Why are white people so civilized and non violent?

Honestly, this isn't even to troll or bait anyone. But white people are clearly on another level of existence than other races. There are virtually no white criminals. No white Yakuza, no white Triads, no white cartels. For all the talk of east Asians being smart and having low crime rates their countries are still shitholes and there has been tons of war and genocide in Asian countries over the last 40-50 years. Meanwhile there hasn't been a major war or conflict in Europe since WW2.

What is the Germanic or nordic equivalent of the Yakuza? If countries like Germany, Norway and Sweden didn't have Muslims they would have lower crime rates than Japan by far.

The worst white neiborhood in the US still has less crime and violence than the best black neighborhood. Every place in the US (and elsewhere) that has low crime is a majority white. Are white people just biologically less prone to criminality and violence?

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It doesn't work like that when they are all living in America

Whites have become niggerized thanks to the media and kikes

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Because any other race isn’t even technically human op
You know this

This is literally a copy-pasta from /b2/

/b2/ runs this site now

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Rule 4.

Nice until they are not. Whites understand future paths and patterns, they plan and calculate and know the risks involved in action vs non action. They judge based upon others being like they are. Emotional outbursts are a failure of a white to an situation, whites understand it is better to be cold, calculating and utterly cruel when necessary but to avoid that at all costs to hinder another white from doing the same. Whites are THE top tier predator on this planet, and have decided to domesticate themselves willfully in order to live an more prosperous life rather than what comes when the fire rises.

This guy is a bid of a fag with his love of popular culture and the yids movie/show propaganda, but hes dead on with this one:

Nobody else is like you in any way. Please don't confuse rash ignorant criminal action of the subhuman with your noble soul, a soul carved in history by violence and quests for dominion over the very earth and heavens subhumans cannot comprehend.

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White criminals are just wearing suits and uniforms. They are embedded into the system. Honestly If you think about it, if we didn't have such a ""diverse"" population the "white collar" crimes wouldn't be nearly as bad because our courts and public focus wouldn't be so overwhelmed or distracted by a sea of shitskins getting arrested.

To paraphrase Patrick Swayze, whites are nice until it's time to not be nice.


/b/ 7 pph

Requesting the image of the gradual rise of white anger that goes something like

To stay on topic Whites will make it
Off topic

kool and the gang
Seriously though Neets Boomers are on their way out Nursing Homehealth and Dietary study Business will be booming

soft eugenics
we've been locking up criminals keeping them from breeding, before that troublemakers would get hanged or lynched
it put a dent in any genetic behavioral stuff and it's been entrenched in culture long enough to effect the upbringing of most whites

same would apply to military/cop families as well, though on a limited scale
I doubt there are many people who have had combat trained ancestors for multiple successive generations, but it would be interesting to compare them to other groups from various backgrounds in order to see if there was some kind of 'caste' development, or even common traits to such groups

Whites are between Blacks and Asians in terms of IQ and aggression. It's the combination of high IQ and aggression is what made us conquerors and nation builders. Asians have higher IQ but less aggression.

Also, the IQ difference between Whites and Blacks is much larger than the difference between Whites and Asians.

Also, American Whites are a little dumber than European Whites. American Blacks are smarter than African Blacks – the differences here are likely due to admixture between Whites and Blacks (and Browns). Brown and Black genetics drag American White IQ down in general while it brings the Blacks and Browns up.

Genetics accounts for about 80% of IQ. With young children it's about 60%.

Also, due to regression of genetic traits, two smart parents won't necessarily give birth to a smart child, and the further away from the racial average the less likely that is. So, for example, if two exceptionally smart Blacks give birth, it's unlikely that the child will inherit the exact mixture of genetic traits which made the parents exceptionally smart, and the child will be closer to the racial average.

IQ and race has been studied for a long time, and it's linked to brain size – Blacks have the smallest, Asians are the largest and Whites are a little smaller than Asians. Anyone who tells you that genetics don't matter or that IQ is fake are lying to your face.


You are quite literally retarded. Go read up on a bit of Chinese, Korean, or Japanese history. At least just a fucking little. Because DamnSon, this is the most idiotic thing I've read all week.

Asians have damn near perfected the method and art of War. Asians have been fighting each other for thousands of years. There is a whole section of Chinese history called the 'Warring States' period where the Chinese were slaughtering each other in the hundreds of thousands while the Greeks were fighting the Persians and Rome was still just a baby kingdom.
Educate your ignorant ass.

I'm sorry you must read a book. This has been studied thoroughly using not only cranial measurements but autopsy weight analysis and MRI data.
East Asians: 1,415 cm3
European Whites: 1,362 cm3

brain size has nothing to do with intelligence, retard

IQ isn't everything. I'm willing to believe they cheat to bloat it higher but its already high. They lack the creativity and ingenuity we have in spades. Whites have the largest frontal lobe, it handles memory, empathy, speech and communication, long term memory, object comparison and it even plays a role in personality. From there, personality could evolve into character, role models, morality, culture etc.

We could sit here all day listing all the minor differences that separate us from other races. Such small and minor things make us a world apart from others.

You're wrong on multiple counts. There is very little non-white admixture in American whites and we're on par intellectually with Europeans if the schooling doesn't fuck our brains up

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There used to be beige-skin mafias, but the family men were broken. They were bought into emancipation. Some of them died obeisant to criminality, but others regained their pride by turning on the people who compelled them to submit to criminality.

You MUST read a book. Brain size IS positively linked to IQ, this has been studied in depth.

There's a reason they're called 'bug-people'—they behave like fucking ants. The Japanese have a saying—"the nail that sticks out gets the hammer." They take the virtue of clan mentality, crank it up to eleven, and make it absolutely retarded.

Your skin may be beige, but the heart of a nigger beats in your chest. If Africans weren’t racist, we’d swamp that continent with aid workers and stamp out their diseases.

Effective domestic disease eradication campaigns contributed powerfully to the ascent of beige-skinned people past obedience to primitive tribalism.

That's not what's keeping 'us' from invading, my Zig Forums friend.

Leftypol is the same people as pol, fool. And all racists are niggers, a term that doesn’t apply to all black people.

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Kill yourself.

Racists are too dumb to pick vegetables. High levels of racism and a compelled-homogenous society cause recurrent famines in Africa, and have historically caused famines in many nations. Overcoming racism - shoving it into a dumbass edge group, and locking up racists as criminals where possible - stabilized the nutritional basis of “white” society, leading to the long-term gains of the Flynn Effect.

Become honest like me, and you will know what it is like to wish to live forever. Peace plus truth equals joy.

Modern Africa is gaining peace and prosperity as it finds its place in the global economy. The internet is doing good things for Africa, even if it’s being a PITA for the developed world. A whole lot of factors involved in connecting economies across tech levels are a PITA for the higher tech nations, but it’s worthwhile. Instead of leaving Africa as a disease reservoir that provides an evolutionary environment favorable to sickness and death, we’ll bring them into our prosperity. Shared prosperity reaches higher - another historic CIVIC insight of the “white” nations which is spreading via soft power gradually into all nations.


You're right, wiping every jew off the face of the planet would be peaceful and joyful.

Because of 500 years of killing criminals and replacement of the poor by the rich.

This is a big thing that commies are saying a lot lately. Just a heads up.

Because we are actually total monsters, and we are nice and trustworthy by choice as it gets the most shit done when we are left alone. Force our hands, however, and we rip ears off, take body parts as trophies and cheerfully massacre women and children. It just takes a much higher heat for our flashpoint to be able to set us ablaze.

Learn the difference between 'who' and 'whom', you retarded faggot.

IQ measures cognitive ability. Not creativity, independence of thought, flexibility, etc. Please don't be buthurt on the subject. If you're a White American you are probably around 100 IQ. My brother took a test years ago and got a very high score, I believe in the 130s – he bragged about it and WOW do people get upset.

What puts Whites apart from Blacks isn't just IQ of course, but IQ is still a KEY difference. If aliens came down to Earth and genetically engineered the Blacks to be as smart as Whites there would still be significant differences but in terms of cognitive ability at least they could stand on the same playing field as us.

Let's look at another example. Japanese are smarter than us (106), but they had their asses absolutely ravaged by us in WW2. The Japanese IQ allowed them to build an industrialized society that was capable of waging modern warfare, but we had other advantages over them which made us stronger – not just in being larger, but in pretty much every other way too – technological innovation, cracking codes, training, etc.

So the point is, please stop being asshurt over IQ. If you seriously want to analyze races than put your ego away and engage your white IQs.

Fuck off kike, lmao.

Zimbabwe has an IQ of 82. They're almost clinically retarded. They simply can't become a modern and wealthy society.

Read a book lowlife filth. Hard mode: it can't be an audiobook.

Kill yourself, jew. Hard mode: you can't blame it on roller coasters or industrial ovens.

Stupid faggot.

chink here
it has more to do with culture than skin color


We already have genetic explanations for why blacks are more violent than other races.

For example - At one end of the androgen receptor gene, which is alternatively labeled AR or NR3C4, there are varying amounts of the trinucleotide repeats CAG and GGC. Blacks possess less of these CAG repeats.

Fewer CAG repeats causes increased transactivation of the receptor (meaning that the receptor became more activated to increase gene expression), see the research here:


Cortisol responses are another area that highlight racial differences in behavior. a new study by Way and Taylor has found that the short allele of 5-HTTLPR causes increased cortisol responses to a perceived social threat provided by the Trier Social Stress Test.


Also, a new study by Armbruster et al found that the 7R allele of DRD4 causes lower cortisol responses and that this allele interacted with the long allele of 5-HTTLPR to lower cortisol response to social stress.


Beaver et al determined that African-Americans have significantly more 7R alleles than whites. The possibility that low cortisol levels in African Americans could be partly genetic has important implications for research on the genetics of violence.


Indeed, in 2008 Rajender et al determined that male control subjects average 21.19 repeats, rapists average 18.44 repeats, murderers average 17.59 repeats, and men who murder after they finish raping average 17.31 repeats.


The shortest repeat lengths are associated with a higher degree of violence, earlier criminal records, verbal aggression, assertive personalities, extraversion, neuroticism, and self-transcendence (mystical tendencies).


Sjoberg et al proved that higher testosterone levels increased aggressive tendencies in males with the 3R allele that is the most common MAOA allele in black people but did not increase aggression in males with the 4R allele that is the most common MAOA allele in whites.


To summarize, African Americans have fewer CAG repeats in the androgen receptor gene, which somehow increases testosterone spikes. Higher testosterone decreases MAOA enzyme levels in those with the 3-repeat allele. Plus, androgen receptor alleles with fewer CAG repeats beget more androgen receptor activity. These receptors translocate to the cell nucleus and down-regulate the MAOA gene. African Americans likely have a significant genetic component to their lower baseline cortisol levels and lower cortisol spikes in response to threats. This further allows higher testosterone levels and decreases MAOA levels directly.

The left is weaker than it could be because they’re too busy raping privacy to just… tell people truth. They can’t admit what they’ve done, so they can’t engage with the society they alienated.

Zimbabwe has a crazy racism problem. Racists, even black racists, are dumb as shit. Look: normal people can do math and reach for correct answers intuitively (not always successfully, but they try for the right target), but dumbfuck racists are trying to think how to outwit their racial enemies. Racism drives humans to be chaotic - and in the IQ sense, chaotic is just dumbfuckery.

The west raped china through hong kong.

White ships steamed into japanese waters and freaked out the nips.

Europe settled and developed America.

Europe colonized Africa.

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Maybe you should search your soul, then, leftypol-kun.

Kill yourself.

I've posted this dozens of times. They never learn. They aren't paid enough to learn.

wow that was a good ~100 year run there. To bad everyones a cuck now

You could want to live forever if you were more honest. Nobody pays me to say that, I just love the downtrodden, who have been lied to so much that they have learned it. Come back to truth.

See? They're fucking lunatics.

Eugenics. We used to execute the majority of our criminals and we didn't use prisons or special ed classes to keep poor genetics in the pool. Not to mention we dashed our violent men against the rocks of war at least once a century.

Wrong, kike. All white people are worth protecting, even the weak and unskilled. This is how you treated your fellow retard jews, and it's time we followed.

Black niggers in ghettoes have been taught that everything is a whitey trick. They’ve been taught they have to fear whitey’s subtle genius evil, that they’re stupid and will be caught out if they aren’t careful.

What kind of patterns do you think that mind sees first? What patterns second? What patterns third?

Okay, now consider this: IQ is a trust exercise. It’s not about outwitting the test designer - not much, anyways. It doesn’t help to be a million times brighter than the test designer because the test can’t measure that. You win at IQ tests when you agree to see the same pattern that the testmaker put into the test. Smart people can see more complicated patterns, but the first real pattern seen is still usually the right one in each question.

Racists see evil tricks in obvious patterns, so they blow IQ tests.

It's sad that you probably think you said something here.

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

No this is how we successfully ran our civilizations for thousands of years. This isn't debatable. That's history whether you like it or not.

Yes, and my assertion is that as soon as Whites do that, you're fucked. That's why you're trying to suppress that so hard.

This guy lol. Just look at him (it?).

Leftist troll or idiot? They're not mutually exclusive, and you're at least one of the two.

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Did you even fucking read my post? You just quoted a bunch of mercantile history. 100 years? Really? Get a fucking sense of time and history and at least be able to look back/visualize/understand 4000 years of human history before you post here.

Also, jew-nigger reddit spacing.

Your assertion is retarded and so are you. That is literally true history, do you even know what an execution is? Or a hanging? Or a guillotine? Or a firing squad? Prisons are a 200 year old phenomenon and ironically enough completely coincide with the downfall of Western White society. Let me guess, you've got a genetic defect and you take person offense to the idea that a people would care about their future and the future of their children enough to weed it out.

Really? Are you fucking twelve years old?

The reason why it’s important that we build a truly honest society top to bottom, and shouldn’t do stupid spy or scammer shit to each other even when we “can’t” get caught, is because IQ is based on trust.

Humanity has been growing smarter because we’ve been growing more honest. Honest interactions mean simpler patterns mean differences in ability matter less. That in turn means more productivity from dubious minds, which translates into fewer “tricky” people who think normal agricultural methods are a Jewish/whitey/nignog trick that’ll kill them.

You're trying to tell me that Europeans haven't been executing their criminals for the majority of history. Are you fucking retarded?

You will die face down in a puddle of blood.

I will live for fucking ever, and if you grow enough of a spine to face a peaceful life, you will live in the same world I do.

The jews will die in this timeline. You have overplayed your hand, and the eternal white spirit will send you back to hell.

So much for protecting all Whites. You hypocritical faggot.

Jews aren't white.

Africans are fucking paranoid tribals. Not as much as they were, but too damned much. That’s truth. They fuck over each other at every opportunity. It is rational to be a paranoid tribal in that environment, so they all ARE.

Paranoid tribals are rarely good at IQ testing. They think the tester is tricking them somehow - like they can get a better outcome or avoid a worse outcome by tricking the test.

You’re a stupid nigger. Go back to Africa and live with your own mind.

You're a stupid jew. Go back to Israel and live with your own mind.

Well at least your peanut sized brain has one truth inside of it.

Right. Africa is a shithole of disease, tribalism, slavery, rape, and corruption because of whitey. All of the terrible aspects of Africa have nothing to do with biology. Completely random with some white guilt sprinkled in.

What's your theory about the differences in achievement betwixt the nations of the world? Why were some exploring the solar system before others had managed to provide themselves with clean water (or the wheel, for that matter)?

Racists are too stupid to pick vegetables. It’s not their skin, it’s their constant need to outwit racial enemies. They see spooks everywhere.

And again, the left did stupid spy shit they can’t admit to. They didn’t just use intelligence-like services against organized crime, they used them against politics. Nixon got shut down for that shit, too. You know why?

Scared people are duuuumb.

Fear-laden societies under Stalin couldn’t keep the farms running. Fear-oriented South American leaders impoverished their societies and some of them died for it. Fear-oriented leaders in the turd world today are still making this mistake.

It ain’t whitey, it’s because they’re racist niggers who fear each other and whitey too.

Right the reason Africa is a shit hole that's never had any development nor contributed anything to the story of Mankind is because they're paranoid not because they're inherently incapable of certain traits we associate with civilization. And the reason they are the way you are saying has nothing to do with their genetics - it's all because they're paranoid and that also somehow has nothing to do with genetics.

Or we could just assume the simplest explanation that's consistent and in reference to nearly any Human article adds up - that they are an archaic form of the Human species that was left behind in Africa and so, due to never having to experience the same pressures as the rest of Humanity they never developed past our most primitive almost pre-sentience state.

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

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Define racism and then explain why it is wise for a group of people who have evolved to behave in a way that allows them to proper in their environment to allow outsiders who are nothing like them in many ways to join them as whiney parasites?

They are fucking paranoid, bro. Face reality.

I've been posting on imageboards since 2007.

This stupid fucking "reddit spacing" meme only appeared in like the last 2 years or so.

I'm never going to change how I write to conform to your retardation.

I love how all these unaccomplished whites love to piggy-back on the achievements by the men of their "race". I'm more than willing to acknowledge white supremacy, but no one in this thread is a Newton.

He's a kike, you stupid faggot. You aren't going to get a real answer out of it.

Nigger, you can show us all how stupid you are for not knowing what a paragraph is, but you shouldn't brag about it. It makes you look stupid.

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ironic statement, nigger means black ape brain you fucking nigger brain monkey.

Fuck off cuck. Nobody ever claims the achievements of individuals and yes every individual achievements do belong to the race collectively. What was done by one jew is to credit of all jews, what is done by one black is to the credit of all blacks, etc.

It's fun to watch them "argue".


Continued. And so nearly all of the prominent members of their race can all sport some European ancestor, whether they like it or not. It's why the most successful core of Africans in History exist at the bottom rungs of non-African societies. These are the Africans that perform the best those that have been glued to our volk for a couple centuries - only to the exclusion of an elite immigrant class from Africa that all sport university degrees.

I think we as political creatures and moral actors are desperate to cover up the ambiguity implied by the Negroes sentience. So for some people they'll just pretend the disparity doesn't exist for you it's explained by a culturally ingrained sense of paranoia towards the other - although you're incapable of explaining how that's not just an expression of their genetics. You could say it was all the environment but when you really think about it - the genetics are dictated by the environment as well, so you don't really get out of it through that.

You fear parasitism. In other words, tricks, traps, and spiritual weaknesses. Can you trade with someone who you think is parasitizing you? Can you employ them? Can you be employed by them?

Can you really not see how lacking trade and employment could create a dumbfuck society?

African society was in spear-shaking, foot-stomping, hundred-warrior negotiation mode not that damn long ago because they expected their neighbors to parasitize them.

You fucking idiots. You're effort posting on a /b2/ thread

Cyber-bulling a total stranger to type text the way YOU want him to makes YOU a retard