White-Passing People with Minute Non-White Admixture

What should be done about white-passing people who are something like 1/8th or less nonwhite?

Styxhexenhammer666 is 1/8th Native American, and there have been people on Zig Forums (and in real life) stating that they have distant NA ancestry, like 1/16th or less. In real life, one could chalk it up to white guilt and wanting to escape whiteness, but posters on places like this would not even have that reason for claiming distant native blood, unless they actually had it.

Could such people be accepted in any racialist movements in the Americas? What about Iberian-passing immigrants to Spain? And what about possible Asiatic admixture with eastern Slavs, or Levantine admixture in Southern and Southeastern Europe? There are also genetic studies showing American Indian DNA slipping into the Icelandic genome before the 1700s.

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So you're going to kill off countless Icelanders then?

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google.com/search?q=iceland native american dna

parachute them into a gladiator state tbd and let them attempt to build their own civilization. i wouldnt outright kill them if they look european but i wouldnt let them into pure states. they can fight it out trying to build themselves a new home and hopefully come together eventually and make something beautiful. possibly invade and genocide them if they cant figure it out.

Sorry, you have to go back.

"But when family genealogy was studied, it was discovered that the four families were descended from ancestors who lived between 1710 and 1740 from the same region of southern Iceland."
Not really going to be "countless Icelanders" killed in this hypothetical culling since the testing merely shows that these supposedly foreign genes only exist in a very small number of people who all come from the same area.
The vast majority of actual Icelanders are 100% European, just like every actual White person should be.

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I'm just quoting the "study" that the other user posted, you utter retard.

We will LARP and pretend that we're going to kill them from wordpad and literally Minecraft.

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Yeah… not blatant D&C at all.

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We should just make it illegal for anyone who is more than 49% white to procreate with anyone who is more than 25% white. That will take care of the white problem in a generation.

You should follow the nazi rules on this, or perhaps a bit stricter, like the rules in southern USA about 100 years ago. In Louisiana, 1/32 black meant your drivers license said "negro" on it. Personally, I'm about 1/64 american indian, Mohawk on one side Cherokee on the other. And I'm all about White nationalism. Don't be so quick to throw out everyone not 100.0000% pure.

Race is not skin bro! Looks don't matter to an Aryan.

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Nuremburg laws are a fine example although tightening them a bit may not be a bad idea.

Hi, Tyler. Didn't i tell you to stop shilling yourself on image boards?

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How could any sort of pro white movement even get off the ground if we were to discriminate that much? It's better at that point to judge by content of character, ability, and contribution to the cause.

some of the whitest people you will ever meet are mixed with native american.
i take a position of "dont ask dont tell"
if nobody can tell looking at you, then dont tip them off. you should be ashamed of your ancestors racemixing. if youre not you deserve to be treated as such.

mohawks are animals
cherokees are jewish

One drop. Reported.

I'm 17/1024 native, am I safe?

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Absolute purity is retarded and unrealistic, so reasonable levels of purity is what should be aimed for.

You will never be white, moishe. That doesn't mean we're not.

The problem lies in people with a non white relative that is alive. If someone has a great grandfather they never knew, that was shitskin, it doesn't mean much. If their grandfather was a nigger or assorted subhuman mix, they, like Sargon von Akkad, just wholesale reject whiteness.

It doesn't matter. If it's good enough for Uncle Adolf, it's good enough for us. That blood will be diluted in time anyways.

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i agree with what youre saying, but youre making it sound like baste black men should be allowed into a white ethnostate.

most white nations dont fit this standard.
very few european nations fit this standard.

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Ok? He's not "white-passing" and he's a worthless degenerate faggot.

Nationalism means nationalism; if they are not in my country they will not get killed. I will support their right to exist in their own land. Natives deserve their own plot of land that they can fight for when the time comes. Lose the war, lose the land. Earn it with blood on soil.

Right now however, my only concern is freeing my countrymen from Jewish finance, media, politics and culture. Everything else is distraction.

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Actual authentic whiteness is proven by not caring about whiteness, niggers. Racists are sociopathic retards and/or those who eat shit to prove their loyalty to people who broke them.



You mean sitting in a library with a bunch of kikes paid for with goy Veteran tax dollars?

Sounds like you're 7/8ths part of my race and probably recoverable but still suspect in some ways.

Hey, if your White blood is adulterated and diluted, that's a shame, but most of us are actually sick and tired of feeling bad for non-Whites by now.

I mean if you're non-White at this point you basically have two options: put up resistance or don't. Either way we are going to conquer this planet.

Personally I suggest praying to YHWE for a swift death.

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You'll always a nigger mestizo, you haven't got the brain power to create a world the Aryan created, your inferiority complex is shining through your computer screen.

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It's a meme

If you look White and you behave properly then you are White as far as the vast majority of people will ever care. Imagine how far removed from any real world relationship you must be to think that someone will decide to kill their friendly neighbor that he has known for decades just because some autist is screeching about how he's not White enough. There will be no "day of the LARP" where people will go around their neighborhood collecting DNA samples just to argue about alleles and haplogroups.

Be a gentleman and see yourself to the door, faggot.

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Have you tried not being a blatant brainlet?

If they don't descend directly from europeans only, they are not white, and thus, must be killed. No matter how little the contamination is, once a non-white infection enters the genes, it weakens the "person", causing defects in their brains that may become hidden for sometime, but are assured to burst out eventually, making them act like their animal/non-white ancestors.

Also American mutt-whites (mixture of different nationalities) should not able to migrate back to Europe.

People should be only allowed to intermarry when they are like Swedes and Norwegians.

swede and wegians should stick to their current mud choices.

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The whitest guy I know is a quarter black.

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Nationalities are made up, user. You gonna let pure 100% native Americans migrate to Norway because they are genetically very similar to the Sami (who reside in Norway).
That’s a dumb fucking system. Ethnicities are more important, as well as genetics.

Gracias por la Whitepill, mi hermano Ariano!

Que viva La Raza Aria #MAGAwithDACA
Trump es un titere de los Judios, y no nos va a dividir de nuestros hermanos Arios. Heil Hitler y Henry Hitler!

That's the American dream…

You know I was going to post about how most americans have mixed ancestry but according to this American whites are actually pretty racially pure.


Ban christcuckery, but there is a design to this DNA code.

Self-correcting mechanisms in the code. Not just "mixing paint".

Certain percentage can be self-corrected.

But certain genetics are just too shitty to be corrected out. Design is obvious in this.

Praise based nationalist God.

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His name is Tiw

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Haven't heard of Tiw by that spelling before, but maybe same as Tiew - the native European name for the god known in Rome as Mars?

Hence Tiewsday (English) = Mardi (French).

Polite sage.

Ouch. What I'm more curious about is people who have something like 3% shitskins, that makes no sense to me. That means they were a rape baby 125 or so years (5 generations) ago, but the world wasn't forgiving to race traitors back then. I can't imagine a single mother successfully raising a mutt child without welfare, nor that child successfully starting a family unless more rape was involved. So do DNA kikes outright lie or are they claiming someone's white genes are now shitskins because shitskins replaced the local ethnicity, like Greece being white once and now mudslime

One of my parents has skin thats a bit dark. Some of my siblings inherited the dark skin, others didn't. Regardless I believe in European people and will help to make their/our race stronger by finding a good white woman.

The Old English name is Tīw (note the macron over the vowel indicating length). The name of the day was Tīwesdæg, which is a loan translation of Latin dies Martis.

Going further back, in Proto-Germanic it's reconstructed as *Tīwaz (the asterisk is used to mark a reconstruction). This developed into Old Norse Týr and Old High German Ziu.

*Tīwaz might have been the head of the Germanic pantheon, though there are debates on this. It is descended from Proto-Indo-European *deywós "god". This had, for example, also developed into Latin deus "god" and dīvus "divine, godly".

There was more intermarriage than you might think. Look at studies about the ashkenazis, their Y chromosome DNA often can actually be traced back to their semitic roots, but their X chromosomes are European. IE male Jews came to Europe and fucked natives. I think I've got like 1-2% Turk in me, as an otherwise purebred Welshman, and as best we can tell that's because a Turkish vessel crashed in Wales like 500 years ago, and the sailors married natives. Or the fact that Mexicans etc. are pretty much all Spanish in their Y chromosomes.

What should be done about white-passing people who are something like 1/8th or less nonwhite?
Once they start looking white they start acting human.
Being white means that white people learned how to build houses and wear clothes. Whites are creators of civilization.
Niggers are wild shit building house wild people. One day when their family moves up the ladder, they will become white to.
Melanin tells who is the superior race.
The American Indians have lived with us for a while. Lived in houses away from the sun.
Fire water is American Indians weakness.
Islamic fucks get convinced that if they blow themselves up they get women. What a bunch of dumbasses.
White people are the best.
Hey niggers your children's children will be white. White people will always be white. Yes, we are breeding you with trailer trash to make America white again.
White people are the future.

Nothing at all. Those people are white. In fact, most of them, if they look a little off white, actually want to be white all that much more.
Those people will make the most loyal citizens in the future White Nation-State.
We're only concerned with the English-speaking European Nation. Spanish-speaking Europeans are going to have to solve their own National problems.

its American Indian. Solutreans are the natives

this. might explain why he's at least 1/8th retarded

this. any excuse to cull the herd. many must die. the old gods are returning and demand it

there's your fuckin answer. 1/8th is maximum nonwhite dna.

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My opinion is that genetics is messy, and there are no single alles that uniquely identify a specific race. Thus, our best play is a good eugenic system applied to the entire population, equally. It is possible you'd never fully erase the stain of distant racemixing, but you could quite happily minimize it to the point of being a point of historical trivia with no practical bearing on reality.

I agree, but for blacks it has to be at least 1/16. While some quadroons can pass as white, there are more that look like 56%ers. I knew one who had blonde hair and seemed white as fuck, but their siblings looked very much like mutts. The phenotypes can be decieving as it is up to chance, but you have no idea how many genes you can't see aren't white (in the brain most importantly).

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Races are genetically grouped pretty neatly. The fact that a test can very accurately point out if you are of European ancestry or not proves it pretty well.

I know. My point being there's a European attractor based on the percentage of compatible alles that we want to head towards. If we have that as a target, then I don't really think there's any irreversible 'taint' if a person is 1/8th Cherokee or whatever, with a sane Eugenic system that did something like "The closer you are to core European-ness, the more children you're allowed to have (e.g. 3+ if you're close to core, 1 if not)" that taint should quickly become indistinguishable. Moreover, a good Eugenic system won't just have us be stagnant but would instead attempt to improve what a baseline European even is. We have many low-IQ yet pure Europeans wandering about, they too would be deprioritized and limited in their breeding allowances. I don't think it's worth getting hung up on the one drop rule, all taint does is slightly increase the time taken for a Eugenic program to operate by about a generation or so. I think that delay is better than alienating all the 7/8ths white people walking around who would otherwise support us in getting that system in place to begin with, which could delay things far more.

I strongly suspect this is the same logic that the Nuremburg laws were designed around.

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out of date “problem”. just mandate certain genetics of babies, engineer all babies. 1488 by this deus ex, and the chinese/nork scientists will save us by experimenting on their subhuman young, perfecting the tech (also artificial womb tech).

ITT: a bunch of mongrels debating on what it means to be White. It's all so tiresome.

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immaterial. see:

Now what if they're Hapa? chances are they'll do it to themselves, even though they never asked for it

1-2% is 2^-6, which means 6 generations ago. If you assume 28 years generation age (which is on the high side), that's 168 years.

So if it's definitely from this 500 year-old attempted islamic conquest of wales, then at least 2 of your great great great great grandmothers were raped by Mohammed.

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Eugenics is easy, apply the law vigorously and execute niggers for nigger behavior (regardless of skin colour) and the problem solves itself over time.

reminder that hitler considered native americans aryan and considered "white" americans as mongrels

LMAO natives are literally more accepted in the third reich than the average amerimutt

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Reminder that you are paid by jews to post lies here.

It's not ideal, but necessary to reach the widest amount of people and avoid getting bogged down in Stormfrontian "whiter than thou" shit that kept them running around in circles and completely ineffectual. The Nuremberg laws have the benefit of being officially applied as party dogma, and as such they're more or less accepted by everybody. We should think about purity, but also practicality.

Hiter literally considered the Sioux and all other natives aryan. shut the fuck up you mutt

That's pretty esoteric knowledge




Hehehe, but they get a injection instead of painful gas or firing squad. See, we do because we care.

how do people find this shit?

NOTHING is beyond our reach.

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faggot you got denied quads for a reason

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hazel eyes are rare, not pure
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