Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera, Admits Big Tech Censorship

Project Veritas has published an on-the-record interview with an insider who works at Google named Greg Coppola. This video interview follows a series of insider Google reports, including internal Google documents, recently published by Project Veritas which exposed political bias, “algorithmic unfairness,” and the use of “blacklists” at YouTube:


Coppola is a senior software engineer at Google who works on artificial intelligence and the Google Assistant:

COPPOLA: I’ve been coding since I was ten [years old.] I have a PhD, I have five years’ experience at Google and I just know how algorithms are. They don’t write themselves. We write them to do what want them to do.”

“that can be dangerous…”

The insider spoke with Project Veritas because he wants people to be aware of his concerns about technology companies’ ability to influence politics:

COPPOLA: “Well I think we’re just at a really important point in human history. I think for a while we had tech that was politically neutral. Now we have tech that really, first of all is taking sides in a political contest, which I think, you know, anytime you have big corporate power merging with political parties can be dangerous. And I think more generally we have to just decide now that we kind of are seeing tech use its power to manipulate people. It’s a time to decide, you know, do we run the technology, does the technology run us?”

Coppola believes that Google’s political motivations have compromised the integrity of the company’s Search and News products:

COPPOLA: “I think we had a long period, of ten years, let’s say, where we had search and social media that didn’t have a political bias and we kind of got used to the idea that the top search results at Google is probably the answer. And Robert Epstein who testified before Congress last week, um, looked into it and showed that, you know, the vast majority of people think that if something is higher rated on Google Search than another story, that it would be more important and more correct. And you know, we haven’t had time to absorb the fact that tech might have an agenda. I mean, it’s something that we’re only starting to talk about now.”

Asked about Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s testimony to Congress in December 2018, where Pichai said Google’s algorithms are politically unbiased, Coppola said:

COPPOLA: “First of all, I report to Sundar of course. And I have a great deal of respect for him as a manager. I work on the Google Assistant, which really doesn’t have a political bias. Google Assistant is things like, hey, Google, set an alarm for nine AM, play some music, that type of stuff… I think it’s, you know, ridiculous to say that there’s no bias. I think everyone who supports anything other than the Democrats, anyone who’s pro-Trump or in any way deviates from what CNN and the New York Times are pushing, notices how bad it is.”

Project Veritas will continue to investigate political bias at big tech companies. Insiders at technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter can contact Project Veritas via encrypted email at [email protected]

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Really don't know why they even bother. If you just let impotent spergs like O'Keefe "voice dey opinions!" and give super rich people tax cuts that O'Keefers can pretend are theirs by proxy, they all just go away.


Don't these people sign non-disclosure agreements?

If you just let impotent, weak conservative trash like O'Keefe shout their opinions, unencumbered, into the void they just go away on their own. They have no ability to do anything. After Afghanistan and Iraq, they don't have a shred of credibility. Stop censoring them and the only thing they'd be left shrieking about is yet another foreign war they want someone else's kid to fight.

Does the agreement still count in case of the person being fired?
Also, the power should be still within the customers' hands.
The moment people gets fed up with (((jewgle, jewtube and faceberg)))'s shit they can still stop using them and search for alternatives that do exist.
Does any of you remember MySpace?
If alternatives exist, the sheeple will flock to it the moment it's set as a new trend.

Now we know what the catalog is being slid for. Always watch what sticks after the report que is filled.

NDAs are most definitely binding when you are fired. That's part of the point. They don't want bitter cunts running off to the chinks with trade secrets etc.
Whistleblower laws MAY protect you from NDA suits but there is a proper channel to follow and that involves going to the authorities, not some asshole trying to make a news story.

what if it's an unfair layoff?

That nose though.

Literally doesn't matter. NDAs are legal and binding contracts and the jews making you sign them have that covered.

Caveat. Say you're fired because the store was robbed and you got your head knocked in by a nigger and they didn't want the press. If you are directly reporting the crime to the cops, you're protected. Going to the papers instead is a suing.

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Oh shit.

Yes, but these would be null and void in the case of national security, or he may have been promised any fine for disclosure would be covered plus a bonus for him.

why do we look big tech back into his nose when u can look authorities of anti whites and israel lobbiests behind the curtains? Guess we never know.

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will I ever get to shitpost again on twitter and youtube with total dispensation? Will google stop telling me niggers invented the world?
Will anything change in our favor by waiting around for these alt right kikes to save us?
No? then fuck this shit.
Seen it a dozen times already.

Google is trying to uprank truth to promote honesty in society, pedofascists.


I know a few of these google & apple fucks.
They are amoral wife swapping degenerates.
No shit.
They are proud to put their 'finger' on the scale.
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After a lot of employees started talking and agreeing with James Damoore I'm not surprised more will speak out. I wish silicon valley was still the comfy Dilbert life of decades ago instead of cringe unprofessional manchildren in sock sandals but back then California was still a solid red state. It's a shame the Republicans back then couldn't see their creation of silicon valley turned into the mess it is now.

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I hope he didn’t. I hope he dies horribly for his behavior.

Can'y wait for the next massive extinction event, it cannot come soon enough.

I don't see anyone making an effort to make the government more honest so that means it's hard larps as far as the eye can see

Project Veritas sure is helping out Trump hey, so Trump calls the mainstream media fake but then Google is the problem

I must admit, I am smitten.
Bitch had no apparent gag reflex.
Yes, to answer all the next questions.

Why are CNN/Google/dems so into censoring Big Goy Trump, being him so pro jews and Israel, also being financed by the same jew mafia Adelson that sponsored Obama? I sense I am not seeing something.

He didn't actually disclose anything though. All he gave was opinion and some vague handwaving about political bias at jewgle that we already knew; no facts, no documents, nothing. I suppose it's nice to have an on the record confirmation from jewgle insiders, but this video was frustrating letdown imo that will only give you blueballs.

Protected by Whistleblower laws.

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Jews are trying to reverse direction like a mother fucker. All of them touting their right leaning, higher moral standard positions lately. We all know, or should, that they dont have a selfless bone in their bodies, that it will always be about what's in it for the Jews. I'm not saying we should climb into bed with these filthy, lice ridden, amoral shit stains, I'm saying make use of the useful idiot when convenient. They'll be on their knees crying oy vey but muh contract, muh contract, no matter eventually.

What a cohencidence

Then you dump to EVERYONE kike, not just a few shells looking to make conspiracy shekels.

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Nicr fedposting, glownigger. Tel Aviv wants their shekels back. Expelling the kikes is more than enough.

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Agreement still counts but the damage will be done to a point, depending on how good their censoring is.

is Jewish controlled opposition. Pic related is O'Keefes obviously Jewish sister.

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Leftypol disapproves of this thread. Free thought is a threat to centralized government.

The Right-Wing loves free thought unless it's a threat to Israel.

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It's never been enough before.

Even if that were true, what would be the difference between a rogue jew taking down the jewgle behemoth or a non-jew taking down the jewgle behemoth? You're an idiot.

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Please fuck off.

You're an idiot.

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Oh for fucks sake. Worthless.

No, I think it's a really good indicator of exactly what O'Keefe's brand of "gotcha" journalism is supposed to target.

The problem is two-fold: Israel and the Zionist puppet politicians putting Israel before their own Nations.

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Right. And supposing O'Keefe's journalism led to eventual breakup or other regulation of jewgle that forced them to permit free speech again. That would be a bad thing why? Because there might be a jew involved somewhere? I've got news for you: the US is crawling with jews. There's going to be a jew involved somewhere.

He doesn't want free speech. He wants free reign for israeli subversion.

I repeat: supposing O'Keefe's journalism led to eventual breakup or other regulation of jewgle that forced them to permit free speech again. That would be a bad thing why?

because they can use trump to cause hatred of white people and accelerate the upcoming white genocide.

And taking this a step further, I don't give a shit about free speech. If republicans and "conservatives" want to keep on with the agenda they've been pushing for the last 40 years, I hope every last one of them is hunted down in their homes and physically has their mouth stapled shut and their fingers cut off.

how can the agenda change if you dont have free speech

How many decades did you have before Google was at a saturation point? And what did you do with it?

Then I'm sorry, but you're a fool. It doesn't matter that Republicans have not made the best use of the free speech they have. We all know they're in the pocket of the jew anyway. What matters far more is the free exchange of ideas and information between regular people. That is what is really under threat.

Really? Then why do you keep losing just because you're denied free speech? It seems super effective to me.

I'm having a hard time parsing that. I think I will just end the conversation here.

If someone is your enemy, why would you give them free reign to talk about whatever they wanted and space to plot and scheme against you? You're whining this ability to plot and scheme has been taken from you and so all is lost. It sounds like its working as intended. Maybe you shouldn't have believed in free speech.

No, what I'm saying that suppression of the free exchange of ideas makes our predicament far more dire than it already is. For example, until June this year it was possible to post videos on jewtube that would redpill normalfags on the jew. That is largely no longer the case now, and it is a significant blow to our ability to communicate our ideas to other people.

Huh and it happened under zion don. I wonder if it's connected. Maybe you shouldn't have allowed zionists to have free speech and access to your institutions.

I get what you're talking about. You can't convince big tech corps like Google/Facebook because they lie their way out of it while being rewarded with tax cuts, it must be done through force via legislative action and activism.

Tucker pointed out that conservatives got themselves into this mess by endorsing an unregulated free market. Conservatives like Shapiro and JBP were under the false impression that they rewarded corporations that listened to the consumers, not a select group of mentally ill activists who prohibit speech.

It is connected, but not in the simplistic way you imply.
Well thanks for the 20/20 hindsight, faggot.