Boycott Israel

I’m a newcomer on Zig Forums and want to ask a question which is… why are members of “the Squad” hitting Israel harder than any of you incel cuckchans could ever dream of, and my second question is, by virtue of sharing a common enemy, shouldn’t /pol embrace with open arms the leading sponsors of BDS?

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If you're a fucking newcomer, your questions are all answered by lurking and understanding the totality of what you consume her. Anons are tireless in investigation here, so fuck off and appreciate what you have been given in abundance and fuck your waste of a thread right off.

Because jews own the united states politically, they are working dilligently to steal it socially, and faggots like you are helping by failing to recognize that aoc is a Sephardic jew, and no amount of "hitting" will overcome that. They are not your team

Further, they know they look bad right now so they're doubling down on BDS stuff to distract. Works great for them, makes the pro-Israeli types look better while dragging the failing undercurrent of the left down too.

Fuck off

A white zionist beats a shitskin communist any day of the week

cause people do not organize here.

kill yourself redditor


because their israeli handlers are paying them to do so. 'anti-semitism' is big business.

They're on about the same level. You are confused.


Lurk more you detestable newfaggot.

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Are you really this incapable of recognizing the inner workings of the Circus and their blatant ClownWorld propaganda? You fucking morons don't deserve any space to post on this board.
Lurk niggers!

Traitors are worse than anyone.

OP, are you this guy?

Jokes on their stupid blacklisted asses as we've been silently boycotting all jewish goods for years.

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Boycotting Israel will never happen. Their lobby is too strong and we use Israel as a beach-head for Middle Eastern operations.

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Nuke Israel.

Is this the same sperg that spams the BDS copypasta all over the board?

I see what you done there; trying to shame us into action, but it won't work. Zig Forums holds all non whites in equal contempt.

My question to you is this: are you;

1. Genuinely concerned about the Palestinians? Or

2. Just a good old regular anti semite seeing an opportunity to strike the enemy, or

3. A kike shill looking to get "evidence" that 'muh eebil nahdzees' are the ones behind BDS?

Cos if its #3 i can assure you that, as you well know, BDS is simply the golem that you created (the Left) turning on its master. Its a repeating theme in Jewish history. You brought every persecution on yourselves.

I just want better competition in the hummus game

The Middle Eastern food industry is more cutthroat than many realise. Few remember the prolonged hummusides of the sixties and seventies.

Mr. Brock has repeatedly warned you about subcontracting your shilling to Indian Markov chains. You will not be paid for this shift.

every aspect of the middle east is more cutthroat than many realise. if they had kindergartens, those kindergartens would be cutthroat.

Don't boycott Israel goys! They're our greatest ally! Boycotts didn't bring down apartheid South Africa.

Don't boycott Israel goys! They're our greatest ally! Boycotts and sanctions didn't bring down apartheid South Africa, or Rhodesia.

Lurk eternally.

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saying it out loud gets them riled up because their fiefdom is fragile because it relies on grift.