Mueller Deep State Reveal TODAY

Dear Citizens,

Tomorrow will see the unraveling of the Deep State. See for details. Originally slated for July 17, Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony was delayed until tomorrow, July 24. XAnon has learned that this was due to the fact lawmakers are scheduled to depart for a month-long summer recess starting the day after. Seems they need to be able to make themselves scarce quickly after the testimony is done. The reason is obvious.

Robert Mueller has been working secretly with President Trump as well as John F. Kennedy Jr. to expose the Deep State and all its horrific and ungodly goings-on. His irrefutable evidence of child sex rings, mass human trafficking, satanic rituals and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, et al will “drop” tomorrow and the world as we know it will forever be changed.

XAnon has learned that Hillary Clinton has already been arrested and is being housed at an empty Super Walmart that’s been prepped, as many others across the country, as a holding area for criminals soon to be swept up in the nationwide sting known as “Operation Ugly Housecoat.” The ICE raids last week were actually prelims for it.

The Deep State won’t go down without a fight. A state of emergency will be declared, and martial law will soon follow. This is when the military will turn against the FBI, CIA and other federal law enforcement and follow our true leader, President Donald J. Trump into the Biblically foretold final battle of good vs. evil.

So, get your popcorn ready, Dear Citizens! Make sure you are well prepped for perhaps months of no electricity or running water and be alert as to potential running gun battles in the streets as they run red with the adrenochrome rich blood of our enemies!

We will provide updates as we can, at And remember, get your news here and do not trust those swinging dicks over at QAnon since their Adderall addled flatworm brains are always getting this wrong.

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Nice LARP, faggot. Now post evidence of your claims or get the fuck out.

awesome dude I hear the pleadians and the love and light galactic federation are ready to step in as soon as a human can beat 5 20 foot tall reptoids in unarmed combat on space ESPN too

You guys seem not to be taking this seriously. How do you think we will ever defeat the Deep State with that kind of attitude? You really want Soros, Hillary and Hanks to win? Pathetic.

Post evidence of your claims or get the fuck out.

david wilcocks blog, heavily cited, he's a very high IQ individual

With Comey already proposing what should be asked of Mueller, what good will come of this? Muller is not going to stray from the script, and will not be providing any new information, having already publicly stated as much.
I'll cut you a bit of slack, and simply ask for sauce on this.

Well alright then.

you can see why they appointed Wray, he's got this nicey non-threatening style, I mean sure he sat there and let a bunch of human refuse ask him a bunch of politically charged questions and didn't even explain anything about the constitution to them but TRUST WRAY

stopped reading at “deep state”

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I'll promise to send XAnon a new copier to replace the shitty one at super secret DC location if this happens.

I don't know about the rest of you defeatist liberals, but the through the divine guidance of president Trump, we are about to see the unraveling of the Deep State!

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It's not going to be that simple though. Storm area 51 was a nice handy distraction that kept people ignorant of the Epstein shit as well as a key witnessed being (((suicided))). With not much else going on and the tanker seizing has had time to cool down on people's radars, the idea that eyes and attention on the mueller testemony is obviously an undesired thing within the (((media))), the libs, or their jewish handlers.
So what will they do? Originally, it was a thought that they would attempt to kill mueller off to keep him from testifying, but obviously not while all eyes are still on him. So the next and only option that they have is for today a happening to occur. Simple enough, prepare for a happening, whether it's a shooting here in the US, a shooting abroad, or the Iranian dogs being (((coincidentally))) told to up their hostility game around the time of Mueller's testimony. Whatever it is and will be, it'll be meant to distract the general public away from the disaster of a testimony.

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Dear Crackhead,

In your fucking dreams.

Your just trying to make a buck, fuck off.

FFS how stupid do you think this board is?
never mind

Pretty damned stupid if you think we should just sit idly by and let Hillary and and the rest bleed our children dry just for the revitalizing effects of adrenochrome.

You are an idiot if you believe any of that

I suppose you believe all the fake news? Are you familiar with Planet Comet Ping Pong? Literally an abattoir of children. Poedsta, Tom Hanks and all the vile Hollywood elites. This is what Trump is up against. Your attitude just enables the Deep State.

Look at all the satanic and deep state symbols. HERE is your proof! Dont believe the fake bogus corrupt lamestream media!

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How fucking stupid do you have to be to think mueller isn’t deepstate

That's what they want you to think. Its been the plan all along. Mueller is in effect a mole in the Deep State. The DS is in for a hell of a surprise today! Let the tribunals begin!

Q predicted this

Q is constantly wrong. Q predicted this would happen when the report first came out. X new that would not be the case.

When you watch members of the Deep State visiting the gravity chiropractor, swinging in the breeze and others kneeling on their prayer rugs at Guantanamo you will realize that Trump/JFKjr/Flynn have just saved this country from liberal ruin. No more PC equality/diversity/tolerance bullshit and the worshiping of the false idol of science and facts! The elites will be defeated starting today!

Disinformation is necessary, goy.

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LOL I guess there’s another forced meme being pushed on us. Q and Purple only nailed boomers, quick let’s make an X user! That sounds 1337 and hip with kids!

not happening q fag

"X" sounds sexier. At least according to our focus groups.

Well it's obvious Xanon is full of shit.

Not true. Its not that obvious.

David RaCock, seriously? At least you've stopped trying to pretend your qlarp is anything but a repackaged "drake" story. Surprised your memes don't all come with a rumor mill news watermark.

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is (((fox))) running cover for their crew?

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This is dumb, nothing will happen. XAnon is an ARG "alternate reality game" applied to politics.

Fuck the world and everything in it.

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Wake me up when L starts investigating

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I'm at work and the lefties are glued to their jewtube streams of this hearing. Did he nail Trump? Is it finally over?

Its still currently going on as of 9:31 US CST

A couple questions.

Why didn't xanon appear first before qanon? Sounds like he couldn't figure out anything more original or cooler to sound.

Why shill your website? You sound like a boomer.

And proof. Succinct proof. Not clicks to your bullshit website, someone told xanon, suck his dick proof. Post your proof in a post. You can't, because you don't have any.

Qanon is a patriot

lets just trust everyone that ever has to answer a question about anything spicy in public with direct lies

I have a shit ton of Proof. As to being around before QAnon, its like who was first to summit Everest? Sir Edmond or his Sherpa?

Who the fuck is John Ratcliffe? He just took Mueller's lunch

It's remarkable how blatant it is. And they're still doing it.

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Saging a weak fuckin LARP. All you larping idiots need to take your fucking meds, or hang yourselves, one or the other.

it may provide a shot to the public of things that otherwise wouldn't be getting seen ?!?!? it's odd definitely

Nadler's face at the end.

It's far more likely that it's a typical passive-aggressive, leftist attempt to deplatform the bad-thinkers. It doesn't matter how petty or pointless it is.

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you are not wrong about passive-aggressive. If they want to get Trump it can't be that hard, they obviously don't want to really do it.

it's like it's only worth it for them if they can get Trump on something false and retarded

Is "false and retarded" a legal term?

are you asking for free legal advice ?

You do pro-bono?

I'm not sure this is even worth sending through my email chain. It looks like it's going to be another disappointment. Tempted to do it to be the first to break the news on this but fuck I highly doubt the OP isn't full of shit.

Reality TV.

in my opinion ?

“John Patterson is John Wanoa’s business partner. They've got contracts ready to sign and deals which create tens of thousands of jobs. Billions of pounds of business is being stopped right now. They're stopping him from signing these deals. We're so close to doing it now, and obviously too close, because that's why they've now sectioned them both off to disappear them.”

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Yeah. While the Democrat plebs are hysterically demanding impeachment literally every day, the leadership clearly isn't interested in doing that. Just last week, some neanderthal-looking nigger pushed forward an impeachment vote which failed by 332 to 95.

I mean, the Dems are losing both votes and energy fighting each other. They're basically handing Trump the upcoming election.

I'm no Q-larper, but it sometimes makes me think that someone has some serious dirt on the Dem leadership and is blackmailing them with it.

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So, innocent until proven guilty is no longer a thing? Not sure of this strategy Mueller is taking. Nothing will come of this shit show, if anything Rs have more ammo now because of how sloppy Mueller has shown himself to be.

Simpler than that. It's all a show. They all know the roles they are supposed to play. The impeachment rhetoric is a power grab from within the party. No one believes it. None of this is real.

Yeah I agree. There is no actual rule of law, just an illusion of it. That is more obvious now than ever.

well, now that Muller has testified, we know Op's a liar and a troll.
Can we ban OP now?

henlo fran
welcome to Zig Forums

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The fact that all these "anons" keep spouting predictions that never come to reality is fucking retarded, the only ones that keep eating this bullshit are boomers who think that there's is some sort of grand scheme or 3d chess. The QLGBTXanon or whatever will pop out in the future are just larpers who have no proof and relay on their word alone, at worse it might be a glow in the dark nigger operation.

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At this point 75% of those posts are just to squeeze your balls.

Ever been ID'd at a "traffic stop" ?
There is no presumption of innocence anymore.
Trump is guilty until proven innocent, even if that is not the job of law enforcement investigations into alleged criminal or civil "crimes".
Fuck jews to hel

A little "user" jealousy I see. Just because you are behind the curve doesn't mean we are. Our predictive rate is over 95% and based entirely on citizen journalists NOT the fake lying bogus corrupt lamestream media.

Fuck off d&C shill.

FOX Phoenix with an active chat

Lots of Q-Tards in it

FOX Business also has an active Chat

"Now This News" with an active chat

He has to have a lawyer with him to answer questions about his own investigation. Let that sink in.

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Someone should check his dose.

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Pure faggotry.

Why do these accounts always come up a day before they don't happen?

In the past anons had tact. They'd post weeks before the supposed event, so at least then they don't get proven wrong in their own thread.

Get the fuck out of here. The only things that are going to happen are: the US will end up in iran, conservatives will fight the liberals in a civil war, just like 1917. The conservatives will win. Many liberals will be murdered and dumped into mass graves. The conservative identity will change to be the people who do "right" with no buraucracy. they'll do this because they'll all become the guardians of israel, they will accept noahide law. There will be no usa anymore, thanks to the bafflingly low level of intelligence of the people who will facilitate stealing and destroying the US for good.

Oh. It's not that way yet?


Jesus Christ, does anyone else notice the Zoom in on the Democrat (Bolsheviks) face, and the Zoom out of the Republican (Zionist)?

On Fox

Nope, we're not falling for this one either kike.

I'm a ginger not a "kike."

The Irish always have gone "which ever way the wind is blowing", for shame, thy pride is shame.

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Hahaha don't you look like a fucking faggot after that.

You're so bad at this.

Kid, most whom are not newfags or shills are ready to burn this civilization to a cinder. Those fuckers you mentioned, jews and their pets, cucks and traitors, 'winning' will accelerate this into full scale collapse and open war.

That's our winning. Continuing to cuck the fuck out with dickless cuckservative feel good do nothing bullshit, will ensure our peoples extinction. Stop worrying about this failed republic, its dead and time to burn the forest down so new growth can begin. No more peaceful politics, blood and fire await.

So let the games begin. Impeach the do nothing traitor whom cannot even build a wall, much less salvage this nation. Let the cuckservative sheep see clearly their political power is nothing but a joke and their leaders are false gods whom sold them out for a few silver sheckles. We are the strong horse, and the only hope they have. So let this shit get writ large for all to see.

The republic is dead. Long live our white warlord's whom are to rise, for only the strong deserve a voice and a choice.

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I am also a Thalidomide.

Wtf is happening to my once-beloved Zig Forums!? Where the hell are all you MIGA boomers coming from and wtf are you doing here!? Cuckchan's not enough for you?!? You have to come here and slide our threads with your shit-tier LGBTQ-user LARPs, too!?
I'm on my phone right now using omnichan so the layouts between the chans are identical to each other and I swear to God I had to quadruple-check that I didn't erroneously open up cuckchan 4 times in a row by mistake!!!

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Congrats on being retarded. This is literally a paid shilling thread.


I am not "retarded." I am Thalidomide. No cognitive impairment. Look it up, genius.