The celebrity law professor who first made his name defending the Deep Throat guy and went on to advise upstanding characters like Harvey Weinstein. The gazillionaire lawyer who bankrupted Napster and hired a firm with the so-evil-it-sounds-made-up name of "Black Cube" to discredit and silence Weinstein's accusers. A two-bit hustler from Arkansas who makes a living by shaking down sheiks and tycoons for donations to his alleged charity. The president of the United States.

What do they all have in common? (Beside the fact that they are all incredibly rich.) Alan Dershowitz, David Boies, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump are only a few of the names caught up in the alleged Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia scandal. This isn't six degrees of Kevin Bacon. These people all know each other well and have for decades. They go to one another's weddings, ride on the same airplanes, and do business together. They are all old and white. They all have the same kind of anti-aesthetic, which I would loosely describe as "New York Daily News sleezebag chic." They are what passes for the ruling class in this country.

Why do we let people like this have any power or authority? Why do we allow them to exert any influence over our public life or over the direction of our politics or the coordination of our economy? Why do we reward them with hundreds of millions of dollars and penthouse suites and airplanes and the media attention they obviously crave? Is any living American actually okay with the fact two of our last four presidents were allegedly good pals with the guy whose private airplane was referred to openly in the press as, wink-wink, the "Lolita Express"? To borrow a phrase from his lawyer friends: Noscitur a sociis.

Say what you want about the Ancien Régime, but at least they gave us Versailles and Boucher and opéra comique. The Manchu court in its twilight years under the Empress Dowager was vicious and cruel, but it was also fascinating. Even goings-on in the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin were amusing enough to be turned into a good movie. There is nothing even remotely interesting about our own class of lawyered-up jet-setting internationalist crooks.

This is, in fact, a good thing, perhaps the only upside to being ruled by them. It has never been easier to renounce evil and all its works and all its pomps than it is today, when instead of powder-faced bewigged vicomtes tittering in perfectly composed alexandrines in front of rococo mirrors they are goatish hedge fund managers, mercenary lawyers, professional speech-givers, and the founders of fake online colleges suing one another out of boredom.

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Other urls found in this thread:

The real enemy is the military since they have all the hardware to take these people out and instead use it to amplify their abilities to keep doing it. The spell cast over Americans are niggerball games and 6'oclock newscasts that perpetuates the idea that the military is still somehow a useful or ultimately good institution standing out from legions of corrupt ones needs to be eradicated along with the parasites in uniform and their children.

Congress: But is Israel ok???!?!?!

What part of this is new?

what the fuck are you even trying to say user?
The military isnt that deeply involved in domestic issues. They are not a law enforcement agency. They are tasked with Security issues. They are cogs within a governmental machine, not the Machine's controller
< Militaries are not useful

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This is the kind of mil-shill I'm talking about. Fucking nigger.

I think he's fucked because the old guard who protected him over the decades are on their way out to retirement, and there's new blood who would like to make a name for themselves.

Larping boomer who trafficked under aged girls to black mail others is a nice notch to put on the long prosecution's belt.

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Pajeet, my man! You're still alive? It's been ages!

Very good observation, but even the nouveau-riche and new blood in our elite circles continue the sex/drug trafficking. I dont know about the rituals and everything, but they are as indulgent as ever. The question is, who is their fixer?

Maybe you are just a schizo, rather than an actually coherent fed

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He's right though, the military has ability to coup the entire system.


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I don't think that there was any legitimate rituals with that old jew, he's basically a Miltia Larper who sells underaged sex.

New blood in today's world don't need some 1970s comic villain pedo island.

As do the American people in general. But the issue is bigger than just rolling tanks through the national mall. The problem comes in trying to reassemble the Byzantine structures of this country. The add to that the power-plays and other treacheries involved in military coups. It's not pretty. And the daunting task of that is enough for force many of us back into the state of complacency that we find ourselves in. On top of that, folks in the military are just as unaware about many of the elites of the country, and the evil that is afoot as most of the citizenry.

You can absolutely criticize the military. Talking about killing them and their children is something else entirely though

Interesting points. I think Epstein had at least some occult knowledge, but the new blood definitely doesnt

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News reports coming out now that he was found blue in the face during a (((suicide attempt)))

It's a shame Trump turned to be such a fag. Oh well, I'm going to join a synagogue and follow the herd to whatever nice spot of land in China Rothschild has prepared for the chosen. Have fun fighting Soros' brown people.

Epstein tries to (((KILL)) himself.

Attached: Epstein Suicide.png (1600x1006, 273.04K)

lol. So predictable.

gOTTA protect (((trump))) at all costs

aghoris are all assfucked shit eating faggots. Everybody knows that. Their instructors cornhole them as part of their discipline in eating shit.

I wonder what was about to be revealed about him that precipitated this?

Attached: c2963c2cd369db4e98880f06fb004844786831e1a5d3e9db79214cabc77761a2.gif (234x234, 1.5M)

No it isn't.
It's a carrot.
So far it's meaningless.
So far it's nothing.
It's as Snowden is/was: a placebo pill to placate the angry masses.


Attached: OY.png (1018x200, 28.91K)

Oh boy.
I stand mostly corrected.
Maybe this is going to turn into something big.


Attached: oy vey red.png (986x251, 37.74K)

Good. It lived.

And now you all want him to live, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Attached: 442541.jpg (200x200, 9.24K)

Attached: ooops.png (579x426, 216.71K)

So for over a decade he's been publicly villified for pimping 14 year old girls to rich guys to blackmail them for Israel and he's walked around in public with a face of brass. But now with all sorts of shit bubbling to the surface he tries to make good.

Now just what could it have been that suddenly drove him over the edge? Are we about to find that he was pimping 12 year olds? 10 year olds? 8 year olds?

Imagine Mossad extract him while he's at the medical facility.



Attached: clinton-devious.jpg (868x547, 83.61K)

off by two

Some theories:

jail mates beat them up while saying "His ass belongs to us."

wow, holy shit his fellow tribesmen aren't pulling any punches

As for the recent arrest, a good theory I heard which answers "why now?" is he's very connected to Ehud Barak, who is contesting Bibi for the Prime Ministership of Israel.

Kevin Spacey was ripping up little bois assholes so bad on the island that Epstein had to disinvite him. I mean LITTLE boiz that had to be hospitalized. And Spacey is the one most likely to roll over for the prosecutors to save his own evil ass.

As for the Clintons, earlier today, a story was published detailing Epstein visiting the Clinton Whitehouse many times in the '90s.

people were talking about it in the 90s, too, but were waved off as conspiracy nuts

Oh wow, I didn't know there was any suspicion surrounding the guy until the 2005 trial.

*proceedings (obviously no trial)

Of course they were. The (((mass media))) succeeded in marginalizing all kinds of wrongthink before the Internet became a thing and people started waking up

Attached: truthbomb.jpg (540x540, 25.92K)

Kinda hope the cherry tomato bomber baby bibi the clown stays their PM. Never have we had a greater asset in getting kikes hated in record time worldwide. He's unlikable and constantly there are leaks from not just people but world leaders themselves saying how unlikable he is and the longer he stay the longer more people hate kikes, thank God.

He's probably thinking of the White House callboys.

Attached: White House call boys.jpg (1517x872, 464.87K)

Jails and prisons have near fully functional hospitals. No surgery and the ER isn't really a thing. But recovering on a bed with an IV drip and a ventilator? They've got him covered.

oh there was huge talk about all the dirty shit the clintons were in on in "right-wing" circles in america's heartland in the 90s. killing ron brown, epstein pedo island, whitewater, cocaine importation, etc etc etc. so much of it has turned out to be true that its frightening to think about how much of the rest of it might be true

Literally EVERY "conspiracy" that isn't some far out there lizard people, mole people etc. etc. etc. is real. Those far fetched ones are Mossad D&C to lump the legitimate ones with and their baggage.
Snowden was a response to a "conspiracy theory".
LITERALLY every single thing Snowden 'leaked' was already extremely well know. The only new information gained through Snowden were the internal names of programs etc.

Has anyone checked in on the Qtards? I'm sure they are crediting Trump with the attack.

All the '90s Clinton stuff was about his rapes, not Epstein. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the high level kosher conservatives who were attacking him knew about it and kept quiet, but only because they were fucking kids too. Lest we forget, Ken Starr, whose Starr Report got Clinton impeached, was one of Epstein's lawyers.

yeah before internet was huge, you basically had to be on the right email list, and i think a few "right-wing" sites like WND trace back to the 90s. alot of shit was word of mouth or passing along VHS in churches

how cute

ever share a meme? download a photo on #socmed? If Congress succeeds you could get slapped with a $15k #CopyrightFine & no chance=appeal. trolls buy (c)4 #lawsuits =$$$ #CopyrightAlternativeSmallClaimsEnforcementAc #SenateCommitteePassed #SenateVoteSoon

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Fuck off ZOGbot lover, kys.

That's a generous estimate of the debauchery of kikes. I'd say rape snuff videos of infants might scratch the surface.

Attached: sumner murray rothstein (2).jpg (359x239, 27.7K)

You people are so dishonestly negative. You’re totally obeisant to your made-up decline narratives, just absolute whiny prideless slaves. What’s the point in giving you anything if you’re only going to be little broken bitches about it?

Clean-up operations are beautiful. They turn around long-term trajectories.

The locals here whine so much it’s almost like they’re submissive little criminal bitches who don’t want to see things cleaned up at all, ehh? Weak.

I'd rather hear someone bitch than read this gibberish. The fuck are you on about Lassie?

Latest breaking news;
It wasn't suicide; it was auto erotic asphyxiation. That's why there was a dreadful scream; it was Jeffy ejaculating mightily, perhaps more forcefully than any man can endure.

Attached: bag.jpg (320x231 17.66 KB, 18.55K)

You're either a toxic haired Tumblr or Zig Forums. Or a glow in the dark nigger.

Doesn't mean he wasn't relocated outside the facility.
Lots of possibilities now, if The Post is accurate. Since his lawyers have appealed the decision for no bail, they can now argue with cause, that he'd be safer with home detention. It may also be easier to have him pronounced dead at an actual medical facility, if he's intended to be extracted.

Ah yes, the tried and true Ken Lay of Enron tactic.

Cremated, ashes scattered in undisclosed spot, so no body to exhume. Very convenient

Seth Rich was alive at the Washington Hospital Center, so that's another tactic if Epstein is reported to be recovering.

probably this. would explain the Daily Mail digging out that pic of Barak recently. if a jew is exposed somewhere in the mainstream media (increasing antisemitism), it can only come from another jewish faction.

I highly doubt that, he didn't even own the island until 1998.

You hope too much. Why would they ever let us try, when things can just get worse?

A zogbot is still a zogbot. All are trators. All are COMPED. All are guilty.

Fuck reassembling anything. Burn it all. Every last mote of matter is filth.

Most of the corruption Trump is going after is of jewish origin. Count all the perpetrators and see they are jews or crypto jews.

Why does their have to be a tradition? Supporting this crap is bullshit

The only real cleaning up is if all of existence is erased.

Pedophilia is white traditional culture.

Pick one.

Lmao shit pajeet was here? Wish I saw that

and you know what, white people's food is so bland

Attached: frd0363-1032x1200.jpg (1600x1536, 255.04K)

trump isn't involved in it at all and you are continually told and shown this yet you still persist. i only know one group of people who act like this

How? By Trumpniggers like yourself who continually screech "n-nooo, but what about Bill Clinton", as if him being a deviant somehow means Trump isn't?

you're fooling no one, i hope you know this. most of the anti trump interaction is with your nerd faggot comrades. you're incredibly stupid and pathetically transparent. nobody actually does a 180 like this in the real world

What the fuck are you even trying to say