Nazis are just a variety of feminists, and thus the enemy just like other liberals.

A strict, religious, wife-beating patriarchy with STRICT RESTRICTIONS on women is what we have always needed, need now, and will always need. Women are the worst evil the world has ever seen, and those protecting their rights are the #1 enemy among men. JEWS ARE #2

WAKE UP!! The Jewish problem was ALWAYS known because of their religious commandments, but women were ALWAYS recognized as the worst evil by far because of their inherent nature

The nature of women is known all over the world to be irreligious, fickle, prone to falsehood and to cause enmity between people

Even women know that there is nothing more sinning and sinful than them - That woman is at the root of all troubles

There's been a lot of bullshit going around here that feminism is merely a Jewish ploy. But the truth is that Hitler was also a hardcore and passionate feminist who wanted the equality of women based on nature. Feminism is also a liberal ploy, a nazi ploy, a cuckservative ploy and a wiccan ploy. Beware of evil feminazi men who put you down when women are around. Women are not just evil, they encourage men to be evil. Alpha male, loser, nice guy/bad boy, grow a pair etc. And THIS.. is the cause of most, if not all the evil in nightlife, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools & families. Now let's look at Hitler's feminism:

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK
Women voting? CHECK
Women's property rights? CHECK
Did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? CHECK
Women can divorce? CHECK
Wife beating illegal? CHECK
Said he wanted true equality? CHECK
Women exposing their bodies? CHECK
Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK
Women receive alimony? CHECK
Women believed in court? CHECK
More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK

WAKE UP!! Hitler was not in on some big secret and neither are you. Jews were always heavily criticized, killed and expelled from European states. When Jews were allowed to live, they were often supposed to wear separate dresses so that they would be recognized. Sometimes, interacting with jews was frowned upon. Jews were regarded as the worst of MEN because of their religious teachings, but women were recognized as INHERENTLY EVIL. Hitler was a feminist and woman-worshiper. No wonder he was so abusive.

Women should be sold, married off, burned, traded and even captured like always. A man should have nothing to do with his wife except when he needs food or sex. Men have always been ill advised to keep the company of women, and rightfully so! Women of all ethnicities belong to the SAME EVIL RACE and this has ALWAYS BEEN known

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People here are extremely immature. They don't have the intelligence to understand that Hitler was a man, not a divine being. He was right about one thing (Jews), and wrong about several others, just like other mortal men.

Jew obsession is the most retarded thing about nazism (which is otherwise cool)

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Great post Vlad. This board isn’t gone or anything…

"Obsession" is retarded but the Jewish problem was always known to the Christians and Muslims too.

You feminazis will lose hahaha the only spam is your existence. We need to delete the spam
Stop misquoting me you FEMINAZI bitch. There's nothing to "believe" these are just FACTS.

The only one asking for people's "belief" is FEMINAZIS like you because you have no FACTS

Yeah, Jews are a problem but there are a lot of people (especially on here) who center their entire worldview on them. They're incapable of imagining something unrelated to Jews.

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Yeah because they worship women and can't see the root of all evil that's right in front of them. They are defenders of the worst evil, which is why they're mad and evil themselves.

You feminazis will lose hahaha the only spam is your existence. We need to delete the spam
Stop misquoting me you FEMINAZI bitch. There's nothing to "believe" these are just FACTS.

The only one asking for people's "belief" is FEMINAZIS like you because you have no FACTS

The nazis were a 20th century group, so it's obvious they were feminists. In fact, this sort of feminism reminds of Sparta, where women owned property, exposed their body, got the best education, controlled wealth and held some jobs. Spartan men were oppressed. The Spartans were soon reduced to a 3rd rate power, and almost went extinct. They only barely survived because by the Roman era Sparta had returned to patriarchy.

Feminism collapsed not just Sparta, but also other civilizations like Babylon, an Arab empire and the last 2 centuries of Ancient Rome. Rome was founded on marriage by capture, but feminism led to the dark ages.

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Stop IP hopping and spamming this thread you sick feminist cunt.
Typical feminazi crazy-making and abuse
Well documented feminist tactic. haha you can't win

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Exactly. They were a group of radicals who were just less radical than some others at the time.

what the fuck even are you, we know how to treat women. You'd get in trouble in any society, this is the most obvious shitposting possible. You totally distracted us bruh, damn I was so convinced at first hurr

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You were literally just accused of constantly changing IPs and I'm using the same IP since the start. You make no sense.

Letting them own property, wear short clothes, dating/relationships/marriages for love, divorce men and get alimony… give them awards for choosing to produce their children to name a few things? you don't know jack shit. Read the OP before you post more shit, whore
The only ones in trouble are feminists. Nazis were always in trouble. Again, you make no sense.

You need to be slaughtered like a pig ASAP


Just think of all the ways we could torture these feminists for their sins hahaha. Let's return to the past!!

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Think of all the bitches & thots we'll capture… it'll be so much fun to publicly burn a few of the extremely rebellious ones to send a chill down every woman's spine

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So the only way to not be a feminist is to literally own rape dungeons?

Said no one ever. Another falsely accusing FEMINAZI