Judge dismisses Arkansas Times (One of the Oldest Papers in the State) in their suit against Ⓘⓢⓡⓐⓔⓛ

Chief Judge Brian S. Miller in the Eastern District of Arkansas just threw out the Arkansas Times' lawsuit challenging the Act 710 which made criticism and boycotting of Israel illegal for any organization receiving State Funds unless they agreed to reduce their rate by 20% or effectively boycott themselves when they boycotted Israel. The Judge said “Because engaging in a boycott of Israel, as defined by Act 710, is neither speech nor inherently expressive conduct, it is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Roz Rothstein of the pro-Israel StandWithUs is thrilled:

“We commend the wisdom of the judge’s decision,” StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein said. “As the court recognized, taxpayers need to be protected from being complicit in discrimination, which both undermines state policy and harms its economy.”

The article says it expects reactions from Counter-Jewish forces to be furious:

US District Judge Brian S. Miller
500 West Capitol Avenue, Room D258

Little Rock, AR 72201


Courtroom 2D

Email: [email protected]

Staff Information
Law Clerks: Shiva Jayaraman, Sarah DeLoach, Sam Mallick, Zach Tkach

Courtroom Deputy: 501-604-5404

P.S. Related article from Plantiff, Arkansas Times
Arkansas now going full ghetto trailer park trash r-selected bunny breed'em like you don't need'em, leave'em like you can't feed'em mode, pic related, with baby drop box.

/*Yes, you can now anonymously put a human baby in a black box like a good goy mum and let the ZOG take it from there*/

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That's just one judge, they can take it further up the courts.

I wonder if Planned Parenthood runs those baby dropboxes.


Arkansas Times Article. arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2019/07/23/baby-box-comes-to-benton

archive link:


Southerners are garbage.

if organizations can't boycott 15®437, then you must boycott organizations

fucking poo in the system, muhrica the land of the poo and joo

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Sarah, Sam, and Zach, sound like Jew and Turkish surnames as well.

Not all, there's a real pioneer American vein that runs from West Virginia through Kentucky and Tennessee and into Arkansas, the guarded blood of centuries.

Yet the guarded blood of centuries may be lost, at a blow.

All I see is ZOG's most loyal dupes.

Israel controls the U.S. government, the Courts and Districts, and all branches of the media from CNN to FOX news. And if you acknowledge this fact and lash-out violently, you and your entire cause is painted as undesirable. What the fuck do you think you can do?! Do no violence, expose all teh things!

May God guard his benefactors.

There are battle lines being drawn.

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Is absolutely is. The Supreme Court themselves ruled multiple times in numerous cases saying exactly that including the infamous case of "money is speech".

There's a unnamed 11th step.

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Yeah, it seems like even stupid 100 IQ MK ultra'd plebs could understand that "Boycotting something expresses dissent."

But, maybe the MK Ultra is too much, the jew-jam-i-zoozled or joojamizoozled.

I like this word, I made it to mean jew jam in your mind's eye to make you bamboozled.

yesssss nigger yes.

literally found this on the (((aclu's website)))

Judge would rather rule wrongly and potentially be shamed on appeal than rule against those who butter his bread.


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You fuckers still don't get it do you?

That would be "the grand army of the republic"

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I assumed it was ongoing already. It is not needed to have it shown all around.


yes this includes the porn industry

No. Israel is America's ally. Never boycott Israel.

Who knew that the hellhole that spawned Bill Clinton would be corrupt as fuck?


That's wrong user, you could be convicted.

My friends don't try to cut my throat every chance they get.

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Convicted of WHAT nigger? There is no law on the books stopping you from boycotting. All the kikes can do is make legislation (((condemning))) the practice because they are expressly forbidden from doing otherwise per the constitution.

It's not Rothschilds and the jews, bro. It's the Jesuits. It's hundreds of other banking families too.

Jesuit conspiracy theories have always been a jewis distraction. They were actually mostly dead, until Pat Buchanan ran for president, and the jews saw them as a way to dampen his support amongst "patriot", "conspiracy theorist" types.

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Ignatius Loyola was a Marrano Jew.
Ever notice that many of the Jesuit Generals have a distinctive "rat-faced" look?

The Jesuits control the Vatican.


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Just report the spammer, he's doing it everywhere.

Interesting article on how the oathbreaker meme relates to converso (marrano) jews and on their general disgusting and dishonest behavior.

This is the oathbreaker oath jews take:
Kol Nidre

Anybody have the string/jews-jewing-god maymay ?

Dubs demand it.

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Doesn't name them

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What you seem to forget is that this is all very complicated due to the politics of it, to be more specific, many people have different opinions that are many times are mutually exclusive.

This user gets it, the judiciary system has many courts which reflects the diversity of not only our society but our individual thoughts. To expand on the latter, think of all that thinking just about as you go to sleep… very complicated.

The boxes are made by Marduk Corp :^)

DACA against abortion?



3 is my wife's favorite number… I hope we get 3 amnesties: One to DACApedes, another for Central Americans, and the third for South Americans.

Boycott and baby box. How are these two related within this case?

Agreed, but all of them must be stopped.

Say that to a Southerns face in real life and see what happens.

Blood-lust is for earth-based demon Jews and the like. Regular blood is for keeping our bodies alive for this earth experience. Remember when God took a piece of Himself and made our Souls? Do you remember? There's no blood in the Soul.

That meme sucks.

Fuck, your bullshit is so retarded and tiresome, you filthy spic.

0. They are our greatest ally.
1. Wow, sure are a lot of jews in Hollywood.
2. All of media? Tv, music, and news?
3. And an overrepresentation in politics?
4. And they're behind every modern war?
5. It's always the jews.

You really just have to take the first step with people and they do the rest. And it should be a snowball not stairs.

mounties are going to murder and frame two leafs for a crime an arab committed to avoid claims of racism

Why not 'boycott Netanyahu'? Or is any action that results in 'boycotting israel' illegal?


If you have any question about this meme i'm here to explain to you.

I'm the creator of this meme. It's broke oaths because it's current year.

In particular it's voiding kol nidrei and other bad oaths. It's not a forced meme it's a proof of concept.

My opponent finded me and jailed me since, but with all their broken oaths they can't find any solution so they released me.

It's inspired by the Cloaca Maxima, it's an exit door for everyone who want to void underlying laws

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The Rothschild men should all be sent to the Sun and then every women with whom any Rothschild has every had sex should be sent to the Moon, spare only the virgin daughters.

The entire thing is illegal since boycott is a protected first amendment right to protest and government employees do not lose any individual rights when they work for the government. This protection also applies to groups recieving government money but not to an actual government agency if there is no local, state, or federal declaration "requiring" agencies and departments do so. I can't imagine the dmv boycotting isnotreal or how it would even make an impact if they did so. Forcing employees to sign anything relinquishing their constitutional rights as terms for employment would be unlawful but not a declaration stating they would not treat the public different. They could wear an anti isrnotreal shirt like they could an obama or trump shirt, so long as they have that freedom (no uniforms). They could wear "jew+oven" jewelry if the uniform permitted it.

This case, where a private company loses government funding because of their beliefs, religious or political, is unlawful since it treats people different and the government cannot do that, especially with it's speech (money). But even more so in this case because, even if this seems like political discrimination, where the courts have protected public-facing private companies' right to political discrimination but not religious discrimination, Isnotreal only exists due to religious texts and is a "religious establishment". It is a simple first amendment rights issue and this judge is clearly a clown.

I have a nice collection of voids you made some years back posted on end.
I should have archived the thread tbh.
The pasta was not in reference to your meme ftr.
I always saw it as breaking oaths made against the people fwiw.
Good to know I was close.

Email: [email protected]

Use protonmail to remain anonymous.

Yes, do as the russians suggest

OK, setup your own webserver and route it through a a VPN and an anonymous Virtual Machine you buy with tumbled bitcoins.


I have also a lot of backup of this meme.

I'm working on a new PoC meme since a long time.

It's working but i don't want to explain i'm too lazy.

More than ever.

Have a nice day.

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mods deleted my new meme itt archive.is/znxFF

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Any more details?

Yeahthey do. It automatically drops the baby straight into the waste disposal unit and down the drains.

Do you not understand what the word "should" means? Let me give you a few examples: You should learn english nigger. The CIA/FBI should in fact do their fucking jobs and wipe out the treasonous zog government.

Ikr? What the fuck do "people" from Arkansas do? Fuck sheep, cousins and grow crops? Texas is way better. I'd live in Texas but fuck everywhere else down there where no one matters.

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suck a bag of dicks last one I promise

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A few questions , what happens to the babies , who takes care of them?Will the person that gave them away be able to take them back of theyr life improves?


I suppose they become a ward of the state and are impossible to retrieve, they probably become abused children in foster care shuffled around by Child Protective Services until "they fell ill and died" or in reality were cut into parts for Satan worship or life extension and cosmetic ingredients.

Double oy vey

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