AI Portraits is making people white

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If you had read their FAQ, you'd see that the whole operation (beyond being some chink datafarm shit) was designed to

it does nonwhites just fine

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Looks like he was left in the gas chamber a little too long.


Whatever helps them sleep at night I guess.

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really thought it was just a dyke

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Nazi gas chambers doesn't even exist.

AI is racist!!! Afro American rights demand we can Ai.

I have more hopes for robot overlords every days.

just manyally fix it back sheesh

where can i test this program?

Site is dead.
aiportraits . com

They don't need to make a GAN to tell you that when it's trained on a data set, its entire perception of the world will be confined to that data set. If anything looks foreign to it, it'll try its best to approximate it to the data it has learned. It's performing as expected. You'd probably see a similar issue if you trained a GAN to generate and place household kitchen items based on seeing a image of empty kitchens, but then in the test data add empty laundries.

It actually highlights a problem with not being able to self-induce biases in pattern recognition by comparing correlations of multiple features. When a person learns a task, they learn what patterns are meaningful or not (regardless of how strong the coincidence may be) in order to learn the boundaries of the task. Another method may be designing GANs to learn how to produce counterfactual examples of what their data sets contain (hallucinate what could be), and have another discriminator filter out the bad results until it has the desired data it needs. However that's only useful if it can self-train.


Just train an AI on 15th century african art. I’m sure there’s plenty of examples out there filled with realism and subtle techniques which would suit their needs.

realism and subtlety are colonialist impositions

Damn why is this already dead? I wanted to have some fun


no such thing as people of color
there are races of people… european is not a race, white is not a race, asian is not a race, african is not a race, black is not a race, yellow is not a race…


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It's been shut down that quickly?

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Detected the shitskin that wants to fit in here. You'll never look like a Nord, you swarmy listen shit. Promote your "we're all the same for the sake of miscegenation" crap elsewhere.

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Does it take the mongoloid out of russians?


So they're admitting race is more than skin color now?

Even A.I.s find niggers repulsive. No surprise.


Can we get our own version since they shut it down. Jews are so horrified of whites i can picture them screaching as soon as it started turning people white.

AI made the guy on OP's portrait look like lord Byron

They will never admit that the differences apply to their brains.

Does it make russians white?

omg this

I can confirm this.

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You got a fro man. Dats White.

Where can I find the software to try out on other images? This all feels like a deepdive 'we wuz kangs' initiative. If 'the Rock' looks white when fed into this software they can start arguing a bunch of white portraits were just non-whites drawn whiteish.

Same :(

Apple Store on your phone.

What about for straight people?

I bet what really bothers all these nonwhite women is seeing how much more attractive their white equivalent is. But they can never be white.

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They get the same app as the faggots.
AIportraits is the app.

yep, even though it would be a disgusting mongrel product it is still better than anything they will ever be as a pure race subhuman.

Works on manlets, too.

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It gave you jewfro as well.

It's certainly appropriate for Todd.

it’s down

user what is that picture from



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My Art career. Cool I'm unemployed!

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million monkeys at a million typewriters…

worthful degree

What career? Sucking Jew cock? Art is expression not a job you filthy capitalist.



Wow. This is such a bigger problem than why we don't have colonies in outer space or functioning families. Thanks, kikes.

That's honestly kind of funny because I have never thought about trying to turn foreigners White.