-10$ in balloons and a 7-10 year lifespan thats 350,000,000 dollars or 35 million a year, which if we had faroe island population that isnt that much, easily paid for with a few hundred in taxes from people with a gdp per capita of faroe islands of 50 k usd per annum a 5% income tax is all that is needed to create a ethnostate the size of scotland with similar temps THIS IS HOW THE WHITE MAN THINKS

add the qTox : E9287C7437663543A99AAB3A5DFA3C8360E1E09E2D60DD579DF8819F8DBEF74029E192C35953

the creation of an ethnostate is not running, it is consolidation of culture and strength to ride the tiger, until the correct time is to launch GLOBAL prowhite operations, anyone who wants to keep you within the collapsing system where u will be prevented from self segregating is a kike shill who WILL be given the rope.

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This is the dumbest shit I’ve read all day.

explain why skill or get the fuckign rope

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why are all these "white ethnostate islands" always in the literal Arctic Circle? I enjoy a nice brisk chill in the air as much as the next huwhite fellow but god damn could you pick someplace like Madagascar next time?

Embrace the cold, user.

We're not running anywhere. Its hopium defeatist nonsense. Defend where you stand and make them pay. It's long past time to circle jerk silly ideas like starting your own Waco or being Switzerland as if somehow the rest of the world is going to leave you alone.

We can do better. That faggot, Turdo has turned the great White north into a joke of a nation. They will never allow self-sovereignty seeking White to establish anything up there. Soon as they even breathe a word, they'll make Banks island a nature reserve or something. The only places I can foresee as a true ethnostate are Poland and Hungary - The Intermarium.


there is already alot of legal precedent for secession movements in canada

Potential Pedo Island though.

Because it is good for the white people.

There was at least one in Africa, and a few tropical islands. Newfags don't remember this larp template as a Zig Forums staple.

More liveable than Svalbard at least.

Refine this a bit maybe

Decent thread, but do you think poz loaded USA would allow this? Doubt.

What happens when the sun goes away for a month?

*3 months


in which way? it covers roughly the same latitudes, with a couple of months of winter darkness and an extremely low solar recepyion because it's so far within the arctic circle
solar power is a sad joke in this place

>imagine thinking a board full of NEETs is just going to one day pack and move to buttfuck nowhere and start a society off of musk, ox, and caribou in the (((current year)))

i mean not really, solar power is widely used in Nunavut, there is also wind power to consider and hydropower

even when the sun is gone the earth still radiates infrared and the balloons will reflect it back

its significantly lower than Svalbard which is why its ice free

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there is less than 90 eskimos on this island, and that town is estimated to be gone in 15 years


OP is the dumbest cunt of all the cunts.

We can build semi subterranean greenhouses too. Sunlight during summer, LED growlights for winter

larpy but have a bump

Make it so, user.

trips checked

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Please go back to Fark or Digg or whatever cunt-smelling cesspool you wiggled out of, you literal kike.

Because the OP that makes these threads is a fucking shill, trying desperately to get the retards here to agree to a guaranteed failure event honeypot and the kike (((mods))) don't know how to do their job so they allow this trash and the (((christian cult))) threads to stay up forever.


Will you just fucking kill yourself already, you fucking mongoloid?

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Jeg liker Svalbard men ikke deg, jøder.

Jewish spam thread repeated after deletion.

And hargen flargen froofin floof to you, too.

I 10 dag jeg snakker en litt norsk men du er bare en dum svarte jøder. Tusen takk, OP.

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Ja du liker deg.

numibia, where they would speak german as well due to former colonies. That was the original sü pol before the antarctica threads took it over. miss those days