Cops: Friends or ZOG-bots?

Well Zig Forums, this thread is to discuss the police of the United States. We all see or feel the general animosity towards police here and IRL. I’m wondering if it’s entirely justified though. I feel that the biggest problem with the police today is how they’ve been systematically de-clawed and smeared by kike media/lawyers/SCOTUS. I was thinking of that image of the cop pepper-spraying those Occupy Wall Street dickheads (pic related). It’s not-so-strange how much traction that image gained in the media. Especially when you see how the police seem to do nothing about antifa. It’s almost like Occupy was the testing ground for what we’re seeing today. The goal would’ve been to create fear and meekness in otherwise upstanding policemen. Knowing their every move is being watched, that their superiors in the courts won’t back their judgment, and that they could go to prison for doing their job, it’s no surprise to me that they are scared to fight back. It’s easier to do the job as they’re told than to take a stand, knowing they may end up in the worst place they could possibly go. I’m going to do some research into this and other protests in the past to try and establish a line of key-events that are killing our police. But what does Zig Forums think of this? How can we help the lads who are worth a damn?

Furthermore I don’t trust the police much myself, but I still think a good deal of cops are good people who would help us if they didn’t have families to lose. I don’t trust them because at the end of the day they’re the regulators, and you can’t trust any forms of this hellish bureaucracy. Honestly if prison guards around the country decide to liquidate the prison populations, tons of cops would be willing to fight for a united cause against ZOG. They’re the type of people who do need a movement to rally behind, they need to know that someone has their back. The only thing they can count on having their back now is the job itself, and it doesn’t really. Sad clown world

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Friends always.

Get out.

Defender of the jewish banking cartel against any dissident of the crime syndicate. In between they are maintenance goons for public order. Important to note: never speak with a cop without a lawyer. Only open your mouth to identify yourself, to ask for food or water, and to relief yourself.

Only good cop is a dead cop.

Anyone who is on the side of the police is on the side of the ZOG.

Immediate negativity towards cops, offers no discussion of the topics at hand, opinions with no nuance or rationale. Why do you guys even post? Don’t ever say that Zig Forums is shit, because it’s you people who shit it up.

They're the enforcement arm of the state. They protect the people destroying our societies. Remember Daniel Shaver? Forget black or white, the only color they see is blue.

Cops are the Old Western Sheriff, bound by Mob Rule (Posse, Pitchfork Torch wielding Townsfolk), that will Hang you without a Trial, but the Old West Sheriff is Trumped by an U.S. Marshall, who guarantees your day in court.
Was the End Game, the push during BHO era, of giving local cops APC's then having Black communities and SJW's call Cops scary, militarized, Nahzees, etc. in order for BHO admin to send in Feds, National Guard, or in order to have ability to declare Martial Law, etc. ???

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Zogbots while on duty and almost always while off but i think that is slowly changing the same way our military is. Gen X and Millennials act a specific way post military service, and I am still interested in how Gen Z will act post military. They come in as youth blind to the world, they server for 4-8 years with usually no combat at all. They get out and flounder in college and then become heavily anti-government and find themselves in some trade or industrial job. Cops are changing as well while currently working for a PD and after they do. But to answer your question again, always ZogBots.

fuck off zogbot defender bootlicker. imagine defending the scum who would gladly confiscate your guns and kill you just to serve their masters

Hi Feds.

If you live in a small town with local police who know everybody, it's possible to cozy up to them and get them on our side if they are sympathetic

However 99% of the time we should keep pic related in mind, Never forget we have good men rotting in Commieville cells because of ZOG Pigs

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Cops are great to have around in a 100% white (strict definition of white) area.

Antisemitism is dead. Africa’s experience with racism proves racists are too stupid to pick vegetables.

Jews are hated because they have the confidence to stand against the great evils of the world. They’re against crime, more or less; they’re not useful to the enslaved masters who consider themselves powerful because they can undermine the power and potential of humanity.

ultimately they are simply tools of the state
their only job is to make arrests, not to pass judgement
functionally, they have a license to kill, very rarely are they ever prosecuted for killing
even if you get a solid cop and he makes the right arrest, the judge still has the final say
most judges are masons, and they are all in on the plan to fuck whitey and allow brown crime

just dont talk to them and assume they are trying to screw you, because chances are that if they dont, the judge will

that goes for the National Guard, Alphabets, and Military too

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I reject this entire mindset as childish. Cops are not your friend or enemy. They are professionals performing a vital function, just like the immune system in your body. If they learn of a felony committed or being planned, they are probably going to act on that whether or not they sympathize with the perpetrator.

The leftist media has run a smear campaign against cops and some of this has resonated with natural anti-authority sentiments here. Sometimes you drink a little of leftist poison because they pour it into the water.

But just because leftists run a smear campaign doesn't mean "cops are your friend."

Just realize in any future regime, we are still going to need law enforcement and it will be very similar to today's law enforcement, because it's mostly a function of the people, not ideology or government.

The only way to a less intrusive law enforcement system is to transform the people.

Yes if you read the OP, I admitted that they will follow orders and cannot be trusted for the most part. But they’re also people who feel fucked over by the Justice system and even their fellow Americans (I don’t mean aliens, I mean Americans). You don’t think many of them feel that their efforts are in vain? That they only keep the job for its benefits, pensions, family support? That they follow orders because the alternative is losing their careers or at worst going to prison? I say that because every cop fears prison more than anyone criminal or civilian. It’s a death sentence for them.

These are important things to keep in mind, and I’m sure some anons, individually, either know or can meet a cop who feels the same way we do. Those connections will be of the utmost importance down the road. Notice I don’t mention Alphabets or the Military, because there’s no saving a company man. Even the ones who betray the company only do so for money or to save their own skin.

Cops are not your friend, nor are they good, and they never will be. At no point is anyone, or any group, with authority to fuck your shit up, and suffer zero consequences, good for you.

Ya know what? This belongs in the QTDDTOT.

How many good people, that aren't cops, do you know that are willing to help "us" if they didn't have families to lose?
protip: You are delusional
Perhaps it would be more helpful to pray to your imaginary sky daddy for help, because it is going to be just as helpful as the "good deal of good people" that you know.

Most, most of the anons who frequent Zig Forums do not have wives and children. We have work to do before we can, and not all of us will make it.


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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Go back to /ptg/.

they are people, ask them, a relative/neighbor-cop

They take a paycheck from a corrupt entity that demands they take action if you don't want to pay for the corrupt entity to rape you some more.
Whether they are aware or not of the very big picture they are all aware that this is what they are doing.
Universal ZOGbots
And that goes for military and anyone being paid from your taxation.
When jews are only 2% of any organization, we can look again, until then they are all enemy.

100% agree

I wish. When feminists yell
cops leap to do so.

A cop is like a gun– it is an amoral tool. It is neither your friend nor your enemy. If it is used for good or bad depends on who is wielding it.

Currently, most cops are tools that are not held in the hands of our allies and this will not change much before DOTR.

Considering you may understand where you are at, lets have the feds consider the following:
Driving down a road one day, I see an pack of wild niggers gather round some cop beating his wittle bitty head in, what do you think the proper response is?
A. Stop and chase off nigger pack and render aid?
B. Call cops for backup?
C. Pull out phone and start yelling 'world star!
D. Calmly drive away and snicker
E. Pull out rifle and blast some niggers.
F. Pull out rifle and blast the cop while ignoring niggers and driving away.

Think long and hard about this list feds. Cause I am pretty sure you know which one is the 'right' answer.

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zog bots retard

if you have to ask this question then you shouldn't be here


only good cop is a dead cop

this except release the video through tor with the niggers' faces blurred thereby emboldening them to go kill more cops

This Zogbot recruitment thread again, desperately trying to get the numbers up pre-Iran. Let me just save time & sum up the general gist of it: Yes, many cops & military are heavily brainwashed Nationalists, so individually many are /ourguys/, kinda - just in need of a damn good redpilling. Yes, most here are authoritarians, so in an ideal world (which we don't inhabit) we'd be 100% pro-cop & pro-military. No, we aren't joining, as at present they're still just the boot being used to kick the White race in the face. No, we aren't on "their side", because regardless of how many or how few Zogbots might be on "our" side, they follow their chain of command before all else. No, they also aren't the real enemy (despite all that), hence why even guys like St Tarrant were reluctant to kill them - but then Nationalists & Fascists aren't Antifa who both hide behind cops while hating on them. Yes, hopefully on the real Ropeday, when the Leftist garbage finally shatters the social order & the big racewar/balkanization event happens, many Zogbots will flip to our side - but many won't either, so be cautious. No, you don't need to join them for the training, there's plenty of great training available privately via PMCs and private security firms of various kinds, plus learning to go innawoods indefinitely & cobble together weapons out of scrap without a trillion dollar logistical machine, air support & heavy artillery behind isn't what they actually teach you.

Now enjoy your stay glowniggers - and don't forget, you're here forever too.

Blast the niggers. You have a rare opportunity to improve demographics, while still being hailed as a hero by the local Zogbots (although the Feds will no doubt REEEEEEEEEl). But still stream it & yell "world star" just for the lulz as well.

Who pays their pensions? Do they protect those whites or protect those who hate whites?

only good cop is a dead cop

Cops, as they exist today, exist soley to protect non-whites from white people. They are actively suppressing white resistance while simultaneously enabling/committing white genocide.
Any cop that bars a white person from seeking true and righteous justice against an evil invader who has done harm to his people is just as guilty as the perp, and shall be treated the same alongside the perp.
The day cops stop serving the ZOG and start serving their communities and actually keeping them safe from drugs, rape, human trafficking, and murder, is the day they become valued members of society. Until then, they are ZOGbots all the same.

Did you ejaculate Schlomo after writing that?

Is that the daily response from, bud?

only good cop is a dead cop

Wrong answer:
zogbots would show up and shoot you, assuming zogbot under attack didn't get up and shoot you first. you are a clear and present danger and a vile racist. zogbot will get months of time off from work while getting paid and lauded for protecting the niggers. your estate and/or your family will be sued to hell and back by the state and the niggers/their now coming out the woodwork family for your vile murder of innocent dindu's. Anyone whom doesn't come out immediately and hate on you and everything you ever knew for being an evil racist will be demonized, fired, attacked and eventually sent to jail. your female relatives will be specifically targeted for diversity experiences by niggers for your racism.

Only the state is allowed to render judicial treatment upon niggers. Evil whites will be destroyed if you step out of this line. Even trying to say you are protecting an zogbot will not earn you one single scrap of defense should you survive the hail of zogbot bullets and you will go to jail for the rest of your life. This has happened already btw, in various forms.

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good answer.
but not the right one. zogbots will use every trick in the book to obtain the information on who took said video considering said person would be a key witness and participant. covering nigger faces also shows attempt to destroy evidence of a crime.

Niggers will get off with a couple years of visiting their relatives in their home plantation. You will get decades and lose everything for your vile crime. Being as you are a known wigger bitch, I expect your decades to be spent getting cornholed by every silverback dindu multiple times a day. Thanks for giving the yids such entertainment btw, they love watching goy brutalize each other.

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nah the police and fbi are cool to me, they're just doing their jobs usually

Also open their mouths to relieve yourself

t. delusional cianiggers

The police are extremely dangerous individuals who aim to destroy the White race. Fact.

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I wish. Hey feds, I'll do whatever 4 and 8 chan operations you want (reddit too) for 32k a year. Call me, leave a voicemail.

reminder that cops treat niggers with velvet gloves but are quick to kill White men

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Nice bait, didn't read. You dropped this and lurk two more years.

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Agreed. Which means in this day and age this user is right
The pigs have made their beds.

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This thread has turned into complete garbage from the lack of engaging responses. Almost zero posts actually respond to the ideas mentioned in the OP.

Zig Forums really is just shills now

Your post is retarded nonsense. You're a faggot that actually loves that homosexual interracial porno called "America," you just want some minor tweeks to it.
Revolutionary White Nationalists want to destroy that thing called "America." "America" means the destruction of our real Nation.
The greatest internal security threat to that thing called "America" is White Nationalism. White Nationalism, and only White Nationalism, has any potential at leading masses of people into violent conflict with the ZOG.
So your post is essentially saying "ZOG-thugs aren't bad, they just need more power to do what they need to do." This is you saying you want the ZOG to have more power to destroy revolutionary White Nationalism.
People like you are cancer.

Ah yes, the East ZOG faggot.

Explain to me why America should be destroyed when it's a country for white people?

I like cops because they are american men. But I dont like cops because they are necessarily working to destroy the constitution unknowingly, but assuredly. The police, as in, city police have no election, and no recourse from the public, other than through municiple intermediaries. The constitution is very clear on how power is divided. The anount of police increases all the time, we were never meant to be patrolled on our own streets, we were never meant to carry an id card, or have a social. The police have no choice but to comply with their bosses, who have to comply with their bosses, who have to comply with the jews. The jews want to destroy the constitution. There is a mutually exclusive contrast: defend constitution/destroy constitution. Its obvious that police dont even consider things to that depth, they are busy checking license plates in their jew leers system thinking they have access to a top secret database. Its retarded. I actually wanted the jews to go hard on guncontrol to force schisms in LE. They are going sliw though so LE is going to rotate out. The smart ones will leave, the people who choose money over nation will join.

It’s not that they are choosing money so much though. The ones who have no families, absolutely. But the ones who have families simply are not going to put their wives and children through that for their beliefs, especially when they would feel alone in it. We’re here on Zig Forums and many of us feel a sense of unity, but they do not have that if they disagree with their superiors. It is a shit state of affairs, but it’s one I can understand. Plus, every Zig Forumsack here is compromised is some way. You buy into the system somehow, because we have to. You either buy fast food, you buy shit under the Procter & Gamble umbrella, you take your gfs to the movies or to a concert (assuming you have one of course lol), or you pay for Netflix/cable/entertainment in some way.

Purity of ideals will not save us at this moment. Natural selection is about who can adapt to their surroundings enough to thrive. The most important thing we can do now is to network, to gain support in a clandestine way. The more white people who are on our side, the easier it’ll be to organize when shit hits the fan. Right now we are in stasis until a major event occurs


Cops are almost all bootlickers first and foremost. Usually too dumb to think on their own and brainwashed during training to never question authority. Do not ever try to appeal to reason with them. They only understand force and authority. If you've ever handled a dog or a nigger in prison, you already know how control them with the right tone of voice and body language.

t. cop

lmao get the fuck out, they have full discretion whether or not they're gonna arrest someone and every spic cop looks the other way when his fellow shitskin causes trouble

Didn’t say it was ok you faggot, I said you all do it, don’t act like its something we can all easily stop doing. Real life is more complicated than that.

They don’t have full discretion though. If they did they would stop antifa more and more. Instead they have to obey orders or get fired/blacklisted/prosecuted. Oh and by blacklisted, I mean some kike superior will smear your name in the circles that might accept a former cop in a position worth having

Are cops arresting or killing jewish and leftist pedophiles en masse? No? Then, cops are also the enemy of people.

Full discretion short of disobeying orders, fine. You got me on that technicality. You are technically right!

Cops willingly destroy our culture and societies by enforcing the laws made by kikes and non-whites, then try to pass it off saying 'just doing muh job'.

On the DOTR any cop still employed will hang with all the rest of them.

Cry more, schlomo.
OP asked for a binary answer, no mid-tones.

Zig Forums is anti-cop and will always be anti-cop
the only good feds are ICE and the railway police
all others are ZOGbots

Not even when these enemies turn them against you - to fight your own makes the kike smile.
The police is not your friend, it is not there for you, it is not there to keep you safe or has your best interest at heart. It exists exclusively to keep you peaceful and calm so that you are not a threat to the government. It is very important to remember that when it comes to police, the individual officers are not our enemy, but the institution rather.

Lurk moar faggot

LoL, I needed that laugh, thanks. Whatever rock you crawled out of, please, go back in an get some more of what your smoking. That must be some grade A shit to be this out of it.

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At the present rate of growth every one in the United States will be behind bars or on parole or on probation by the year 2075. Judges and lawyers will be trusties and will be told how to rule in each case. Their job will be to convince others that the case was judged according to law.

Cops are not all the same.
Learn the political leanings of your area and be wary.

They have to join the (((masons))). This is so they will know the wave off signals kike mafia gives and thus won't be (((killed))).

An elected non-pozzed sheriff is better. Even better: one who knows the kike mason initials and metaphor code but who won't help the pedophiles.