Biggest mistake jleft ever did

By forcing us off the internet with all their might with their deplatofrming purges, they are inevitably causing actual organizing to happen IRL, and then they lose whatever control means they had when they allowed funposting and dissenting views. They forgot about keeping enemies close in their puritan tranny incel rage.

So while left is making their little internet safe spaces full echo chambers, dissident right is forced to form real-world safe spaces. Difference obviously being that as we all know internet shitposting rarely leads to any degree of organized action, while it takes just a few well organized men in real world to get some serious shit done and change course of history. Left isn't even giving us the option to just keep on shitposting.

I don't know when or who or how but when things start happening they will happen so quickly and completely out of blue left doesn't know what hit them.

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You don't need permission from them to do anything. Organize, mobilize and kill them all.

Fun fact.
Puritan comes from jew Purim.

Blogpost spam is STILL up.

Everything in the Universe must be Jewish because Jews never steal anything ever goy.


All humans will expel the anti-human from our lands.
It is only a matter of time and force. Don't worry anons. both will happen.

In what capacity? It’s illegal to organize. No one is doing it.
They won’t.


Holy shit the kikes are scraping the bottom of the barrel for braindead shills now

Kill yourself, yid.

You fail even worse than he did, yid.

I think OP is faggot satan invert post.

We need to change our demographics for the ideal of nationalism to have a chance.

The right is still on the internet in places the left can't think. The left right paradigm is dualistic trash really, the only truth in dualism is to be and not to be, and the Jews are the antithesis of being because they would rather all die than themselves and their egos not be the central, oldest, most powerful, superlative and almighty god chosen race. That is stupid, because exterminating everything else to be the best is negation or not being and is the evil side of duality, Jew or whoever or whatever seeks for total greed and power is going to wish to kill 99% of the world and that really is rarely permissible by providence as it is likely to result in the total destruction of the world, as the Jews would likely die or kill themselves if there were no goyim to exploit.

I believe Aryans seek to live in their homelands in peace and allow the deserts and jungles to make life r-selected and stupid if that is mother earth's desire or the natural consequence of the environment at that location.

You’re the one not making any sense

Then learn how to read, for fuck’s sake.

Shut the fuck up retard.

Most "right wingers" in this country exist in a permanent state of apoplectic rage that 40 new fronts of war for the sake of israel haven't been opened up and the last White man in America chased down by roving gangs of niggers to be forcibly deployed.



troll post best first post

Sounds like you read the antichrist.

I hate this smug kikess so much.

Puritans can't be trannies

Internet is faster than face to face.
Alt-right is trying outran Tesla on foot so to speak. Already lost battle.

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the real organization is happening on the darkweb fed-kun

You're not Tesla, you're just a faggot.

Racists are too stupid to pick vegetables, niggerwhites.

Imagine being unironically a leftist

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You're to gay to stop raping Whites and pretending like they are the gays. So what's it like? Being only part human?

imagine one day soon, a thousand angry white men, who have been doxxed, deplatformed, divorced, lost jobs, been forced to live off grid with nothing left to lose, living in cars, learning to hunt, shoot, train, fight, and the j-left has lost all track of them. They probably think they are defeated. But these men have been hardened. They have been freed really to do anything. They are spread around the country. Doing odd jobs to get buy, stocking up, making lists, planning precise in and out attacks. Not mass attacks, but 2-3 here and there. Then dissapearing for a few days. None of them know each other. But they all are activated on a certain date. A White Man Day. A thousand cuts from a thousand different men in a thousand locations, and thats just on day one.

Whoa. Big picture thinking! :)

Predictive thinking. 100% guaranteed to Happen.

once you turn brown you start to go down to the world of the clown

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So, you glow straight from writing amateurish research documents about investigative policy to use against "homegrown terror" in the form of extremist and directed violence, and then literally INCITE such things using the very key words which mark the significant signs of such violence being imminent? Damn, this is one transparent honeypot! Operation Kikesincharge.