ICE raids a complete failure

ICE targeted thousands in raids, but so far has only arrested 35

Imaging my shawk! It's almost like it was designed to fail in the first place. Tired of winning yet?
I really wanted to bump the original hype thread to slam the MIGApedes on this board, but its off the catalog already: >>13492821
Just a reminder that Trump is all talk. He can't even do civic nationalism correctly.

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Remember, the art of a deal is getting what you want while ensuring that the other party thinks it has the better deal; or at least that the final agreement was reached with compromise on their part. He's a businessman first and foremost.

Any US Government official caught giving aid to illegal aliens should be summarily executed as a traitor to the People.
There I said it.

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All Zion Don does is claim he's about to do something, and then pushes the date further down the line when it doesn't happen.
Get ready for another four years of this shit.

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They scared the dangerous ones into self-deporting by delaying/leaking. Win-win.

I'm not going to defend Trump, but you little idiots have no head for strategy. The very fact he warned everyone of the raids, means that there were other purposes for the threat.
If you really are Aryan, start acting like it, niggerbrain. This shit isn't that hard to figure out.

Despiccing the border patrol would be a good start. How can they be trusted to act in the national interest when they speak the enemies' language?!

Why don't you buy some more Qanon merch, faggot?

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Absolutely this how can people on this board not know about this after Scott Adams literally revealed all his magick tricks is beyond me

I expected an attempt to be made since the next election is soon so he doesn’t appear to be a total joke.
I must be really bad at 4d chess, because I was dead wrong.


Why would they self-deport when they get free housing, free healthcare, free schooling, free food here? On top of that, their coming here in the first place is part of the overall Aztlán movement of chicano reconquest of the US southwest. They come right out and say it now, I see spics gloating everywhere about their numbers.

Nobody is buying your bullshit, kike. Physical removal on legal grounds is a universal good, and Trump just proved incapable of doing that, even when it is legally sanctioned.

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If you've ever been to Tiajuana you'd know that Mexicans hate the South American wetbacks. Mexico is more of an ally than our own government in regards to policing borders and keeping illegals out.

I have no problem with other races as long as they stay contained, which Mexicans have mostly been with their economic improvements over the last 20 years. It's the darker jungle spics that keep zerg rushing through Mexico to get here. Seriously the Mexicans hate that just as much if not more than we do.

Not trying to say there aren't La Raza spics from Mexico trying to reclaim lost territory.

Nigger what the fuck are you reading?

Meanwhile NEETsocs have accomplished 0

That's the problem, isn't it? There are millions of them in America illegally, then millions more legally or descendants of one or the other. That's infestation.

What has Trump accomplished? Name ONE thing.

He's just going to try to start a war and try to stay in office that way.

Remember when he said they’d deport millions?
More than 3 dozen?

I feel like the only way any change will occur is if I am simultaneously leader of America, Britain and Europe.


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Make it so user. I for one salute our new user-Emperor.

Here you go, MIGApede.

Despite trying to spin the facts by citing arrest numbers throughout the year, even FOX news has to admit that the raids specifically targeting the final-decision deportation orders of 2000 families only materialized 35 arrests of individuals.

One Aussie removed more than all of ICE so far during these raids. That’s not counting the fact that after deporting, they sneak right back in, making Tarrant even more effective.

You'll know when I rise to power, wherever it occurs.

Really telling though just how low in regard beaner spics hold us. We elect a president that is essentially a gianr fuck off to them - a loud and clear message they are NOT wanted here and the first thing they do is try to flood the country. While Americans are certainly no saints, Mexicans by and large are filthy, lazy and indolent and yes I recognise many of them are White.

And by that

He expanded the h1-b program so that the states could up their GDP.



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How will user afford his glasses and optical care if latinos are being subsidised instead?

The interesting thing is, that's the least ridiculous part. Thump is unironically putting Kushner in charge of drafting his 2020 election immigration policy.

You mean future president kosher is allowing schlump to be his ghost president again.

When will people learn that there is no such thing as a pro-white anti-immigration candidate in the (((current year)))? I'll bet you the next president will also claim to be against immigration, and for the white working class then cuck out too. As if the kikeservatives would actually allow deportations.

Why aren't you that candidate?

Don't worry, guys! They won't get over the massive WALL that trump is building!

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Slightly better but come on, this is the (((MSM))), its just as jewish as the others.

are you telling me that there is no massive brick wall being build at the border right now? You must be shareblue!

Douchebags. Do your jobs.
Mama yeah.

Holy shit! The collective IQ of this board these days is blinding!
How will I ever recover?
Come on, already, you fucking niggerbrained faggots. NONE of your predictions have come true. Trump still stands despite your CONSTANT attempts. Like I said, I'm not here to defend Trump, but I can see how this shit works. You silly children don't understand process, and you definitely, and obviously have no clue who or what our enemies are, and what we are truly up against.
You're too retarded for any of this shit.
Impulsive and emotional like chimping niggers. Great job, kids, Great work.

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I remember some years ago, when there were still a variety of opinions allowed on it, I posted on Twatter about current affairs; and received a largely enthusiastic response from across the Western world. Some asked where they could donate to my campaign, hoping I'd run for office in America. Unfortunately I'm ineligible.

Ironic faggotry is still gay. go back to 4niggers

When is summer going to be over?

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after 2020, we're in it for the long haul.

Dem whores. You gotta ride hundred dicks to get them to do their job, I am out.

Yeah, for Israel.

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So, THIS is what I can expect as "arguments"? Yeah, when is summer going to be over indeed, children?
You idiots are far too stupid to even begin to comprehend what's going down behind the scenes.
Keep sperging, kids. You've completely killed this board, and ANY and ALL momentum for organization and change we once had here.
Congratulations. You win. Enjoy your ClownWorld, commie shit smears.

Yep. Totally agree.
Nice Strawman, niggerbrain.


The kike stuff really got him hopping. They're under strict orders to confront it, but try to pretend to not be kikes.

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>Slightly better but come on, this is the (((MSM))), its just as jewish as the others.
The point is to find out what happened with the raids. The same facts are being reported across all media outlets across the political spectrum. Unless you have contradictory information from some BASED rag, just shut the fuck up with your autism.

More strawmen? Are you fucking retards even capable of having a legit conversation?
THIS is why you glow, niggers.
You're far too stupid for the political game. Go play vidyas, idiots.

LMAO trump lied about deportation? no way, next youll say he didnt build the wall.

What an insult to pot an image like this. who made this? the daily mamzer forums?

Oh, so you actually picked up on that then, faggot? Maybe the IQ of this board hasn't completely dropped below nigger tier?

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the (((leakers))) at ice that warned all the people on the list should all hang for treason.

then again, at the very least, the trump turd spergout will make the 2016 leftist meltdown look like a mild temper tantrum in comparison

Did you expect anything less?

Damn shame mods aren't pema-banning this kind of shit. Too easy to spot.

point is that people who still supported him expected the "4d chess" move that Q talked to them about with this. It didn't happen, and yet, the trump cattle will still tell you to "trust the plan".

Honestly, it is amusing to see how delusional these people are, at this point

Q is kushner

That was a literal communist.

even worse, the state busses them in. they don't even need to sneak in, alphabet agencies literally give them a cushy ride straight to major cities, where they then eat better than you, probably, steal your jobs, and all of that is funded with your tax dollars

Isn't 4d chess brilliant?

no shit. Q supporters are literal retards, no common sense

More non arguments, and baseless accusations, while completely avoiding the very simple point I made?
This isn't reddit, nigger. Your weak bullshit doesn't float here. Care to embarrass yourself a third time, faggot?

Nigger you can play plausible deniability all you want, but you're so transparent it's unreal.

he's from cuckchan, he doesn't have any arguments

cuckchan is probably down or his favorite threads are dead, that's why he's here

What the fuck are you even talking about, faggot? I simply dropped a potential angle to discuss, but, like always, you fucking worthless shills DESTROY any attempts to discuss anything outside of the tiny confines of your bullshit narrative.
The only one who is glowing here are you fuckers who refuse to debate anything outside of your already predetermined, subjective parameters, all seemingly rooted in your irrational emotional reaction to shit you obviously do not, nor want to, understand.
Niggerbrains. Everyone else worth a damn has already left this place because of useless faggots like you.
Enjoy your circle jerk, dipshits. You deserve your stagnant idiocy.

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Oh, the irony….
You maggots actually believe this shit works, huh? How sad is your life? HAAHAHA!!

Step 1: Be faggot.
Step 2: Get caught.
Step 3: Scream shill.

Patience, goy. These things take time - cohencidently, 8 years.

Yeah, his supporters are dumb enough to fall for it. Shame anyone with a working brain won't vote for him again, tho

It's a slimy 40 year old kike subhuman in Tel Aviv guaranteed

A lot of us took one last chance while others already knew the scam. Anyone still falling for his lies isn't worth saving.

Cringe boomers go away.

Correct, all the while trump's enemies will unanimously rally behind one flag, united. Trump barely won last time, and that's with the popular support, he won't last without it, and with even more pressure on him this time

Trump doesn't have a base anymore, he has a cult, and Q is the high priest of it

Stil no argument? Why am I not surprised?
Fucking niggerbrains say, "NUH-UH!", and strut around like champs?
IP hopping faggots glow like the sun around here, shit fuckers. You aren't fooling anyone.
Trump is STILL your President, and is STILL kicking your ass on EVERY FRONT!
I don't even like the guy, but I have eyes, and an obviously deeper understanding of strategy, and what is actually doable in our current political, and social, climate. You fuckers are far too niggerbrained, and impulsive to even begin to understand any of this.
What, exactly, does that look like, niggers? What does the reactive pushback look like, niggers? What does the global (((media))) do with these images of women and children in zipties on the lawn, niggers?
This is the same reason they don't just come out and round up all of our guns, you stupid niggers. I know all of this is going right over your sloped head, niggers, but there are still lurkers here who don't quite understand your tactics of derailing threads with your pitiful onslaught of Logical
How very kikey of you, niggers.
Keep glowing.
YOU are the lesson now!

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You have literal jews dogpiling on ICE to stop raids.

It's over, there's no law and order in this country for right wingers. Right wingers either have to step up or be forever silenced.

Grow up, child. You don't survive what's coming with this level of brainwashing, faggot.

An actual user.
This guy gets it.

That's the goal of politics and marketing: brand loyalty. Unthining, unquestioning brand loyalty. Explanation to follow…

Called step 4 here

they trust the plan. Q is telling them that everything will be fine

it's called boiling the frog in hot water, turn up the heat just a bit, and it won't notice the change, and will eventually be boiled alive. This is why we must accelerate, it will have to be us, the boomers and the rest of the "patriots" will never do what is right

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Making fun of Trump when you could have done something is the same shit tbh.

You have the Trump camp who does nothing, and the anti-Trump camp who does nothing.

How convenient. You are not totally following a kike script yourself of avoiding any and all actual arguments, and instead engaging solely in logical fallacies, and yet, STILL claiming as if you're "winning" something, are you, faggot?
Are you even aware of how fucking foolish you look to anyone with half a brain?
And you're still going to pretend that you aren't completely glowing?
Why won't you even address the original point I made? Scared, nigger?
Nothing you idiots can do will change anything. War is coming. A war YOU started. A war you will not win.
Until then, Trump will continue to torment you with his bullshit, and you will continue to come here and sperg and accuse as if it does anything to save your rotten hide.
You are wasting your time here, niggerbrain.
We are marching down your throats.
Keep posting your glowing bullshit, and teach the newfags your pathetic tactics.

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>Both (((parties))) aren't working together behind the scenes

For fucks sake it's all a fucking kike charade. There are no fucking wings - only the illusion of them to convince the dumb fuck freedum goyim that they have a choice and aren't already living under a jewish dictatorship.

Wrote this shortly after the election.

The Trump Brand Delusion

Some believe that if President Trump fails to deliver on his immigration campaign promises that white Americans will finally be pushed to their limit and they’ll finally hold their government accountable as the destructive, parasitic entity it’s become, but that’s not going to happen. The average, white, Republican Trump supporter will do whatever they can to back Trump because Trump is their new identity. They didn’t back Trump because he would do something about immigration, they backed him because he told them it was okay to feel how they felt about immigration. He told them they weren’t racists like the left said they were. He made them feel like winners. They're cut from the same cloth as the Obama worshipers. Don't believe me? Take a look at who these average, white, Republicans continuously send to congress. If you believe these people are going to rise up and hold their government accountable then you’re in for some serious disappointment. Year after year and time after time these voters are sold the same lies while being driven down the same political highway of progress and year after year they send them same people to represent them, but this election Trump took these average, white, Republican voters off the political highway they’ve been on for decades, drove on some back roads for a change of scenery, told them some nice stories, made them laugh, took him to his store where they could buy some souvenir hats, and then he jumped back on the same highway, and they didn’t even blink. Nothing. They just sat there in their new hats ready to defend their new identity as Trumpublicans. If you don’t think this is a plausible assessment of our situation then, if you voted for Trump, try offering valid criticism of the President to one of these average, white, Republican voters. Send it out over twitter real quick. I’ll wait.

These average, white, Republicans couldn’t get out of their own way to save their life. Look at how much pandering to the idea of Israel was needed to get average, white, Republicans to vote to save their country from being turned into Mexico 2.0. If there was a story to be had about a foreign government influencing American elections it’d be the undue influence and pressure Israel has on American politics and politicians, but it will be a cold day in Hell before anyone on the left or the right takes a crack at that. I'm to the point where I don't care what happens next. Whites Americans get exactly what they deserve from their own actions or lack thereof. Middle America is its own worst enemy.

You're going to see a revival of the moderate left again because of the people Trump had to woo in order to win. I'm not talking about the big money. I'm talking about the neocon America-First-but-Israel-firsters, the Evangelicals, and other assorted nobodies who talk about "our values", "the Christian refugees", and "our exceptional minorities". Their desire to be morally superior is going to push swing voters left yet again or turn them off from voting all together. Self-righteousness doesn’t sell to swing voters. They have their own agenda that doesn’t revolve around the tug-of-war between the left and the right over who is morally superior. It’s that same desire to be morally superior, to win, to be righteous that will never allow these average, white, Republicans to ever criticize President Trump. What one must understand is that the right, the average right, doesn’t hate victim politics. They don’t hate the strategy of the left. The love it. They want to be the victims because the left made it look to be the morally superior position. These average, white Republicans long to be the victim so they can claim the morally superior and righteous position that they believe they rightfully deserve as Christians. Why do you think they wail on about Christian persecution?

The government is persecuting Christians…
They took prayer out of school…
The poor Syrian Christians…
Obama isn’t letting in Christian refugees…

Not only do they want to be the victim, but it’s an imperative for these average, white, Republican voters to show the country and the world that it’s the Democrats who are the real racists. One can observer this behavior in the social media activity of an average, white, Republican voter. How they’re always attempting to trot out some black or Hispanic who tells them exactly what they want to hear; how quickly they’ll like, share, favorite, and subscribe to the black, homo, Christian in a Trump hat who says it is okay to not bake him a cake for his wedding. These are weak people. These are sheep. This is where President Trump will fail. He’s surrounded himself with supporters who were the butt of every joke for decades, and now instead of strengthening them he’s giving them what they want. He’s giving them that feeling of oppression. He’s allowing them to feel like they’re the victim, and he has a reason for this.

What the left failed to understand, and what you must understand, and must understand to your core if you don’t already, is that Donald Trump isn't stupid. Some like to say that when he does something they believe is out of character he’s actually making a chess move. That he’s playing chess, moving pieces around, has become the go to excuse for when the President fails to deliver on a campaign promise. Well he is playing chess in a way, but what is the goal of the game? Supporters are left to assume that each move President Trump makes is a move to get them everything he promised, but let’s look at his recent behavior and see if that’s the case. President Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare within the first 100 days. What happened? Congress failed right? Paul Ryan failed? President Trump shifted the blame onto Ryan for failing to repeal Obamacare. Remember this was a promise from President Trump to the American people and not from Paul Ryan or congress. Trump didn’t come into office with a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. He came into office with a plan to let someone else take the lead on fulfilling his promise. Doing this served two purposes: To reduce his risk if he couldn’t deliver on his promise, and to look like he was reaching out to work with those who he may not see eye-to-eye. When the promise to repeal and replace failed who took the blame? It certainly wasn’t President Trump. If congress successfully repealed and replaced Obamacare who do you think would have receive most of the applause? Mull that over for a minute before continuing.

This isn’t the first time the President has pulled a stunt like this and it won’t be the last. Whenever something Trump promised falls through he's going to push the blame onto someone else. Whether or not Trump could have delivered on Obamacare so quickly is irrelevant. It was a massive risk, but he removed the majority of his risk by passing the buck to congress. Another example is his Muslim ban where he would halt, if only temporarily, Muslims from entering the US until the vetting and terrorist problem was figured out. What happened? The first travel ban was blocked. Some speculated that he used the Obama list of countries in order to make the left look foolish. How about the second travel ban? Blocked again. Have you heard anything else about it? I’m still waiting. A few tweets complaining about judges and that was the end of it. See, he tried, but what are you going to do right? Not his fault. It’s those damned activist judges suppressing the will of the people. Oh well.

Realize that President Trump doesn't care about the outcome of the travel ban. He only cares how he looks at the end of the day. The chess game being played is public perception of Trump the man and Trump the brand, and the pieces being moved are White House propaganda and twitter spin. Trump is 100% about his brand. His earliest supporters bought the promises, but he sold the average, white, American voter the Trump brand. The Trump brand is success. Pay attention, the Trump brand is success, but that does not mean Trump or his brand leads to success. He sold the average, white, American voter the perception of success, and they wrapped themselves with the Trump brand. That’s why those of us who voted for him to fulfill his promises readily criticize him when he fails to deliver, and his those who bought the brand are his most strident and vitriolic, and sometimes delusional, defenders because if the Trump brand fails then they too look like failures. What it all means is Trump's end goal is always to appear successful regardless of what the actual outcome may be because Trump’s presidency will be about ensuring the success of the Trump brand and not the promises he made as a man. As long as he can shift the blame and make someone else responsible for his failures then the brand remains untarnished. If you have difficultly believing this I ask you to look at his businesses. Trump sells his image and his name. You buy Trump steaks. You live, stay, rent, work out of a Trump building. You visit a Trump golf course. What makes these steaks, buildings, and golf courses different from the rest? The name. The brand.

Realize that President Trump has no ideology other than to win or appear to win in any given situation. He wanted to be president, so he did what he had to and made whatever promises he needed to in order to achieve that goal. Now that the goal is reached he's going to do whatever he has to do in order to preserve his brand and that kind of selfish betrayal is going to kill the right more than the left ever could. If the wall fails Trump will walk away unscathed because the people he rallied bought into the brand not the outcome. He’s already set the stage to push the blame on congress again, and if he gets the funding then he’ll be ready to take all of the credit. It’s a win/win Donald Trump the brand. The only thing currently biting him in the rear is his failure to end DACA. That only requires a stroke of the pen. No judges or congress to blame. That’s why Sean Spicer has had such a difficult explaining this failure to deliver away, but notice the angle—we’ll deal with them “with heart”. He’s appealing to the desire of his average, white, Republican custo…voters to be more morally superior and righteous than the left. Will it the propaganda take hold? I don’t know, but if it does you won’t see an end to DACA, and if you are like me and voted for Trump because of his stance on immigration then good luck to you if you decide to criticize the President you voted for.

The next time President Trump fails to deliver on a promise ask yourself: Did I vote for what Donald Trump promised to accomplish or did I buy the brand?

The truth of this situation is that Trump fights for no one except himself and his own image, but he signed up for the job saying he’d fight for us. If he wants to preserve that image then tied it to his promises to ensure he delivers. As of now the President has no reason to fulfill any campaign promise after making a halfhearted attempt because the majority of his brand loyalists don’t care. They just want to feel like they’re morally superior. They just want to feel like they’re victims of the left. They just want to feel like they’re winning.

Do you feel like you’re winning?


tldr: The real chess game is "I meant to do that" and spinning the situation in such a way that the easily manipulated have some talking points to repeat so they can pretend to be intelligent and feel smart and successful too.

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Are you implying I don't have a fully loaded gun or something? Are you implying I don't have the training, and skill, to use it when the country inevitably goes to shit?
Are you implying I'm not "Doing Anything" when I'm not here? That's funny

Not everyone is a useless idiot like you. Anyone who makes the "both sides are bad!" posts usually project

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I'm not seeing you doing anything, man.

All that loaded guns and skills are worthless if they are never put to use.

And no, training while waiting for the country to go to shit is not a strategy.

You can say Trumpniggers do this too, regardless of what Trump does.

Waiting to die.

big dubs, I basically agree, however again most of the rabid support you see for Trump in my opinion is as fake as Trump himself

are you trying to convince me that you're not a useless waste of space via projecting, or yourself?

also, nice to see that you don't know how posting on this board works. time to go back

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You know user…

These people are true believers unfortunately.

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