Hi guys, I've been noticing something. These days tatoos are everywhere...

Hi guys, I've been noticing something. These days tatoos are everywhere, but back in the day they were not something people took. Tatoos were a brotherhood or a branding thing. Sailors, prisoners, soldiers in combat, and gangs took one.

I remember that some German high rankin officer in the concentration camps were studying tatooos, and their symbolism with Jewish prisoners and communists. Russian prisons have strict symbolism in tatoos for example.

So I just happened to notice that in old vintage porn from 70's and 80's girls have tatoos. It's always one small tatoo in the lover back / butt or breast. Scorpion seems to be pretty common. These days butterfly is common.

So what do you think Zig Forums? Are those girls branded? We know porn industry is run by Jewish criminals, hollywood was run by jewish criminals. Could we identify human trafficing by branding?

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Tattoos are bumper stickers for people.

You don't put a bumper sicker on a Corvette, you put it on a beat up Honda that's being passed down through the family. Likewise you'll never see a tattoo on someone with high self-esteem.

Of course pr0n whores and antifa soyboys have them.

“There's something really the matter with most people who wear tattoos. There's at least some terrible story. I know from experience that there's always something terribly flawed about people who are tattooed, above some little something that Johnny had done in the Navy, even though that's a bad sign…It's terrible. Psychologically it's crazy. Most people who are tattooed, it's the sign of some feeling of inferiority, they're trying to establish some macho identification for themselves.”

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The nose ring is to stop the animals from rooting.

Pigs and cows like to use their snouts to dig into the ground so they can eat roots. You can understand why a farmer would not want that happening - the pigs and cows would literally ruin entire crops and cause a farm to fail.

So you pierce the pigs and cows snouts and put a big ol' ring in it. Now it hurts like a fucker to root around because rooting jams this piece of metal into their dumb animal faces.

Bonus is you can clack a jiggler to it and lead the animals by rope.

But yeah, whenever a see a human with a pig ring, all I can think is "there's a fat animal that likes to jam it's nose into things it has no business in, and will ruin everything."

Pig ring.

Personally I hate the twin silver nose drips…even by grade 1 a normal child should be clean and hygenic enough to not walk around with snot dripping off his nose. Totally disgusting to see a grown girl with nose drips.

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Body modification should be punished with death.

I just cannot stand tattoos. It really pisses me off actually when I see white girls with nice legs and a fucking permanent portrait graffitied on them. In the early 2000s, the "tramp stamp" was becoming a thing. Now girls seem to have no problems with full sleeve and even neck/face tattoos.

I'm seeing it too user. It's a projection of how they want to be perceived. Think the girl with some cliche on their wrist, or a logo or something (Wonder Woman comes to mind). I see that as a deep sense of inferiority that they are attempting to project that image onto others and how they're perceived. So in this particular case a girl with a Wonder Woman tattoo is actually subccnsciously aware of their own failings but hope to hell other people see things differently.

Same with guys who get those stupid Kiwi tribal Tatts; they haven't done anything that would even form a primitive justification for getting them, but they are projecting the idea that they are some "don't fuck with me" badass vibe. Then of course we have to account for sheeple being sheeple.

I have a magnet implanted in my finger which gives me an extra sensory input for magnetism.

It's invisible.

Exxxxxtra gay. Is this zoe quinn??

I talked a gril out of a bullring once but could have used such a great and wonderful story.
Thanks, user.

They were ritually abused as children, Images are often implanted in children's minds during rape or torture states to create split personalities (MK Ultra Sex Kitten)

the tattoo is a visualization that they often mark on there bodies later in life as the compartmentalization leaks into their every day life

Most of these women don't consciously remember the sexual abuse, just the image. The image then they draw and get tattood on themselves thinking it's a unique thought and not a programmed symbol

Tattoos I agree are out of hand ,with cringey pop culture or worst of all asian tattoos on Whites. Then outright people think getting any tattoo makes you look intimidating when you are a pip squeak or a women forgetting they look like more like a classroom dentition desk. So the over compensating is peak beta. Othewise sadly having tattoos can sadly get you laid. Women should not be getting any tattoos what so ever.

However tattooing has been a consistent European tradition, so the European heritage tattoos on men can look quite artistic, intimidating to non-whites and sort of a comfy reminder of your volk. There is no problem with getting a tattoo from your own heritage or just getting some simple Elder Futhark writing instead of chink if you really want one. Just don't cover your entire body with it head to toe unless you plan on never leaving battle.

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Butterfly is a common theme in programming as it has "metamorphosis" symbolism

The pain is justified to the child as they will emerge a more beautiful butterfly

The Pedo Code uses a Butterfly (child-lover logo) and is also reminiscent of Operation Monarch

If you do, I say you have to earn your ink.

They typically have meant many things across cultures. So the context they are often used in movies, music and shows matters.

Anyway scorpions traditionally meant "lone predator". So it still seems to mark danger when used because I have seen show up on cartel groups sicarios or life long criminals in hollywood movies.

Butterflys have meant many things from "incest lover" to transcendence to the next stage. Currently I see used exclusively on pretty or influential women that started in hollywood young, so I see it as prey that was transformed into a "perfect slave"

Scorpion= Predator
Butterfly= Perfect slave

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Who sets those guidelines for earning though?

There is something comfy about having your ancestors art on you regardless.

Billy is that you

I would say it's a personal thing, the best way to explain are the those people that get the butterfly tattoo because "muh metamorphosis" or a word like "Badass" (hopefully you're seeing what I'm trying to say) - that is where someone is almost trying to make a reason up to get the tattoo.

Take a soldier, maybe they achieved something pretty outstanding, maybe they get their unit insignia on their arm. They had to earn it to actually get it.

I remember the early 2000s tramp stamp / arse antlers.

It seemed to me that when a girl would split with long term bf, she'd be all messed up in the head, be out drinking and sleeping around all the time, and then get the tramp stamp.
The tattoo served as a warning sign really.

The way I see it is the more tattoos has the more crazy she is.
The more intimately tattooed (ie around the breasts, close to the vag, the more of a slut she is.

Again, I just see tattoos as a useful warning sign.

There was a huge fad that recently swept California where everybody gets really shitty sailor jerry knock-off tattoos. I don't know how any of these cunts can afford them;when I was still a teenager, and had just turned 18 I went to a tattoo parlor, and they run 250-400, and I see girls with full leg, and arm sleeves along with chest,back,face, and neck tattoos. I have no idea how they're not all homeless.

Should emphasize that I never got the tattoo, because I thought the prices were ridiculous.

Some relevant facts for you to consider;
1. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It's made of epithelial tissues.
2. The skin serves as a physical barrier to over 10,000 antigens (a toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies) that want to get into our bodies and feast off our biomass.
2. But the skin also serves a second purpose, also related to the immune system. Not only is it a barrier but at its lower levels it serves as a place where antibodies manufactured in the bone marrow can mature. Any spot of skin that has been tattooed can never again serve to mature antibodies necessary to your survival. A shirt tattoo is a massive disaster to your immune system.
3. The inks used invariably contain heavy metals which can leach out of the skin into your bloodstream and will eventually act as neurotoxins.

Don't you just love meeting people who are broke, can't buy groceries or even make rent, yet they have $1500 tattoos all over their mortal hides?

The only tattoo I want to ever see on a beautiful woman is my name, in the tiniest finest filligree lettering around the rim of her anus.

How is that useful in any way?

retard sadist assfucker

I used to watch a lot of bdsm porn and a common tattoo on next door type girls with no other tattoos was a star on their hip. Is it s brand or a mark of ownership?

Tattoos are a good investment because they can't be stolen. This is the actual logic, btw

There is nothing attractive or aesthetically appealing about it. It just makes you look like a degenerate.

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A tattoo is a total admission that you define yourself by what others think about you. They are literally defiling themselves so that they can attention whore to strangers.

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In human trafficking tattoos are often used as brands. Think of how small the core professional porn community is, think of who they are. The 1970's and 1980's have a lot of tattoos that share similar designs (if not locations) as a effect of the same groups being used to bring performers to the industry


That's pretty funny..considering..


No just being sarcastic about tramps that get stamps.

It makes me so incredibly sad whenever I see a beautiful girl with a stupid fucking tattoo.

Pic related is a tattoo from the Las Vegas shooting false flag.
Shills, don't bother saying "hurr durr but it happened so how can it be a false flag?" - because if you're so fucking retarded to think false flag means "not real" you need to fuck off back to cuckchan.

Police radio transcript: 3 women were in the room with the supposedly 'lone' gunman Stephen Paddock

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Look at pictures of gangs "women" they have their mans name on them or the gangs name. This girl may be a member of the 18street gang, may be…
Prostitutes have pimps names on them…

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just don't think it was fake goyim, we pulled out the most credible infowars employee we got for this one

Not branding. They're just retarded.


The butterfly tattoo, reminiscent of labia like a Georgia O'Keefe painting, is the 21st century symbol of a woman who is prepared to fuck right away. If you see one in the wild, you can be sure that woman is looking for dick… but how much dick is she looking for and how quickly will she jump on one? This handy guide is here to help:

1. Size - prominence is the key to reading these slut symbols and so, the larger the butterfly the more you can expect her to be looking for schlong. A postage stamp sized butterfly means you'll need to buy her dinner first. If it's the size of her hand, you could probably get a blowjob out of her on the way to a McDonald's.
2. Placement - is the butterfly hidden beneath clothing for only her lover to see? You may be dealing with a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. If it's somewhere that all will see it all the time (shoulder, arm, cleavage or lower back) then you're looking at a pure cock goblin.
3. Black and White vs Color - color tattoos draw the eye more than black and white. A colorful butterfly tattoo is her way of letting you know she loves hot jizz so much you shouldn't ask her "can I cum on your face", but "can my three buddies bust a nut on your head as well WHILE I cum on your face.
4. Detail - newer tattoos are necessarily more detailed as they tend to fade over time. This will give you an idea of how long she's been riding the cock carousel. Some butterfly tattoo wearing whores may be bored or being slapped by so many dicks they feel like they're going through a carwash on a motorcycle and may be looking for a relationship now with any cuck who will put up with her nonsense. Stick to the butterfly tattoos with easily discernible detail, they've just started their adventures.
5. Number of butterflies - if all the above signals weren't enough, some women like to go really over the top just to make sure they catch your eye. Here's a rhyme to help you remember. One to three, she might have HPV. Four and above, use a glove.

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All this aside, what exactly is wrong with tattoos? I know you guys think it's a sign of a low quality person, but is that it, and the entirety of it?

its definitely possible , ive noticed the most shady mexicans around my town have weird little 3 dots on their hands. looks very weird and symbolic, and yet low-key enough to not be noticed unless you look at their hands. very obviously some sorta cartel shit. the tats that are markers for criminals or shadow orgs are usually low key and easy to miss or ignore
this user is right, tattooing is a sacred warriors art, you should not mark your flesh unless you have earned it

Tats have made the rounds as a form of commitment to a socially validated ideal and faux pas throughout history. These days they're on the downswing. But in reality it's another form of clothing, a commitment to a preferred societal value. I dont see a difference between the guy who gets a corvette to go fast, get bitches, or display presumed prestige among similar peers. It's a social tool of validation, nothing more. If you have friends or fam, or even dont and come to 8chn there is still a linguistic toolset that you brand your posts with for the same validation. Vanity is literally every outward display and act, yet few embody the nobility of mutual acknowledgement beyond the pride of one's ego in opposition.

You permanently brand yourself with chemicals that alter your blood for the great feeling of trapping a thought or idea and showing it off for pleasure. Its hedonistic and a red flag for women, ten times more if its something in a visible part of the body. Not every tatooed women are sluts; most sluts are tatooed.

good metaphor

Not really. There are tattoos and tattoos. European people inked themselves since pretty much the beginning of times. Otzi, one of the oldest proto-European corpses ever found, was tattooed more than 60 times all over his body. Other proto-European people like Scythians were too. Later, tattoos were found in traditions of Germanic, Nordic and Slavic tribes. Roman legionaires were tattooed as well and there are some implications that ancient Greeks did too, although in negative meaning. Thracians, Celts, Gauls and many more inked themselves as a thing of pride.

Being against the tattoos altogether from the principle is mostly Abrahamic issue and is wholly un-european. However, one must recognize between such traditional tattoos and between shallow and vapid basic bitch skank-marks. Also one should note that total majority of traditional European tattoos were usually reserved for men only, it was purely male thing. Women were tattooed extremely (!) rarely. Our ancestors knew that purity is one of prime values for women.

Tattoos must have their meaning, must have some inherent value. If they do not, they should be regarded as any other kind of hedonism.

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=lmfao hilarious because accurate=

Yes for criminals and slaves.

No. See

Spoken like a true yid. I bet you use pig as an insult too.

Source on those claims?

checks out

quit sounding like one of those "popsci gaytheist (((intellectuals)))"; the first 3 "claims" are obviously true and the last one is just common sense

Tattoos mean whores or gang members. Both get the bog.

They're putting sigils on their bodies. The Ten Commands dealt with this; God knows about meme magic.

Yeah that post is a bunch of bs.
Many European cultures used body painting for certain situations, but few used permanent tattoos.
Greek and Romans used to tattoos to mark criminals and slaves, the legionaries had them because these two groups happen to be common in the military, just like today. Same goes for Vikings, the pirates of Scandinavia.
There is no proof of tattoos used by Germans, Thracians, Celts or Gauls outside of Roman claims, who wanted to portray them as barbaric and savage.
The poster of the post then tries to claim that a problem with tattoos is jewish in origin and ignores that Christianity was heavily europeanized when it took over Europe.
Ötzi had tattoos, but he was also from a time when European homo sapiens still liked to snack on infants.

If you like to claim otherwise show us proof of 100% historic European tattoos. Pro tip: You can't. All the germanic/nordic/celtic tattoos you can find are copies of European artwork from paintings, books and jewelry.

Nice try Mr Goldberg, but pig is an insult in German too.

You can feel electricity in cables just by bringing the finger close, as an electrical engineering student I've been thinking about it.
You can also instantly tell if something is made out of a magnetic metal or not.

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Most of the studies are non-conclusive as far as I know. We simply do not know if and what health risks are there. We do know that color from ink can store in your lymphatic nodes, but it is still question if it has some negative impact on your health. We also know that some ink colors could bear more health risks than others. If someone has sources claiming otherwise, I will gladly correct my views there.

False. If anything, you could claim that sometimes it's very hard to know what was what. On that we could agree. In other cases, there is usually a clear way how decide, since usually vocabulary used differentiate between paint and tattoos.
There are, both from Roman and later Arabic sources.
As you said, there are numerous sources from Roman historians. They are valid, no matter how hard you try to downplay them. You can't just take away a part of their text because it doesn't fit your narrative. Even Caesar writes about it. Only valid criticism can be that we don't know with an absolute certainty, that it were really a tats or tats and paint or just paint or some short term tats. But later Roman sources often do differentiate between paint and tattoos, both with foreign tribes and their own soldiers. Methodology of tattooing legionaires was saved from history too.
True, it was europeanized. Never challenged that. It however changes nothing about what I've said - coming Christianity still kept many of it's Abrahamic traditions, animosity towards tattoos were part of them. They've been seen as an part of pagan tradition, thus stamped out.
So? Does that somehow negate the fact that he was inked? Besides, human sacrifice persisted for way longer than his lifetime.
Already did with Otzi and picture of the Scythian/Pazyrik tats in previous post. There are also many examples like pic related. Just use some search engine, it's not hard.

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I'm more impressed by whoever compressed that 29-minute video into a webm under 15 Mb
I'm going to use those settings for ffmpeg
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'ForensicProof_2ndShooter_LasVegas.mp4':
Duration: 00:29:09.25, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 70 kb/s
Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (High) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 640x360 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 44 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 30k tbn, 59.94 tbc (default)

recently was hiring an assistant, got ~100 applicants. One said, it was the only job on the job board that didn't require a college degree. So these applicants were fucking shocking to me. I live in the midwest and figured I'd end up with some early 20's gal looking for some office experience. She'd work for me for a year or two, get married and fuck off to pump out kids.

1st interview: overweight girl wearing about a half pound of makeup, tattoo visible near collarbone. Arabic writing.
2nd Interview, early 20's manages the office for some national photography company. Giant blue floral tattoo all around her elbow going down midway to wrist and midway to top of arm.
3rd applicant. 40's no visible tattoos, however wouldn't stop talking about how hard it was to be a single mother. Guessing she had at least 1 tattoo under her walmart clothes.

How much of this shit must I bear, are there any women out there that just want an easy job while they find a man to lock down?

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It's trendy bullshit that will become less popular with generations to come. People are generally just getting them to fit in with their ingroup or because they are on an IV-drip of social media influencers convincing them to do so. It's not hard to see why there's an appeal; take an average, boring looking dude and cover him in tats, and you've suddenly got someone who looks "interesting", "tough", or "artistic" or something along those lines. Pic related.

Influencers (not just the social media influencers of today, mind you) took it upon themselves to cultivate the image of a tatted up person as having such characteristics. This is just another form of guerilla marketing. There will always be people who fall for these kinds of tactics and immediately latch on to the next trend for whatever reason; whether it is to stay current, or because they believe following a given trend will grant them a new image.

The interesting thing about tattoos is that it really took quite awhile for the taboo around them to be alleviated. Being aware of the way marketing tactics can shift our cultural perceptions like this is probably pretty relevant to Zig Forums related discussion.

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this garbage is what gets me the most, really. There is no thought whatsoever on getting one, just impulse.
Its disheartening, to say the least. I want to tear down tattoo parlors and go on a propaganda battle against getting them on your skin

You and I both know that how people see it today vs back then, is utterly different. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to get a tattoo, unless you are scum, or a larping Pagan

You can be an ultimate badass without tattoos and probably more so cause no one will assume anything

And only beaners do that cause beaners are all insecure little manlets

The whole ancient tattoo thing was a myth. Only warriors and soldiers and slaves would have had them, everyday commoners and farmers and tradesmen which made up the majority of people wouldn't have had them, of course that's not the first group you're going to meet when you're Roman and encountering Celts and Picts for the first time. People only know from history the 1% or so of things that stood out but forget that 99% of everyone and everything was boring and standard as shit because people are just trying to survive and not die each day

Just like back then, tattoos presumably served many purposes. Religious, ritual, as a mark of social/tribal/military ranking, "healing", organizational or as marking of an individuals achievements or his role and many others. As back then, today there is many good reasons why to get a tattoo. Only question here is about the meaning and reason you are getting it. "I just liked it" is not a good reason and most of the criticism itt is applicable in such case.

False. If you would have said that only men had them, you would be closer to the truth.

Sounds like a fantastic idea, until your autistic ass gets run over by traffic while you're browsing /a/ on your mobile and you wreck the MRI machine at the hospital because they had the bad judgement to not let you bleed out on the street.

Well more than a few known instances of women having them.

That won't happen unless its a nigger hospital. In which case where did they steal an MRI from and how did they keep it running?

White people know to do a magnetics check on a patient before throwing them in an MRI

Take your meds.

I have major tattoos. Got em all long before I had any pride in myself or my people. Keep that in mind when you see people with tattoos.

Cry about it, moralizing puritan kike.

fuck it's ridiculous how quickly that little piece of metal can make an otherwise physically attractive girl, hideous. I can look past a small tattoo to a point but not this sort of ugly shit.

Reported for supporting tattoos and being paid to post here.

My father hated my tattoo, and most my family was low-key antagonistic about it for years. Got it when i was 19, wanted it since I was 16. Spent 2 years designing it, then 1 year "deciding" on it, finally went out and got it, have loved it every day ever since. Hidden on my chest so in most environments its unseen.
Could easily imagine my life without it, but never have wanted it gone, no matter what faggots without one think.

What? It's illegal for me to behead a Maori like my ancestors did to collect tattoos. That's why the men in my family get tattooed. It's part of our heritage as ancestral headhunters.

ok bros, sure taught me a lesson

Fuck off Vlad

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based post

Nice contributing thought putinbot. Now go collect your ruble


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

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dumb fucking hori

lmao cringe, your only response is 'muh individualism'. tattoo marketing is specifically designed to work on retards like yourself and you're blind to it.

When you do see it on people with high self esteem, criminals, soldiers, sailors, etc… It's surprisingly similar in philosophy to Maori tattoos.
On those people the tattoo has a traditional meaning that tie them to a community through joint symbolism AND most importantly each tattoo has a meaning related to a personal experience, marking the path of that person in life.

I said you’re a faggot russian with a smegma filled tiny dick. Come to America where I can fuck you up. Ill give you my dox

Bump and reported for supporting jewish degeneracy.


lol bump

If by "Jewish degeneracy" you mean tattoos as a whole, then you are pretty much opposite of real historic truth.


Close but not quite true, all pigs root so they get a nose ring, cows don't root but bulls get a nose ring because you can then use a stick to hook on the ring and control the bull where just a rope around its neck is asking to be flung like a rag doll.

t. ancientfarmerwisdom

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Yeah, how is that useful in any way?

Interesting. And let's not forget hoop earrings. Hoop earrings = slut
The bigger the hoops the bigger the slut.
See example photo; judging from the diameter of these, this broad will take on five niggers at the same time; one in each hand, 12" down the throat and drinks cum like it's pop, one in the cunt and one in the greased asshole. She won't turn down a wrinkled up old man with a throbbing viagra dick if he's persistent enough.

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You can't get an MRI even if it's vital to your survival.

It was originally asserted by Lombroso [the famous Italian doctor, anthropologist and criminologist], and the statement has been confirmed by observers, that the criminal displays an inordinate tendency to tattoo his body — the tendency being regarded as an atavistic revival of the love of ornate display which characterises the savage.


you can look into spirits animals magic stuffs, might fit

It's a sin. If tattoo removal is viable, I guess that would be your atonement.

An aside, why do Spics and beaners with tattoos refer to each other as "nigga"?