Killing Jews

Death to jews. They are the most perfidious and odious race of rats. They must be stopped. They must be annihilated. Modern Einsatzgruppen will cleanse the lands of the semite abomination. How would you personally like to see the jews be killed? My personal favorite is for them to die from doing honest manual labor which they detest with all their being.

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This would be worse for them than any blacklisted CIA torture technique. Jews hate manual labor with every fiber of their being.

Good luck with that. Everything they were put to work on had problems and fell apart.

No wonder why they hated labour camps.
It was a legit nightmare for them.

The jew destroyed Russia, America and soon all of Europe. It's about time we started respecting Rothschilds political genius.

They're less geniuses and more just taking advantage of a lethargic and godless populace. I see them as Universe's natural punishment for people who have become degenerates and let their virtues wither away.

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A nigger is anyone with a tribal primitive’s soul. Many niggers are white. many niggers are black, a few niggers are even Jewish. The unifying element is that niggers are so scared they hold back progress.

Racism makes humans chaotic as they fixate on outwitting racial enemies, but chaotic thinking makes their IQ plunge.

This thread is like the OP gross and vomit worthy

Criminals are drawn to racism because they need chaotic minds to outwit their racial enemies: everyone who didn’t submit to criminal conduct, lol. Racism also helps them lie about being friendly to some people while replicating their broken chaotic criminal mindset.

Nice story, "doctor" rabbi.

fuck off with this race-is-not-real nonsense. Niggers are black subhumans, they have no soul or culture. A white acting like a nigger does not make one a nigger. Being a nigger is genetic. All blacks are niggers.

Yet another moron that professes his desire to kill the jews. He'll never do it, and from then on he is put on a list barring him from being politically active. He'll get involved in politics later in his life, only to be 'convinced' to walk away because of his 'far-right past'.

Stop talking about killing jews online. Everything you say here can and will be used against you to take your first amendment rights away, especially the right of assembly. No more "unite the right" rallies.

And then what? Hmm? Everything will be fine and dandy? Or will you find another group to make the villain and to blame your problems on?
Grow up kid and rid yourself of hate. Hate is bad for your health


Too loose and vague a thread. Gives itself to larping rather than anything constructive and useful.
But here's an idea. As with all things, you go for the greatest impact, and in this case that means you go for the kikes that pull strings. If you go for "regular schlomo" what effect will it have? None. Atleast no positive effect, as you all know each move we make carries a great cost in retaliation (condemning, laws and symbolic vengeance)
So the targets must matter and outweigh the cost of the action.
The less you implicate white people, the "right" and so on, the better. "Accidents" are better than a sperg with a manifesto. This is not the time for egos.

Can the rabbis please leave? No one cares about what you have to say.

Shit tier thread anyway, slide


Every Jewess must be black cock bred. End the Jewish race. All Jewesses must go black like LeAnne McAdoo.

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If you think taking part in the political system of America will fix anything, then you’re fundamentally retarded. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes

There are those who claim that this world is the grand stage upon which all meaningful events play out. They believe that therefore one must accept one's fate as part of some greater whole, such as one's race, one's nation, and fight in an aggressive way to physically alter it and that includes to kill enemies and reproduce one's tribe. They reason as animals. This is a temporary domain of conflict between forces that could never fundamentally share the same realm as a real and living world. it is doomed to be destroyed in the process of this conflict. So conflict and battle are definitely the watchwords of this realm. But it seems that the only game left in town is entrapment and a system of kangaroo culture and justice to wrap it all up in a pretty little kinky and tacky ribbon for the metaphysical kike ritual par excellence, which gets better and fancier with each race/nation/civilization that the kikes infect and ruin. How does one speak in this context of mass murder of Jews when the host of the parasite, the "victim" fully welcomes the infection and promotes it as though it were a divinely inspired mark of being dignified? It is absurd.

No, this realm belongs to them and their golems. Be satisfied with it, for it is all that you have. Outside of this realm, which is a very small realm at that, is all the rest of Reality. To you, it is a vast and horrific violence which ever-surrounds and ever-threatens to destroy your fragile temporary "existence". While you are here, you have a relativistic existence. But ultimately, and you should be able to feel this in your bones, you are doomed. The walls are closing in on this defective cosmos, and then an eternity of suffering is your reward for a depraved heaven here.

You can not change the system by walking the "straight line."

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Manual labor for jewish men and forced black race mixing for jewish women.

NO! Don't kill Jews.

This. They only the power we give them. Think of how many things that you're habitually engaged in on a daily basis that you marginalize in the name of self preservation, that yet support or vindicate our collective demise. While the jews have set the trap, I can't even begin to how many times my own race fucked me for shekels or the ladder. It's all so tiresome tbh. Can't even the relevance of an exclusively favorable outcome anymore. Jews want me dead, and whites don't give a shit enough to take any of it serious. Way I see it is we win or lose, and if we lose I wouldn't have wanted to stay with jews, or the half assed whites that laid down anyway, so I win either way dead or alive.