Open Talent Network 2.0 / Project White

We are a group of anons birthed from dedicated to advancing the White race both directly (propaganda and recruiting) and indirectly (culture building). If any of you have music-related skills, we want to put you on a project and get you working on it. For now, we are only looking for musicians, but eventually, we will be able to find jobs for coders and most kinds of people. Our vetting process is simple: if you contribute, you get to stay and will receive an invite to the full Project White community. We are only looking for active members, so if you do not have the urge to work, do not contact us. If you are interested in joining, please contact me on Riot: (friend of OP from the previous thread). If you are not interested in joining, just follow the protocols of the last thread copied with slight edits below:

Zig Forums has tried time and again to make "stuff" whether that be music, programs, propaganda, or something else. Zig Forums has succeeded numerous times but has failed to produce anything consistently. There is no answer to this. There is no magic, secure way that we can communicate with each other. It just doesn't exist and NEVER WILL. For those of you who are too lazy to contribute and whine about how there is no way we could ever organize because there is no 100% foolproof, catch-all way to communicate, there is a simple solution for you: kys. The problem is not that there are no ways to communicate; the problem is that WE ARE NOT COMMUNICATING. So, create all the discords you want, create all the email accounts you want, create all the Riot accounts you want, create all the Wire accounts you want and START SPREADING THEM because these are our means of communication whether we want to or not and if someone shuts down your discord or email account or whatever, there is always Zig Forums to come back to. So, I will contribute to throwing this mess of spaghetti by posting my email and Riot and sharing my skills.

Email: [email protected]

ITT: Everyone posts a Riot account, email, or other account they have access to and share their skills so we can start networking.

Do not fear failure; fear never failing.

Good luck anons and Godspeed.

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They expect one of us in the wreckage. (you)
Thanks for taking the heat off anons who know better OPSEC.
kffp fwiw

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thank you op

also I recommend contacting Mr Bond. you can find him on gab or minds he makes great music.

Connecting through Tor + Onion is legit anonymous hence why it's being ddos'd constantly for last week or so.


Yes but please read the papers here to learn about Tor's limits.
And learn abut how commies think.
Then lurk the mailing list for two years.

Email: [email protected]
3DS Max
Basic Music Theory
- Bassoon
- Saxophone
Graphic Design
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
- InDesign
Comic Design

(stupid GET)
> ((( or bust, faggot

Tor has already sided against white people, look up their recent tweets

It's a lot of stuff, thanks user! I'll write you rn

Fuck off with your honeypot.


Email: [email protected]
data visualization

shills will be shills.


ITT: literal fucking honeybear brainlets


Itt: some dumb goy who thinks he is going to accomplish anything by doing nothing all day

email: [email protected]


i can also build nice minecraft houses

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I have many skills in art and animation and had a very successful youtube channel that posted redpilled content that had hundreds of thousands of views back before the ADL/SPLC partnered with Jewtube.
How are we supposed to spread propaganda on the internet if it just gets shoah'd every single time?

Contrary to anons popular belief
nobody lives forever.
Don't ask yourselves, "How can this go wrong?"
ask, "What can I do to make things right?"

We have the numbers. We have the strength of knowing we are on the right side of the line.
This is a call to arms.

What have you anons really got to lose? The way it stands, the future doesn't look very bright. I think if you're being honest, a jail cell is a much better trade-off than a world under jew rule.
Gather. We need you. We are calling upon you all and unless you have a better idea, this is your best idea.

its time.

Allow me to quote a poster from the original thread:
You don't need a rolodex of skilled anons. You just need to post a thread detailing your project, and a link to the repository of shared files. That's it.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites



File sharing, Bitchute and shortened URLs can go a long way. It's easy enough to stay off the radar for a while, TGSNT had well over 100k views before getting holocausted



I love this idea of Aryans networking, our 700 million Latin American Aryan brothers will surely join.

musician here


does a chemist with intimate knowledge of pharmacology, biochem and organic synthesis have any use for y'all?
i know the answer to this
also fellate a dildo fedniggers

oh boy oh boy oh boy

This is a waste of time and energy unless it is harvesting all the autistic, meme making, faggots who could change mass opinion by just shit posting. Those are the true artist of today, those are the true leaders who will guide us! :D

I have the same shirt!

If you’re the superior race go to guitar center and buy an instrument and make that shit yourself.

Christ. Your first step in advancing white people is to put out a call for white musicians to exploit? Fuck you, the rib house down the street pays me to play and they don’t try to bullshit me into thinking I’m doing it for a cause.

Question to Unity and Blender users:
1.How to anonymize yourself when using these two programs ?
2.While working in offline mode in Unity will not collect the data about your PC ?
3.When i turn off "metadata rendering" in Blender, it will help to prevent personal info to be leaked when someone trying to inspecting the model i created ?


bump 2

the kikes will not like this

It's not a honeypot until someone suggests violence in a way that implies preparations have been completed. If they're just gathering people with instruments, then you can't stop them…unless you want to bring back Jim Crow, and make it illegal for certain numbers of certain people to group together.


You can try, but I highly doubt content will cause action.

I sent you an email. But I highly doubt you're going to do more than piss around until the bombs drop.

[email protected]

skills: None really. I've written things, but nobody really reads them. However, I've been right about things before, so I guess you could put analytics/intel as a skill.

Satan, you assume this isn't just exploitation of a pool of talent. Why?

Because the exploiters don't want these people. If these people are discovered in their company, they will be ruined, or have to get rid of them anyways. Far better to just recruit from universities to get their fresh meat.

Why are you fucks hiding. I dont get it. If (((they))) come for me I dont give a flying FUCK! I or other family will always be within seconds of grabbing a fully loaded weapon. Nab me in the driveway, at the grocery store, fine. But that's just me, you've a dozen and more to contend with.
All I'm saying is I REFUSE TO HIDE! If they come it's my goal to take as many of (((them))) down as possible before it's my turn. I'm not going to go down in some staged art nouveau rampage, eg. St. Brenton, NO! They will have to come to me and face me on my turf. I wish them luck and a good journey if that's their choice. As long as I'm killed in the firefight I'm all good with that. To be captured during or afterward is my worst nightmare! The good old double tap, one to the chest, one to the head, that's all I ask and hope for.

thats a great idea, perhaps the followup to /sig/ I would say as one is done with /sig/ one is expected to learn skills, read books. And put those skills to use. Its a shame that I have decided to invest into "soft" skills as opposed to your hard, internet ones.

Content creation is powerful, what do we have today? Murdoch & murdoch? An extremely vast library of different frogs? We could use more infographs, we could use more jewtube video's. The people DO watch it as there is a huge demand for it. Netflix is shitty and kike filled garbage. There is almost no alternative. Whatever content we may have, or money venture we may create, it is good, and it will be considered truly the only white nationalistic venture of the world, the world which has forbidden it. It could be one of the flagships of our race.

And we already have created so much. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Let those shitty flags of nations wave in the winds of their decay, and degeneration. They are of no consequence. They are not the future. They, like the people they support are rotten. Much like the many of the jew, cia nigger and otherwise hostile eyes looking down upon us.

Author of 23 novels. Narrator of 30+ audiobooks. Writing based, redpill sword and sorcery fantasy novel right now.
[email protected]

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because i'm just a naive dumb goy

Chuck Tingle?

Tor is slow as shit anyway so I prefer not being anonymous.

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You guys will eventually need animators. I assert that making our own visual art to go along with music would further cement the project as a full-fledged Movement. The game of the day is multimedia productions.

I'm still an amateur, but personal projects are the best way to improve your work outside of (((Academia))). For what it's worth, animation is also a career path that you can completely pursue by yourself. Consider that the only actual benefit of going to an animation school is getting your foot in the door at places like (((Disney))) and (((Nickelodeon))). Ergo, we can easily go our own way. Many have done so before.

Traditional animation is even better, since you're able to teach many underlings (or yourself as an underling) how to draw consistently over and over -and over- again. I guess I'm just rambling, but I really promote the concept of us storyboarding and ultimately animating a full music video produced entirely by anons.

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Not what your probably looking for, but farmerAnon checking in. Respect for what you're doing, user. But my role is raising white boys for now, and i will not do anything that will take me from that task. Anyone shouting down real-world networking (for non violent purposes) is either (((them))) or simply so thoroughly defeated that they truly feel there's nothing that can be done.

I say we make a platform like bitchute or Jewtube specifically made for National Socialists to post their content and support creators with donations.

Hey, I'm a fellow whit… erm, writer too! We could use some good writers, we have a book and a couple other projects going on that could use some fleshing out. After this post I'll write you.

We already did a remaster of the original "Hitler Speech with subtitles" video, dunno where it is though. I support fully the idea of animators, with enough autism we could even make a short documentary with them. Problem is, where to find that kind of skills?

Godspeed farmerAnon, country life is best life. Read The Warwolf (translation of Der Wehrwolf) if you get the chance, it's a really good novel for times to come.

I don't know much about web hosting, but wouldn't it be costly af?

don't lie to them lmfao

Email: [email protected]
Play piano
Fly helicopter
Weapons and explosives

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Maybe I'm not sure.

watching this thread, seeing how many people fall for the honey

You're in every fucking thread.

I thought proton mail was kiked. it was created by cern after all

No I'm not faggot.

I'm confused by OP's (faggot) point to the blog post.

use cock()li you nigger with the appropriate attaches like pgp et al it's on the weebsite and there's other commsec shit to look up peace lil niggy

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you guys are fucking retarded

Yes, they are surely emails we also use for personal/private related stuff

Reminder this is russians. They can help you become the next earnest.

White niggers are the only whites who care about whiteness. The strength of “white” society is it doesn’t submit to lying racists like other societies do.

White niggers are the only whites who care about whiteness. The strength of “white” society is it doesn’t submit to lying racists like other societies do.

By the way, I love how you slaves will obediently bump things you think someone honest is trying to suppress by saging. Makes saging a better way to put things up top than bumping. Watch - you’ll obediently slide this thread after this post.

Or is that what I want you to do?

I just saw that thread and thought oy vey. I'm swiss and protonmail is compromised. Tho still own an address.

One night a cpl months ago I finally made a music video for a Mr Bond song. My third personal project using Windows Movie Maker so it's nothing too amazing. It's more for the Zig Forums audience than normies. But I'd love to make more.

Stay scared, faggot.

Oh noes they got muh burner. You do realize the whole point is that anons aren't using their IRL contact info? Besides, what are the feds gonna do, accuse anons of making flash animations or satirical songs? Dont be a fucking pussy, they cant charge you with anything unless you actually declare hostile intent, and you cant get dozed unless you post your actual true contact info, which no one is doing. A little paranoia and OpSec is a good thing, but for fucks sake dont think you're going to end up in some black siege torture chamber for exchanging a few messages with other anons that you already talk to on Zig Forums anyway

you do realize that certain info on people can find their way into the grubby hands of (((others))) do you not?

Certainly, but that's yet again why everyone is posting burners. You will be watched way more posting on 8ch itself than you will be on some burner mail or chat account. At a certain point you have to have the balls go do something tangible. As long as you aren't inciting violence or making threats you're fine. A handful of fags making nonviolent media through decentralized communication networks just iant a very high priority thing, and there's no real way it could be spun into actual criminal charges that would stick. Dont be afraid of (((them))), most of their power is fear-based and revolves around making you think you're going to go on a black helicopter ride if you step out of line, but realistically there's way more important things going on than artists making amateur videos. Be brave anons. Take precautions yes, but be fucking brave and actually take some (minor) risks or we'll never get anything off the ground. Nobody is going to do it for us

nigga, anyone can watch this site, including that creepy kikel jim, what matters is how you connect to the site. Why not just start a board and set up a file server where you can put things in and out? i don't understand what the point in trying to steer people away from this site. Why are you fearmongering in the first part of your post, then turn around and say that anons should not have anything to worry about? that doesn't make sense with what youre trying to supposedly accomplish

A helicopter pilot would surely be of use when the feds come to our super-secret base inside a mountain. I'll write you asap

Bump for continued interest

I'm gud at detecting bullshit
Can detect an entrapment scheme by smell
Able to detect faint glows
I can perceive multiple layers of patterns effortlessly
Fuck you


Email: [email protected]


Saging bad threads
Calling out honeypots
Drinking Jew tears
Doxing controlled opposition
Calling OP a fag
5 week no fap veteran

OP is a fag


Riot: @themessiah:holyrollerz.god

Email: [email protected]

family connections
walk on water
to utter my name triggers jews and leftists
turn water into wine
crowd speaking
arise from the dead


Sup, whatever intel agency you're working for. How's your day going?

Yes, an encrypted chat room to create propaganda, music, and esprit de corps is a honeypot. great fucking honeypot lmfao. Where has OP suggested that there is anything illegal happening there?

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White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately derail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

did anyone read this shit?
I didn't

Yet you responded to something you didn't read?

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You mean the bold redtext bitching about nazis that's been spammed for several years now is somehow supposed to be different this time? I don't need to read it either to know you're the same retard shilling for poison. Natsoc or bust nigger.


AWD was based before satanlarp subversion

I have operator-tier programming skills but I don't know what do with them right now. I've thought a lot about creating a BitChute/YouTube alternative for hosting radical content, the trouble is
Even worse
I have one idea in the works but not enough time to dedicate to it this year to ask for help.

Question for consideration: Do you find talented people and convince them to work on radical projects, or do you find people willing to work on radical projects and train them to get good?

That moment when you don't have much of a skill to speak of , good luck I guess

Oy vey natsoc pride. It's working!

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately derail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

Shut the hell up.