Epstein's friend had US Gov connection that made passports for young girls



(page 11, paragraphs 48 and 49)

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According to an enty blind he had George Tenet, Director of CIA on 9/11 blackmailed too. Looks like the entire system is compromised.


Multiple threads for this epstain shit.

its ok because its important moshe
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keep digging frens and archive all you can

Including this specific subject?

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who cares

Who cares that Epstein had a contact who used a US gov connection to make passports so young women could be trafficked sexually?


Friendly reminder (((mods))) deleted the last Epstein dig thread.

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being slid off the face of the earth, apparently

I'm afraid it's only going to get worse as 2020 elections approach.

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Insane how many laws this kike breaks and all the connections. How deep does it go? Anything less than the death penalty for him would be injustice.

He's just the fall guy and face of a larger operation

hahaha this must be why the Mistress is trying to close so many deals right now, they're about to lose important government assets


Don't you worry about it.

I infiltrate and track human traffickers and then give useless reports on them that never seem to be acted upon.


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Hopefully. Putting the kike blackmail operation on center stage would be delicious.

Really makes you think.

Epstein is a kike’s kike. He could have been luring them to Hollywood for movies or to Tel Aviv for modeling. How many of them disappeared when they got older?

Shameless. Not to mention, you're 40% of the posts.

mods also deleted the russian hack dig thread. thing is, intel agencies basically collaborate, dysfunctionally, in creating hacks and tools.

epstein is perfect for red pilling normie boomer women: “israel was raping little girls for political leverage”. simple. factual.


I always wondered to whom this fine gentleman in the picture was talking to. Now I know.

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That thread exposed child fucker epstein cashed up gay dad child fucker Elton John.

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Kike mods nuked the Epstein vidya game thread. It was pure fun, had a valuable purpose, and tons of meme value. I've never cared if the mods were comped, but this is the last straw. I'm outta this place.
Get this: it must have happened right after Q/>>>/qresearch/ picked up on it. What does THAT tell you???
Anyone know if user has a thread on /cuckchan/ or anywhere?

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Keep this in mind when trumpniggers try downplay the epstein/trump connection.

Phoneposting, so i dont have the evidence nearby; 2 finnish journalists were murdered while they were investigating a suspected child prostitution ring. Youth was trained at hotels to be waiters and were granted a special temporary Visa to enter the US. One of the main players was some kind of sleazy politician who has/had close ties to the Clinton foundation. If i remember correctly, some deal was struck between HRC and sleazebag politician. I will find and post the evidence later

I must admit this could be based on false reports.
The 2nd archive link is Sorcha Faal. I've heard mixed reports about that source.
The SF article starts with the following:

The FSB report isn't available, which makes the story less trustworthy. If FSB would be *kind* enough to share the report, that would be appreciated to validate it.

Anways, here are the archive-links and a small summary. Judge for yourselves.



Two Finnish reporters assassinated as they attempt to confront politician over child sex trafficking.

After informing Finnish journalists Katri Ikävalko and Anne Vihavainen about all of these “matters/concerns” relating to this Stubb-Clinton linked sex smuggling ring, this report says, FSB investigators note that they left Svetogorsk (Russia) to return to Imatra (Finland) at 13:00hr on 3 December.

Less than 12 hours later, this report grimly states, Katri Ikävalko and Anne Vihavainen were assassinated in front of the Vuoksenvahti Restaurant in Imatra where they went to “confront/question” council leader Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen (who was also killed) about this international smuggling sex ring and its links to her, Minister Stubb and, most importantly, Hillary Clinton.

Investigators said the suspect arrived outside the restaurant in his car and shot the three women as they stepped out of the restaurant. He then waited in the car until police arrived, and accompanied officers silently and peacefully


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Nothing that comes from sorchafaal has any credbility whatsoever. It is a zionist agitprop site.

Israel was blackmailing the head of the CIA for pedophilia via Epstein

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Yes it's easy to get a fake passport