Antisemites BTFO Backdoors in all encryption incoming

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General

I don't want to hear about hackers and keys, nerds – make it happen, or we'll pass a law making it happen

Analysis If the cops and Feds can't read people's encrypted messages, you will install backdoors for us, regardless of the security hit, US Attorney General William Barr has told the technology world.

While speaking today in New York, Barr demanded eavesdropping mechanisms be added to consumer-level software and devices, mechanisms that can be used by investigators to forcibly decrypt and pry into strongly end-to-end encrypted chats, emails, files, and calls. No ifs, no buts.

And while this will likely weaken secure data storage and communications – by introducing backdoors that hackers and spies, as well as the cops and FBI, can potentially leverage to snoop on folks – it will be a price worth paying. And, after all, what do you really need that encryption for? Your email and selfies?

“We are not talking about protecting the nation’s nuclear launch codes,” Barr told the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University.

“Nor are we necessarily talking about the customized encryption used by large business enterprises to protect their operations. We are talking about consumer products and services such as messaging, smart phones, email, and voice and data applications.”

If you're not the military nor in big business, you'll just have to suck it up, and use that backdoored encryption system for your personal communication and commercial dealings, Barr argued. Otherwise, he claimed, criminals, who are able to chat privately outside the grasp of the law, would have a free hand at the expense of society. And again, over what? Encrypted sexts and selfies? Get real, nerds.

At last, I am happy knowing that encryptions used by Gab, fediverse etc. or whatever you pricks use will have multiple lines of backdoors coded into their source codes and libraries, so that you can no longer harm us.

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If they know fuck all about tech they should STFU or educate themselves, but no - policy makers attempt to spread their retardation as much as possible.

Chinese hackers support Barr

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If it keeps their scams and games going, they are willing to risk keeping someone else's going, too.

So the dumb fuck is saying he's OK with compromising the communications of employees who are then able to be blackmailed into walking into large business enterprises and walk out with their digital assets?
His retardation level is off the charts. He should be forced to implement his policy on his family first, before trying to inflict anyone else with his retarded policies.

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I remember seeing some MIGApedo retard (who didn't even know what Ruby Ridge was) talking about how BASED this kike was in an Epstein thread.

I hate Trumpniggers so much.

Honestly I'm happy normalfags no longer have meaningful encryption. Anyone talking about or doing shit that actually requires encryption already has the means to do so and the feds are years behind.

All this means is that we'll have more celebrity porn and it'll be easier to steal boomers' credit cards.

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You're the dumbest nigger I've seen here all day, and this place is crawling with dumb niggers.

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only niggers use electronic devices to plan ops

thanks for forcing those of us with bad opsec to improve and warning us about it.

sleep well

Water is wet.

But, it is.

I will.

I always find it so strange that these jumped-up zogbots actually think that they have power over me and can dictate what level of freedom and privacy I am allowed.
I do not and will not ever comply with any rules set out by jews or anti-Whites.

Fucking hilarious level of hubris. Uh no sweetie, that's not gonna work.

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idk shit about computers but id bet my life if you have an internet connection, everything you do is recorded and stored with a location of where you are presently connected.

Code is speech. Buy bitcoin buy dogecoin buy REN

Yes because US National Security depends on kikes being omniscient.

It will be funny reading the news stories about his deviant fetishes from his family's communications that got backdoored by his policies….in 3….2…

It's too late anyways. You'd need 40 years for it to fully propagate so that the old software without backdoors was no longer relevant. Even if they started now its like just stop updating your software nigger nothing changes lol.

Antisemitism is just a conspiracy theory.

With these legal parasites you can guarantee there will come a day when you need a gov license to code.

Cap this. You know Zig Forums is always right.

The tech industry is already hagridden by kikes. Why bother making it official?

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But who really are the criminals here?
Intercepting people's mail is a crime but intercepting their private messages is okay?


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This. Everything post LGA775 socket is backdoored and cannot be removed completely or at all. Hope you're on a core 2 duo or modded 771 xeon

Funny and creative way to say USA

a truecrypt file container or even veracrypt has no backdoors.

So in addition to no reading comprehension and roleplaying as a kike, OP also doesn't understand how encryption even works.
Good thread.

What part of

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I think you mean all the kike gangsters are realizing Signal is backdoored and sent you here.

It's "no-u" the home game, for retards and shut ins!

Nigga I have a VIC-20 and a Hayes Smartmodem. And I know how to hook up a teletype machine.

Nice KnowYourMeme pic; do you faggots have to source your memes on the fly often or does your handler give you a batch folder of them?

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what can you say at this point about this administration ? Seriously imkampy, please chime in

how can this guy be so tone deaf as well, the credibility of the government is at an all time earth shattering low and this astronaught is focusing on this now

at least make some attempt to hide the corruption with believable excuses, the IP stuff is a better one but it's still kinda obvious what that's about


All of this stuff happening in the trump administration is simply a technique called parallel construction. Israel has been putting backdoors physically into processors since the early 2000s. they've had programs like 5 eyes for decades which are basically tax payer funded databases authorized by congress, which are simply there to give jews brute force from governmental angle when practical. They are now just publically synthesizing the narrative so that it gets forged by the power of law. The same thing is happening with social media. The only social media not directly controlled by jewry is twitter, assuming that jack dorsey is a cryptojew. Regardless, he is being advised by independent think tanks via pressure from shareholders, whom are mostly jews, and they have shaped the conduct of twitter lock step with IG and FB. All of these social programs were seeded by international jjewry via zog in the US. The reason they are pretending to antagonize zuckerfuck in the msm is because that is the necessary historical cover required to "nationalize" FB under zog so they can publicly claim gov control. At that point it will be common knowledge the "US" gov spys on citizens publicly. This is all apart of socialization and the epstine/Weinstein/franken/Smollett/aoc bullshit is to guide the story of socialization of sexuality and use of force. All of these things occured in less technical mechanics in both russia during war-communism phase and in germany during failed revolution in 1917.

Yeah, continue bumping this upfront flame thread of OP's while failing to understand what "consumer software" actually means. That's how your good faith will really shine through.


Naturally, these faggots can't be trusted to read or actually rely on reality, so they just misrepresent your stance wildly.

Be honest, did you even read the article?

We knew this was happening. Since before Trump was elected. Neo-cons have been trying to get this for a while. I'm guessing since before 9/11 and the Patriot act was the start of it. Hell even Bill Cooper told your ass about it.

Kill them all and their actions will stop.

>(((mods deleted the OP image)))

First, there's backdoors in everything relevant anyway. All is NSA botnet. This is just about backdoors for lower level idiots like regular cops. It's totally unworkable & it WILL be exploited en masse. Reminder to only have a dumb phone (at most) and do all your reichposting on a pre-2003 non-Intel system running Tails with a pwned connection to a local library WiFi through 7 proxies.

It's already possible to decrypt messages, brainlet. It just takes a long duration of time to decode it.

Holy necro components my crusty brother.

They would have done that already if it didn't violate the 1st and 4th amendment.


Knight Commander Breivik must be delighted

Lucky for you Trump will make antisemitism a felony paid with the death-sentence.

Now it will be decrypted in an instant and wont require a key.

'Imagine making a call-back to Reagan-Bush Promis/INSLAW [now Palantir] DOJ backdooring as an appointee from that era – which was the mechanism 'allies' attempted to warn the USA repeately about 9/11.

The biggest Intel plant is in Chosenland, AMD is functionally Chinese owned. Those 737 catastrophic nose dive bugs were features probably bake-in to the F35 and everything else


>All of this stuff happening in the trump administration is simply a technique called parallel construction. Israel has been putting backdoors physically into processors since the early 2000
Further back. This is the history of UK/Soviet/Zios subversion in mostly daylight robbery since JFK, and at least Woodrow Wilson. Hopkins & White, Silvermaster Spy Ring, Rosenbergs to Pollard.

The only saving grace here is an instrument like the NSA captures everything – a potential double-edged sword for Mr. Globalberg

Morgenthau Plan in slow motion.

>"“Western acceptance of the new ‘liberalization’ as genuine would create favorable conditions for the fulfillment of communist strategy…. The ‘Prague spring’ was accepted by the West, and not only by the left, as the spontaneous and genuine evolution of a communist regime into a form of democratic, humanistic socialism despite the fact that basically the regime, the structure of the party, and its objectives remained the same …. A broader-scale ‘liberalization’ in the Soviet Union and elsewhere would have an even more profound effect.” - Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old [1984]

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Why not just explain if / why Zig Forums is wrong about the jews instead? Wouldn't that be easier?

water is totally and absolutely wet

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Umm. I cannot. But, I link this board at, very pro-Irael. When they come they can explain.

Open source encryption is a thing.

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what is the safest chip to go with?

like an older model or something*

We shall force them to add backdoors. Those who won't will be shut down.