Anonymous Hate Watch Dox

This cunt is a massive commiefag using user to target Nazis, labeling everything as hate speech, and she just got doxed.

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This doesn't work for me

why not convert her and then fuck her ?
or just fuck her.
whatever works.

Where does she live?

top heh


"Unknown has no mercy. We already warned you to stop your BS. You have 1 week to delete your garbage Operations using Anonymous to censor the internet and free speech, or this will be shared to the most hardcore Nazi sites that we can find. We already know that Fascist Forge would love to have your dox, and we will not hesitate to personally hand it to them if you ignore our final warning here, and your little Socialist buttbuddies will be handed to them on a silver platter as well."

OY VEY Nadzess!

Jews win again thanks to White Nationalists.

Wow, you're late again

Now we're talking.
What is the evidence that this cunt lives here?

Meant for
is just a faggot with no argument

She posted her address in an old faceberg post.

New address is in the same city. Seems pretty solid.

Jesus Christ. How are people this fucking stupid?
Liberalism is the religion for stupid people.
In any case, this is very good. Excellent work.

"(((Fascist Forge)))" had thread on how is was okay to rape children.

Fuck off, cunt.
Anyone who is pro-White is by definition a White Nationalist. You spend all day spewing shit without arguments. No one is ever going to take you seriously ever again.

Oy vey, "weed out Larpers"



Sounds like you failed the test too many times

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This is old, what has been done with that information.

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You're a literal torfag. You see the mug and you say, 'why not fuck her'?

you are using admitted glow in the dark controlled archiving, they admit to not have control over regular and are frustrated over it

also I hate these twitter user fags, that doesn't know shit..

hate watch omg

Why are women so cringe
Women in politics are ghay
I mean her opsec is so shit because she had to put her face make her stand out she cant be a nobody she has to be a clearly visable woman with only 30% of her face coverd
Whores in politics not even once

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo niggerloving mutt shill.

Hatewatch summerfags what happen to the final boss

Old? Can you show me a place where she has been doxed before?


This isn't a 'dox'. The bitch literally used her fucking faceberg photo and slapped that cringe mask on it. She doxxed herself. Women were a mistake.

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