DXE targeting California cattle ranchs

I dont know if this is the right spot to post this, i need some help identifying this vegan hero. He was scouting my buddys ranch. No violence will happen from any info we get, we are just going to show up at his work/home and take pictures of him so he knows he is got.

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First off, charge your fucking phone. Second, what state is this nigger in? Is that plate cali or SD? I cant tell pictures too pixd

its california.

NYPA faggot

Hate these fucking vegan faggots if you don't stop them they will do something like this.

Just lookup 46414Z1 on one of these sites and buy a 10-20$ report:

The vin seems to be 5TEGN92N61Z767222 (from faxvin)

Hopefully they keep targeting you. Tired of all you zionist faggots in agriculture pretending you're some kind of salt of the earth nationalists.

This is not cuckchan.

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Wait is op a zionist? No help for zionists, they have quite enough

Factory farming is degenerate and Hitler intended to ban it. Reducing Nature to an industrial process is not national socialist.

You and your buddy are both spiritual kikes and deserve much worse than having some scrawny vegan faggot intimidating you.

As long as we’re making shit up, Hitler told me to tell you to eat a hamburger and stop being a faggot.

If you're not aware of the extensive animal welfare laws that the vegetarian Führer created then you probably don't belong here. We are a part of nature and this perverted industrial torture of animals does not belong in the ethnostate.

It's just another traveling trumpnigger. The idea is to just use Hitler or the black sun logo as a mascot for the exact same set of circumstances and systemic social realities we currently live under and are unsatisfied with.

you're right and wrong though…you're obviously some suburb or city dwelling faggot that has a 30kft view of farming in America.
The industrial type farms you are talking about aren't the majority of ranching/farming in America, they are just the largest producers, there's a difference there.
Fact is most farmers and ranchers actually fucking hate the industrial farms and the guys who've gone to those sort of practices are looked at as shit bags in the community…i've never heard a kind word about anyone with a industrial contract using industrial practices.
all they do is drive down the price and make life much harder for the people who have been doing this for generations.

you're making assumptions here about the guy who posted, you're assuming any large farm is an industrial farm. that's just not the case.
i suspect you're probably some leftypol vegan fag whose D&C'ing here because you don't like tasty tasty steak.

if that's not the case then i agree with what you're trying to do but think you're some city fag that can't tell what your target looks like.

Get the info from the DMV, pay for the plate info.



ALF is better
They burned down buildings, smashed equipment and kidnapped people.

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That's an odd license plate. CA plates usually run number-3 letters-3 numbers. Like, 7BDS504. This truck's plate runs 5 numbers-letter-number. It doesn't look personalized. Police or government code?

Shit thread, btw.

Respectfully, we have a board for this kind of PA shit. Also how do you know he was Direct Action?

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so all them skinny fit jews were on Hitlers Nat Soy Diet


The employees did nothing because they were all illegals and they didn't want any attention from the authorities to fuck up their remittances to their families in Mexico etc.

What does that mean in English?

Who is DXE?

Thanks. Now I have coffee on the front of my t shirt. Gotta go change.

commercial license plates have more numbers. anything over a certain weight rating is considered commercial. i think most 3/4 ton and up trucks are considered commercial


Go back to russia yuri

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If you aren't for animal rights, you aren't for National Socialism. And Zig Forums is a NatSoc board, so get fucked you dumb McDonalds eating Amerimutt.

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you can treat animals well and eat them. you can farm animals without being inhuman/ veganism is only for women and old men who don't need much meat anymore.
if we don't eat them something else will, and other animals cause much more pain when killing. fuck off retard

Nigger, you're a fucking kike. "You can treat gentiles well and rape their daughters!" Nah, if you aren't for animal liberation, then you need to shut the fuck up and stop pretending you admire Hitler. You're just another dumb ass American slave to Israel.

maybe try posting an augment instead of name calling.
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pay them $9 and maybe they'll give you the info you need. otherwise call law enforcement and see if the car has been reported stolen. if they ask why, say you have noticed suspicious activity with its driver. from there also ask to know who the driver actually is if it is not reported as stolen.

too bad we can't change our physiological needs you hysteric soy

If you don't kill him, it is useless. Always kill your enemies.

Fuck Veganism, even Hitler who was a vegan recognized that Veganism was not good for the German soldier.

You Vegans are so weak, animals are here to be eaten, it's Nature's law, refusing to eat meat would be against Human Nature.

But then again, you're probably a kike trying to make us physically weaker.


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I know you are afraid of Fascists / National Socialists if you are coming here.

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this isn't going to work in california. the only way you're going to get information from a license plate is if you know a cop who runs it and gives you the information

Whites who are vegan are enemies and traitors. Just pay someone to bash his skull in, rape and murder his faggot family, then burn his house down. All vegans must be tortured to death like animals.

I know a guy that might help you out for a price. He kind of looks like this and likes to bite off vegan faces for fun. He's not as crazy as McAfee, but he is excessively violent.

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found the jew incapable and afraid of doing work. there was literally nothing wrong with those healthy birds until you PETA vegan fags showed up scaring the shit out of them almost committing sudoku